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The proper chimney system selection is essential for effectively and safely heating our homes. The Trankol chimney is a popular option among homeowners. This unique system differs from conventional chimneys in that it provides a unique combination of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

The modern lifestyle is considered in the design of Trankol chimneys. They improve your home’s overall energy efficiency in addition to serving as a smoke vent. Whether you have a gas fireplace or a wood-burning stove, these chimneys help to maximize the heat output from your heating appliance by ensuring a more complete combustion process.

The longevity of Trankol chimneys is another exceptional quality. Because they are made of premium materials, they can resist the elements and the test of time. This will extend the lifespan of your chimney system and reduce maintenance needs, ultimately saving you money and time.

Additionally, Trankol chimneys are available in a range of designs to accommodate various architectural motifs and individual tastes. Trankol chimneys come in a variety of styles to suit any type of home, from sleek and contemporary to more traditional. It’s understandable why discerning homeowners are turning to Trankol chimneys for their exceptional performance and adaptable design.

History of the company Trankol

The company was established in 1998 and manufactures solid fuel and gas-powered chimneys for stoves, boilers, and fireplaces. Furthermore, this company’s experts develop complex, non-standard chimney pipe units, which are occasionally required for a high-quality device of this crucial heating system component.

The company "Trankol" offers several hundred chimney parts in its inventory, all of which are intended for the assembly of single- and double-walled pipes composed of various steel alloy grades. Different wall thicknesses and layers of thermal insulation material are present in different parts and assemblies. The company possesses the necessary certifications and patents for every product it manufactures.

There is an enormous selection of assembled parts and components.

LLC "Trankol" handles every order it receives with complete accountability, creating a unique project for each unique situation. This procedure is essential to the continued development of high-quality device chimneys. The engineers of the company use state-of-the-art software to design chimneys.

Trankol product samples

This method guarantees that all chimney component dimensions and shapes are accurate. Sometimes having a blueprint of the house where the steel pipe will be installed is insufficient, so design experts come to the site to visually evaluate the location and extent of this system component’s work. A preliminary design drawing and a fabrication and installation estimate are created based on the findings of the building survey.

Trankol chimneys are a great option for effective and secure heating solutions when it comes to insulating and heating your home. By optimizing heat retention and minimizing heat loss, these chimneys serve to both lower energy expenses and keep your house toasty throughout the winter. Trankol chimneys, in contrast to conventional chimneys, are constructed with cutting-edge insulating materials and creative design elements that improve heat distribution throughout the house. Furthermore, their contemporary style lends a hint of refinement to any interior design. Purchasing a Trankol chimney will help you and your family live in a cozier, more comfortable home while also protecting the environment.

Quality of the materials used

It would be impossible to discuss the materials used to make the products without doing so. Its long service life and resistance to corrosive processes define it. Such chimney pipes aid in the free release of leftover combustion products because of their flawlessly smooth, mirror-like interior and exterior surfaces.

You have the option of selecting the galvanized or stainless steel version.

The company makes chimneys out of austenitic chrome-nickel steel (AISI 304–316). This material has great qualities for welding jobs, is resistant to acidic influences, and is made for long-term use. When exposed to temperatures as high as 500 degrees Celsius, this steel maintains its characteristics and quality.

The outer layer of the single-wall and thermal insulation elements is composed of 0.5, 0.8, or 1 mm thick mirror-coated steel. Steel with an identically thick matte surface makes up the inner contour.

Modern-looking Trankol chimneys complement any type of roof.

It should be mentioned that a combination of single-wall and double-wall pipes are available, and they can be readily connected to chimneys and shafts that have already been constructed.

Thermal insulation

Because the chimney channel is thermally insulated, condensation cannot occur and the required temperature regime can be maintained throughout the entire circuit. The mineral basalt wool ROB 80 t or MAT 30, typically from the reputable manufacturer "Paroc," is used as the thermal insulator layer. It is entirely non-combustible and ranges in thickness from three to ten centimeters.

There is dependable thermal insulation in the pipes.

Installation technology of Trankol chimneys

The chimney pipe for the fireplace has a straight design in order to generate the required draught in the heater. The chimney is led away and special transitions are made if there are issues with the rafters and overlapping beams not having enough clearance.

Because this type of chimney isn’t protected by a deflector, rain can enter it. The chimney is connected to the heater from the side in an effort to reduce these detrimental elements.

A dedicated condensate outlet located at the bottom of the chimney pipe allows all moisture that may accumulate inside to be drained out.

The waterproofing of the chimney’s passage through the roof is a crucial aspect, and it is covered in more detail elsewhere. Tees, bends, fasteners, and other chimney system components are used to create intricate designs for this section of the heating system that have bends at various angles.

It is possible to install a Trankol chimney on the building’s exterior wall.

The "Trankol" company’s chimney systems can be found inside the structure, pass through the walls, and be mounted on the building’s exterior using unique brackets. In order to install chimney pipes outside of a house, a thicker thermal insulation layer must be selected; otherwise, condensation may form inside the pipes due to temperature changes.

Trankol Chimneys Benefits
Efficient Heating Provides effective heat distribution throughout the house.
Energy Savings Helps in reducing heating costs by retaining heat better.
Environmentally Friendly Produces less pollution compared to traditional chimneys.
Aesthetic Appeal Adds a unique and stylish look to your home.
Space-Saving Takes up less room compared to other heating systems.

If you want to improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality at the same time,

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