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An effective heating system is essential for maintaining a warm and comfortable home, particularly in the winter. The selection of radiators is an essential element of any heating system. These appliances improve the overall energy efficiency of your house in addition to assisting with the distribution of warmth throughout your area. This post will examine Rehau heating radiators in detail and examine the reasons behind their rising appeal to homeowners searching for efficient heating options.

Rehau heating radiators are unique in the industry because of their cutting-edge technology and creative designs, which combine to deliver excellent performance and energy savings. These radiators are made by the well-known manufacturer Rehau, which has decades of experience in the insulation and heating industries. Their engineering meets the strictest requirements for efficiency and quality. Rehau radiators are a dependable choice for your heating requirements, whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one.

Rehau heating radiators are renowned for their exceptional versatility. These radiators, which come in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes, can perfectly complement any interior design while providing outstanding heating efficiency. There is a Rehau radiator to match your aesthetic tastes and functional needs, whether you like a sleek modern design or a more traditional appearance.

In addition to their aesthetic value, Rehau radiators are renowned for their longevity and robustness. These radiators are made of premium materials and are designed to endure frequent use and dependable heating for many years to come. Your Rehau radiator should continue to operate effectively and keep your house warm and cozy for the duration of its life with proper maintenance.

Heating radiators, steel panel, aluminum, bimetallic

Aluminum radiators are made from aluminum alloy and they are painted with powder enamel. Such radiators have increased heat transfer and a large passing area, which guarantees high -speed temperature adjustment in the room. Today they are the lightest in mass among all analogues. Since aluminum is soft, radiators from it withstand relatively small pressure. Since in multi -storey buildings, in the heating system, there is a very large pressure, this variant of the radiator can simply burst. It is best to put them in cottages and in houses with an autonomous heating system. Working pressure of radiators – up to 20 atm. On average, the thermal conductivity of an aluminum radiator 3 times more than steel or cast iron. Which contributes to increased heat transfer with a small size.

Compared to aluminum, steel panel radiators are harder and more resilient. It works with a wide variety of boilers. This radiator is a rectangular panel with a recess and two cooked sheets joined together. Because the panels come in various sizes, you can select the one that best suits your needs for heat transfer. These radiators are lightweight. Their longevity is increased by their resistance to corrosion. 8 atm is the working pressure. 110 °C is the maximum temperature. Utilizing them in low-rise buildings is advised.

Sectional bimetallic radiator is an aluminum radiator with reinforced steel tubes. Here the horizontal collector is made of aluminum, and the vertical is equipped with a steel tube. The design of bimetallic radiators is similar to aluminum, but their internal elements are made of steel. They are very durable and withstand any pressure. The sizes of radiators can be varied, it all depends on the model. They are installed both for heating residential buildings of high -rise buildings and public and industrial buildings. Working pressure – up to 30 atm. The average temperature of the coolant is 110 ° C . Bimetallic heating radiators are an ideal combination of durability, good design and high heat transfer.

Since there are no connectors here, steel tubular radiators have emerged as a new radiator technology. To make its compounds, welding is required. The walls have a thickness of -1.2 mm. This type of radiator can readily tolerate a wide range of pressures, including extremely high pressures found in high-rise structures. They also resist the formation of corrosion. The radiators’ operating pressure is 13 atm. 80 °C is the average temperature. This species leaks less frequently. Because steel tubular radiators don’t have any sharp edges, they are very safe and simple to install.

Bimetallic heating radiators Germanyemetsky Rehau

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  • Dimensions (shgv): 64x8x57.3
  • Design: sectional
  • Thermostat: installation at will
  • Material: Combinir.
  • Heating area, m2: 14.8
  • Dimensions (shgv): 80x8x57.3
  • Design: sectional
  • Thermostat: installation at will
  • Material: Combinir.
  • Heating area, m2: 18.5
  • Dimensions (shgv): 48x8x57.3
  • Design: sectional
  • Thermostat: installation at will
  • Material: Combinir.
  • Heating area, m2: 11,1
  • Dimensions (shgv): 96x8x57.3
  • Design: sectional
  • Thermostat: installation at will
  • Material: Combinir.
  • Heating area, m2: 22.2
  • Dimensions (shgv): 80 × 7.5 × 56.9
  • Design: sectional
  • Thermostat: installation at will
  • Material: aluminum
  • Heating area, m2: 16.1
  • Dimensions (shgv): 32x8x57.3
  • Design: sectional
  • Thermostat: installation at will
  • Material: Combinir.
  • Heating area, m2: 7.4

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Connection to the radiator from the floor

Mr.-shaped connecting tubes are primarily used to connect to small radiators of water heating systems that are outfitted with two Rehau disconnecting ball valves and passage threaded Rehau connecting tubes.

Attaching annexing tubes to the Rehau company’s ball valve block or using a passing threaded connection to generate via widely. The installation guidelines in this instance should be closely followed.

High-end Rehau, Rehau pipes are used to connect universal pipes Rautitan Stabil/Rautitan Flex and Rautitan Pink with a diameter of 16 or 20 mm.

It is advised to use the Rehau company’s fixing corners to secure the Mr.-shaped tubes to the overlap (floor).

A groove is made close to the connecting fitting on the Mr. specifically for the purpose of using this fixing corner.

Fixing corners can be provided for L-shaped jokes.

The following are some benefits of using these parts together:

  • -a more reliable fastening of Mr.-shaped jokes;
  • – ease of installation and reduction of installation time;
  • – Built -in sound insulation.

After installing heating devices (using the same tool) or replacing heating devices with Rehau installation templates, connecting tube installation starts right away.

It is important to follow these steps in order of operation during installation:

Step 1. Measure the length of the annex tube. Step 2. Cut an annexing tubes to the required length and remove the burrs. Step 3. Pour thread -storage compounds into annexing tubes. Step 4. Mark the place of fastening of the fixing corner.
Step 5. Drill a hole under the dowel. Step 6. Fixing a fixing corner. Step 7. Attach polymer pipes using a perch sleeve.

T-shaped stainless steel

In particular, Rehau T-shaped pipes and Rautitan Pink heating pipes, along with block of ball valves equipped in two-pipe dead-end ring horizontal horizontal heating systems of universal Rautitan Stabil / Flex heating, are utilized for connecting to heating appliances. Collapsing the ends of the connecting tubes is required when using threaded, soft compaction, since it is not possible to install a fixing overlay or corner in this situation.

Versatile accession is used for heating devices with threaded fittings on both sides. In this instance, a thermostatic valve, a circuit-breaking valve, and a thin adjustment valve on the reverse eyeliner are all connected to stainless steel jokes.

The 15 x 1.0 mm stainless steel joining is connected using a thread-storage connection secured with a metal seal.

Direct connection to the heating device of pipes Rautitan Stabil

Without the need for any extra devices, Rautitan Stabil metal-polymer pipes can be directly connected to the heating device’s ball valve block. A set of thread-storage compound with a split snub ring is used to join pipes with a diameter of 16 and 20 mm. Two united nuts, two cut rings, two fittings for a European car, and two goals to isolate the contact of metal parts are included in each kit. Nickelization is applied to every component in the visible area for aesthetic reasons.


The fitting on the Rehau scissors needs to be calibrated using the device before being inserted into the Rautitan Stabil pipe. In this instance, adhere to the installation instructions.

Direct connection to the Rautitan Flex / Rautitan Pink pipeline heating device using the Rehau Directs Set of Directs

A set of REHAU guidelines from the company is used for the direct installation of the Rautitan Pink heating pipes with a diameter of 16 mm and the Rautitan Flex universal pipes to the heating device.

Utilizing a set of thread-storage connections with the split-pimpled Rehau ring, the block of ball valves is connected.

The following installation order needs to be followed when connecting a set of REHAU guide tubes to the heating device:

Sets of guide tubes in single-pipe systems can be secured to one another with the back.

Rehau heating radiators stand out as an excellent option in our search for comfortable homes that are also energy efficient. These radiators effectively distribute heat throughout the house by fusing modern technology with a sleek design. Rehau radiators maximize energy efficiency in addition to providing warmth, resulting in lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Their cutting-edge features guarantee uniform heat distribution, doing away with cold spots and guaranteeing comfort everywhere. In addition, they’re hassle-free to install and maintain, making them a great choice for home heating. Rehau radiators offer an attractive and effective heating solution that will improve your living area whether you’re building new or remodeling.

Technical characteristics of Rehau products

Rautitan Pink and Rautitan Stabil Metal polymer, or two layers with a protective layer, are designed for engineering and technical heating systems and are ideal for the assembly of heating structures in homes, apartments, or other non-residential spaces.

Rautitan Pink

It possesses the following qualities:

  1. It is used in the region heating, Protected from oxygen penetration.
  2. Surface color pink.
  3. Roughness – 0.007 mm.
  4. Material – molecularly sewn by the rexidal method Polyethylene Rau-PE-XA. Oxygen -protection layer – Eval – A layer of glue.
  5. Thermal conductivity – 0.35 W/(MK).
  6. Maximum working pressure – 10 bar.
  7. Maximum operating temperature – 90 degrees Celsius.
  8. Diameter dimensions 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 mm.

Picture 1. A 120-meter-long Rautitan Pink 20 mm sewn polyethylene pipe, manufactured by "Rehau" in Germany.

Rautitan Stabil

  1. Universal, used to design water supply and heating.
  2. Surface color silver.
  3. Material – molecularly stitched Polyethylene PE-X/AI/PE.
  4. Roughness – 0.007 mm.
  5. Thermal conductivity – 0.43 W/(MK).
  6. Maximum working pressure – 10 bar.
  7. Maximum operating temperature – 95 degrees p.
  8. Options – 16.2, 20, 25, 32, 40 millimeters.

Rehau Distribution collectors for radiators REHAU collectors for heating

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Emmeti [eleven] in Italy

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Germany’s Hansa [22]

Poland’s Kan [eleven]

Germany’s Kermi [22]

Italy’s Luxor [22]

Germany’s Meibes [22]

Germany’s Oventrop [33]

Italy’s Stout [56]

TE-SA [eleven] (Italy)

Tiemme [eleven] in Italy

Italy’s UNI-FITT [23]

Italy’s Valtec [10]

Italy’s far [eleven]

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Feature Benefits
Efficient Heat Distribution Ensures even warmth throughout the room
Energy Savings Reduces heating costs by optimizing energy usage

Rehau heating radiators provide a contemporary and effective way to keep your house cozy and warm. With the use of cutting-edge technology, these radiators are made to distribute heat evenly throughout the space, keeping every nook and cranny warm throughout the winter.

The longevity and robustness of Rehau radiators is one of their main advantages. Because they are made of premium materials and are meant to last, they provide dependable performance year after year. Because of its longevity, your heating system will not only save you money on replacement costs but also give you peace of mind because it is made to last.

Rehau radiators are renowned for their energy efficiency as well as their longevity. These radiators help lower energy consumption, which in turn lowers your heating bills, by effectively transferring heat into the room. This lowers carbon emissions, which is good for the environment and your pocketbook at the same time.

Rehau radiators are also aesthetically pleasing in their design. They complement any interior decor thanks to their sleek and contemporary designs, which also give your house a stylish touch and excellent heating performance. There is a Rehau radiator to fit your style preferences, whether you like a more traditional or minimalistic appearance.

To sum up, Rehau heating radiators provide an excellent blend of robustness, energy economy, and visual appeal. Purchasing these radiators will not only save you money in the long run but also benefit the environment by keeping your house warm and cozy. Make the switch to Rehau radiators right away to notice an improvement in efficiency and comfort.

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