Popular Russian -made heating systems: Karakan solid fuel boiler

An effective heating system is crucial for keeping our homes warm and comfortable during the severe Russian winters. The Karakan solid fuel boiler is a well-liked option among homeowners. This heating system, which is manufactured in Russia, is well-known for its dependability, affordability, and efficiency in delivering steady warmth during the winter.

For individuals wishing to lessen their dependency on conventional fossil fuels, the Karakan boiler provides a sustainable heating option. It is made to burn solid fuels like wood, coal, or peat. It is especially attractive in areas where local resources are plentiful because it can make use of them.

The sturdy design of the Karakan solid fuel boiler, which is made to endure the rigors of continuous use in extreme weather, is one of its main advantages. This heating system is long-lasting, offering homeowners long-term cost savings on heating and peace of mind thanks to its sturdy construction and effective combustion technology.

In contrast to certain heating systems that depend on electricity or natural gas, the Karakan boiler provides resilience against energy price fluctuations and grid failures. Being self-sufficient is particularly beneficial in rural areas where there may not be as much access to dependable energy sources.

In addition, the Karakan solid fuel boiler has a reputation for being easy to maintain and operate. Homeowners can enjoy hassle-free heating without the need for frequent professional servicing thanks to the controls’ intuitive design and low maintenance requirements.

Features of solid fuel boilers Karakan

With a capacity of 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30 kW, the combined solid-fuel water heating machine Karakan is intended for heating a private home or production space with an area of 30 to 300 m².


One significant distinction between the Novosibirsk units is that the plant also manufactures the universal models of the Karakan series boilers, which allow for the installation of both gas and electric burners. Stainless steel double-circuit solid fuel devices with a heat exchanger for hot water supply have recently been produced.

The device has a very straightforward design. A large firebox is located inside the water-shirted steel case. A cozy steel door with two screens to reflect hot fuel heat and lessen the door’s outer surface is located on the furnace’s front panel. Gallops made of cast iron at the bottom of the furnace ensure steady, even burning along the firebox’s whole length. The ash enters the ash box through the holes in it, pushing or pushing it forward so that the intensity of the combustion can be changed.

A convective gas drive in the shape of a flat, rectangular channel is located in the upper section of the device. To enhance heat transfer, a hinged water-cooled visor divides it from the burning chamber. On the unit’s back wall, in a horizontal position, is the rectangular chimney.

After firewood or coal burns, a flange with an internal thread is installed on the lateral surface to connect the heating unit, which keeps the water temperature in the heating system constant.

Advantages and disadvantages

The hot water boiler is becoming more and more popular because of its indisputable benefits.

  1. Compactness – has small dimensions that allow you to install it in almost any room.
  2. Economy – has a high efficiency of useful action, which allows you to reduce coal and firewood consumption for the heating season, as well as quickly warm the heated room.
  3. Simplicity in installation – for connecting the unit with the heating system, threaded pipes are provided.
  4. Ease in operation – large door sizes allow you to quickly and conveniently load and light up the fuel. There is a roomy ash box for cleaning the unit. The chimney and the combustion chamber are easily cleaned through the burner and the opening door. The strong polymer coating of the device is easily washed and protects against rust.
  5. Safety – the design of the ash box prevents fuel particles or ash from the loss. The loading door has a steel reflector that protects it and the handle from high temperatures.
  6. The presence of dual -firm boilers with a hob allows you to cook and heat food.
  7. Energy dependence – the unit is able to work in the absence of electricity.
  8. Allows you to burn fuel in long mode.
  9. Works on wood, coal, wood briquettes, peat, electricity or gas.
  10. Maintains the necessary temperature even in case of interruption with the supply of firewood or coal.
  11. Successfully copes with work even in the Far North.
  12. Low price.

There are flaws in the Karakan heating unit, but the manufacturer is always working to fix them.

  • lack of heating units and control panel for the operation of the apparatus on electricity (PUE);
  • There is no traction regulator;
  • rectangular exit for the chimney.


Karakan aids in navigating marking in a wide range of water heating device models.

The boiler’s power in kW when operating on anthracite coal is indicated by the first figure.

Lamp names corresponding to Karakan boilers:

  • T – is designed to work on solid fuel;
  • P – has a hob;
  • E – with a threaded flange for installing the heating unit;
  • B – in the boiler, a flowing water heater is installed;
  • G – provides for the possibility of installing a gas burner;
  • K – round vertical chimney.

They use multiple letters for marking because all of the hot water units are combined.

Here are a few instances of letter combinations:

  • TE – solid fuel unit with the ability to connect the heating unit;
  • TPE – solid fuel unit with a hob and the possibility of installing heating;
  • TAG – designed for the installation of a gas burner in it;
  • TAGV – a two -component boiler with the ability to connect both heating elements and a gas burner.

It will be essential to purchase heat heaters in addition to the karakan heating apparatus.

Every model is appropriate for the TENs of the corresponding power in its own unit:

  • Ten 3 kW for Karakan 10 and 12;
  • Ten 6 kW for Karakan 15;
  • Ten 9 kW for Karakan 20 and 30.

In this article, we delve into the popular Russian-made heating system known as the Karakan solid fuel boiler. Designed to efficiently heat homes, the Karakan boiler stands out for its reliability and effectiveness, especially in regions with harsh winters. Its solid fuel capability makes it versatile, allowing homeowners to use a range of materials such as wood, coal, or pellets for heating. With its sturdy construction and simple operation, the Karakan boiler offers a cost-effective solution for keeping homes warm and comfortable throughout the colder months. Whether you"re looking to upgrade your heating system or seeking a reliable option for a new build, the Karakan solid fuel boiler proves to be a dependable choice for many Russian households.

Overview of the model range

Karakan is a combined solid-fuel water heater device. It is an affordable option for heating small-space residential and non-residential buildings. Depending on the model, fuel can be coal, peat, wood briquettes, electricity, or natural gas. Although the unit has some drawbacks, it can effectively maintain a comfortable temperature in your home with the right installation and connection.

Costs associated with various Karakan boiler models

Karakan boiler

A manufacturer’s video can provide you with more specific information.

Nuances of installation and connection

Any solid fuel boiler’s efficiency is primarily determined by how well the heating system is installed and designed.

The installation procedure must adhere to the Russian Federation’s SNiP 41-01-2003 construction standards and regulations as well as a set of fire regulations, SP 7.13130. 2009

The apparatus is linked to the heating system in an identical manner to action models of a distinct kind. Pipe circulation can be forced or natural. A natural variety should only be used when a small room needs to be heated. Large spaces only require a forced option because, in the absence of one, the heated water cannot complete a turnover cycle and the Karakan heating boiler will not function as intended.

Stages of installation

You don’t need assistance from anyone else to install the device. An operation manual is provided for the Karakan boiler scheme. Since everything is painted simply and without extraneous details, even someone with no prior knowledge of these topics will be able to understand it.

You’ll need a specific pasta mix and multiple gas or divorce keys for the task of fastening pipes. There will be no need for overalls because you won’t be handling any hazardous or poisonous materials.

The installation process is executed in compliance with the subsequent scheme:

  1. First, it is necessary to prepare the foundation for installation. For this, bricks or any other heat -resistant materials are suitable. The boiler should rise slightly above the floor for the convenience of its operation and to avoid damage to the flooring. A small platform around the firebox should also be finished with non -combustible material, since there is a probability of a sparks departure.
  2. Then you need to install the chimney. Caracan boiler in solid fuel in the course of work distinguishes a lot of combustion products. All of them should be fully displayed into the atmosphere, because the gases are quite toxic and can negatively affect the health of residents. If the natural ventilation of the chimney does not provide a complete withdrawal of volatile waste, it is necessary to equip it with a forced exhaust.
  3. Further, communications are brought to the place of installation of the boiler. Directly at the junction, a metal or composite pipe will be needed. When using modern materials, you need to choose heat -resistant ones, since the water temperature in the immediate vicinity of the boiler will be maximum. The approach is often practiced when a steel pipe departs from the heater, and only then it connects with polyethylene or polypropylene.
  4. After completion of work, you need to fill the system with water and carry out the test launch of the boiler.

Types of fuel

The fact that Karakan hot water units operate on practically all common fuel types draws attention to them.

The device is genuinely regarded as universal because it can be used for:

  • firewood;
  • coal drill;
  • anthracite;
  • wood briquettes;
  • peat;
  • electricity;
  • natural gas.
Feature Description
Efficiency Karakan solid fuel boilers are known for their high efficiency in heating homes, ensuring optimal energy usage.
Reliability These heating systems are praised for their reliability, providing consistent warmth even in harsh Russian winters.

Among Russian-made heating systems, the Karakan solid fuel boiler is a well-liked option for heating your house. Its efficiency, dependability, and affordability have earned it a reputation for consistently delivering warmth in the bitterly cold Russian winters.

The adaptability of the Karakan solid fuel boiler is one of its main benefits. This boiler can effectively burn solid fuels, such as coal, wood, or other fuels, to provide heat for your house. Because of its adaptability, it’s a sensible choice for homes in areas where a variety of solid fuel sources are easily accessible.

Furthermore, the Karakan boiler is renowned for its sturdy design and longevity. Constructed to endure the severe circumstances of Russian winters, it provides extended dependability, diminishing the necessity for regular upkeep and fixes. Because of its dependability, homeowners can rest easy knowing that even in the worst of weather, their heating system will function as intended.

Many homeowners find the Karakan solid fuel boiler to be an appealing option due to its affordability. In contrast to alternative heating systems available in the market, it provides an affordable option without sacrificing efficiency. When paired with its effectiveness, this affordability factor makes it a wise investment for individuals trying to properly control their heating costs.

In conclusion, the solid fuel boiler Karakan proves to be a dependable and useful heating option for homes in Russia. Because of its adaptability, robustness, and affordability, homeowners looking for dependable warmth during the chilly winter months frequently choose it. The robust construction and efficient combustion of multiple solid fuel types make the Karakan boiler an excellent investment for maintaining warmth and comfort in Russian homes.

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