What to choose a thermostat for a warm floor – a rating in February 2024

A warm floor system’s thermostat can have a big impact on how comfortable and energy-efficient your house is. Technology has advanced to the point where a variety of options are now available, each with special features to meet various needs. We’ll examine some of the top thermostats available as of February 2024 in this ranking to assist you in making an informed choice for your insulation and heating requirements.

There are a few things to take into account when choosing a thermostat for your heated floor. First and foremost, it must work with your heating system. Making sure the thermostat is compatible with your type of radiant floor heating system—either electric or hydronic—will guarantee smooth operation and seamless integration.

The thermostat’s degree of control and programmability is another crucial factor to take into account. With the help of sophisticated features like WiFi connectivity, smartphone apps, and programmable settings, modern thermostats enable you to tailor your heating schedule to your tastes and way of life.

Energy economy is another important factor. When paired with energy-saving features like temperature sensors and adaptive learning algorithms, a thermostat can help save energy use and cut utility costs without sacrificing a comfortable indoor climate.

Additionally, installation and use simplicity shouldn’t be disregarded. You can save time and trouble by choosing a thermostat that is simple to install and use, especially if you’re not experienced with HVAC systems.

We’ll assess thermostats using these standards as well as additional ones in this rating, giving you information about their functionality, features, and user experiences. Our rating will assist you in selecting the ideal smart thermostat to maintain a warm and comfortable home all year round, regardless of your preferences for a simple or sophisticated model.

Thermostat Model Features
Smart Thermostat XYZ Programmable, WiFi connectivity, smartphone app control
Basic Thermostat ABC Simple manual controls, budget-friendly


Manufacturers offer a wide selection of thermostats to choose from. Their prices and functions vary.

Digital electronic

The model is akin to views that are mechanical. equipped with a temperature sensor for the warm floor and air, as well as a digital display that reflects the indicators. The settings are done by hand.

  • the ability to connect to other control systems;
  • Flexible regulation program;
  • The presence of distance management.

A temperature control system with 0.5 degree accuracy is available. The high cost and difficulty of independent adjustment are drawbacks.


This innovative multitasking model allows you to program the heating level for a prolonged period of time in addition to installing and monitoring the heating mode. With the regulator, you can turn off the heating when no one is home or raise the temperature when it’s cooling down.

When installed, this kind of device saves electricity and is safe because it shuts off on its own when the desired level is reached. It is not only difficult to operate, but the cost of purchasing and installing this thermostat is high.

Review of the best thermostats

There is no way to operate the heating systems "Warm Paul" without a thermostat. Although they are installed in every room, an apartment with a small space only needs one.

There are many different brands of regulators available for purchase; they can be mechanical, electronic, programmable, single or multi-channel, wall-mounted, or rail-installed, making the selection difficult.

We will take into account well-liked models from reliable companies that balance cost and quality, making your selection easier.

Teplux TR 520

TPLUX TR 520: A reasonably priced model. Readjusting the warm floor’s temperature is not difficult. The gadget is of the electronic programmable variety, which means that you can program it ahead of time for inclusion and have it ready to go when you get home.

The regulator features a graphic display that shows the programs that have been chosen as well as the current minute’s temperature in the room. Additionally, you can easily configure thanks to the temperature sensor and user-friendly interface.

  • The level of minimum temperature is 5 degrees, maximum – 35;
  • Power – 3500 W;
  • communication current – 16 A;
  • Warranty period – 3 years.
  • low price;
  • Beautiful display – will fit into any room;
  • the ability to set up heating levels for any day;
  • "Antimovishment" mode;
  • Air temperature adjustment is available.

One drawback is that you have to set everything up again after unplugging.

Both electric and water-heated floors can be heated with this thermostat.

National comfort 711

The model has a rich package and is reasonably priced. There is a sizable graphic display on the floor and in the air that is highlighted. The regulator has a self-diagnosis feature, and the screen displays the results. One year is the warranty service life. Up to 30% of the resource is saved by the device.

The model’s drawbacks include its low protection, which makes it unwise to use it in a bathroom or shower, and potential button-pressing issues (since they are not very successful).

Varmel RTC 70.26

With an electronic wired mechanical thermal regulator, they can easily and precisely set the heating level. There is a divided wheel for adjustment. Designed for use in water systems as well as electric fields. Operates between 5 and 40 degrees at a minimum and maximum temperature. Maximum allowable load: 3600 watts. One-year warranty is provided.

The mounting box is used for installation. The on and off buttons are one of the benefits. A three-meter wire is attached to a remote-type sensor. Minus: When switching, it makes a clicking sound.

Thermo Thermoreg Ti-200

A cheap, basic gadget with thermal clothing and an indicator. It allows you to precisely set and maintain the required heating level. The two-pole switch makes it simple to turn off the controller, and the heating indicator is mounted on the scale.

A gadget of the mechanical kind. 5 to 40 degrees is the operating temperature range. A maximum of 3600 watts is used. Three years of guaranteed service life.

The species has many benefits, including being compact, inexpensive, manageable, and having a "anti-frozing" function.

The lack of a display and the inability to customize heating according to the days of the week are drawbacks.


This warm floor thermostat has a touch panel, making it "smart." Since it can be managed via a smartphone, it is selected when remote control is needed. Setting it up is made simple by the straightforward interface.

To lower the amount of inclusions and disconnects, the hysteresis can be changed. Installing it in a metal box on the wall is an easy task.

TERNEO SX offers several helpful features, including a departure mode, a timer, and child safety. The apparatus has a temperature sensor built in.

  • temperature level from +5 to +45;
  • the power of the thermostat 3000 W;
  • Warranty period – 3 years.

The inexpensive cost, simplicity of use, quick touch response time, ability to track statistical data for work purposes, and low power consumption are among the advantages.

Cons: Low-quality plastic, inability to connect to the smartphone the first time.

Spyheat ETL-308B

A thermal regulator is a mechanical device that is small, lightweight, simple to use, and reasonably priced. It looks good and operates without interruption for a considerable amount of time. The case has a shutdown button, an indicator, and a temperature switch. Turning the switch activates the setting.

The drawback is that there could be a click when the heating relay is activated.

  • The minimum temperature is 15 degrees, the upper chapel is 35;
  • maximum power – 3600 watts;
  • There is a thermal attemptor;
  • Service service – 2 years.

Rexant R70XT

A cheap, simple-to-operate mechanical thermostat that is wired and compact. The switch operates smoothly, enabling you to adjust the heating level in a single section. There is a mechanism on the case to activate the system. The apparatus is fixed within a distribution box. The regulator is long-lasting and dependable.

There are settings between +5 and +35 degrees in the aisles. 3500 W of power. One year’s warranty is offered.

NEST Learning Thermostat 3.0

The third generation of this particular model is this one. The regulator looks the same on the outside; the only differences are the larger disk size and resolution (320 by 320 picules).

Along with new features like auto scheduling, programming, auto shutdown, and notification in the event of a regime violation, the device has a large display. Simple management is possible through an Internet-connected smartphone. It’s also very easy to install. Warranty – 2 years.

The sole drawback is its expensive cost.

Menred RTC 70.26

Cheap thermal regulator with remote sensor and concealed installation for mechanical electric power fields. Management is wired in and has control over the floor’s heating.

3600 watts is the maximum load, and the temperature range is 5 to 40 degrees. The thermostat has a light indicator built in. Three years of warranty.

The device is easily installed; it just needs to be placed in the mounting box.

Grand Meyer HW500

Buttons on this low-cost, universal electronic programmable type regulator have the ability to be blocked. It operates in multiple modes. equipped with wired, built-in thermal suits that can be used both independently and in tandem.

The backlight turns off automatically after 20 seconds. It turns on automatically. The type’s benefit is that the settings are preserved when it is turned off. Despite its small size, the gadget has a sleek, contemporary design and a bright display. The temperature of the air can be changed.

Among the drawbacks are the clicking sound during activation and the absence of locking when the mode is switched off.

Operating temperature variations range from 5 to 35; offices can be raised to +99. 3600 W of power and 16 A of communication current. Two years are included in the warranty.

Electrolux eta-16

This electronic device has the fewest icons and a small display. The screen is highly visible and illuminates when you touch any button. They can easily install and maintain heating at a specific level, configure the control regulator, and use the user-friendly interface. The apparatus has a temperature sensor built in.

Since the regulator has a modern appearance, the room’s design won’t be compromised.

You can set the temperature between 5 and 50 degrees. Additionally, 3500 watts of power is allowed. Three years is the warranty period.

Devi Touch

This model works well with heating systems and warm floors. possesses a –3680 watts load. sensor display, microprocessor control unit. Temperature range for operation: 5 to 45 degrees. Five years of warranty.

Numerous options are available with the Devi programmable thermostat, including freezing protection, no one in the room, and an open window. Benefit: An energy-efficient unit can drastically lower heating expenses. The air’s temperature is able to be changed. Furthermore, the gadget has multiple uses and stands out for its straightforward mood process.

The fact that the instruction is difficult to understand and does not explain how to connect the cable to the regulator is a drawback.

Caleo 520

Control sensor-equipped overhead device. features a backlit display that reflects the temperature. fitted with a bonus feature: keyboard blocking.

Its modest power can be observed, as can the ease of use and simplicity of the setup procedure. range of temperatures: 0 to 40 degrees. Two years’ warranty is offered.

A reasonable price and the availability of modern design are further benefits. The relay clicking is one of the drawbacks that users mention.

Almac IMA-1.0

The Almac IMA-1.0 is a high-quality assembly device that is affordable, electronic, and modern. Warm floors and air conditioners are its intended uses. equipped with both built-in and portable thermal clothing.

All they did was adjust the temperature. One advantageous aspect is that the hysteresis can be adjusted, and both the upper and lower temperature elevations can be precisely set.

  • Faller temperatures -from -50 to +110 degrees;
  • Power – 3600 W;
  • Warranty – 1 year.

Which thermostat is better to choose?

Because the choice of regulator affects not only the amount of comfort in the home but also the savings on electricity and money, care must be taken in this process.

Additionally, you need to consider the kind of power grid when selecting a model. The device will be adequate up to 3 amperes if it is required for the water floor. When setting up a 16 amp electric heater.

Efficiency, compatibility, and user-friendliness are important considerations when choosing a thermostat for your warm floor system. To assist you in making an informed choice, we have whittled down the top options in our February 2024 rating. Whether you value energy-saving and remote control smart features or prefer ease of use, there are many options in our selection to meet your requirements. By making the appropriate thermostat purchase, you can maximize the heating system’s efficiency and ensure maximum comfort, which will help you save energy and money.

Step -by -step installation instructions

It is not sufficient to choose the thermostat correctly; proper installation of the device is also necessary for the thermostat to function and determine the temperature accurately. Although installation typically doesn’t cause issues, we chose to make this clear.

Whichever regulator you end up using, you should first decide where to put it. It ought to be easy to use. The height of the floor must be calculated so that the device is situated close to outlets and doors. It cannot be mounted close to the window.

The thermostat number usually comes with an instruction manual that you should read through.

  • Before starting work, the installation site is de -energized;
  • The wires from the warm floor should already be brought to the socket;

  • After the sensor is installed – it is placed in the corrugation, one end is displayed in the socket, and the second is located between the heaters (cable or plates of infrared film floor);
  • insulation from the floor wires is removed – 6 cm;
  • Cable screens with a yellow-green wire are connected, then everything is placed in a socket;
  • The top panel of the thermoregulator is removed – you need to insert a direct screwdriver into the groove from below, pressing the lid to the head;

  • The floor wires are connected to the right regulator terminals according to the scheme;

  • The wires are carefully bent, the device is inserted into the socket;
  • the frame is installed and the upper panel is attached.

The warm-floor thermoregulator is connected; the only thing left to do is test it.

It’s essential to select the appropriate thermostat for your warm floor system if you want to maximize comfort and energy savings. We’ve taken into account a number of factors in our February 2024 rating to help you make an informed choice.

Priority one should be given to compatibility. Make sure the thermostat you select works with the particular kind of warm floor system that you have, whether it’s hydronic or electric. This compatibility guarantees the thermostat’s smooth connection and appropriate operation with your heating system.

The features that the thermostat offers are another crucial factor to take into account. Pay attention to features like smartphone compatibility, Wi-Fi connectivity, and programmability. These features not only increase convenience but also give you precise control over your heating system, which lowers utility costs and saves energy.

A thermostat’s accuracy and dependability are also crucial considerations. Select a model that will ensure consistent and cozy heating throughout your house: one with accurate temperature control and dependable performance. Furthermore, take into account thermostats that can adjust to your usage habits and lifestyle thanks to sophisticated sensors and algorithms.

Finally, remember how important design and user-friendliness are. Select a thermostat that blends in with the design of your house and is easy to operate. Sleek designs, simple controls, and easy-to-read displays can improve your warm floor system’s overall user experience.

To sum up, when choosing a thermostat for your warm floor system, it’s important to take compatibility, features, accuracy, dependability, and user-friendliness into account. It is possible to select a thermostat that fulfills your requirements and improves the comfort and effectiveness of your home heating system by considering these variables and consulting our rating from February 2024.

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