Technical characteristics of AOGV boilers

Selecting the appropriate boiler can have a big impact on how well our homes heat. Of all the options available, AOGV boilers have drawn attention due to their superior technical capabilities and efficiency. Because of their emphasis on dependability, energy efficiency, and performance, these boilers are a popular option for many homes.

Boilers manufactured by AOGV are distinguished from other heating systems by their sophisticated features. Their modulating capability is one of the main features that homeowners find appealing. This implies that the boiler can modify its output in response to the household’s heating requirements, giving off the ideal amount of heat without squandering energy. It is an affordable option over time because of its adaptability, which guarantees comfort and lowers energy costs.

Another feature that sets AOGV boilers apart is reliability. These boilers are made with sturdy materials and sound engineering, making them long-lasting. They are put through a rigorous testing process to make sure they can handle the rigors of frequent use, giving homeowners confidence in their dependable heating solution.

Moreover, safety features are built into AOGV boilers to safeguard the home and the system. Safety is the primary consideration in the design of these boilers, which include pressure relief valves and automated shut-off mechanisms. This keeps your home safe by ensuring that the boiler runs efficiently and lowering the possibility of problems or mishaps.

Decoding of AOGV

The meaning of the acronym boiler AOGV 11 6 is as follows:

  • A – appliance;
  • O – heating;
  • G – gas;
  • B – water-heating.
  • 11 6 – boiler output 11,6 kW.

The ability to operate without a power source and the addition of an ACS (automated monitoring and control system) that allows independent control over the modes of operation of the equipment and combustion in the furnace set apart AOGV boilers for individual heating of apartments and houses from ordinary, typical boilers.

The way a standard unit with a closed circuit operates is as follows:

  1. The coolant exits the unit to the heating devices with air vents.
  2. Circulation pump with a subsequent strainer is placed on the return pipe before the boiler inlet.
  3. The expansion tank is installed at the highest point of the heating system.
  4. In systems operating with natural circulation, it is necessary to lay pipes with a slope.

Okay, so here’s the main argument for the technical features of AOGV boilers article:"When it comes to home heating efficiency and dependability, AOGV boilers excel. These boilers are economical and ecologically friendly because they are built with cutting-edge technology that ensures peak performance while using less energy. AOGV boilers are characterized by their high thermal efficiency, robust construction, and intuitive controls. For both new construction and retrofitting existing heating systems, AOGV boilers are a popular choice because of their small size and flexible installation options. Comprehending these technical features can aid homeowners in making well-informed decisions to enhance their homes’ insulation and heating systems."

Advantages of AOGV boilers

What sets AOGV apart from other gas analogs are its primary advantages:

  1. Versatility is expressed in the ability to work, both from the central gas pipeline, and from imported cylinder gas, for this only need to change the type of burner device.
  2. Autonomy, in the absence of voltage in the house power grid electronics in the control automation of the floor boiler is completely replaced by mechanics.
  3. Mobility is expressed in the fact that you can choose models for premises of different area and heat load or power, which is reflected in the name, for example, boiler AOGV 23 – maximum power of 23 kW.
  4. Affordability of prices for installation and adjustment, installation of AOGV costs about 1.5 times less than the two-circuit boilers of Western assembly.

Device and technical characteristics

In the Russian Federation, the main suppliers of AOGV are Borinsky and Zhukovsky plants, for the same capacity technical characteristics of the units are practically the same.

Homes up to 100 m2 can be affordably heated with the heaters produced by Borinsky Plant, which come in single-circuit and combined versions with capacities ranging from 7 to 29 kW.

Borin AOGV boiler design 29:

  1. Open combustion chamber with air intake from the room.
  2. The installation scheme allows for both natural and forced ventilation.
  3. In buildings where it is technically impossible to organize a good air exchange, an electric fan can be installed.
  4. In the upper part of the furnace, a jacket with the coolant is arranged above the burner.
  5. The unit is equipped with separate heat exchangers for heating and DHW.
  6. Safety system, shutting down the boiler by a copper thermocouple sensor works in conjunction with a solenoid valve that cuts off the gas in case the flame goes out.

Principle of operation

The following structural components are installed to guarantee automatic regulation of the coolant’s quality heating and the safety of equipment operation:

  1. Magnetic valve, which performs gas cut-off to the burner, in case of flame failure or draught reduction below the minimum parameters set by the passport data.
  2. Two-position thermostat (on/off)./off.) for automatic maintenance of the set hot water temperature in the pipe heat exchanger by transmitting a signal to the gas burner, with T adjustment in the range from 50 to 90 C.
  3. Draught sensor with signal transmission to igniters and shut-off solenoid valve.
  4. Connectors for connecting the heat carrier and two outlets for DHW and heating.
  5. Cylindrical tank, connected to the in-house pipe system with internal heat exchangers, increasing the efficiency of the unit.

The supply and return pipes, heating radiators, expansion tank, shut-off and control valves make up the house system. Natural circulation causes water to enter the device through the return pipeline.There, it is heated by the combustion products of fuel and directed into the heat exchangers for heating and domestic hot water (DHW). Once inside the device, the water cools and transfers heat to the external circuit before exiting the unit via the return pipeline.

Manufacturers of AOGV boilers

While Zhukovsky Mechanical Plant produces a line of units with a wide range of performance, AOGV is more well-liked by consumers on the Russian gas boiler market. LtdCapacity is a company that produces similar boilers in Belarus.

The most popular atmospheric boilers come with the following features:

  1. Steel heat exchanger, and for 2-circuit systems.
  2. DHW boiler is made of copper.
  3. Fuel modulation, possibility of operation on natural and liquefied sources.
  4. The system takes into account the realities of the gas transportation system of the Russian Federation – low parameters in the main line.
  5. Affordable prices against foreign analogs. For example, the fee for a steel AOGV is about 300 euros, which is 2 times lower than analogs in the EU.

Brief overview of models

Zhukovsky Mashzavod offers three versions of AOGVs: economy, universal, and comfort, ranging in power from 11.6 to 29.0 kW. Their differences include the degree of automatic regulation, the completeness, and the nation where the auxiliary equipment is made. Every unit has a piezo ignition to maintain its autonomy.

The OGV gas boiler’s burner is composed of stainless steel for durability. Copper makes up the internal jacket of the DHW, while polymeric materials shield the body. Temperature sensors and regulators are built into automation to maintain a steady indoor air quality and prevent emergency modes.

  1. Thermocouple for gas flow control.
  2. Stabilizer of supply air to the furnace, to compensate for air drops in windy weather, which can tear off the flame from the burner.

Selecting the ideal boiler for your house is an important choice that affects energy efficiency and comfort. For good reason, AOGV boilers have become a popular option for homeowners. High efficiency ratings are among their technical features, which guarantee that you get the maximum amount of heat from each fuel unit used. This is an environmentally friendly choice because it lowers your carbon footprint and lowers your energy costs.

The longevity and dependability of AOGV boilers is another noteworthy characteristic. Because these boilers are constructed with high-quality materials and cutting-edge engineering, they are less likely to break down and require fewer repairs over time. Long-term financial savings can be achieved by purchasing a boiler that will last because you won’t need to replace or repair it as often.

Furthermore, user convenience is a priority in the design of AOGV boilers. Numerous models have smart technology features and easy-to-use controls that make them simple to monitor and operate. These boilers are very easy to use, even for non-techies, as you can easily track performance and change settings.

To sum up, AOGV boilers are an excellent option for heating and insulating homes because they combine efficiency, dependability, and user-friendliness. It’s worthwhile to investigate the technical specs of AOGV models when thinking about getting a new boiler for your home to make sure they suit your requirements and tastes. These boilers provide an affordable and dependable way to keep your house warm and comfortable throughout the winter while managing energy expenses thanks to their remarkable features and performance.

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