The best Italian gas boilers for private homes

The right boiler can make all the difference in keeping our homes warm and comfortable. Furthermore, Italian gas boilers are unquestionably something to think about if you’re looking for a dependable and effective heating solution. Italian boilers are well-known in the heating sector for their superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Heating systems are one area in which Italy has long been a leader in engineering innovation and quality. Gas boilers made in Italy are renowned for their dependability, efficiency, and performance. Numerous Italian manufacturers have led the way in creating environmentally friendly heating solutions that not only keep your home warm but also lower your carbon footprint, all while emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The dependability of Italian gas boilers is one of their main benefits. These boilers are designed to give reliable heat and hot water year after year, withstanding the rigors of regular use. There is an Italian gas boiler that is perfect for your needs, regardless of how big or small your home is.

However, Italian boilers are also highly skilled in terms of design and aesthetics. These boilers are sleek and fashionable, and they go well with any type of interior design, from more traditional to more modern and minimalist. Not only will Italian craftsmanship provide your heating system with exceptional performance, but it will also add a refined touch.

We’ll examine some of the top Italian gas boilers for residential use in more detail in this post. There are many choices to consider, ranging from high-capacity boilers that can satisfy the needs of larger households to small-space-friendly, energy-efficient models. Therefore, continue reading to learn about the best Italian brands and models to take into consideration if you’re thinking about replacing your boiler or upgrading your heating system.

Distinctive features of Italian gas boilers

The primary advantage of Italian gas boiler models is thought to be their increased efficiency, which is brought about by the use of premium materials and contemporary alloys in addition to strict production and quality control procedures in Italy. Given the relatively high reliability, their efficiency is very high, rarely falling below 90% and typically 92-94%.

For instance, the primary heat exchanger in BAXI boiler models is typically composed of copper. Copper is more corrosion resistant, has a thermal conductivity that is 5–6 times higher, and when combined with a unique anti-corrosion coating, makes it nearly indestructible, all despite its higher cost. Salts and other impurities settle on copper more slowly.

Additionally, the manufacturer does not cut corners when it comes to two-circuit models, which have heat exchangers for both heating and DHW that are always separate from one another rather than bithermal, allowing you to properly share the load and prolong their service life.

Numerous wall-mounted Ferroli models employ single-piece heat exchangers composed of thick steel pipe that are free of joints and welds. This increases the heat exchangers’ cross-section and prolongs their service life by providing more resistance to pressure and making routine flushing easier. The three-way floor model heat exchangers, which are constructed from contemporary, dependable cast iron alloys, are characterized by the inclusion of a heat-insulating layer that reduces heat loss within the boiler by means of shielding foil.

Every major gas boiler model made in Italy has the capacity to modulate the flame between 20 and 100%. Italian-made automatics are well-known and frequently utilized by other European businesses. It is weather-dependent, multifunctional, safe, and resistant to voltage fluctuations (deviations within 15–30%). It can also be connected to room thermostats and outdoor temperature sensors, and it protects against freezing or overheating and can adjust to low gas pressure in the mains.

The developed service structure is noteworthy. Finding a qualified specialist for the diagnosis or maintenance of boilers made by BAXI, Fondital, Ariston, and Ferroli is not a problem, even though not all service centers in the area deal with German boilers.

Reviews of boilers manufactured in Italy: advantages and disadvantages

On the basis of the equipment’s features, installation techniques, and owner feedback, the following image can be created:

Advantages Disadvantages
High efficiency: low gas consumption and low heat loss, excellent heat output. Extremely high efficiency 92-94%. High cost – from 35 to 170 or even 200 thou. rubles for the most powerful models.
Reliability and durability, the number of appeals due to malfunctions of such Italian brands as BAXI, Ariston, Ferrolli, Lamborghini is extremely small and inferior to few manufacturers, such as German Viessmann and Vaillant or Japanese Rinnai . Durability is achieved only with regular maintenance (preferably annual cleaning, rinsing the heat exchanger every 2-4 years, etc.).д.).
Multifunctional and reliable automatics of Italian manufacture, availability of precise power adjustments, weather-dependent mode, from the factory there is a possibility to connect a room thermostat. According to the owners" reviews, some models operate, creating quite noisy and unpleasant characteristic pops at startup, which is not compensated for by noise insulation.
Presence of noise and heat insulation in the models. Almost all models are energy dependent.
Most models have a modern and stylish design, while maintaining the practicality of the controls.
Adaptation to Russian operating conditions (low gas pressure, voltage fluctuations, not the cleanest coolant).
Availability of competent specialists in virtually any city in the Russian Federation, the availability of spare elements.

The best Italian manufacturers and models: characteristics and prices


One of the greatest and most widely used Italian gas boilers for residential heating in Russia. Over the course of their more than 15 years on the Russian market, Baxi boilers have established themselves as the most dependable, cost-effective, and practical models available. The nominal (manufacturer-declared) service life, which ranges from 12 to 15 years depending on the model, is typically true under normal operating conditions and with regular cleaning (more than 90% of the time).

Despite being among the least expensive Italian boilers, Baxi boilers make use of contemporary alloys and technologies. Additionally, there are known drawbacks like high electricity consumption and energy dependence, noisy circulation pumps on older wall-mounted models, and the need for a voltage stabilizer to be installed for automation because, in contrast to other Italian analogues, it is still susceptible to fluctuations in voltage.

The most popular is the 24 kW Italian two-circuit wall-mounted gas boiler, model Baxi ECO4S 24 F, which has a closed combustion chamber. Boiler efficiency is 92.9% at a moderate gas consumption of 2.73 cubic meters per hour, which is extremely high. Factory-installed boiler featuring an air vent, safety valve, and safeguards against freezing, overheating, and blockage of the pump. In the course of operation, no noteworthy flaws were found. 33–36 thousand rubles is the cost.

The LUNA 3 Comfort 1.240 i model is a great example of an analog boiler. It has a detachable electronic control panel with an integrated room temperature sensor that lets you operate the boiler from any room in the house. Gas consumption is 2.78 m 3 per hour, and boiler efficiency is slightly lower at 91.2%, which is still regarded as exceptionally high.

Average price: between 39,000 and 43,000 rubles.

The convection single-circuit BAXI SLIM 1 floor model is the most well-liked one.230 iN with an open combustion chamber and a 22.1 kW capacity. At 2.59 cubic meters per hour of gas consumption, the boiler efficiency is at its peak, at 90.2%. It is ideal to install before the boiler voltage stabilizer because it is simple to use, has a dependable cast iron heat exchanger, operates very quietly and steadily, but is susceptible to voltage fluctuations.

Price range: 53 000–58 000 rub.

How to determine the necessary output of a boiler Formula, correction factors, and individual calculations


Since 1958, the company has focused on producing heating equipment. This brand’s gas boiler models are distinguished by their extremely high efficiency, safety, and one of the most compact sizes. The most basic models start at twenty-five thousand rubles, which is ten to twenty percent less than Baksi. The low dependability of cheap wall-mounted models, which are arguably the most problematic of all Italian models, is a significant drawback.

The most well-liked and effective is the wall-mounted Ferroli Fortuna Pro F24 two-circuit boiler, which has a 24 kW capacity and an efficiency of 93.1% at a record-breaking 1.81 m 3 /hour of capacity consumption. Preheating the DHW circuit is done, which considerably cuts down on the delay in the hot water supply. The heat exchanger is composed of copper, and the model operates in a quiet, nearly silent manner. Price range: 25,000–29,000 rubles.

Ferroli Pegasus D 23, a floor-standing gas boiler with a capacity of 23 kW and an efficiency of 90.9 at a flow rate of 2.68 cubic meters per hour, is a well-proven, reasonably simple, and extremely dependable boiler. A dependable cast-iron heat exchanger and multipurpose, safe automatics form the foundation. The only drawback is that there are no controls to change the burner’s output, which frequently results in more cycles (ignition-extinction). Price range: 61 000–69 rubles.


The brand is distinguished by some of the wall-mounted gas boilers that produce the most heat. Their 93–94% efficiency is impressive, and their well-assembled, easily operated remote control and elegant, minimalist design are further highlights. The instantaneous loud ignition in the form of a distinctive clap is a commonly observed drawback, and the cycle’s duration is frequently restricted to 5–10 minutes.

A two-circuit wall-mounted model called the CARES X 24 FF NG is regarded as one of the best; it has an output of 25.8 kW, an efficiency of 93.7%, and a consumption of only 2 cubic meters per hour. Apart from its high efficiency, it is distinguished by its dependability, the caliber of the materials and assembly, functional automation, and its capacity to plan ahead seven days. The owners’ experience indicates that the boiler heats the hot water and the heating circuit both steadily and rapidly.

The turbine’s noisy operation and loud ignition are the only drawbacks. 32 000–34 000 rubles is the cost.


The creator of the well-known car brand, Lamborghini Caloreclima, is among the top producers of climate control equipment in Europe. The manufacturer’s gas boilers are a great, one-of-a-kind product, but because they are so expensive, they are not as well-liked in Russia.

A wall-mounted, two-circuit Lamborghini FL D 24F with a closed combustion chamber and a 25.8 kW capacity is relatively affordable and effective at the same time. 93% boiler efficiency at 2.73 m 3 per hour of flow. It has a smooth ignition system, continuous electro-adjustable flame modulation, and nearly silent operation thanks to its high thermal conductivity copper heat exchanger. An additional feature of the boiler is its high working pressure (3 bar) in the heating circuit.

Although Lamborghini Calor boilers are renowned for their dependability and outstanding quality, it can be challenging to locate qualified experts and obtain replacement parts in a timely manner in the event of a malfunction. It is therefore preferable to select these uncommon boilers if you live in the Moscow or St. Petersburg areas. Expense: 37–42 thousand rubles.


An additional producer of gas boilers that are wall-mounted and have the highest efficiency (93-94%). The cost of boiler units is average for Italian models, and the control is multifunctional and easy to use.

Immergas Eolo Star 24 3 is regarded as one of the best models; it has a 23.8 kW capacity, 93.4 efficiency, and a 2.7 cubic meter per hour natural gas consumption. characterized by nearly silent operation, stability, and incredibly quick heating. The spark ignites smoothly and without any distinctive pops.

The manufacturer’s poorly developed service structure is the only drawback, given its lack of popularity in Russia: qualified specialists are not readily available in all areas, and service departures frequently take a long time. However, practice indicates that their call is rarely necessary. $35 000 was spent.


Though their own shortcomings prevent them from being regarded as the best, these brand’s boilers are still a good alternative to the previously mentioned analogs. In fact, some of their characteristics make them superior to some other models. The most popular model is the two-circuit Fondital Victoria Compact CTFS 24 AF, which has an excellent average performance for Italian gas boilers with an output of 23.7 kW and an efficiency of 93% at a flow rate of 2.7 cubic meters per hour. Furthermore, the quiet operation and high performance of DHW are noted.

Fondital boilers are not as reliable as their Italian counterparts, though. One known issue with this model is that, after three to four years of use, the automation begins to operate incorrectly, turning the boiler on or off when it’s not supposed to and failing to meet the required heating conditions. The flame control electrode, along with several other boiler components, needs to be cleaned yearly, and this is the straightforward cause of the obstruction.

When properly maintained, a high-efficiency boiler can operate trouble-free for many years. Price: 42,000 rubles.

Extend the life of a gas boiler with proper cleaning techniques


One of the least popular and most underappreciated gas boilers in Russia, but still deserving of notice. Successful models are incredibly quiet, dependable, and efficient; some models even operate flawlessly for up to ten years during the installation process. However, a noticeable drawback is that they are 8–10% more expensive.

The Sime BRAVA ONE 25 BF wall-mounted two-circuit boiler, which has a 23.7 kW closed combustion chamber, is one of the best and most popular models. With a natural gas consumption of 2.7 m 3 per hour, the model’s efficiency is 92.9%. The boiler operates with a consistent DHW performance, a dependable and effective copper heat exchanger, and a nearly silent operation free of the typical pops. However, since the automation is susceptible to voltage variations and must be grounded, it is preferable to connect the boiler via a voltage stabilizer. The average cost is 33–37 thousand rubles.

The high-quality eutectic cast iron heat exchangers found in floor-standing boilers RX 19 CE IONO and RX 19 E are renowned for their dependability and simplicity.

Prices: final comparative table

Brand Model Type Number of circuits Power, kW Cost, rub Our rating (0-5 points)
BAXI ECO4S 24 F wall-mounted 2 24 35 000 4,8
LUNA 3 Comfort 1.240 i wall 1 24 42 000 4,8
SLIM 1.230 iN floor standing 1 22,1 56 000 4,9
Ferroli Fortuna Pro F24 wall-mounted 2 24 28 000 4,5
Pegasus D 23 floor standing 1 23 65 000 4,6
Ariston CARES X 24 FF NG wall 2 25,8 32 500 4,8
Lamborghini FL D 24F wall-mounted 2 25,8 37 200 4,8
Immergas Eolo Star 24 3 wall-mounted 2 23,8 35 000 4,6
Fondital Victoria Compact CTFS 24 AF wall 2 23,7 42 000 4
Sime BRAVA ONE 25 BF wall-mounted 2 23,7 35 000 4,7
RX 19 CE IONO floor 1 22 54 000 4,3
Brand Model
Biasi Riva Plus
Immergas Victrix Pro
Riello Condexa Pro

The efficiency and comfort of your living space can be greatly improved by making an investment in the best Italian gas boilers for private homes. Italian boilers are a well-liked option for homeowners all over the world because of their reputation for high craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and dependability.

It’s important to take features, size, and efficiency ratings into account when deciding which Italian gas boiler is best for your house. Whether you live in a large family home or a small apartment, Italian manufacturers provide a wide range of options to suit different household needs.

Energy efficiency is one of the main benefits of Italian gas boilers. A high-efficiency boiler can save you a lot of money on utility bills and lessen your carbon footprint in an era of rising energy costs and environmental concerns. Modern condensing technology is incorporated into a lot of Italian boilers, which maximizes heat transfer and reduces energy waste.

Italian gas boilers are renowned for their longevity and durability as well. Selecting a trustworthy Italian manufacturer will allow you to be assured of your boiler’s dependability for many years to come. Maintaining and servicing your investment on a regular basis will guarantee peak performance and increase its lifespan.

In conclusion, your comfort, energy efficiency, and general satisfaction may all be significantly impacted by your choice of the finest Italian gas boiler for your private residence. You can find a boiler that both meets and surpasses your expectations by carefully evaluating your needs and looking through the options offered by leading Italian manufacturers.

In our guide to heating and insulating your home, we delve into the world of Italian gas boilers tailored for private residences. Italian gas boilers are renowned for their quality, efficiency, and innovation, making them a top choice for homeowners seeking reliable heating solutions. From leading brands like Baxi, Ariston, and Ferroli, these boilers offer a blend of performance and style to suit various household needs. Whether you"re looking for compact designs for smaller spaces or powerful units for larger homes, Italian gas boilers stand out for their durability and advanced features. With a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, these boilers not only provide warmth and comfort but also help reduce utility bills and carbon footprint. Explore our article to discover the best Italian gas boilers that can transform your home heating experience.

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