Baswul insulation description, technical characteristics and styling features

Comfort and energy efficiency go hand in hand when it comes to keeping your house warm and comfortable during the winter. Proper insulation is essential to achieving this. Baswul insulation is particularly notable for its exceptional performance and adaptability among the different types of insulation that are available. To assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding the insulation of your home, we’ll dive into the description, features, and technical aspects of Baswul insulation in this post.

Fibers from basalt rocks are used to make baswul insulation, a kind of thermal insulation. Volcanic rock is used to make these fibers; it is melted at a high temperature and spun into fibers. Baswul insulation effectively blocks heat transfer between your home’s exterior and interior by providing outstanding thermal resistance. This means that Baswul insulation helps keep your home cool in the summer by preventing heat from entering, and helps retain heat indoors during the winter.

The high R-value of Baswul insulation is one of its primary technical attributes. A material’s thermal resistance, or how well it insulates against heat transfer, is measured by its R-value. When baswul insulation is compared to other types of insulation, it usually has a higher R-value, which indicates that it offers better thermal insulation qualities. This translates into less energy being used to heat and cool your house, which could eventually result in lower energy bills.

In terms of aesthetic features, Baswul insulation provides compatibility with a range of construction designs and flexibility in installation techniques. It can be applied to both new and existing homes that are being retrofitted. Baswul insulation is available in a variety of forms, such as rigid boards, rolls, and batts, making it simple to customize to fit a variety of spaces and insulation requirements. Furthermore, Baswul insulation is lightweight and manageable, making installation easier for both contractors and homeowners.

Adequate insulation is essential for maintaining a warm and energy-efficient home. Baswul insulation’s distinct technical features and simple installation procedure make it an efficient solution. This kind of insulation is well-known for its capacity to control temperature, keeping your house cool in the summer and preventing heat loss in the winter. It fits snugly into any space with ease thanks to its flexibility and lightweight design. Baswul insulation offers dependable thermal protection for walls, floors, and ceilings, allowing you to reduce energy costs and maintain year-round comfort.

Technical characteristics of basalt waswool

  • High strength: This quality is due to the source material (stone) for the production of stone wool, and allows you to use this thermal insulation in any building structures. Despite the high strength, basalt wool basswul is easily cut, which accelerates and simplifies all work.
  • Fire resistance: high resistance to fire and elevated temperatures.
  • Thermal insulation: reliably isolates the premises from thermal influence, guaranteeing high energy saving rates.
  • Noise insulation: creates comfortable conditions in the premises due to a special fibrous structure with a chaotic arrangement of fibers.
  • Good vapor permeability: effectively removes moisture from building structures and retains the optimal microclimate in the rooms.
  • High moisture repellent qualities: Mineral wool is characterized by ideal hydrophobis, not exposed to living organisms, since it is made of material that is not suitable for their habitat and nutrition.
  • Elasticity, plasticity and resistance to mechanical influences, therefore, it is used in the work of any level of complexity.

Because of the numerous air capsules (strange mini-thermos) positioned in between the material’s fibers, the basalt waswool wool fills every isolated space without the creation of cold bridges. For an extended period of use, shape and dimensions are maintained.

We can purchase basalt wool at a lower cost than in other stores because the Baarex company is the official dealer of the Baswool plant.

9 Baswul properties that will make your construction effective

First, universal use, or more accurately, the ability to insulate the enclosing structures of all kinds of buildings, both residential and industrial.

  • Insulation is made from natural 100% natural raw materials, therefore it has no restrictions on external and internal use.
  • The panels have high, up to 1000 degrees, heat resistance, retain the original working properties throughout the service life of the insulated structure.
  • The material is not subject to shrinkage, so it does not form the cracks that can become the bridges of the cold, this property is highly valued with internal insulation of multi -layer, concrete and brick walls.
  • The insulation has thermal conductivity of everything 0.035-0.042 W/m • K, which allows you to provide heat in winter and coolness in summer heat.
  • Excellent sound insulation of basswul plates that extinguish up to 80% external noise, created thanks to randomly located fibers in the structure of insulation.
  • Thanks to hydrophobic additives, which are included in the composition of the insulation during production, provides a low level of moisture absorption.
  • Long service life: Baswul is guaranteed to serve you up to 40 years Subject to installation technology.
  • Favorable price – you do not need to overpay for an advertised brand.

Description and main characteristics

Agidel LLC, a pioneer in the manufacturing of thermal insulation materials, is the producer of Baswool mineral wool. It is possible to use the insulation mentioned in the article alone:

  • walls;
  • roofs;
  • Paul (inter -story ceilings).

The material works just as well when used for building industrial facilities as it does for private ones. It is formed from a thousand-degree-temperature molten rock, specifically basalt. Such production technology was responsible for the insulation’s remarkable qualities. Think about them.

  1. The weight of this heat insulator can vary between 25 and 225 kilograms per cubic meter.
  2. The moisture absorption indicator does not exceed 1 percent of the total weight, as well as 2 percent of its volume.
  3. Thermal conductivity, as a rule, does not exceed 0.038 watts/m*to.
  4. Baswul has high vapor permeability – at least 0.3 milligrams/(h*m*PA).
  5. Standard dimensions of insulation plates are the following (ShHDHV)-600x1200x30-200 millimeters.
  6. Finally, in its fuelness, it belongs to class A1.

We will now learn about the benefits of the Baswool heat insulator and the specific ways in which it varies from rival heaters.

Benefits of the baswul heat-insulator

The basalt wool discussed in this article has many benefits, as we have already mentioned, which has led to its enormous popularity. Examine the benefits of insulation in greater depth.

  1. He has excellent noise and thermal insulation properties.
  2. He weighs a little, which means that there are no special difficulties with styling.
  3. The vapor permeability of the insulation is quite high, and therefore the most comfortable microclimate is supported in the insulated room.
  4. The material is easy to install.
  5. It is environmentally friendly, and this despite the fact that its operational period is practically not limited.
  6. Throughout the entire life in the buildings, neither the size nor the properties of the material do not change.
  7. The shrinkage of the insulation is minimal.
  8. Finally, he is hygroscopic.

Furthermore, Baswul insulation satisfies all fire safety regulations, is a member of the non-combustible material class, and can even be utilized as fire protection in the appropriate fences.

Take note! The producer creates and distributes a fairly broad variety of mineral wool slabs for insulation, ranging in weight from up to 225 kilograms to the lightest at roughly 25 kilograms per cubic meter. Basalt Cotton Wool Basswul Video

Basalt Cotton Wool Basswul Video

Baswul stands out from other thermal insulation materials because of the aforementioned qualities. The insulation described above is compared to its closest "competitors," foam and EPPS, in the table below.

Table: Materials for Insulation Comparison

The parameter’s name

Insulator against heat



Polystyrene foam extrusion

Ranging from 25 to 225 kg/m³.

Between 15 and 50 kg/m^cube.

Between 25 and 47 kg/m^cube.

Regarding the combustibility, you ought to provide some context so that you know what’s going on. For example, materials classified as G1 burn weakly, while materials classified as G4 are highly combustible.

Note: The table shows that while the described insulation performs slightly worse than each of the competing materials in terms of heat conductivity, it outperforms them all in terms of other parameters. In actuality, this helps to explain why Baswul is so well-liked by local customers.

Baswool vs. Rockwool comes to find out which insulation is better

  1. Affordable price. Baswul insulation has a price more than affordable – one packaging Baswool Light is cheaper than its analogue Rockwul Light Battts by at least 25%. If you add margins of intermediaries here, an impressive amount is obtained. You still overpay for a promoted brand, which depends on the dollar exchange rate?
  2. Great heat and sound insulation. The thermal conductivity of the basalt wool basswul is minimal – on average about 0.037 W/m · K, so the result of insulation with its help will be no worse than from thermal insulation of Rockwell. A special structure of the basival insulation, buy in Moscow with the delivery that we can, will give your home acoustic comfort necessary for a good rest and comfortable residence.
  3. Stable deliveries. Baswool produces up to 75,000 tons of thermal insulation per year – this is a guarantee of timely supply of material to the facility even at the height of the season! Rockwall insulation, due to its popularity, often ends in warehouses just during the period of large -scale construction.
  4. Environmental friendliness. Contrary to popular belief, not only Rockwool boasts environmental friendliness – Baswool insulation does not contain hazardous substances and is 100% safe. It can be used without restrictions for thermal insulation of any construction sites.
  5. Fire safety. Baswul thermal insulation should be bought already because with its help you can maintain valuable property and even human lives in the event of a fire. Basalt cotton wool belongs to the category of NG – non -combustible building materials, so with its help you can warm objects with an increased risk of fire.

Minvata Baswul is an affordable, versatile, and readily available material that is ideal for both individual builders and major construction companies.

Five reasons Buy Baswool thermal insulation in the company Buy-basswul

  1. Dealerships Here you can always buy Baswul insulation with a discount of 11%.
  2. Quality assurance All thermal insulation basswul is certified – no fakes!
  3. Availability in the warehouse The Ministry of Plutus Baswul is always available in our warehouses with an area of 3 017 m2.
  4. Help in the choice Our qualified managers will answer all your questions.
  5. Operational delivery Your order will be delivered through the territory of Moscow from only 3 hours.

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Which Baswool slabs are suitable for your object?

  • Baswul Ecorok – This is a universal environmentally friendly material for thermal insulation of the attic and pitched roof, floors along lags, attic and inter -story floors, frame walls and partitions.
  • Baswul Light – The optimal insulation for partitions and frame walls, floors along the lags, pitched and attic roofs, well masonry and ceilings between floors.
  • Baswul standard – high -quality thermal insulation for three -layer well trends, frame and outer walls for further finishing.
  • Baswul Flor – Do not confuse him with Baswul Flor P 160. The first insulation is used for heat and sound insulation of floors with heating, grounds on soil and floating floors with moderate load, while the second is intended for insulation of floors in conditions of increased loads.
  • Baswul facade – This material was specially designed for use in the systems of wet plaster facade.
  • Baswul Sandwich K And Sandwich s -irreplaceable components of the system of three-layer roofing sandwich panels with metal sheathing.
  • Baswul Ruf – high -quality thermal insulation for a flat roof in a single -layer thermal insulation system.

Purchase slabs of mineral wool. Baswool = 50% increases the house’s longevity!

Our certificates

Varieties of thermal insulation Baswul Ruf

“Baswul” – insulation, the characteristics of which are presented in the article, are offered for sale in the variety “Baswul Ruf”. According to buyers, this thermal insulation is used in the arrangement of low -main or flat roofs. The thickness of the sheets can vary from 5 to 16 cm, while the density varies from 40 to 170 kg/m3. Consumers emphasize that thermal conductivity, depending on the temperature, can reach an indicator of 0.04 W/m · K. Water absorption in volume in this variety does not exceed 1.5%. You may be interested in the strength that holds at the level of 50 kPa. There are two varieties of this thermal insulation: the first is used to arrange the lower, the second – the upper double layer.

Baswool insulation brands

  • Baswul Light | Baswool Light: as an unloaded sound and thermal insulation of walls and partitions, pitched roofs, floors, sexes.
  • Baswul Standard | Baswool Standart: as an unloaded sound, thermal insulation of walls from small-piece materials with external insulation of facades, thermal insulation of frame walls.
  • Baswul Flor | Baswool Floor: when thermal insulation of floors (according to concrete, cement screed, soil, heating floors, floating floors).
  • Baswul Flor P | Baswool Floor p: for heat-sound insulation of floors with increased regulatory load.
  • Baswul facade | Baswool Fasad: as thermal insulation in external insulation systems.
  • Baswul Ruf | Baswool Roof: for thermal insulation of flat roofs during single -layer insulation. This material is used by Baurex during roofing work.
  • Baswul Ruf in | Baswool Roof b: top layer of thermal insulation during multi -layer insulation of flat roofs.
  • Baswul Ruf n | Baswool roof h: lower thermal insulation with multi -layer insulation of flat roofs.
  • Baswul sandwich with | Baswool Sandwich C: as a layer of thermal insulation of wall three-layer sandwich panels.
  • Baswul sandwich to | Baswool Sandwich K: as a layer of thermal insulation of roofing three-layer sandwich panels.

Advantages that Baswool facade made incredibly popular

  • Excellent thermal insulation. High quality of the material and its unique structure, consisting of the finest fibers and air layers, allows it to effectively cope with heat losses.
  • Environmental friendliness. The basalt insulation of Baswul does not contain hazardous substances, so such thermal insulation does not emit harmful connections into the atmosphere during operation and under the influence of heating.
  • Good sound insulation. Why buy additional material for thermal insulation? Baswul Facade will reduce the noise level that penetrates your house through the outer walls, to a comfortable!
  • Small weight. The low weight of the insulation does not provide a load on building structures, therefore it can be used without restrictions on the facades of any objects.
  • High vapor permeability. This unique quality allows you not to violate the natural circulation of air in the room and save on the arrangement of a vapor barrier layer.
  • Long service life. Buying certified thermal insulation, you acquire reliable protection against heat loss and cold bridges for 50 years in advance!
  • Hydrophobic treatment. Special processing using moisture -repellent impregnation makes the material more resistant to moisture.

general description

Basalt cotton wool, which is represented by Baswul, has many advantages, it is thanks to them that the material has gained popularity among consumers, despite the fact that its value to some consumers may seem somewhat high. He weighs a little, which means that one person will be able to cope with styling. The vapor permeability is high, which allows you to achieve a clums of room comfortable for a person. The material is environmentally friendly, and its life is unlimited. The shrinkage is minimal, during the entire use time the size and operational characteristics of the basalt wool do not change. Hygroscopicity should also be noted. This thermal insulation is non -wound. And since it meets all safety standards, it can be used as fire protection in the relevant fences. Having examined the assortment of the company, you can find a heater whose qualities are suitable for you.

Where you can use Baswool products

Because of their universal qualities, baswul-flor plates are intended for a variety of insulation applications. Because of their high density, Baswul RUF panels are primarily used for insulating flat, inverted roofing structures. The panels have a standard geometry of 1200 x 600 x 50-250 mm and a density range of 30-225 kg/m3. Panels made of Baswul mineral wool are made in various variations:

  • Ecorok – stoves made of stone wool with a density of 25 – 30 kg/m³, designed for unloaded thermal insulation of the pitched roofs, inter -story floors, frame walls and partitions, floors along the lags, attic;
  • Facade, density of 135 – 175 kg/m³, used as insulation of the outer walls for the device of a wet plaster layer;
  • Standard a density of 60 – 90 kg/m³, necessary when thermal insulation of three -layer brick walls, as well as as an internal layer of insulation in the systems of hinged ventilation facades;
  • Ruf V, Ruf n, Rufdensity of 170 – 200 kg/m³, 100 – 120 kg/m³ and 140 – 170 kg/m³, used for the upper (RUF B) and lower (RUF N) layer of two -layer thermal insulation or single -layer (RUF) insulation of flat roofs, under cement -or without it.

Not only is baswul insulation a superior heat insulator. The noise-absorbing qualities of this material are an extra benefit that homeowners receive at no additional cost in urban and even suburban construction conditions.

Novelty, take note! Tim Baswool Fire Protect and Baswool Heat Protect are fire-retardant boards that Tim LLC Agidel started manufacturing. Industrial equipment isolation and fire safety are now reasonably priced!

Manufacturers paid attention to superior packaging.

The insulation is effectively shielded from environmental elements, mechanical harm, pollutants, and moisture in the air by being stored and transported in a heat-shaped polyethylene film. Such packaging allows the material to be kept for an extended period of time, even under challenging circumstances.

Description Baswul insulation is a type of insulation material made from natural fibers, typically derived from basalt rock.
Technical Characteristics Baswul insulation offers excellent thermal performance, fire resistance, and sound absorption properties. It is also resistant to moisture, mold, and pests.
Styling Features Baswul insulation comes in various forms such as rolls, batts, and boards, making it versatile for different applications. It can be easily installed in walls, ceilings, and floors.

Baswul insulation provides homeowners with a flexible way to raise their home’s energy efficiency. Baswul is an eco-friendly product that offers good thermal insulation thanks to its special combination of natural fibers and binders. Because of its technical qualities, which include its high R-value and capacity to control moisture, it is a popular option for a variety of building types and climates.

The simplicity of installation of Baswul insulation is one of its main advantages. Baswul can be installed quickly and effectively whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting an old one. Because of its flexibility, it can fit into a variety of shaped and sized spaces, ensuring a tight fit that reduces thermal bridging and optimizes energy savings.

Baswul insulation is also well-known for having superior sound absorption qualities, which makes it a great option for homeowners trying to lower noise transference from external sources or between rooms. This extra feature improves a home’s general livability and comfort, making its occupants’ environment more pleasurable.

In terms of aesthetic qualities, Baswul insulation provides flexibility and adaptability. Without sacrificing aesthetics, it is simple to incorporate into both conventional and modern building designs. Baswul provides undetectable yet effective thermal protection by blending in seamlessly with the construction, whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look.

To sum up, Baswul insulation is a dependable and effective option for homeowners looking to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their houses. It is an excellent option for insulation projects of all sizes due to its technical qualities, ease of installation, sound absorption capabilities, and styling features. Homeowners can experience increased indoor comfort, long-term energy savings, and peace of mind knowing they made a sustainable decision for their house by investing in Baswul insulation.

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