Rules for the choice of warm floors of the Electroilux brand

Selecting the ideal heating solution is crucial for maintaining a comfortable home during the winter. Warm flooring installation is a common choice that many homeowners take into account. They not only give a room a constant warmth, but they can also give any area an air of luxury. With its reputation for quality and innovation, Electroilux stands out from the many brands that offer warm floor systems.

Warm floor solutions from Electrolux are available in a variety of styles to suit different requirements and tastes. When choosing the ideal warm floor system, there are a number of things to take into account, regardless of whether you’re remodeling your whole house or just one room. To ensure your comfort and satisfaction, you must make an informed decision about everything from the type of flooring you have to your budget and energy efficiency concerns.

The kind of flooring you have in your house is one of the most important factors to take into account when selecting a warm floor system. Tile, laminate, hardwood, and even carpet are just a few of the flooring materials that Electrolux offers options that work with. Regardless of the flooring options they currently have, homeowners can benefit from warm floors thanks to this versatility.

Energy efficiency is yet another crucial consideration when choosing a warm floor system. An energy-efficient system can help you lower your carbon footprint and, over time, save a lot of money on your energy bills. Warm floor solutions from Electrolux help you create a comfortable living space while reducing your utility costs and environmental impact. They are made to maximize energy efficiency.

Considerations Details
1. Compatibility Ensure the warm floor system is compatible with your existing flooring and electrical setup.
2. Room Type Choose the appropriate type of warm floor based on the room"s function, such as electric mats for bathrooms or cables for larger spaces.
3. Insulation Check if additional insulation is needed beneath the warm floor to maximize efficiency.
4. Thermostat Control Opt for a system with programmable thermostat controls for customizable temperature settings and energy savings.

Warm floors Electrolux – Features

Warm Paul "Elektolyux" is becoming more and more well-known throughout Europe. When he first entered the Russian market in 2013, a lot of buyers started to express a strong desire for him. On the Electrolux official website, you can select the company’s floor heating at

Electrolux’s warm floor is ideal for heating any type of room, even ones with high relative humidity. Warm floors have the following benefits in addition to excellent quality, simplicity of installation, a 20-year guarantee, and the following criteria:

  • Heat during heating evenly warms the entire surface of the floor;
  • A small degree of radiation;
  • Increased strength of cable core;
  • Lack of electromagnetic field;
  • Lack of dust;
  • Minimum heat loss.

Crucial! The system uses less electricity than gas heaters, which results in a lower cost of electricity consumption. Installing thermostats helps save electricity.

Review of the warm floor’s shortcomings:

  • The load on intra -house or apartment networks increases. Before installing the heating system, it is advisable to change the wiring in the house to the one that is able to withstand heavy loads.
  • In order for the warm floor of Electrolux to correspond to all the characteristics declared in the instructions, the flooring under which the system is installed must have good thermal conductivity. You can not mount warm floors under wooden boards. Additional heat will cause drying out and deformation. Carpets and rugs that lie on the floor for insulation will also impede the radiation coming from the “warm floor” system.

Crucial! Electrolyux warm floors are a pricey system. It’s important to figure out how much installation will cost as well as any additional materials needed before deciding on their installation.

In today’s world, where energy efficiency and comfort are paramount in home design, selecting the right warm floor system is crucial. Electroilux, a trusted brand in the heating and insulation industry, offers a range of options to suit various needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize energy savings, ease of installation, or durability, Electroilux has you covered. Their warm floors not only provide a cozy environment during cold seasons but also contribute to reducing energy consumption and enhancing the overall sustainability of your home. With clear guidelines on selecting the appropriate warm floor system for your space, Electroilux ensures that you make an informed decision tailored to your specific requirements, ultimately leading to a more comfortable and efficient living environment.

Varieties of warm floors electrolyux

Depending on the manufacturing technology, Warm Paul "Electroilux" comes in multiple varieties. The "Electroilux" brand of heated flooring was provided for use in the Russian Federation.

  • Easy Fix Mat – mats on a self -adhesive basis;
  • Multi Size Mat – stretching mats on a fabric basis;
  • Electrolux Twin Cable – Expanding Heating System.

Not only can you heat homes and apartments through the warm floor, but you can also heat workplaces or public spaces. It is not necessary to use an adhesive tile solution, a sufficiently level surface, or a concrete screed when installing them.

Infrared film

The infrared film works on a similar principle to solar radiation in that it only heats objects that receive light from falling rays, not the air around them. Therefore, the addition of a warm floor causes the air, flooring, and household items to heat up quickly.

Unlike other infrared film models, the Electrolux Thermo Slim film preserves the room’s microclimate, doesn’t dry out wood overlap, and is dependable, robust, and affordable. Her traits:

  • Lightness of styling;
  • Does not require screed;
  • Equipped with antistatic protection;
  • Does not dry the air;
  • Carries out even heating the entire apartment;
  • Lack of electromagnetic field.

Data from infrared films by models:

Thermo Slim ets 220-3 Thermo Slim ets 220-4 Thermo Slim ETS 220-1
Consumption power 660 watts 880 watts 220 watts
Heating area 3 m2 4 m2 1 m2
Length 6 m 8 m 2 m

It fits under any type of flooring. Everything within the infrared film’s radiation zone receives consistent heat from it; it does not dry out the air or produce an electromagnetic field.

Crucial! It is not recommended to use ceramic tile coating in areas with high humidity levels.

Heating mats

Heating mats consist of a slender, two-core shielding heating cable that is woven into a fabric base and fixed throughout the whole surface with a layer of tile glue. Since the two cables—the heating and power—couple in roughly the same diameter, there is no need to apply extra pressure when installing it.

Each vein heats up equally, and the aramid thread that makes up its core has a wide safety margin. The strength of the synthetic fiber used to make it is five times greater than that of steel. The uniform distribution of the load among them prolongs the cable’s service life. Copper grounding weaving and three layers of protective insulation are present in the veins. The cable can bear loads of up to 200 Newton thanks to its extremely resilient aramid thread, which also lets it bend at various angles without breaking.

The adhesive stops air bubbles and cracks in the screed and guarantees the lower and upper layers of the mat will adhere to one another reliably. The textile gasket prevents the wire from distorting while it is being stored, ensuring that it fits flush with the surface when laid.

Several Electrolux EEFM mat models were introduced to the Russian market by the Swedish company Electrolux. This model’s adhesive produces a sturdy mat clutch with concrete without the need for additional fasteners.

Electrolux EEFM 2-150-1.5 EEFM 2-150-11
Dimensions 3*0.5*0.1 m 22*0.5*0.35 m
Voltage 220 century 220 century
Consumption power 0.225 kW 1.650 kW
Heating area 1.5 m2 11 m2
Complex consumption premium premium
Moisture protection class Shz68 IPX7

Heating sections

The Multi Size Mat’s heating sections are what make the Electrolux warm floor innovative. One of their features is that they can be stretched to a length of 20–30% of their original size. They can also change direction, flow around objects, and adapt to non-standard floor areas where hard mats cannot be laid. This results in extra conveniences when arranging sections on the ground.

Crucial! The sections’ power varies with their stretching; the more they are stretched, the less power they use, and vice versa. Less stretching results in higher power usage.

Heating Elektrolux Multi Size Super-Superficent Mat 2-150-6 elastically:

Power 150–111 W/m²
Changing length +10–35%

The heating sections are built around a copper wire that has been puddled, coated in multiple layers of insulating material, and suspended from an aramid rod.

Which one to choose for laying for tiles or laminate

Ceramic tiles are a practical and easy flooring option for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways; however, their cold surface is a drawback. Heating mats are placed beneath the tile to prevent this. On a primed, leveled surface, thin mats are directly placed, tile glue is applied, and tiles are crested out on top.

The thermostat’s placement in relation to the mains is the first step in MATS installation. Mats are arranged in stripes, and the fabric base is cut with scissors in a transverse direction to allow for cable turning.

Note: Be cautious when making cuts so as not to harm the cable.

The Multi Size Mat’s stretching heating sections are better suited for ceramic tiles found in bathrooms and toilets. They easily change directions when they stretch, so you can avoid the bath or toilet’s oval with their assistance. The heating sections are further shielded from the room’s high humidity levels.

Under the laminate, an infrared film works well because it can safely heat the flooring and every item in the apartment. If large furniture pieces are placed on the laminate, the film won’t break. Infrared film uses less electricity and is not susceptible to fire.

Extra Details. The laminate should not be heated to a temperature higher than 26 degrees. It is preferable to glue the laminate’s locks during installation to prevent them from splitting when heated.

Although the Swedish company Electrolux’s warm floors are more expensive than their Chinese or Korean counterparts, their quality is far higher than that of their component parts. Customers who use Electrolux’s warm floor system and do not regret their purchase expenditure make this abundantly clear.

Selecting the ideal heated flooring for your house is essential to preserving both comfort and energy economy. The Electrolux brand provides a variety of high-quality options that are worthwhile to investigate. These floors not only keep your home warm but also help to insulate it overall, making it feel comfortable in the winter.

The energy efficiency of warm floors is an important consideration. Because Electrolux products are made with energy conservation in mind, you can lower your heating expenses while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. You can have a comfortable living area without having to worry about using too much energy by making an investment in these floors.

The warmth floors’ dependability and longevity are also crucial factors to take into account. The long-term durability of your investment is guaranteed by the superior materials and craftsmanship of the Electroilux brand. These floors are resilient enough to endure regular wear and tear while still providing dependable warmth for your house.

In addition, Electrolux provides a range of choices to accommodate various tastes and requirements. There is a solution to fit your needs, whether you prefer water-based systems or electric radiant heating. Additionally, you can find a warm floor that matches your interior decor with ease because there are many different sizes and designs to select from.

In conclusion, the Electrolux brand offers a dependable and energy-efficient option for warm flooring in your house. Electroilux warm floors are a sensible and efficient way to heat and insulate your home thanks to their robust design, wide range of options, and dedication to quality.

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