Fitings for rehau pipes made of stitched polyethylene

To keep your home comfortable and cut down on energy expenses, make sure your insulation and heating system are operating efficiently. Choosing the fittings for your heating system is an important part of this process, especially if you’re using stitched polyethylene pipes like REHAU offers.

Stitched polyethylene REHAU pipes are renowned for their flexibility and longevity, which makes them a popular option for heating systems in both residential and commercial buildings. Long-term dependability is ensured by the high temperatures and pressures that these pipes are made to withstand.

Compatibility, longevity, and ease of installation are important considerations when choosing fittings for REHAU pipes. The efficiency of your heating system can be maximized and the risk of property damage reduced with the proper fittings, which can guarantee a tight seal and stop leaks.

Precision engineering ensures optimal performance and a perfect fit, which is one benefit of fittings made especially for REHAU pipes. Whether you’re updating an old heating system or installing a new one, selecting premium fittings is crucial to getting the best results.

We at [Your Company Name] recognize how crucial it is to choose the appropriate fittings for your heating system. For this reason, we provide a large selection of fittings made especially for REHAU pipes composed of stitched polyethylene. In order to guarantee that your system runs effectively for many years to come, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the fittings that best suit your needs. We can also offer expert installation services.

Features of Rehau products

German quality is now widely accepted. Among the brands endorsing the superior quality of German goods is Rohau. This company’s fittings and pipes have tangible features. The company is both a legislator and an innovator in many facets of its operations.


In addition to tangible distinctions, products also benefit from abstract stereotypes.

Among the benefits are:

  • increased sound insulation;
  • simple installation (appropriate tools are necessary);
  • universality for water supply and heating;
  • resistance to damage and cracks;
  • High thermal and thermal insulation, withstands high temperatures up to 95 ° C;
  • high strength – allows you to withstand large pressure changes;
  • Safety and environmental friendliness – can be used in drinking water supply systems;
  • Resistance to the formation of plaque – a special coating does not allow dirt to accumulate.


Benefits in certain circumstances may be seen as drawbacks in others. For instance, peroxide products are more stiff, which is advantageous because it increases strength but less convenient when it needs to be bent.

One drawback of this brand’s products is their expensive price point, which is commensurate with their quality.

Since stitched polyethylene pipes are not made in large diameters, they cannot be considered universal in every sense. Because of this relatively expensive technology, such products would not be able to compete on price.

Costs of Rehau fittings

Rehau fittings

Types of Rehau fittings

All compounds fall into one of three conditional groups: couplings, tees, or squares. Distribution crests and collectors are in their own category.

Based on the kind of installation, three primary approaches can be identified:

  • compressor;
  • compression;
  • welded.

Rehau manufactures every kind of fitting.

Compression (divorce)

Because the components of a compression installation can be disassembled at any time without causing harm to them, this type of installation is also known as maintenance. For example, replacing the seals may require this.

A fitting like this includes:

  • couplings;
  • compensation of the zani ring;
  • crimp nuts;
  • seals;
  • gaskets.

A pipe is fitted with a nut and ring. Two sealing rings and laying are on the coupling fittings. After that, the coupling is forced into the pipe. The coupling features a thread for connecting with a nut in addition to unique ribs to hold the seals.

One benefit of this type of fitting is that it can be installed with just two divorce keys, which makes it ideal for wardens as well.


There are just two parts to this fitting: the coupling and the crimping sleeve. A special expander and axial pressing tool will be needed for installation. The pipe is fitted with the sleeve facing the connection point. An expanser is used to enlarge the pipe so that a coupling cloak can be inserted into it. Then the sleeve is getting closer to the location of the fitting. Such a fitting cannot be disassembled. Will need to cut the sleeve, which is a challenging task. Such fittings are installed with great speed and consistency.


An alternative welds using an electrodiffusal process, but it is unlikely to be accomplished by one person alone. First off, the company’s instructions do not explicitly explain this connection method and state that only experts are qualified to perform it. Second, obtaining the somewhat specialized equipment required for this fastening method will be difficult. Furthermore, the cost of this kind of tool is fairly expensive.

Clutch technology is placed above the connection, so to speak. A wire that functions as a heating spiral and receives current is located inside the coupling. After the welding surfaces are heated to the melting temperature, a connection is made.

Varieties of pipes

The product can be separated into two categories based on its use: heating and water supply.

Share surface heating and cooling systems as well as internal engineering systems. While the latter can only be used for heating and cooling, the former can be used for both water supply and heating.

Systems for providing heat are handled under a different category.

Rehau also manufactures internal sewage polypropylene pipes.

Special pipes called Rautitan His and Rautitan Pink are used for internal engineering systems. While the latter are utilized for heating systems, the former are intended for the supply of hot and cold water.

Every Rehau product is created using Re-Xa, or peroxidal stitching. The diameter range that is suggested is 16–63 mm.

Rautitan Flex has a maximum diameter of 63 mm, while Rautitan Stabil has a maximum diameter of 40 mm. Both types of pipes can be used as universal pipes.

These brands’ isolated pipes, which feature an extruded isolation layer of foamed polyethylene, are novel. They are designed to insulate the heating system from the heat on supporting ceilings.

  • strengthen the water -pushing effect;
  • increase resistance to aging;
  • protect against heat dissipes, condensation;
  • Protect from sound transmission by building structures.

Rautherm S and Rautherm Speed are options for surface heating and cooling systems (warm floors are included in this category). One characteristic of the second is that its surface has an adhesive tape for attaching to the mats before they are laid.

Together with ceiling and wall systems, there are floor systems. Concurrently, ceilings are available as prefabricated gypsum panels with integrated pipes.

Systems for supplying heat include the Rauvitherm Uno, which has one isolated pipe, and the Rauvitherm Duo, which has two.

Look for applications in the areas listed below:

  • centralized and local water supply;
  • water supply to drinking and hot water;
  • basin technique;
  • refrigeration equipment;
  • industry and agriculture;
  • compounds of air pumps;
  • thermal pumps using the heat of the earth.

The noise -absorbing internal sewage system is represented by Raupiano Plus. The diameter of these products is from 40 to 200 mm. These are polymer multilayer pipes with amplifiers in the areas of turns. Special clamps are also used to absorb noise. Polypropylene is more expensive than PND pipes, but it is easier, stronger and has a smoother surface, therefore, it is more resistant to pollution.

Features of the installation of the pipeline from rehau products

The installation of Rehau pipes has unique requirements; the manufacturer suggests using specific fittings based on the intended use. For instance, using threaded for hidden pipelines is highly discouraged since they require periodic control.

Necessary materials and tools

Certain tools might be required to put the pipeline together, so Rehau provides an installation tool for every kind of fitting.

Included in the compressor fitting supply set is:

  • Basic tool M1;
  • 2 fasteners;
  • pipe -cutting scissors;
  • expander;
  • a tube with a lubricant;
  • brush for cleaning the tool;
  • Suitcase and instructions.

Furthermore, expansion nozzles and pressing are attached as spare parts and accessories. You only need two divorce keys to install the compression fitting.

Installation of a press of fitting on a pipe made of stitched polyethylene

The only inconvenience is that a special tool is needed to install the extension fitting. Renting one makes sense if you only need one.

Mounting compensation fitting is a fairly easy process:

  1. The pipe is cut off with scissors (you can use a conventional saw, in this case, the cut site must be cleaned). The cut should be made at right angles.
  2. A mobile sleeve is put on the pipe. The chamfer should be directed towards the connection.
  3. The end of the pipe is expanded by an expanser. This is done in two doses, after the first time the pipe is rotated by 30 degrees, and the operation is repeated.
  4. The fitting is inserted into the pipe until the last rib).
  5. The sleeve is pressed on the fitting. Connection of the sleeve and couplings are completely captured by the press with a clamp. The tool is installed at right angles, it is unacceptable. A special lever on the tool is transferred to the pressing position, the expander"s handles are reduced, the sleeve is approaching the fitting flange.

Rehau Pipe Fitting Material
Elbow Stitched Polyethylene
Connector Stitched Polyethylene

Selecting the appropriate fittings for Rehau pipes composed of stitched polyethylene is essential for your home’s effective insulation and heating. These fixtures are crucial to the efficient and trouble-free operation of your heating system.

Stitched polyethylene Rehau pipes have several benefits, two of which are their flexibility and longevity. These pipes are perfect for heating systems because they can tolerate high pressures and temperatures. But using fittings made especially for these pipes is crucial to maximizing their performance.

Fitting compatibility and quality are important considerations when choosing fittings for Rehau pipes. Rehau-specific fittings guarantee a tight and leak-free fit, eliminating any possible problems that could occur from utilizing incompatible fittings.

A long-lasting heating system is also ensured by investing in high-quality fittings. Subpar or inexpensive fittings may leak and cause inefficiencies in your heating system if they wear out quickly. You can save money on future repairs and maintenance by selecting high-quality fixtures.

In conclusion, selecting fittings for Rehau pipes composed of stitched polyethylene is essential to keeping your home’s heating system dependable and effective. In order to guarantee the best possible performance and longevity of your heating system—and ultimately contribute to a cozy and energy-efficient living space—you should prioritize compatibility, quality, and durability when choosing fittings.

In the realm of heating and insulating homes, the choice of fittings for Rehau pipes crafted from stitched polyethylene emerges as a pivotal consideration. These fittings play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable performance of the heating system while maintaining optimal insulation levels within the house. With Rehau pipes known for their durability and flexibility, selecting the right fittings enhances their effectiveness, facilitating seamless installation and minimizing heat loss. Whether it"s for underfloor heating or radiator systems, these fittings offer a blend of resilience and ease of use, contributing significantly to the overall energy efficiency of the home. By understanding the importance of fittings tailored for Rehau pipes made of stitched polyethylene, homeowners can make informed decisions to optimize their heating and insulation solutions, fostering a comfortable and sustainable living environment.

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