Review of gas and combined boilers “Zhitomir”

An effective heating system is essential for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the winter. Many homeowners choose gas and combined boilers because they provide dependable hot water and warmth for daily comfort. In this post, we’ll examine the features, advantages, and things prospective customers should know about Zhitomir’s gas and combination boilers.

Boilers made by Zhitomir are well-known in the industry for their high-quality design and functionality. These boilers are made to fit different household sizes and heating requirements, with an emphasis on durability and efficiency. Zhitomir offers a variety of options to fit various budgets and tastes, whether you’re looking to install a new boiler in your home or replace an old one.

Gas boilers are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their affordability and convenience. These boilers utilize natural gas or propane to heat water, which is then circulated through radiators or underfloor heating systems to provide warmth throughout the home. Zhitomir gas boilers are known for their high efficiency ratings, helping homeowners save on energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

For cost-effective home heating, combi boilers, sometimes referred to as combined boilers, are an additional choice to think about. Combi boilers are perfect for homes with limited space because they don’t need a separate hot water cylinder or storage tank, unlike traditional boilers. Zhitomir combined boilers are a popular option for contemporary homes because they provide the convenience of on-demand hot water and heating in one unit.

The size of your property, the amount of hot water you require, and your budget are all important considerations when selecting a gas or combination boiler for your house. Before making a choice, carefully consider your needs as Zhitomir boilers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit various heating needs. Furthermore, getting advice from a licensed heating specialist can help guarantee that you choose the ideal boiler for your house.

Model Zhitomir
Fuel Type Gas
Boiler Type Combined

We examine the gas and combination boilers from "Zhitomir" in this review in order to heat and insulate your house. These boilers combine contemporary technology and dependability to provide effective heating solutions. Gas boilers are an economical option because they provide reliable warmth while lowering energy costs. Combination boilers, on the other hand, offer flexibility by using both gas and alternative fuels, guaranteeing continuous heating even under a variety of circumstances. Boilers marked "Zhitomir" meet a variety of needs, including affordability, flexibility, and eco-friendliness, and ensure that your home stays warm and comfortable all year round.

Line of gas parapet boilers

An affordable solution for setting up water heating in a small country house up to 150 m² is a gas boiler of the "Zhitomir" parapet type. It effectively blends the features of atmospheric and turbo boilers, including a coaxial chimney in place of a blower fan and a closed combustion chamber.

Principle of operation. The heat generator burns natural or liquefied gas without blowing up and is suspended from the wall close to the floor. An internal, short pipe that goes through the wall is used to discharge combustion products outside. The external channel, also known as the external pipe, is how air naturally enters the furnace. The flue and air chimneys are two independent chimneys included with the new models.

The five single-circuit and four double-circuit boilers in the "Zhitomir-M" line of parapet models are referred to by the acronyms AOGV-SN and ADGV-SN, respectively. The devices have a thermal capacity of 5, 7, 10, and 15 kW. Let’s reveal the heaters’ design elements:

  • material of the main heat exchanger – steel, secondary heat exchanger under DHW – copper;
  • combustion chamber – fully closed;
  • burner – tubular type, safety automatics – gas valve SIT 630 of Italian production;
  • piezoelectric ignition by means of a button on the valve;
  • 4 connections DN40 for heating system connection – two on each side of the body.

A gas-air block, also known as coaxial pipe, asbestos sealing cord, fasteners, and flexible pipe for connecting to the gas mains are included with the boiler. A single-circuit unit with a 5 kW capacity (heated area: 50 m2) costs 270 U.E., while a two-circuit unit with a 15 kW capacity costs 475 U.E.

Citation. Current details regarding the cost structure and available heat generator models are available on the company’s official website, at

Technical characteristics

The parameters under which the Parapet boiler "Zhitomir-M" operates are as follows:

  • fuel utilization efficiency (efficiency) – 90%;
  • minimum pressure of incoming gas – 6.4 mbar, maximum – 17.6 mBar;
  • working pressure in the heating system – 1.5 bar, maximum allowable – 2 bar;
  • the temperature of the coolant at the outlet of the heat exchanger – not more than 90 degrees;
  • amount of water in the boiler jacket – from 5 to 19 liters;
  • maximum pressure on the cold water supply side – 6 bar;
  • dimensions of the largest unit in the range – 360 x 495 x 825 mm (DxWxH).

The heater output determines natural gas consumption, hot water capacity, and chimney dimensions. The table presents the specified characteristics; further information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Pros and cons

The cost of parapet Zhitomirskiy boilers, which is affordable for people with average and low incomes, is by far their greatest benefit. In Ukraine and the other CIS nations, purchasing heating units is legal.

Let us enumerate the additional benefits of smokeless heat generators:

  1. Energy independence. The boiler does not need electricity, although it is able to work together with an external circulation pump.
  2. Small size and simple design.
  3. Reliability and safety ensured by proven EuroSIT brand gas automatics.
  4. A full flue duct is not required.
  5. The double-sided arrangement of fittings expands the possibilities for connecting pipes of the heating network.

Important point. The enumerated nuances do not have to be understood exclusively in terms of Zhytomyr units. Similar benefits and drawbacks of parapet clone boilers are widely available on the market.

In closed systems with a membrane expansion tank, wall-mounted boilers can function even with the low permissible coolant pressure threshold of 2 bar. The most important thing is to fill the tank to the designated threshold and to adjust the air chamber pressure in accordance with the instructions.

Given our belief in the accuracy and consistency of information found in publications, we will list the drawbacks of "Zhitomir-M" heaters as follows:

  1. The degree of automation of the boiler is minimal and includes only a set of safety functions – protection from fading, overheating and critical pressure drop in the gas pipe.
  2. If the wall faces a wind-blown passage, the burner may periodically extinguish. The problem is solved by installing an additional screen on the windward side of the chimney.
  3. The capacity of the hot water heat exchanger is enough to serve 2 consumers with low flow rate. If you turn on the shower and the kitchen faucet at the same time, the water temperature will become uncomfortable for washing.
  4. Constantly burning igniter consumes fuel. This fact is critical for residents of Ukraine and other countries with high price of main gas.
  5. Manual ignition mechanism.

Heat generator minuses result from the greatest possible design simplification and cost savings; they are not critical. In addition, cheap Zhitomir boilers have a 15-year service life when the bare minimum of maintenance is applied.

Floor boilers "Zhitomir-3"

Many years of experience have confirmed the model range’s stationary units’ reliability. One of the most well-liked heaters is the "Zhitomir-3," which is advised for purchase by gas service experts.

Justification. Gas engineers have a strong "love" for "Zhitomir" floor model boilers. The master has less work to do because the design is straightforward and dependable, and malfunctions happen very infrequently.

Nine single-circuit KS-G-SN models and nine heat generators (KS-GV-SN) with an extra water heating coil make up the range of eighteen units. Principal attributes of boilers:

  • range of covered capacities – 7…60 kW, efficiency – 92%;
  • material of the main heat exchanger – carbon or stainless steel, secondary coil – copper;
  • burner – Polidoro tubular micro-flare burner, combustion chamber – open type;
  • There is a permanently burning igniter, which is ignited by a piezo element button;
  • working pressure of the coolant – 1.5 Bar, maximum – 2 Bar, permissible pressure in the water circuit – 6 Bar;
  • recommended temperature schedule – 60…80 °С, maximum – 90 degrees, at 95 °С the overheating sensor is activated;
  • removal of combustion products – through a traditional chimney with a natural draught.

Note: The 45 kW units KS-G-045CN and KS-GV-045CN are built for a higher coolant pressure: 2 Bar at operating and 3 Bar at maximum.

Design features

The floor-standing boiler "Atem" complies with regulations by having safety automatics that cut off fuel to the igniter and main burner in four situations: when gas pressure falls below 6.4 mbar, when a spontaneous flame extinguishes, when there is no chimney draught, and when the heating medium overheats. An automatic gas valve, whose model is dependent on the unit’s performance, performs the shutdown function:

  1. 7…16 kW units are equipped with 630 SIT automatics.
  2. Heat generators with a capacity of 22.5…31.5 kW are equipped with 710 MINISIT valves.
  3. Boilers with capacity of 40 kW and more are equipped with automatic gas blocks SIT 820 NOVA.

Citation. The most recent Italian valve series, the 820 NOVA, has a connector that can be used to connect room thermoregulators and weather sensors. See our separate review for further details on how gas boiler automatics work.

The device of the DHW circuit is the second significant feature of domestic heaters. A copper coil submerged in the unit’s water jacket serves as the heat exchanger. As a result, the boiler tank’s coolant temperature determines the temperature of the water used for domestic hot water.

The boiler piping ensures that the water supply circuit operates during the summer. A pipe jumper with a valve is positioned between the supply and return. This valve opens and another valve cuts off the heating system when the house’s heating is turned off. The scheme shows that the heat-carrier begins to circulate on a small circle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The primary benefit of "Zhitomir-3" floor heat generators is their excellent dependability at a relatively low equipment cost. The cost of a single-circuit boiler with a 7 kW heat output is approximately 300 u. е., and the cost of a water circuit is 340 u. е.

Additional benefits of water-heating appliances that are typical for the "Atem" brand include:

  • simple design and unpretentious operation;
  • energy independence – the boiler does not require power supply;
  • long service life;
  • models with SIT 820 NOVA automation can be switched with external regulating devices – thermostats and weather sensors.

Furthermore. The "Atem-start" system for simple ignition is included with the latest generation of KS-G-SN models, which have capacities ranging from 10 to 30 kW. The boiler’s front panel is where the start button is located.

The units are designed to function in open-type gravity and pump heating systems. It can be utilized in a forced-circulation closed circuit as long as the coolant’s operating pressure stays below 1.5 bar (short-term – 2 bar). Note: KS-G-045SN modification can withstand 2 and 3 bar, respectively.

Other than the burner blowing through the coaxial chimney, the drawbacks are the same as those of parapet boilers. Draught issues won’t arise if the gas duct is constructed properly, maintaining both the height of the channel rise and its cross-section (diameter).

Solid fuel units

The Zhitomir plant has become an expert in producing solid fuel boilers in recent years. The buyer can select from two different lines of heat generators:

  1. Classic heaters of AOTV and AKTV series, designed for burning coal-anthracite and firewood.
  2. Purely wood-fired long-burning boilers "Zhitomir-D".

The first line consists of eighteen models with steel heat-tube heat exchangers and heat production capacities ranging from 12 to 25 kW. A cast-iron cooking plate is a feature of the AKTV series, and the AOTV-B modifications have a copper coil for heating water for domestic use.

Let us enumerate the characteristics and parameters of operation of conventional coal-fired boilers:

  • fuel combustion and flue gas emission is due to natural draught in the exhaust duct;
  • Air supply and combustion intensity is regulated manually by a special screw on the ash pan flap or by an automatic draught regulator on a chain (option);
  • secondary copper coil of DHW is located in the boiler tank;
  • the manufacturer declares absolutely real efficiency indicator – 78%;
  • working pressure of the heat carrier – 1.5 bar, in versions with round body – 1 bar;
  • weight of the apparatus – from 88 to 208 kg, volume of the fuel chamber – 44-69 liters depending on the capacity of a particular model;
  • burning time of 1 load of anthracite – 8 hours, firewood – 6 hours;
  • the highest permissible temperature of the heat carrier at the supply – 90 °С.

Note: The heat generator set comes with a scoop and a poker for cleaning the ash chamber.

The manufacturer states clearly in the instruction manual that solid fuel units are meant to be used in heating networks that have an open expansion tank and natural water circulation. Actually, adding a circulation pump is perfectly acceptable as long as the coolant pressure stays below 1.5 Bar.

TT-boilers should be used in conjunction with a buffer tank (heat accumulator) in closed heating systems. If not, the pressure in the pipe network will rise to 3 Bar in the event of overheating, which could lead to the unit’s water jacket swelling and cracking. This warning also applies to the heat generators of the "Zhitomir-D" long cycle of operation, whose features are listed below:

  • The range includes 3 heat units with the capacity of 12, 16 and 20 kW, the main fuel is wood;
  • minimum duration of operation with 1 full charge – 8 hours;
  • the furnace volume is increased up to 140, 195 and 250 liters respectively;
  • boiler tank capacity – 78 liters;
  • weight of the units – 200, 250 and 290 kg;
  • other parameters are identical to AOTV series heaters.

Important point. It is highly recommended by the manufacturer to use the accumulating buffer tank, which has a capacity of 0.35-1 m³ of coolant, in conjunction with the long-burning boilers.

Positive and negative aspects of operation

When it comes to dependability and ease of use, TT-boilers "Atem" are similar to other heat generators in the lower price range:

  • the heat source functions without electricity;
  • duration of combustion and efficiency strongly depend on the quality of fuel (firewood, coal) and mode of operation;
  • cleaning of the fuel box and ash pan is easy, access to the flame pipes is possible through the front door;
  • in case of observance of the rules of operation and absence of overheating, the device will serve for 10-15 years;
  • on boilers of AKTV series it is possible to cook food;
  • Burning wood is a priori more economical than the use of other energy carriers (excluding natural gas in Russia).

The main benefit of Zhitomir-D heaters is their large fuel chamber volume, which controls how long the combustion lasts. It is extremely difficult to find boilers with a similar capacity among the equipment of different brands. The true rival for 20 kW and a 260-liter fuel box volume is the substantially more costly Lithuanian Stropuva.

It would be pointless to enumerate every drawback that comes with coal and wood boilers. Let’s discuss some particular drawbacks with Zhytomyr units:

  1. Low threshold of the maximum pressure of the coolant does not allow to operate the TT-boiler in a closed heating system, where the water pressure can reach 3 bar.
  2. According to the manufacturer"s recommendations, the temperature in the return pipe should not fall below 45 degrees, otherwise condensate is released in the furnace. At natural circulation it is impossible to apply the classical scheme of piping with a bypass and three-way valve, protecting from cold backflow.
  3. Manual control of air supply does not allow to realize the optimal mode of operation and maintain the desired temperature. The draught regulator solves the problem only partially. Request for the manufacturer: equip 2-3 models with automation unit and turbocharger.

Video: operation of Zhitomir TT boiler

On the other hand, a one-story home with a closed system and low water pressure can be connected to the Zhitomir solid fuel unit. We advise installing a thermal discharge safety valve in case of overheating, as shown in the diagram below. You can find more details about safety valves in the related topic.

Combined models

Apart from customary heating apparatus, "Atem" manufactures three series of boilers in total:

  1. Electric-gas heat generators KS-G-SN / KE with heat output 10-12 kW.
  2. Units "Zhitomir-9", burning coal and natural gas. Designation – KS-G-SN / AOTV, power – 10, 12 and 15 kW.
  3. Heating and water-heating unit "two in one" KS-G-SN, otherwise – "Zhitomir-10". The range of models covers the range of 7…30 kW.

To be clear. All varieties of combi boilers are available in floor standing configurations.

Based on the "Zhitomir-3" units, the "gas-electricity" boiler line is identical to standard floor standing units externally. An electric heater located inside the water jacket and a control unit are added as supplements to the design. There are two varieties of installed heating elements: 4.5 and 9 kW in capacity. One important feature is the ability to turn on both heating methods simultaneously or one at a time.

The following characteristics apply to the coal-gas heat generator "Zhitomir-9":

  • in the left part of the body there is a fuel box with the volume of 47 or 70 liters for anthracite or firewood;
  • to the right of the solid fuel chamber there is a gas furnace with a Polidoro burner and a SIT 630 automation unit, the heat exchanger is common, the chimneys are separate;
  • gas efficiency – 92%, solid fuel efficiency – 78%, water working pressure – 1 bar (Max 1.5 Bar);
  • operation in a closed system is allowed, the condition is the installation of a safety group with a safety valve 1.5 Bar;
  • duration of 1 cycle of burning coal – 6…8 hours;
  • there are modifications with DHW water circuit.

Note: The efficiency indicators show that the boiler produces less heat when operating on wood and coal than when operating on gas. For instance, the unit KS-G-016SN / AOTV-12 develops 12 kW of power in the first scenario and 16 kW in the second.

The working algorithm is straightforward: the gas burner is not lit while the heat carrier is heated by coal. The heat generator’s right side is turned on and the gas supply is opened when the sensor registers a drop in temperature. The igniter burning is the most important thing.

The two distinct parts of the gas installation "Zhitomir-10" are the flowing water heater and the boiler furnace. Heat exchangers, safety equipment, and burners are all kept apart. In actuality, the boiler and gas heater are integrated into a single body. The objective is to raise DHW’s water usage to a comfortable level without compromising heating efficiency.

Reviews about the operation of boilers

The overwhelming majority of reviews are positive, as one might expect. The owners have clearly identified their objective—to provide dependable home heating with the least amount of financial investment—by selecting a heat source that falls into the budget price range. Here are several quotes from actual users.

Nikolaev, Azalia, Ukraine

Eight years ago, after moving into a private residence, I started fixing the heating right away. "Zhitomir-3" took the place of the old boiler that the previous owners had left behind. I would like to point out that the device runs smoothly and the burner does not extinguish in high winds. We clean and flush every year, and there are never any operational issues. With the boiler, we are happy.

D. Alexander, Russian Federation, Krasnodar

I use a floor-mounted, 25 kW "Atem" two-circuit boiler. Primary fuel is gas. While heating and automation function flawlessly, the DHW circuit is useless. The radiators are extremely hot, so you must set the regulator to 6-7 in order to wash properly.

Nikolay, Belarusian Republic

Since the house uses gravity for heating, I decided to replace the outdated "Lemax" boiler with the suitable 16 kW "Zhitomir-3" boiler. An issue arose during startup: the old unit heated the gases more intensely than the insulation, causing the condensate to "cry." There has only been one malfunction since the installation’s six heating seasons: the igniter went out. After giving the gas man on the phone some advice to clean the draught sensor’s contacts with alcohol, the problem was resolved.

Larisa, d. Permanent, RF

In the five years that the Zhitomir water-heating boiler has been in our home, no significant flaws have been found. There is no need to schedule maintenance with the service organization because the unit is straightforward, dependable, and unassuming. Open expansion tank Since we couldn’t install an open expansion tank, we had to create a closed system instead. We used propane cylinders to heat the 80-square-foot house until the gas pipeline was delivered. True, in order to convert the boiler to liquefied gas, I had to hire a master.

Selecting the ideal heating system for your house is essential for both efficiency and comfort. We have examined Zhitomir’s gas and combination boilers in this review, assessing their features, performance, and appropriateness for different types of homes.

Zhitomir boilers provide a variety of choices to accommodate various demands and price ranges. There is a model for every type of home, ranging from small-space-friendly compact gas boilers to combined boilers that can provide both hot water and heating.

One of Zhitomir boilers’ main selling points is their efficiency. These boilers, which use premium materials and cutting-edge technology, can save homeowners money on energy costs while maintaining a warm and comfortable home.

Zhitomir boilers are known for their dependability. With the assurance that their heating system will continue to function properly, homeowners can feel secure knowing that these boilers are made to endure frequent use and fluctuating weather.

Zhitomir gas and combination boilers are generally a good option for anyone wishing to modernize their heating system. Their efficiency, dependability, and variety of choices offer an affordable and cozy solution for insulation and heating requirements.

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