Briefly about the Ariston electric water heater: Application of instructions for 50 liters boiler models

You’ve probably heard of Ariston electric water heaters if you’re trying to replace the hot water system in your house. The dependability and user-friendliness of these small yet effective appliances have led to their rise in popularity. More specifically, the 50-liter models work well in larger homes as a backup hot water supply or in smaller households.

The simple application and installation procedure of Ariston electric water heaters is one of their best qualities. These 50-liter boiler models have very easy-to-follow instructions, even for those who aren’t very handy around the house. It can be easy to set up your new water heater if you have clear, step-by-step instructions.

Ariston delivers a performance that is not to be missed. The 50-liter electric water heater has enough power to supply a typical family with hot water even with its small size. There will always be a reliable and effective supply of hot water, whether you’re doing the dishes or enjoying a soothing bath.

Additionally, Ariston prioritizes energy efficiency, which can lower your carbon footprint and save you money on electricity bills. The insulation in the 50-liter models helps to keep the water hotter for longer periods of time without using too much energy. This helps create a more sustainable home environment in addition to saving money.

Why are ariston water heaters created

During the time when hot water is disconnected, household electric water heaters are most frequently used. Generally speaking, they buy compact models. Warm water is supplied by the water heater during professional installation, meeting daily household needs for showers, washing, and cleaning.

Gas and electric heaters are used with greater volume and drive in private sectors with all communications. In this instance, the well-known Italian company’s home appliances are utilized year-round.

How to turn on the boiler and how to disable it

In contrast to "your" houses, where a boiler is required year-round, they are only used in city apartments during periods of unplanned hot water outages.

Many people frequently forget how to turn on and off a boiler that has already been installed, simply because the process does not need to be repeated.

The procedure for including a storage water heater in the apartment

Modern technique comes to the rescue when it comes to finding an alternative during the process of disconnecting the hot water. You will need to purchase and install a storage water heater if you don’t want to be without the comforts of modern society.

I have to include things in the summer quite frequently, not because it’s a difficult process per se, but rather because it’s not always required and people tend to forget the steps involved, which is why I decided to write an article about it.

Professional knowledge is not needed to include a cumulative boiler, but there is a certain order that must be followed. This is because all models of these devices—Ariston, Burning, Termyx, and Electroele—have the same structure, so adding one requires following the same steps.

As per the standard, if you glance at the boiler, the cold water supply is on the right, the hot water exit is on the left, and both are marked with blue and red colors, respectively.

  • First, we overlap the hot water supply crane to the apartment, even if there is a check valve, since they tend to break down, then open the same water on the mixer. It is necessary to open it in order to lower the air if the water heater is empty.
  • Open a hot boiler exit crane.
  • Open the cold tap for feeding into the device and wait for the air from the mixer you open and the liquid will flow.
  • When the water flowed, close and turn on the boiler in the outlet, and after a couple of hours you can use it.

That’s the entire procedure; watch this video for further clarification, and hopefully you won’t run into any issues. You can choose to drain the water from the device or not, but you can turn it off in the opposite order.

Problems with inclusion and their solution

When a connection issue arises, the device’s terminals and power supply need to be checked first. Because of its high power, the boiler frequently "fades" a badly installed outlet. It is worthwhile to "call" the device’s terminal tester and verify that the protective shutdown is automated.

How to activate the Termyx boiler in the event of a system error is a rather common question. This is applicable to gadgets that have a touch control panel that shows the error code. The device’s instructions, which include a list of all the code messages’ values, will be useful in this situation. If it isn’t present, the following are the most typical issues:

  • The blocked heating spiral, the main feature – the body of the device is shocked;
  • Thermal protection is triggered with broken thermostat or a large layer of scale on the heater;
  • empty tank or air presence in nozzles.

The first two issues can be resolved by cleaning the heater or replacing any damaged parts. The third is the lightest and can be resolved by doing what was previously mentioned: adding water to the tank and replacing the air with system air. We move on to the next device now that you are aware of how to turn on the Thermex water heater.

Ariston water heater: operation, maintenance and repair

You must be aware of and abide by the product’s fundamental operating guidelines in order to guarantee efficient and secure work.

  1. It is forbidden to include the device until the cumulative tank is completely filled.
  2. Mechanical or other damage to electric cables are not allowed;
  3. Before starting the operation of the water heater, Ariston should be convinced of the serviceability of grounding;
  4. In case of non -settings, the unit should be disconnected immediately from power supply, drain the water and contact the Ariston service center.

Timely maintenance of the system is required to maintain performance even with proper operation. This is primarily because of the poor quality of the water that was provided. Many chemical compounds and mechanical impurities that cause scale formation and other contaminants seep into the internal reservoir even with filters in place. The boiler’s lifespan can be greatly extended by routinely cleaning the drive’s inner surface and the heater. Among the planned maintenance are:

Initial water draining from the accumulative container;

Disconnecting the plumbing reinforcement

Disassembling the body of the water heater;

Avoiding exposure to mechanical and abrasive elements when cleaning the heating element and the interior surface of the tank, if at all possible, by using less aggressive detergents;

Evaluating the magnesium anode’s condition and replacing it if needed.

The Ariston Autonomous Heating System will operate for a long time and effectively if these suggestions are promptly put into practice.

It is worth taking a separate look at the boiler’s conservation and subsequent inclusion.

Ariston electric water heaters, especially the 50-liter models, offer efficient and reliable solutions for heating water in homes. These heaters are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making them easy to install and operate. To get started with your Ariston 50-liter electric water heater, it"s essential to follow the application instructions provided. This typically involves connecting the heater to the electrical supply, adjusting the temperature settings to your preference, and ensuring proper insulation around the unit for energy efficiency. Regular maintenance, like checking for leaks or sediment buildup, can also help prolong the lifespan of your heater. With Ariston"s commitment to quality and performance, you can expect consistent hot water supply while enjoying the benefits of energy savings.

On the installation of the Ariston electric water heater according to the instructions

Verify that the wiring can handle the additional power before installing the water heater. It is very crucial that the socket you plan to attach the device to is dry and grounded, away from any water contact. A separate cable from the shield should supply power to the water heater. When deciding where to install an electric heater, consider the wall’s strength and the heater’s weight when filled with three times as much water.

At least 15 mm-sized hooks are required for fastening. In order to minimize heat loss when water is supplied to the analysis point, it is advised to install a water heater right next to the shifter. For technical work, there is a minimum of 50 centimeters of space surrounding the device and a minimum of 10 centimeters between it and the ceiling.

In what conditions cannot be installed by the device

The water heater will quickly break down if hard water installation is not done. The device cannot be adjusted in any room with a temperature range that displays a negative number. It is also not possible to turn off the effects of elements that pose a risk to the device, such as moisture, frost, strong sunlight, dust, and insects. Installing it directly above the bathroom is not advised since it increases the risk of water splashes and steam getting on the device’s body.

Setting the maximum temperature regime is required when there is low water pressure; otherwise, the device might not turn on at all.

Details only branded brand

When the water heater is first installed, every component needs to be functional. This particularly applies to the safety valve. If damage is apparent, a similar part ought to be used in its place. Never use extension cords or adapters, and never swap out the water heater fork for a different one. To power the boiler, an additional electrolyte is needed. Replace the power supply’s damaged power cord with one that is similar.

Use a two-pole switch with a 3 mm gap between the open contacts to disconnect the electric heater. It should be noted that the pipes that the water heater pipes are attached to have withstood both maximum working pressure and temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Celsius.

50 liters models

The most common water volume among users, this is represented by a fairly wide ruler and multiple series for these water heaters.

This is quite simple to understand: 50-liter water heaters are not very big, and they fit comfortably in a typical home or apartment. A small family can use a similar amount of water for bathing and showering.

The company Ariston provides a wide range of 50-liter episodes, including SG 50, Perla NTS 50 R PL, ABS Pro R 50V Slim, ABS Pro R Inox 50V, Shape Eco 50 V, ABS Pro Eco PW 50 V, and others, all of which have received a great deal of favorable feedback.

This equipment is of the accumulative variety and is capable of having multiple connections made at once.


Ariston Abs Pro Eco 50 V Slim, dependable.

We frequently turn off the hot water in the summer, and I got so tired of constantly having to empty basins that I eventually convinced my husband to purchase a boiler. I went with the cumulative ABS Pro Eco 50 V Slim, which holds 50 liters of water.

The model is made in Russia, is fairly lightweight, and is compact.

I like that the water in it heats up almost instantly; in just one hour, you can wash normally when the water is 50 liters hot. Without conserving water, the volume is sufficient for our two-person family, and it will stay on the dishes.

It’s also nice that it doesn’t make any unnecessary noise or extraneous sounds, and even after turning off the nutrition, the water in it stays warm for a long time thanks to thermal insulation. I can only think of the cost as a drawback, but it’s still worthwhile.

Purchasing the Ariston Sht 50 V is not the best choice.

For three years we have been operating the Ariston Sht 50 V boiler. We use it only in the summer, when hot water is turned off in the house for the repair and preventive period. The boiler is accumulative, with two heating elements, vertical tank, outwardly standard, nothing special. Water can be heated very quickly, if both heating elements are turned on at the same time, but then in almost 50 cases out of 100, the fuse immediately knocks out. Because of this, we use only one heater and we must wait long for the water to warm up. Moreover, we are not enough for two 50 liters, so again we spend time waiting for heating.

Additionally, after just a year of use, ten more people burned out. Naturally, they changed the warranty, but the model’s reputation suffered and an early breakdown occurred.

Successful and unsuccessful models

Top Buyer evaluations:

  • Ariston Ti Tronic 50V, price 8800-9000r.
  • Ariston ABS Velis Inox QH 50, price 9000-15000r.
  • Ariston Abs Velis Inox Power 50 12000-17000 rub.

Not the best-selling models:

  • Ariston Platinum Si 50h, price 8000-9000r
  • Ariston ABS BLU R 50V, price is about 6500r

The primary features of Ariston products, specifically their boilers for water heating, are their quality and accessibility. Comparable systems are highly sought after in the current market because they have several unique advantages and few drawbacks.

Precautionary measures

Remove all the water from the device if you know you won’t be using it for a while. To accomplish this, switch off the device’s electricity, shut off the water heater’s supply valve, and open the shifter’s hot water crane. Let the tee’s drain run freely. Over time, the magnesium anode wears out and needs to be replaced with one similar to it. The device should be launched for the first time exactly as directed by the instructions.

Feature Description
Capacity The 50-liter model is suitable for small households or apartments with moderate hot water needs.
Installation These heaters can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted, depending on your preference and space constraints.
Heating Element Ariston heaters use a durable heating element designed to efficiently warm the water to the desired temperature.
Thermostat An adjustable thermostat allows you to control the water temperature for comfort and energy savings.
Maintenance Regular maintenance, like descaling, ensures the heater operates efficiently and extends its lifespan.

A notable option for those searching for a dependable electric water heater are the 50-liter boiler models from Ariston. It is made to fit the demands of contemporary homes with its easy-to-use design and effective heating potential.

The Ariston electric water heater’s easy-to-follow application instructions make it simple to install and operate. The detailed instructions guarantee a hassle-free setup, regardless of your preference for a professional installation or if you’re a DIY enthusiast. It is also appropriate for homes with limited space due to its small size.

The Ariston electric water heater delivers exceptional performance. It is ideal for small to medium-sized families because of its 50-liter capacity, which provides plenty of hot water for everyday needs. Without sacrificing comfort, its energy-efficient features also enable you to reduce your electricity costs.

In addition, the Ariston water heater’s insulation guarantees that little heat is lost, allowing the water to stay at its temperature for extended periods of time. This guarantees that you always have hot water without having to wait for it to reheat, in addition to helping you save energy.

To sum up, the Ariston electric water heater combines convenience, economy, and usefulness. It is a worthwhile investment for any home looking for a dependable hot water solution because of its simple application instructions and dependable performance.

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