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Comfort and financial efficiency depend on having a well-insulated and efficiently heated home. Owning a trustworthy water heater is essential to this. To get the most out of your water heater, though, you need to know how to maintain and operate it properly. Having a good water heater alone isn’t enough.

We’ll talk about various water heater models in this post, emphasizing their warranties and giving you thorough operating instructions. Knowing how to use and maintain your water heater will ensure its longevity and efficiency, regardless of whether it is a heat pump, tankless, or conventional water heater.

Every kind of water heater has a unique set of features, advantages, and peculiarities. Gaining knowledge about your particular model will help you maximize its performance and possibly reduce your energy expenses. We’ll dissect the essential parts and features of various water heater models and provide you detailed instructions on how to operate them efficiently.

Water Heater Model Guarantee & Operating Instructions
Model A 5-year guarantee. Operating instructions included.
Model B 3-year guarantee. Clear operating instructions provided.

Features of Garanterm water heaters

With a water volume ranging from 30 to 300 liters, the guarantee electric water heater can accommodate the needs of any size family. The Origin mini line, which has a capacity of 10 to 30 liters, is the exception.

Engineers tried to make the Term Water heater warranty as compact as possible, keeping in mind that the final product would be installed in various rooms. Because all of the models are flat, you can use the heater even in a small space.

The models have the ability to heat up quickly in order to provide hot water as soon as feasible. The two tanks enable the heating and consumption of water at the same time.

Device and principle of operation

The guarantee boiler comes with a cover, a flange, and a case. The case is made up of two insulated tanks, nozzles that allow cold water to enter, and hot water release points.

The magnesium anode is positioned to prevent corrosion, and a thermostat is mounted on the flange to regulate the temperature. 70 degrees is the maximum heating temperature. A temperature increase of more than 85 degrees will trigger an automatic power outage.

A check valve is installed to ensure that water from the water heater does not enter the water supply network when the pressure drops. This valve also serves as a safety feature by discarding hot water in the event of excess pressure.

Crucial! Draining the water through the outlet valve once a month is required to remove precipitation and assess the system’s functionality.

We’ll examine various water heater models in this post and provide you vital details on their warranties and usage guidelines. Knowing what is covered under warranty and how to use your water heater efficiently are important whether you’re thinking about buying a traditional tank water heater or a more contemporary tankless model. We’ll go over the essential information you need to know to make sure your water heater runs well and lasts for many years to come.

GTN 30 v. The 30 liter, 8 kg, younger model of the Narrow line. two vertical tanks make up this system for rapid heating. 2.0 kW of power. 0.6 IM pressure. Tubular heating element. features an integrated water filter. In addition to other models, protection is provided by four systems.

GTN 50 v. 50-liter vertical device with a volume. A water heater Garaterm GTN 50 V weighs 11.2 kg. The full volume heat will take one hour and forty-five minutes.

GTN for 50 hours. 50 liters arranged horizontally. The height (841 mm vertically and 806 mm horizontally) is the only difference between it and the vertical version. The remaining attributes are exactly the same.

GTN 80 v. features two vertically positioned stainless steel tanks. 80 liters in total, which will take two hours and ten minutes to heat through. The device has a weight of 17.7 kg.

GTN 100 v. biggest model available from the Narrow line. One hundred liters of water can be heated in two hours and forty minutes in vertical tanks. The design itself has a weight of 20.4 kg.

Eco 50 v. Stainless steel makes up the vertical versions of the water heater that guarantee 50 liters of the ECO line. able to provide water at multiple selection points with a pressure of up to 7 bar. It will take an hour and twenty minutes to heat fifty liters. 16.4 kg was the structure’s weight.

Eco 100 v. 100-liter vertical tanks with a design. There is just an indication of inclusion for the amenities. There are no hoses, taps, or displays. 20.9 kg is the structure’s weight. Heating 100 liters takes two hours and ten minutes.

ER 50 in v. The Origin series’ accumulative vertical device, weighing 17.3 kg and featuring a 50-liter capacity. Water is applied to the lower eyeliner, allowing multiple liquid points to be connected. 1.5 kW of power is used. Grant of 0.6 pressure. The water process will take one hour and forty-five minutes.

ER 100 v. The only features that set it apart from the ER 50 V model are its volume and dimensions. Weight of the device: 25.7 kg. The scheme of implementation and power consumption are the same. Heat-up time for 100 liters is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Water heaters ranging in capacity from 10 to 30 liters to 300 liters are available in the Garaterm assortment, as well as more compact models grouped under the Origin Mini brand. Additionally, water heaters from Image, Smart, Rondo, and Original Slim can be bought.

Instructions for connecting and operating

Crucial! You need to read the operation manual that is attached to the heater before you begin using it.

There are eight chapters in the instruction:

  1. Appointment.
  2. Specifications.
  3. Set.
  4. Operating principle.
  5. Security measures.
  6. Installation and connection.
  7. Operation and maintenance.
  8. Disposal.

Crucial! The manufacturer is not required to notify the customer of periodic changes to the features and device of new structures.

The main types of breakdowns of Garaterm water heaters and ways to eliminate them

Although Garanterm storage water heaters are made with basic technologies, there are specific types of breakdowns that affect these models, which are common among boiler owners.

Crucial! If the warranty period does not expire, representatives of the company will always accept the buyer for free service.

Two breakdown types that are common are as follows:

  • The leak of the water heater tank. If the consumer noticed that water begins to flow from the equipment, then he must turn off the device from the mains and drain all the water from the boiler.
  • The appearance of scale on the heater. Water with a large amount of metals and extraneous compounds is the cause of the appearance of scale on the heating element. Because of this, over time, the properties of the heater worsen. If the heating failure arose due to the cluster of the scale, then it is necessary to turn off the device from the mains and expect the arrival of a specialist to replace the element.

Take note! It is possible to remove the scale cluster with your hands, but if leak prevention is not possible, you will need to transfer the device for repairs.

In order to do this, preventive cleaning must be done:

  1. Open the supply of water and electricity.
  2. Drain the water.
  3. Remove the side panel.
  4. Remove the hets.
  5. Remove the scale from the element using citric acid. To do this, the heater is placed for 5 minutes in a liquid with high acidity.

Take note! The most important thing is to proceed cautiously to avoid damaging the heater. If it has developed inside the Garaterm boiler, you can also clean it.

Selecting the appropriate water heater is essential to guaranteeing efficiency and comfort in your house. When choosing from the many models available, it’s critical to comprehend their features and distinctions. There are benefits and operating guidelines specific to each type of water heater—tankless and storage tank models included.

Think about things like your household’s size, how much hot water you need, and the water heater’s energy efficiency before making a purchase. It is essential to read and comprehend the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to guarantee the longevity and correct operation of your water heater.

After choosing and installing your water heater, it’s critical to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine upkeep and repair. This includes doing things like cleaning the tank, looking for leaks, and modifying the temperature as necessary.

You can guarantee that your water heater runs effectively and dependably for many years to come, giving you the hot water you require while reducing energy expenses and environmental effect, by adhering to these operating instructions and performing routine maintenance.

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