The main characteristics of gas boilers of Danko trade mark

Selecting the appropriate boiler for our homes can have a significant impact on their heating efficiency. Gas boilers are a dependable and efficient option that have long been preferred by many households. Danko is distinguished from other brands on the market by its outstanding quality and performance.

Danko gas boilers are renowned for their cutting-edge features and creative designs, which guarantee ideal heating while using less energy. By cutting carbon emissions, this lessens its impact on the environment in addition to lowering utility bills. Danko boilers allow you to enjoy a warm and comfortable home without worrying about your heating bills going through the roof.

Danko gas boilers’ longevity is one of their main features. These boilers are made with premium components and intricate engineering to require little upkeep over an extended period of time. They are therefore an affordable option for homeowners searching for a long-term heating solution. Additionally, Danko boilers are covered by extensive warranties, giving you even more peace of mind.

The main advantages of Danko heating equipment

Modern foreign machinery from companies like "Finn-Power" (Finland), "IDEAL LINE" (Denmark), and "AMADA" (Japan) is used on the production line. With the aid of this equipment, affordable boilers of European caliber can be assembled.

Furthermore, the following benefits come with heating equipment bearing the Danko trademark:

  • Excellent technical characteristics, which are achieved by the use of innovative technologies in the manufacture of boilers.
  • Noiseless stable operation of the burner.
  • The possibility of using a heating system with natural circulation. This system makes the boiler completely energy-independent.
  • Detailed instruction manual contains advice on how to properly include the boiler in the existing heating system and recommendations on how to make repairs if there are malfunctions.
  • Simple installation and connection: you can tie the device yourself.

The floor standing two-circuit boilers under the trade name Danko are highly popular and deserving of positive feedback from users due to their high economy and efficiency and ease of operation.

As a helpful hint, every floor unit is available with either a steel or cast iron heat exchanger. This expands the product lineup even further and makes it simpler for the customer to locate the appropriate heating equipment for a country home or apartment.

Recommendations on choice

It is incorrect to begin the selection process by figuring out its only external parameters.

Experts advise being aware of Danko’s boilers’ technical features, which include power, automation, functionality, and regulation. The fuel that will be used to heat the home, cottage, or business establishment must first be decided.

Positive evaluations of gas energy-independent floor standing boilers attest to their usefulness in communities affected by individual power outages. This is a good option not only for newly constructed housing estates but also for dacha settlements. If you don’t have any plans to install your own gas holder and there are no nearby gas mains, you can purchase a Danko80T solid fuel boiler or a unit that runs off the electricity grid.

Investing in a multifuel gadget is an additional choice. For instance, the AKTV-20 boiler, manufactured in Ukraine, can operate on wood, coal, and anthracite. The model also includes a cooktop, which is useful for summer homes.

Water is typically used as a coolant, but you can purchase a floor two-circuit boiler called Danko that is made to work with non-freezing additives like tosol and antifreeze.

Concurrently, it’s important to ascertain what the operational parameters need to be:

  • use only for heating or hot water supply or combining these functions;
  • adjustability.

The analysis of gas boilers demonstrates that every unit has automation, assuring its security. However, special consideration should be given to this point in situations where there are variations in the gas supply and electricity supply.

What reviews are there for the Ariston company’s boilers?

For over thirty years, Ariston has been manufacturing dependable and affordable products.

How should a gas boiler’s UPS be selected?

There is a chance that electrical home appliances will malfunction when they are operating.

Water is heated instantly, and temperature can be easily adjusted by lowering or.

Model range of products Danko

The company offers over 130 different models of heating devices. They have a capacity of between 2.5 and 100 kW. Boilers are distinguished based on the type of fuel they use.

  • gas
  • solid fuel

Additionally, two versions of each type are produced: independent and those that need the presence of an electric network. In addition, the materials used to make the heat exchanger and its design elements vary. All boilers also have safety devices made in Poland or the United States installed.

One more benefit is that they have a microcaffeine burner, so you can use this heating device to heat any type of space.

Every piece of equipment has a steel heat exchanger, a fan to keep the required level of combustion, and a controller to manage the pumps.The company’s developers were able to outfit the boiler with the Anty Stop system, draught and air regulators, and achieve an efficiency of 92%.

Danko’s vertical chimney floor standing boilers are designed in a way that makes them suitable for installation in any space.

The company makes wall-mounted, two-circuit models that are high-tech and can keep any room at a comfortable temperature.

The "parapet boilers," which are used to heat apartments or tiny houses, are among the products offered by the company.

They have a piezo element for quick ignition, a 3 mm thick steel heat exchanger, and contemporary automation, all of which improved the device’s efficiency and decreased fuel consumption.

Better heat exchangers and a programmer that permits fuel economy characterize the ones made by the company. They are employed to heat summer homes, tiny hotels, and residential buildings.

Gas boilers Danko

This type of heating equipment includes units with various designs.

Danko 23 ZKE and Danko 23 VKE wall-mounted gas boilers (with open and closed combustion chamber).

Boiler "Danko 23 ZKE" gas wall-mounted.

Possess excellent dependability and minimal power usage. The HoneyWell control board offers a number of features typical of this kind of machinery, including:

  • electronic ignition,
  • monitors the presence of flame on the burner (Worgas burner is installed) and controls its output (from 30% to 100%),
  • conducts automatic testing of the equipment and displays the results on the scoreboard if there are any faults;
  • DHW priority function (capacity from 2 liters/sec to 11 liters/sec at 30oC),
  • anti-blocking program for the pump (when the equipment has not been running for 24 hours, the pump is switched on for a certain period of time),
  • frost protection.

Technologically speaking, gas wall-mounted boilers from "Danko" are on par with the best examples of comparable equipment available worldwide. All they have to offer is far less money.

Floor-standing, two-circuit boilers with a capacity of up to 40 kW for Rivneterm-40 D and Rivneterm-20 D systems with forced circulation (with a pump).

Floor gas boilers for forced circulation systems

The primary heat exchanger is constructed from stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm. The heat exchanger with stainless steel plate Zilmet is used to heat DHW water. Draught presence, heat carrier temperature (which prevents boiling), smooth burner shutdown, and burner flame presence are all controlled. DHW has a priority mode in place.

Danko steel gas boilers on wheels, ranging in power from 8 to 24 kW. Gas ducts can be both vertical and horizontal, and they can be single or double circuit. This model is unique in that it features a tubular heat exchanger made of steel that is welded and operates at very low gas pressures, starting at 635 Pa.

Steel gas boilers of the "Rivneterm" type, with a 32 kW to 96 kW output. With their contemporary gas automatics, they can be connected to programmers that allow the temperature to be set for a specific day or week. The installation of micro-flare burners ensures cost-effective operation. able to function in a cascade (unmodified). There are adjustments involving weather-dependent automation (marking Rivneterm-40-2, Rivneterm-60-2, etc.) or forced venting of combustion products (marking Rivneterm-40, Rivneterm-60, etc.).

"OK" steel gas boilers with a power range of 10 to 18 kW. They can be applied to non-volatile forced or natural circulation schemes. Copper heat exchangers are used in two-circuit models for DHW preparation, and they are installed in the main tubular one. A gas duct may be horizontal or vertical.

Danko energy-free parapet boilers, available in single and two-circuit capacities ranging from 7 kW to 15 kW.

Technical details of "Danko" parapet gas boilers.

They don’t require a chimney connection because their combustion chamber is sealed. The presence of gas and heating connection pipes on both sides facilitates a quick and simple installation. A new design heat exchanger features a modulating micro-flame burner, piezoelectric ignition, and 3 mm steel construction. HoneyWell or Automatics Sit. Adjustment knobs and control mechanisms (such as a pressure gauge and signal lamps) are located on the front panel.

"Danko" cast iron floor-standing gas boilers. Units range in power from 16 kW to 50 kW. The cast iron heat exchangers used in this model are made by the Czech company Viadrus, and their high degree of fining gives them a high efficiency. These heat exchangers have a 25-year service life, making them incredibly dependable. Three companies’ non-volatile automatics—Polish Kare (marking LK), American HoneyWell (marking LH), and Italian Sit (marking LS)—are installed in the units. Boilers operate in all kinds of systems, including closed and open, with natural or

Outstanding features, top-notch equipment, and more than reasonable costs. It truly makes me happy. Furthermore, all gas equipment functions dependably. The design elements and production-related materials provide assurance of this.

Choosing the right boiler

The heater in your house will determine how warm and comfortable it is for you. The relationship between the room’s size and the heater’s power should be taken into consideration when selecting a boiler.

The weather in the house where the equipment will be used is a very important consideration. For instance, the boiler output in the Central Region of Russia should range from 1 to 1.5 kW.

The power figures increase from 1.3 to 2 kW for the cold north and from 0.6 to 0.9 kW for southern areas.

The volume and pump capacity of the boiler are crucial factors to consider when selecting a heating system’s water circulation system. The computation of these parameters is contingent upon the completion of the installation of the complete heating system, encompassing the boiler, radiators, and pipes.

The heating boiler’s 1 kW output is calculated in relation to 15 liters of water added to the system. For instance, a 2 kW boiler should be able to hold up to thirty liters of water in the heating system (2 kW * 15 liters).

Danko boilers technical characteristics

Model/parameters Power Number of circuits EFFICIENCY Type of combustion chamber Installation Heating area Manufacturer"s warranty
"Danko10" 10 kW single circuit 92% open floor standing 100 sq.м 30 months
"Danko12" 12 kW one and two circuits 92% closed floor and parapet 120 sq.м 30 months
"Danko15C" 15 kW single circuit 92% open floor standing 150 kW.м 30 months
"Danko18" 18 kW one and two circuits 92% open floor standing 180 sq. km.м 30 months
"Danko20" 20 kW one and two circuits 92% open floor 200 sq.м 30 months

Despite all of its clear benefits, the "Danko" brand’s equipment has certain drawbacks, including:

  • In boilers with a horizontal chimney at a strong wind can extinguish the flame.
  • It is necessary to clean the chimney from soot on a regular basis.
  • Floor models are quite noisy during operation.
  • Capacity of wall boilers is less than floor standing and parapet boilers.

Possible malfunctions

No matter how dependable the protective automatics are in place, equipment can malfunction while in use. Danko boilers come with an easy-to-use device that lets you do small repairs on them yourself. Let’s examine the primary errors, their causes, and potential solutions.

How to start the gas boiler

You can ignite any danko boiler semi-automatically:

  • The regulator knob is placed in the extreme position.
  • When pushing in the wheel, gas is supplied to the burner and its ignition by the piezo element.
  • After starting the pilot burner, you need to keep the wheel depressed for 5-10 seconds.
  • If the burner goes out when releasing the lock, it is necessary to repeat the previous manipulations again.

Advice! The reason behind the igniter going out is a mystery. The burner has a thermostat that senses when it has not heated up correctly and automatically turns off the gas supply.

Blows out the boiler

This issue comes up frequently, particularly in windy conditions. Usually, there isn’t a problem here, so fixing the appliance isn’t necessary. However, you should look into the following:

  • During installation is not installed check valve in the chimney. For this reason there is a reverse draught and the burner goes out.
  • If the chimney is incorrectly installed, it can become clogged with soot and other products of combustion. In this case, it is necessary to clean the chimney.

In the event that increased gas flow or extraneous burner noises preceded permanent boiler damping, it is possible that the controller malfunctioned. It needs to be fixed or replaced.

Advice: Because of their unique design features, floor or wall-mounted two-circuit boilers are free from these drawbacks.

Danko boilers, which are manufactured in Ukraine, are a good substitute for pricey European heating equipment models. The primary benefits of this manufacturer’s boilers are their robustness, ease of use, and dependability of design, as well as their complete adaptability to challenging operating conditions. Countless customer testimonials attest to this.

Gas boiler Danko. Advantages

1. Reasonably priced. 2. A lot of heat output. 3. Water that heats up instantly. 4. The existence of automated systems Either sit or kare. 5. Silent and noiseless functioning. 6. Extended operation (between 15 and 25 years). 7. A 3-year warranty from the date of manufacture or a 2.5-year warranty from the date of sale.

One of the drawbacks is that you have to clean the chimney on a regular basis.

The following is stated in the instruction manual for gas heating equipment:

  • To put the gas boiler into operation, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of acceptance of the equipment by specialists – gas engineers, who have authorization to carry out repair and preventive maintenance work.
  • Only licensed professionals have the right to perform installation and installation of the gas boiler, in order to avoid unforeseen problems in the future operation of the equipment.
  • If after turning on the boiler in the room smells a persistent odor of gas, it is necessary to immediately close the gas supply tap, ventilate the room, and call the gas emergency gas service – 04.
  • Check the expansion tank for the presence of water in it at intervals of twice a month. If necessary to refill water.
  • Clean the chimney before the beginning and the end of the heating season.
  • Extend the operation period of the equipment for further use by inviting specialists to solve this issue.

Danko’s steel heater scheme

Danko gas boilers are an excellent option for home heating because of their exceptional efficiency, dependability, and cutting-edge features. These boilers are made to use the least amount of energy possible to consistently heat homes, saving homeowners money on utility costs. Danko boilers are renowned for their dependable design and intuitive controls, which make them simple to use and maintain. Danko guarantees a perfect fit for every home with a range of models to suit different heating needs. Danko gas boilers provide an unbeatable combination of performance and affordability, whether you’re looking to install a new heating system or upgrade your current one.

Model Danko 1012 design and installation features

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the boiler structure using the model "Danko 10/12" as an example. Even though the installation will be done by experts, there are still things to keep in mind.

What the floor standing boiler "Danko 10/12" consists of

This model is intended for heating residential private homes as well as public buildings and comes with an integrated water heater. The "Danko 10/12" is a rectangular floor cabinet with a door that closes on the front side to allow access to turn on the boiler.

These are its principal components:

  • heat exchanger;
  • burner;
  • gas automatics;
  • decorative cover.

The system’s automation controls the water’s temperature and supplies fuel to the main and ignition burners. Furthermore, in an emergency, the gas supply could be turned off in the following circumstances:

  • if the ignition burner goes out;
  • if the gas pressure is below the minimum;
  • if there is no draught in the chimney;
  • if the coolant is heated over 90 degrees Celsius.

Peculiarities of installation

When putting in equipment, "Danko" needs to consider the following:

  • the capacity of the equipment must correspond to the heating project;
  • the unit is installed on a fireproof horizontal base at a distance of at least 25 cm from non-combustible walls;
  • if the walls are non-combustible, the appliance can be installed with walls that are not combustible, provided that they are insulated with steel sheets;
  • The passage in front of the boiler must be at least one meter wide;
  • for better water circulation, the boiler should be placed below the level of heating appliances;
  • expansion tank is installed at the highest point of the system;
  • the chimney in the room must be at least 5 meters long from the level of the main burner;
  • if the chimney is placed along the outer wall, its outer part is insulated over the entire height;
  • the cross-section of the flue duct must be larger than the cross-section of the flue pipe;
  • the place of connection between the boiler and the chimney must be sealed with clay or cement mortar.

Distinctive features

Danko" boilers are outfitted with contemporary safety mechanisms that regulate the device’s functioning. Manufacturers in Europe also achieve a comparable degree of control in their boilers. Specifically, the boilers are outfitted with:

  • draught control system of the chimney system, thanks to which the boiler is automatically switched off if the draught is lost.
  • Chimney draught control system, which automatically adjusts the flame level depending on the strength of the draught.
  • The system of flame regulation, due to which the gas supply is blocked in case of flame extinction.
  • Water temperature sensors, which react to boiling of the coolant by adjusting the operation of the system.
  • Multilevel blocking of the heating system depending on the type of threatening situation (for example, in case of a critical drop in temperature in the house will be drained, gas burners will be turned off and gas access to the boiler will be cut off).
  • A system of prioritized distribution of water flows.

A little history

Agroresurs, a Ukrainian company, was established in 1997. Its first batch of water heaters and boiler equipment was produced in 2002. Its areas of expertise are these products. In spite of its youth, the company has already established itself as a pioneer in the manufacturing of heating apparatus in its nation.

Its highly skilled workforce and customer-focused work style have allowed it to accomplish these outcomes. The only reason Agroresurs was able to rise to the top among Ukrainian boiler equipment manufacturers was because they carefully considered every market strategy and produced high-quality products.

The company only uses Finnish sheet bending presses and high-precision Japanese stamping lines at its plant. The Ideal-Line line (Denmark) is where the units are assembled and painted.

Before going into series production, all new developments must pass mandatory testing in the production site’s laboratory. The company’s products are all certified in many post-Soviet countries in addition to Russia.

Model range of gas heating boilers Danko

Parapet (hinged) boilers brand Danko

  • Wall-mounted single-circuit gas boiler Danko – designed for connection to the heating system. Equipped with modern automation Honeywell, an English manufacturer, which includes piezo ignition and micro-flare burner. The furnace chamber is made of special steel with a thickness of 3 mm. The design provides for left- and right-handed connection to the heating system.
  • Wall-mounted two-circuit heating gas boilers Danko – installed in rooms up to 140 m², designed for simultaneous heating of the coolant and hot water. Mounted without a chimney. Closed furnace, which has a wall-mounted 2-circuit gas boiler Danko significantly reduces the requirements for the premises used for the boiler room. Air intake and combustion products are discharged through a coaxial pipe.

Installing a room thermostat and connecting it to the control unit will increase the efficiency of the chosen boiler. This plan will provide the room with consistent heating while drastically reducing gas consumption.

Stationary boilers

  • The main steel heat exchanger is made of quality steel with a thickness of 3 mm.
  • At the request of the customer can be equipped with a closed or open combustion chamber, and accordingly, connected to a vertical or horizontal chimney.
  • DHW in priority. Copper tubular circuit, built into the main heat exchanger, heats water and delivers it to the consumer. At this point, the heat transfer medium is no longer heated.
  • Burner design and sensitive automatics allow to continue the process of heating the room even if the main pressure drops to 635 Pa.
  • The safety group includes a draft sensor (purchased separately) – prevents situations in which a strong gust of wind blows out the boiler. Regulating armature – the principle of operation of automation is based on mechanical power regulator.

Even though the primary fuel is natural gas, any model can be converted to use alternative raw materials. All you need to do to convert to LPG is swap out the burner.

How to install a Danko boiler

  • Adjustment of gas supply is carried out with the help of automatics in a mechanical way. To increase the output of the boiler it is enough to set the necessary mode with the help of a spinning wheel.
  • Mounting of the hinged boiler is carried out with the help of anchor bolts. During operation, the maximum weight of the product is 80-100 kg. Accordingly, the fasteners must be strong enough to withstand such a load. If you install the boiler correctly, you can avoid many problems associated with fuel overconsumption and other malfunctions.
  • An external temperature sensor can be used to reduce gas consumption. The work of the temperature sensor is to analyze the ambient temperature and automatically adjust the set boiler mode.The principle of operation of the thermoregulator is as follows – it fixes the ambient temperature and transmits data to the controller. Automation fixes the changes and makes adjustments to the selected temperature mode. As a result, exceeding the nominal gas consumption is minimized.
  • Chimney – connection to the classical and coaxial chimney system is provided.

Boilers of the parapet type can be installed with less fire requirement than atmospheric models. Installing models with a closed combustion chamber in the apartment is advised as a result.

How to light the Danko gas boiler

  • Mechanical regulator is driven to the end position.
  • The wheel is pushed down for 5-6 sec. Gas is supplied to the burner.
  • The ignition is performed by means of a piezo element.
  • After the ignition burner is lit, it is necessary to continue to hold the regulator in the lower position, about 5-10 sec. If the igniter goes out after releasing the wheel, it is necessary to start the procedure again. There is a sensor on the burner, which fixes the temperature on the housing. If the burner does not heat up properly, the gas supply valve does not open.

Why the boiler blows out

  • The absence of a valve that prevents the back draught.
  • Failure to comply with the recommendations regarding the chimney device. This is also the main cause of fouling.
  • Problems with the automation itself. If attenuation is preceded by high gas consumption or the presence of extraneous noises, the problem may lie in the failure of the regulator. Interchangeability of automatics allows you to select and replace the necessary controller quickly enough.

Why in Danko boilers high gas consumption

Features of the operation of boilers Danko

The boiler should only be turned on per the instructions after passing through the acceptance process and receiving a briefing from gas service specialists. Recall that only licensed professionals with the proper authorization should perform repairs and maintenance on the equipment.

Always consider the project created by the gas service, where the type and necessary capacity of the unit are specified, when purchasing equipment.

When using the boiler "Danko," abide by these safety precautions:

  • maintenance should only be carried out by those who have been properly instructed;
  • if the equipment is broken, turn off the taps;
  • if there is a smell of gas, close the gas tap, open the windows and call the emergency service;
  • the equipment must be kept in good working order and clean;
  • Clean the chimney periodically;
  • once a week, check the filling of the system by the presence of water in the expansion tank;
  • after the equipment has reached the end of its service life, call a specialist to decide whether it can be used further or not.

What is a single-circuit boiler

The device under consideration is a single heat exchanger device that heats coolant, which can be water, antifreeze, or air. It is not possible to heat water for use in a variety of household applications using the factory-supplied standard equipment. The term "single-circuit boiler" refers to this particular apparatus.

The main goal of these heating systems is to heat the spaces by bringing them up to a comfortable temperature.

Its name derives from the nature of the device itself, which consists of a single circuit for the heated material to flow through the construction. In the future, you can install a system with a hot water boiler connection on your own if the appliance’s factory equipment prevents you from doing so.

This heating system operates on a fairly straightforward principle. The gas enters the furnace directly, burns and heats the material that becomes the heat carrier. After that, the gas is continuously circulated through the pipes.

The system’s internal circulation is facilitated by a unique pump and a significant temperature differential.

The material that has been heated. To ensure that inside the house evenly heated all the necessary rooms, the circulation must go without disturbances.

If we take into account the issue of extra heating, which can be done independently and with little difficulty outside of the circuit itself. However, if you overload a single heating circuit with the heating of a big amount of water in the boiler, this will negatively affect the heating process right away. Due to the fact that there will be a decrease in performance and an increase in combustible fuel consumption.

Therefore, installing a small boiler makes sense if the house has a small hot water consumption; however, if the water is used frequently and goes a long way, this expense is highly unprofitable.

There are benefits specific to this type of device:

  • these heating constructions are equipped with a system that automatically monitors safety. And also it sets the optimal parameters of the operating mode and consumption of the supplied fuel;
  • such systems are convenient to spread over the premises in order to heat them, it does not require a large team of workers or special equipment;
  • the period when such a boiler can be operated is quite long, if the installation is properly maintained;
  • modern units have the ability to respond to changes in the weather with the help of a sensor and automatically either heat up or switch to a more gentle mode of gas fuel consumption;
  • Since the design is quite easy to handle, it also creates a certain comfort when using it.

The range of heating equipment

  • Solid fuel boilers. They are made in cast iron and steel, with a predicted output of 10-80 kW. Fuel for these boilers can be coal, wood, briquettes, sawdust, waste woodworking and sawmills. It is possible to convert the boiler for gas and liquid fuel.
  • Electric boilers. These boilers are designed on heating elements. There are two modifications – "Danko E" and "Danko EH" with a capacity of 3-18 kW and 3-12 kW, respectively. The design of these models has a three-stage system of switching on the heating elements, which determines the desired heating mode.
  • Gas boilers. "Agroresurs" produces steel and cast iron gas boilers with floor and wall positioning with a capacity of 8-96 kW. There are models with open and closed fuel combustion chambers. The big advantage of this type of models is their energy independence and the lack of forced ventilation.
  • Gas convectors are available in steel and cast iron with a capacity of 2-5 kW and 2.5-4 kW respectively. When the burner is reinstalled, these models are able to run on LPG and both have a long lifespan of about 20 years. Convectors of this brand are technologically safe from overheating, thanks to the presence of a thermostat and have a good heat output.

Users" opinions

"For the country, we purchased a Danko wall-mounted boiler. When compared to heating with electric heaters, the cost of the set with a horizontal coaxial chimney is remarkable. In a few seasons, I believe it will pay off in full.

Moscow; Mikhail Bondarenko.

"Our company has been building wooden dachas, or country cottages, for almost ten years. Unless customers have specific preferences, we typically list Danko. We essentially cover a small territory, so we frequently deal with repeat clients; all is well.

Glushko, Ivan; Shchelkovo.

"There was an old boiler in the house we bought. We were going to install a new boiler after the first season, and Danko was our choice. First, we fixed the hot water supply issue right away, and then our gas bills began to appear "prettier."

Khimki and Natalia Boldyreva.

Wall-mounted boiler I have no regrets at all about the house I purchased on credit. Thank you. The loan is nearly settled. We made the decision to include the difference in heating costs in the fee at the start of the season. There is a sizable savings even with the increase in gas prices.

Kovalev, Oleg, Moscow.

"After growing weary of fighting with the heating company over batteries that never seem to warm up, I made the financial decision to switch the apartment over to autonomous heating." I took a Danko boiler from Ukraine; they have good reviews. Gorgeous! Everything about it appeals to me: it’s warm, the water is always hot, and I have to pay less.

Belgorod; Kirill Ponomarenko.

After six months, the boiler Danko 10 started to rumble as if the batteries were about to go out. The neighbors are already afraid since it occurs right when the heat is turned on. We weren’t fortunate; I’m not sure how things are for other people.

Moscow; Dmitry Arzamas.

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The price and a synopsis of the models

Title Features Price, rubles
KSG-7 Boiler from parapet series, equipped with steel stainless steel micro flame burners. Designed for apartments, private houses, where there is no possibility to connect to a vertical chimney. From 15,700
KSG-56 The original shape of turbulators provides up to 90% efficiency depending on the draught in the chimney. Two types of automatics – Honeywell (Germany) and thermo-hydraulic. Heated area – up to 520 sq.m. м. From 43 100
KSG-64 Kare automatics, Kaletka burner with slotted laser notch (Poland), copper coil (Germany). Designed for objects with an indoor area of up to 600 square meters. м. From 88 300
KSG-72 Stainless steel heat exchanger, Polish Kare and German Honeywell automatics. For premises up to 680 sq. м. from 112 200
KSGV-10 German and Polish safety and regulation systems, stainless steel heat exchanger and copper water heater coil. Heating area – up to 90 sq. m. м. and hot water supply. From 18 540
KSGV-20 Polish and German automatics, stainless steel heat exchanger, copper coil. For heating and hot water supply of objects up to 190 sq. m. м. From 22 580
KSGV-40 Automation Kare (Poland), Honeywell (Germany). Two heat exchangers: steel and copper. For heating as well as hot water supply of houses, industrial premises up to 380 sq.m. м. From 33 700
12,5UV Two-circuit (parapet) or smoke-free boiler is designed for apartments, houses, industrial premises in case of lack of possibility to install a conventional chimney. Heated area – up to 120 square meters. м. Stainless steel heat exchanger, micro flame burner, piezoelectric ignition. From 17 900

Remember that the price of a coaxial chimney system should be included in the cost of a gas boiler Danko 16 LH (energy-independent) for the purpose of heating an apartment or a home that is already occupied.

Floor standing gas boilers

Steel floor standing boilers are an enhanced line of domestic appliances with outputs ranging from 8 to 24 kW. both a vertical and a horizontal gas inlet is available. The steel pipes used in the main heat exchanger have walls that are 3 mm thick.

A series of smoke tubes with turbulators in the shape of screws make up the heat exchanger’s gas inlets. This guarantees that the smoke exhaust gases will produce as much heat as possible, which will speed up the heat exchanger’s heating process and maintain the boiler’s high efficiency overall.

Every boiler model in this series has a safety and adjustment system made by the Sit, HONEYWELL, and KARE companies.

High-quality steel low flare burners from overseas manufacturers guarantee full fuel combustion and uninterrupted operation even at 635 Pa of gas pipeline pressure.

What to pay attention to when choosing a boiler

What kind of boiler should I purchase to ensure that it functions well, doesn’t cost a lot, and lasts a long time without breaking down? This is a question that many people consider, and everyone’s response is based on their understanding of heating technology. Some people base their decision on brand, while others base it on price, but both are essentially incorrect.

For many years, gas equipment has served as the foundation of your house, so its capacity should be your primary concern. The Danko company manufactures boilers that are capable of heating both large mansions and small apartments, so the first step is to determine the boiler’s required capacity.

Remember to consider the installation location as well as the kind of equipment—floor or wall mounted.

However, there are other signs as well that need to be taken into consideration. Another crucial factor is the kind of fuel. Select a boiler that works well for your circumstances. The gas models are worth a visit if there is a gas main in the area. The best option for people living in non-gasified areas will be an electric or solid fuel boiler.

And the price, of course. Here, your options are determined by your financial situation. We suggest those searching for a budget model to abandon their consideration of Danko boilers.

Their more recent models are more cost-effective and feature an enhanced design. We would like to clarify that the suggestion to halt the selection of Danko boilers is deliberate.

After examining the heating devices made by the Ukrainian manufacturer, we can conclude that they satisfy every fundamental need of the customers. It is also reasonably priced in addition to being dependable, economical, and efficient.

Features of modification of boilers Danko

A Ukrainian manufacturer makes two different kinds of products; choose one or the other based on personal preferences and the layout of the room. There are differences between the following types:

  • Single-circuit;
  • Two-circuit.

Double-circuit fixtures heat both the water and the space simultaneously. Because the primary heat exchanger is composed of premium steel, correct operation and a high efficiency rate are guaranteed.

Given that the boilers are equipped with a thermal insulation system that influences service costs, you can legitimately refer to them as "Danko" economical boilers. save money by keeping heat for a long time. You can confirm this by reading reviews of "Danko" boilers. Numerous customers are already persuaded by their extended lifespan and ergonomic design.

The price is just as significant when selecting high-quality products. After all, customers occasionally pay for a product’s brand name rather than the actual product. Regarding the Ukrainian manufacturer, nothing is true. While maintaining an affordable price, the product quality is of the highest caliber and can easily challenge that of foreign manufacturers.

How to choose a high-quality and long-term heating device?

It is important to choose a heater based on factors other than brand, price range, and equipment capacity. Models of Boilers "Danko" are capable of heating large spaces in a room with minimal effort. As a result, it’s important to determine the device’s capacity and consider its location while selecting one. Which model—a wall or floor model—to choose will rely on these features.

The sort of fuel is a crucial factor. It’s important to determine which gadget will work best for your lifestyle. There is a wide range of options available, including gas and electric solid fuel designs.

Indeed, the buyer’s countable funds also determine the price side of the equation. Without a doubt, the "Danko" devices are great options for those on a tight budget.

Classification of gas boilers Danko

Boilers referred to as "Danko" are classified into the following categories based on their functional characteristics:

  • wall-mounted two-circuit. They are compact and weigh little, have an open or closed combustion chamber, electronic ignition, frost protection, regulation and automatic fault diagnosis. The power of the design is 23, 3 kW, and the heating area is equal to 210 square meters. Gas consumption is 2, 76 square meters per hour, and the volume of the membrane tank is 6 liters;
  • floor double-circuit boilers "Danko" are equipped with a pump, automation, which provides stopping the unit"s operation when blocking the gas supply in case of poor draft or attenuation. Depending on the model, the capacity of the floor boiler will be from 20 to 40 kW, and the optimal heating area varies from 180 to 360 square meters;
  • parapet boilers with water heating functions. They are equipped with a sealed combustion chamber, and there is also the possibility of universal connection. These boilers are chimney boilers, have automatics, piezoelectric ignition and are equipped with micro-flame burners. The power of the unit is from 7 to 15.5 kW and the heating area is from 60 to 140 square meters;
  • floor standing steel boilers with one or two circuits. Such models of boilers "Danko" are equipped with micro-flame burners and automation, the gas duct can be both vertical and horizontal. The power is from 8 to 24 kW and the heating area is from 70 to 190 square meters;
  • floor standing cast iron models with an open combustion chamber are suitable for closed or open type heating systems, circulation can be both natural and forced. Heat exchanger made of cast iron provides high heat output. The power of the models ranges from 16 to 50 kW, and the heating area varies between 150 and 460 square meters.
Characteristic Description
Efficiency Danko gas boilers are designed to be highly efficient, ensuring you get the most out of your fuel.
Capacity They come in various sizes to suit different heating needs, from small homes to larger properties.
Reliability Known for their durability, Danko boilers are built to last, offering reliable heating year after year.
Energy-saving Equipped with energy-saving features, these boilers help reduce energy consumption and lower bills.

Danko gas boilers are distinguished by their outstanding dependability, energy efficiency, and performance. With their cutting-edge technology, these boilers provide effective heating while consuming the least amount of energy, which makes them a great option for homeowners trying to lower their energy costs.

Danko gas boilers are distinguished by their long lifespan and resilience. These boilers are made with premium materials and parts and are designed to last a lifetime, giving homeowners dependable heating for many years without the need for regular maintenance or repairs.

Danko gas boilers also provide flexible installation choices to accommodate different household heating requirements. Every Danko boiler model can effectively heat your home, no matter how big or small, to provide you with the best possible comfort during the winter.

To sum up, Danko gas boilers are a great option for homeowners looking for dependable and affordable heating solutions because they combine performance, durability, and energy efficiency. Danko boilers are an excellent investment for anyone looking to upgrade their home heating system because of their advanced features and versatile options.

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