Popular models of Ariston 30 liters – selection criteria

It is essential to select the appropriate water heater for your house if you want to live comfortably and effectively every day. A reputable brand in heating technology, Ariston provides a selection of 30-liter water heaters that are well-liked by homeowners. These strong yet small units are made to maximize energy efficiency and space-saving features while delivering hot water on demand.

There are a few important things to take into account when choosing a model from Ariston’s 30-liter lineup to make sure you get the best fit for your requirements. The kind of energy source that is available in your house is one thing to think about. Ariston provides heat pump, gas, and electric water heaters, each with unique benefits and things to keep in mind.

Ariston electric water heaters are frequently chosen because of how straightforward and simple they are to install. They are usually less expensive up front and are appropriate for homes without access to gas lines. On the other hand, gas water heaters provide quicker heating times and might end up being more affordable in the long run, particularly in places where natural gas is easily accessible.

Space constraints are a crucial factor to take into account when selecting an Ariston 30-liter water heater for your house. Since these units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s critical to measure the installation space to guarantee a good fit. In addition, take into account your aesthetic preferences and available space when deciding between a wall-mounted and floor-standing model.

When choosing any household appliance, energy efficiency is an important consideration, and Ariston water heaters are renowned for having high efficiency ratings. To minimize heat loss and lower utility bills, look for models with features like digital temperature control, energy-saving modes, and advanced insulation.

Selection Criteria Popular Models of Ariston 30 Liters
Capacity Consider how much hot water you need daily. 30 liters is suitable for small households.
Energy Efficiency Look for models with high energy efficiency ratings to save on bills.
Heating Speed Check the heating speed to ensure quick availability of hot water.
Space and Installation Ensure the model fits your space and is easy to install.
Warranty Check the warranty period for peace of mind regarding repairs.

general characteristics

In a city apartment, a private home, or a country house, a boiler or a storage water heater is required. It enables independent use of hot water without reliance on utilities. Yet, 30 liter models are the most widely used because volumetric tanks are too large to fit in any apartment. You can wash the dishes or take a shower with that much water. Additionally, rapid heating ensures that hot water is always available.

The 30-liter Ariston water heater is a compact tank that is simple to wall-mount. Both horizontal and vertical models are available, as well as flat, rectangular or narrow with rounded edges. They are all made with contemporary styles that complement any kitchen or bathroom. The lower water eyeliner makes it easier to use, and you can supply hot water for the kitchen and bathroom by connecting two points of the water intake.

Note: Another benefit of having an electric 30-liter storage water heater is that it uses less energy. Additionally, you can heat water to the ideal temperature in just 20 minutes using a small volume of the tank.

Ariston 30-liter storage water heaters come with an additional security feature called ABS. It consists of:

  • protection against bacteria;
  • Turning off the device during voltage surges;
  • safety valve for dumping;
  • Thermostat providing water heating only to a certain temperature;
  • Control protection without water.

Advantages and disadvantages

Stainless steel makes up the devices’ body. There are models that are enameled and have silver ions and a unique coating. This cleans the water and stops corrosion from forming. Water is distributed inside the tank via a unique system that speeds up heating. Additionally, the Micro Plazma Tig technology offers high strength seams that can withstand high pressure.

A sturdy double layer of polyurethane foam sits between the tank’s walls and the outer casing. He keeps the hot water warm for a long time. Electronic control models come with an easy-to-read display and indicators that let you monitor how the device is operating. Thirty-liter water heaters have a lot of benefits.

  • ease of installation;
  • small weight and compact dimensions;
  • small energy consumption;
  • quick heating;
  • Affordable cost.

Be aware that one of the drawbacks of the 30-liter Ariston water heater is that the magnesium anode needs to be changed every year. Furthermore, the heater is submerged in water, lowering its shelf life.

Choosing the right Ariston 30-liter water heater involves considering several key factors to ensure it meets your household"s needs. Firstly, assess your hot water demand based on the number of occupants and usage patterns. Next, consider the available space for installation and whether a wall-mounted or freestanding model suits your setup. Pay attention to energy efficiency ratings to minimize running costs and environmental impact. Evaluate the features offered, such as adjustable thermostat settings, anti-corrosion protection, and safety features like pressure relief valves. Additionally, factor in warranty coverage and after-sales support to ensure peace of mind and longevity of the unit. By weighing these criteria, you can confidently select the ideal Ariston 30-liter water heater to keep your home comfortably supplied with hot water.

Device and features of work

The thirty-liter accumulative water heater is equipped with a basic mechanism. It is made up of a rectangular or cylindrical tank. A sturdy layer of polyurethane foam insulation sits beneath the outer casing. Inclusion indicators, sensors, temperature regulators, and a thermometer are located on the front panel.

The purpose of the internal tank is to heat water. TENS heating elements. A magnesium anode guards against the accumulation of scale. The tank is supplied with two water pipes. One is used to add water, and the other is used to remove hot water.

Take note! The way this kind of device works is that it starts heating up as soon as the tank is filled and the heater is turned on. The thermostat shuts off the water when it reaches the proper temperature. The heating element is turned on and the tank is refilled as the water is used.

Ariston manufactures stainless steel and steel enameled tanks for storage water heaters. They are shielded from rust. 30 liters are small in size and have a chic, contemporary design. are extended or flat. Numerous models that are dependable, simple to operate, and quickly heat water are in high demand.

Name Power Control Functions Price, rub.*
ABS PRO R SLIM 1.5 kW Mechanical Thermometer, inclusion indicator 7 400
ABS Pro R Inox 1.5 kW Mechanical Thermometer, temperature limit 7 900
ABS Pro Eco Inox Power Slim 2.5 kW Electronic Accelerated heating, temperature controller 8 500
ABS Pro Eco Power Slim 2.5 kW Electronic Heating temperature restriction, accelerated heating 7 900
SHT -el 30 v 2.5 kW Electronic Indicator, thermometer, accelerated heating 10,000
ABS VELIS Inox QH 2.5 kW Electronic Display, self -diagnosis, accelerated heating 14 900


Because of its mechanical management, this is the least expensive model.

But the gadget is secure and dependable. Even in a small space, a small, narrow tank will fit. You can change the temperature with the handy handle located in the lower portion of the case. Water is disinfected by adding silver ions to the tank’s internal coating.

ABS Pro R Inox

A dependable yet basic model as well. Leaks are eliminated by a unique production technique, and a stainless steel tank is shielded from corrosion. A narrow building doesn’t require a lot of room. The model has a multi-stage protection system installed. Convenient thermostat is present. Its accelerated heating is produced by the tank’s water redistribution system.

ABS Pro Eco Inox Power Slim

This heater has a stainless steel, narrow, vertical tank. Corrosion is prevented by a unique coating. Robust walls hinder the emergence of leaks, while dual power ensures dependable, continuous functioning and swift water heating. You can monitor and modify the heating temperature thanks to the indicator.

SHT -el 30 v

This model is positioned horizontally and has a flat case. The tank’s internal coating is shielded from corrosion by double polyurethane isolation, which also stops heat loss. The gadget has an electronic thermometer and anti-overheat features. Water is disinfected by a unique system and heated more quickly by a separate heater.


This is a flat-bodied water heater. You can adjust the temperature with an electronic control that has handy indicators and a display. The model has a feature that allows it to diagnose itself. The water heats up more quickly because of the second heating element.

ABS Pro Eco Power Slim

The unique ECO system is intended to provide bacterial protection. In order to rid the tank of microbes, the device automatically adjusts the temperature and heating rate. This model features protection against overheating, turning on without water, and network voltage jumps. Its two heating elements, which speed up the heating of the water, are another feature.

Note: The tank’s unique coating keeps corrosion from forming, and the electronic thermometer lets you monitor the temperature.

How to choose the right

A large selection of models makes selecting the ideal device more difficult at times, but it also makes it possible to identify the best model. Several factors need to be considered when making a decision:

  • The internal coating of the tank. It can be made of stainless steel or enamel with silver ions.
  • Power. The rate of water heating depends on it. In some models, it is possible to choose power – an economical mode in which water heats up to only 550. Another regime is antibacterial, which provides strong heating, in which the tank is disinfected.
  • Features of TEN. They can be covered with a special anti -corrosion composition that prevents the formation of scale.
  • The presence of a thermostat provides the accuracy of heating to the selected temperature.

User manual

Even though using it is easy, you should read the technical guide before using it. It is ideal for an expert to handle the installation and connection, install an RCD, and inspect the grounding. This person should be able to handle all the subtleties. You must fill the tank and then turn on the hot water tap before turning it on for the first time. This will assist in clearing the air from pipes. The device cannot be connected to the network until after that.

Installing a water heater in a room with inadequate ventilation or low-quality wiring is not advised by the instructions. When the air temperature falls below zero, the device is activated and water cannot be left in the tank.

The water heater is simple to operate.

  1. Fill the tank.
  2. Turn on the network.
  3. Press the power button.
  4. Select the required power.
  5. Set the temperature.
  6. After heating, turn off the device from the network and you can use hot water.

Ariston provides a selection of well-liked models for you to pick from when choosing a 30-liter water heater for your house. These models are made with different features and specs to accommodate a range of needs and tastes in a home.

The energy efficiency rating is an important factor to take into account when selecting a water heater. Most Ariston models have energy-efficient designs that lower your utility costs and lessen your environmental effect. Select models with high energy efficiency ratings to guarantee long-term cost savings and optimal performance.

The water heater’s heating technology is an additional crucial consideration. Ariston provides models with electric, gas, and heat pump systems, among other heating technologies. When choosing the best technology for your requirements, take into account the energy source and heating preferences in your home.

Aside from energy efficiency and heating technology, the size and capacity of the water heater must be taken into account. Smaller households or larger homes can use a 30-liter capacity as a supplemental unit. Make sure the model you choose can supply your household with enough hot water on a daily basis without running out or creating delays.

Finally, remember to take into account Ariston’s warranty and after-sale support. For peace of mind and help in the event that your water heater needs maintenance, a dependable warranty and attentive customer service can be very helpful.

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