Review of models of diesel boilers Kiturami: how to make the right choice

Having the correct heating system is crucial to keeping your house warm and comfortable during the cold months. A diesel boiler is a common choice among homeowners due to its dependability and efficiency. Among the many diesel boilers on the market, Kiturami is a reputable brand with a selection of models to meet different requirements. We’ll delve into the world of Kiturami diesel boilers in this review, going over their features and assisting you in making the best choice for your house.

Kiturami is known for manufacturing high-quality heating products that are tailored to the needs of contemporary homes. Their range of diesel boilers prioritizes dependability and simplicity of use while delivering effective performance thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. Whether you want to install a new heating system or upgrade your current one, Kiturami has a wide range of models to choose from.

When selecting a diesel boiler, one of the most important things to take into account is its heating capacity, which establishes how well it can heat your house. You can choose from a variety of models from Kiturami that have different heating capacities to fit the size and design of your room. There is a Kiturami diesel boiler to meet every need, ranging in size from smaller models ideal for apartments or smaller homes to larger models capable of heating larger properties.

When selecting a diesel boiler, efficiency is yet another important factor to consider in addition to heating capacity. Because Kiturami boilers are made with energy efficiency in mind, you can use less fuel and spend less on heating. You can have a comfortable home and contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing a high-efficiency model.

As you peruse the different Kiturami diesel boiler models, you’ll also come across a number of features and functionalities designed to improve convenience and user experience. Kiturami boilers are outfitted with cutting-edge technologies to guarantee dependable performance and peace of mind for homeowners. These technologies range from user-friendly controls and programmable settings to sophisticated safety features.

Features of diesel boilers Kiturami

Electronic control is one of Kiturami’s unique features. The boiler features a remote control, which makes it easy for the user to operate the device from a distance.


There are both internal and external components to the kiturami boiler design.

  • housing;
  • control unit;
  • spigots for connection of DHW and heating systems;
  • flue opening.

The control unit is responsible for the operation of the boiler. It is used to assist in choosing the parameters and modes. The gadget initiates self-diagnostics and protective features as needed.

  • DHW heat exchanger;
  • turbocyclone liquid fuel burner;
  • sensors;
  • combustion chamber;
  • heat exchange device of the heating system.

Principle of operation

When using diesel fuel, the boiler operates as follows. The burner device receives the required amount of fuel from the tank via the pump. Air and heated fuel are simultaneously fed through a nozzle into the combustion chamber. The mixture is ignited by electrodes, creating a steady flame inside the furnace.

Water is heated by combustion products as they pass through the heat exchange channels. A turbulizer is used to release pressurized exhaust gases into the chimney. The use of unique inserts in the flue channel lowers the noise level.

Technical characteristics

The "Kiturami" equipment’s efficiency indicators outperform other manufacturers’ diesel boilers in numerous instances. You can select the best option for your home or business thanks to a large variety of model parameters.

  • 84-93 % EFFICIENCY;
  • service life – 10 years;
  • Power range 10.5-465.1 kW;
  • DHW capacity – from 6 to 100 l/min;
  • Fuel consumption: 1.5-55.8 kg/hour;
  • cost of devices – from 26,800 to 511,099 rubles.

Fuel consumption

Fuel can be used efficiently thanks to the invention of Kiturami, the turbo cyclone burner. The fuel oil is nearly burned when the unique metal insert reaches a temperature of 800 °C.

With this kind of burner, 10 kW of heat can be produced with just 1 to 1.5 liters of fuel.


Diesel boilers manufactured in Korea are known for their effective fusion of affordability and advanced technology.

  1. Environmental friendliness. Patented design of the burner burns fuel completely, reducing emissions into the atmosphere.
  2. Efficiency. Three-way heat exchanger promotes maximum heat transfer.
  3. Electronic control. With the help of display and remote control the user can customize the operation of the equipment to his needs.
  4. Energy saving. Switching modes of operation helps to save fuel resource.
  5. Safety. The equipment is equipped with flame, temperature, fuel and water level sensors in the system, as well as protection against freezing.
  6. High efficiency. It is 84-91%.
  7. Versatility. Easy conversion to gas by replacing the burner.
  8. Long service life. Can operate uninterruptedly for up to 10 years.
  9. Modest dimensions. For accommodation requires 1 sq. м. areas.
  10. Self-diagnosis. In case of malfunctions, information about the state of the system is shown on the display.

Watch this video to find out more about the advantages of the Kiturami boiler kit.


The type of fuel used in liquid-fuel boilers determines all of their drawbacks.

  • The need to locate the boiler room in a separate room;
  • high noise level of liquid fuel burners;
  • unpleasant odor from diesel fuel
  • The need to install tanks with diesel fuel reserves;
  • Dependence on the power grid;
  • rapid growth in the cost of diesel fuel.

How to choose correctly

Doing a house calculation is a must before purchasing a heating appliance. You have two options: ask the designer to calculate it or do it yourself. Select a boiler with a small reserve and the appropriate capacity based on the value found.

An estimated 1-1.5 kW of heating unit resource are needed to heat a 10 square meter area of the building. The final amount will vary depending on the location.

Data by climate zone, kilowatt-hour:

  • southern regions: 0.7-0.9;
  • middle zone: 1-1,5;
  • Northern areas: 1.5-2.

For instance, a boiler with a 30- to 35-kW capacity will be needed to heat a 300 square meter cottage in the middle zone.

Overview of model range and prices

The kitturami apparatus running on liquid fuel is symbolized by four directions.

  1. Turbo series – basic. It combines household devices for heating rooms up to a maximum of 350 square meters. м.
  2. STS products. Featuring a stainless steel heat exchanger. The cost of the range is slightly more expensive than the previous one.
  3. Powerful industrial units KSO. They are used for heating industrial and commercial facilities with the area up to 4650 sq.m. м.
  4. Hi FIN series boilers. They are distinguished by an updated design of the heat exchanger, compared to the basic Turbo version.

Turbo series

Kiturami Turbo boilers are distinguished by their small size and tidy appearance. Rooms between 90 and 350 square meters can be heated and have hot water prepared using two-circuit units. м.

The range’s power output is 10.5–34.9 kW. The Turbo 9R is the entry-level model, and the Turbo 30R is the most potent.

  • economical heat exchanger using the "3-PASS" technology: three-fold passage of exhaust gases through the internal heat-removing surfaces increases the amount of transferred heat;
  • modest dimensions and low weight: if necessary, the unit can be moved;
  • forced flue gas extraction with turbocharging;
  • The stainless steel DHW heat exchanger provides clean water without limescale;
  • the large volume of the hot water circuit allows you to quickly prepare water for domestic needs;
  • 55 dB noise level is achieved due to a special design.

The unit can be used to heat domestic water during the non-heating period without the need for readjustment.

There are five models in the series. The following table displays the primary technical specs and pricing for diesel boilers Kiturami Turbo.

Kiturami Turbo boiler costs

Kiturami Turbo

STSO series

The floor-standing, two-circuit models of the Line Kiturami STSO are constructed using a stainless steel welding technique. Boilers ranging in size from 150 to 340 square meters are appropriate for any type of facility. Designed for forced-circulation heating systems.

Features that set the products apart:

  • small size and weight;
  • Efficiency of 90% and higher;
  • are not subject to corrosion;
  • heat exchanger of capacitive type quickly heats a large amount of water;
  • The use of special welding technology developed by Kiturami, eliminates the possibility of leakage through the welds;
  • spigots for connecting the heating system are available on both sides of the body (for easy tying);
  • function of heating system protection from freezing is provided by maintaining the set temperature during the absence of the user;
  • room thermostat is included in the set.

The table below lists Kiturami STSO boilers’ primary attributes along with their purchase price.

Kiturami STSO boiler costs

Kiturami STSO

KSO series

Strong industrial diesel units from Kiturami KSO. stands out for its ability to quickly prepare large amounts of hot water at a rate of 33 to 100 liters per minute. able to service buildings that are 580–4650 square meters in size, both residential and commercial.

  • the control device automatically regulates the boiler operation and its safety functions;
  • Advanced turbo-cyclone gas-diesel burner with flue gas afterburning provides high efficiency and less harmful emissions;
  • power steel frame for transportation and installation protects the equipment from damage;
  • the highest efficiency among Kiturami diesel boilers: 92,4-93 %;
  • corrosion-free stainless steel DHW cylinder heat exchanger;
  • special pressed heat exchange tubes with a larger area ensure high efficiency in modest dimensions.

Up to ten KSO series units can be connected in a cascade configuration.

There are seven sizes in the series. The technical specs and purchase price of Kiturami KSO boilers are displayed in the table below.

Kiturami KSO boiler costs

Kiturami KSO

Selecting the ideal boiler for your home’s heating and insulation needs is essential for both comfort and efficiency. We’ll walk you through the features and choices available in our in-depth analysis of Kiturami diesel boilers so you can make an informed choice. We’ll break down everything you need to know to choose the ideal model for your house, from determining heating capacity to comprehending energy efficiency ratings. Whether your priorities are performance, dependability, or environmental friendliness, our guide will help you make the best decision for year-round warmth and coziness in your house.

Installation nuances and requirements

Qualified artisans with a specific permit are required to install the Kiturami diesel appliance. The apparatus is kept in a different, non-residential room. Proper ventilation is essential in the boiler room.

Burner settings and efficiency

When doing maintenance or before turning on the appliance, the Kiturami diesel burner is adjusted. To achieve the desired color for the flame, adjust it by turning the air damper screw.

The color of the flame indicates the burner’s efficiency:

  • black and red – it is necessary to increase the air supply;
  • bright white – signals the need to close the damper;
  • yellow-red – is optimal, in this case the burner operation is considered effective.

The flame ought to be uniform. The sideways deviation of the flame suggests that the nozzle needs to be changed.

Boiler connection

It is imperative that the boiler "Kiturami" be connected to the engineering networks in compliance with the guidelines.

The pipework is connected to:

  • heating system;
  • DHW circuit;
  • chimney and pipe;
  • power supply;
  • fuel line.

Installing shut-off valves and filters is necessary when connecting to water supply and heating pipes. The expansion of the coolant is compensated for by special tanks. Pumps are installed in forced circulation systems.

For the operation of diesel heat generators "Kiturami" requires connection to the network 220 V. The device is allocated a separate socket located at a distance of at least 30 cm. If there are voltage fluctuations, it is recommended to install a network stabilizer. Grounding is carried out to a depth of at least 30 cm.

Flue gas discharge is accomplished through a unique set of forced exhaust pipes. To prevent condensation and precipitation from entering, the chimney’s horizontal section is inclined by five degrees.

A fuel line is used to connect the appliance to the diesel fuel tank. Fuel is fed into the system via a pump, passes through a fuel filter, and is then fed to the burner.

Rules of operation

Through the thermostat, the user manages the Kiturami boiler. Buttons and regulators are used to make adjustments. Indicators on the display board and lamps show information about the unit’s current condition.

  1. Room. The basic mode, which is used when there are people in the house. To activate it, the "Presence" button is pressed and the desired temperature is set using the regulator.
  2. Sleep. Helps to save fuel while on vacation. To switch over, press the "Sleep" button and set the desired temperature. The settings will be valid for five and a half hours. Then the "Room" mode will be restored.
  3. Bathroom. Allows a large amount of hot water to be used for two and a half hours. After the time has elapsed, the appliance will return to the previously activated mode.
  4. Absenceindoors. Used to prevent the heating system from freezing in the absence of the user. Assumes fuel savings by reducing the temperature to the minimum allowable temperature.
  5. Timer. Allows you to program the time of boiler operation and its shutdown.

The equipment needs to be used according to the guidelines for a long time to function properly.

  • do not store flammable and combustible objects and substances near the appliance;
  • Have a fire extinguisher in the boiler room;
  • do not repair or disassemble the machine yourself;
  • prevent freezing of water in the heating system;
  • perform maintenance 1-2 times a year;
  • clean the chimney and flue pipe from soot several times a year;
  • drain sediment from the fuel tank and change the filter as soon as it becomes dirty.

Possible faults and their solution

Let’s talk about common issues with "Kiturami" boilers and solutions for them.

Error 01

"No ignition" (code 01) indicates that no ignition is possible.

Does not start

Fault indicators: even though the gadget is plugged into the mains, no power is getting to it.


It is essential to thoroughly inspect the joints between the heating and DHW pipes if leaks are found. The gaskets might need to be changed. Get in touch with the service center if the joints are tight.

At times the burner fades out

The code "03" on the thermostat indicates repeated flame extinguishment.

There is no draught and smoke enters the room

An unsafe occurrence in the chimney is reverse draft. can result in exhaust gas poisoning of humans. the installation of a circulating pump in the site’s heating system.

Model Key Features
Kiturami KF-42 High efficiency, compact design, suitable for small to medium-sized homes
Kiturami KF-70 Advanced control options, durable construction, ideal for larger properties

For cost-effectiveness, comfort, and efficiency, selecting the ideal diesel boiler is essential for your home’s heating requirements. A variety of models are available from Kiturami, each with unique features and specs. You can make an informed choice that satisfies your needs by taking into account variables like heating capacity, energy efficiency, size, and budget.

Heating capacity is one of the main factors to take into account when choosing a diesel boiler. To make sure the boiler you select can suit your needs, measure the size of your house and the heating requirements of each room. To suit different-sized properties, Kiturami offers models with varying heating capacities, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Another crucial aspect to take into account when selecting a diesel boiler is energy efficiency. To save money on heating and minimize energy use, look for models with high efficiency ratings. Because Kiturami boilers use cutting-edge technology to maximize heat output while minimizing fuel consumption, they are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Aside from energy efficiency and heating capacity, take into account the boiler’s size and installation needs. Homes with limited space for a boiler would benefit greatly from Kiturami’s selection of small models, which are perfect for installation in small spaces. The convenience of owning a Kiturami diesel boiler is further enhanced by features that make installation and maintenance simple.

The best diesel boiler option will ultimately rely on your personal requirements and tastes. You can choose a Kiturami model that offers dependable and efficient heating for your home, guaranteeing warmth and comfort all year long, by carefully considering aspects like heating capacity, energy efficiency, size, and installation requirements.

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