Overview of electric boilers Kospel

Selecting the appropriate heating system is essential for maintaining a warm and comfortable home. A growing number of homeowners are choosing electric boilers because of their effectiveness, dependability, and simplicity of installation. Kospel is a prominent brand in this industry, distinguished by its cutting-edge designs and cutting-edge technology.

With Kospel electric boilers, you can heat your house and have hot water without using gas, making them a modern solution. It’s a good idea to learn about the features and advantages of Kospel boilers, whether you’re remodeling your house or trying to replace your old heating system.

The adaptability of Kospel electric boilers is one of their main benefits. They are available in various sizes and capacities to accommodate various household requirements. Compact models are perfect for apartments, while larger models are appropriate for family homes. This versatility facilitates the process of selecting a boiler that both complements your interior design and provides the ideal amount of heating.

Apart from offering a variety of sizes, Kospel boilers are renowned for their high energy efficiency. A heating system that can efficiently control energy consumption is crucial in light of the growing environmental concerns and rising costs of energy. Because Kospel boilers are made to be as efficient as possible, homeowners can cut their utility costs and their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, Kospel electric boilers are made to last thanks to sturdy parts and premium materials that guarantee dependability and long-term performance. Because of its longevity, homeowners can feel secure in the knowledge that their heating system will function well for many years to come with little upkeep.

Model Features
Kospel XPERT High efficiency, compact design
Kospel EKCO.LN Advanced control options, energy-saving mode
Kospel PELLETMAX Compatible with pellet fuel, eco-friendly heating

About the manufacturer

Poland is the nation where Kospel electric boilers are manufactured and assembled. The company has been producing electric water heaters, heating boilers, and indirect heating boilers for almost 30 years. The company offers a fairly extensive service structure, an official representative office in Russia, and the newest models have essentially not resulted in any significant service complaints in their first five to seven years of operation.

We will go on to explain why we believe that the manufacturer’s current models, nearly all of which are the best in terms of price-quality ratio, can fully compete with other well-known European brands like Bosch, Protherm, and Vaillant.

Modern boilers are made mostly of high-quality alloys and materials. Copper is used in almost all models for the heating unit bulb and other pipes because it conducts heat more efficiently and resists corrosion better than standard stainless steel, even when it has an extra layer of anti-corrosion coating. Excellent build quality is evident in the well-assembled wiring components.

A room thermostat is a standard feature on every model made today, something that not many electric boilers have. Costlier models come with the option of programming, which is a feature that electric boilers must have and which lets you adjust the boiler’s settings for a day or a week. For instance, lowering the temperature to 19°C at night or to 15°C during business hours when the owners are not home. Savings on energy costs of up to 20–30% are possible in this way.

In the absence of programming function, it can be organized with a third-party room thermostat, if the boiler supports external control. The cost of a third-party programmable thermostat (3-5 thousand. rub.) is on average equal to the additional payment for a similar model of Kospel, differing only by the presence of programming function, so you can take the standard model, organizing the control through, perhaps, more convenient or technological thermostat.

Additional benefits of the Kospel model line include: one of the most compact dimensions; nearly silent operation because magnetic starters on semistors have been replaced; external street sensors are included in the set of some boilers for the organization of weather-dependent control.

Naturally, there are a few well-known drawbacks. Firstly, it is the device’s lack of an expansion tank (which is only included in EKCO models).LN2). Additionally, the Polish manufacturer’s models are notorious for being susceptible to automatic voltage fluctuations and for costing more than more powerful models with heat outputs exceeding 30 kW.

Other than that, the only models for which service complaints have been filed are the EKCO.L and EKCO.R1 models (leakage sensor triggering and noise when switching on). Based on owner feedback and installation experience, all current models have been operating trouble-free for over 7 years.

In the world of home heating and insulation, electric boilers have emerged as a popular and efficient choice. Kospel electric boilers, in particular, offer a comprehensive solution for households seeking reliable heating without the hassle of traditional fuel sources. With their compact design and advanced technology, Kospel electric boilers provide consistent warmth while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. From their easy installation to their user-friendly controls, Kospel boilers cater to the needs of modern homeowners looking for convenience and sustainability. Whether it"s heating a small apartment or a larger family home, Kospel electric boilers stand out for their effectiveness and reliability, making them a smart choice for anyone considering an upgrade to their heating system.

Owners" reviews of electric boilers Kospel: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Polish build quality, good materials, reliability, some models have heat-insulating materials No expansion tank pre-installed from the factory (all other modules of the heating system are included in the design)
All models are equipped with a room thermostat – a temperature controller/limiter that measures the temperature of the air in the room Unjustified cost of powerful models (30 kW and more)
More than half of the models have a programming function

The best and most famous models: characteristics and prices


WxWxH: 912x203x172 mm; the smallest and most basic of the current models, a great option when space is at a premium. Despite its size, it is produced in capacities ranging from 4, 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, and 21 kW. It also features an integrated safety group and circulation pump. The set has automatic power control and a room thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature to your preferred level.

The steel heating unit—practically the only one in the current model range—the lack of sophisticated settings, the inability to prevent the system from freezing and stopping the circulation pump, and the somewhat expensive price for such a basic design are among the drawbacks that have kept the Kospel model range of electric boilers from enjoying the highest level of popularity.

An analysis comparing the efficiency of convectors and electric boilers for heating private homes


The well-known and favored Kospel vintage electric boiler. This model differs in that it comes with a set of room thermostats, automation with auto-diagnostics, overheating protection, and a pressure gauge. Its 24 kW capacity starts with copper heat exchangers and spigots. Because of its light weight (18 kg), you can install it independently on practically any wall. Owners report nearly silent operation and no significant service issues in more than 7 years of use.

The lack of an expansion tank and susceptibility to power fluctuations remain the drawback. All things considered, this is a typical low-cost model that offers excellent value.


One of the best Kospel electric boilers for heating a private house. In fact, the difference of EKCO model.L2 from EKCO.R2 consists only in the presence in the first one of the programming function, which allows, if used correctly, to save 10, 20 and even 30% of electricity by building boiler operation patterns. It is enough to set the temperature schedule once and the automation will maintain the set temperature without human intervention.

Other than that, it’s the same as the previous model—easy to use, trouble-free.


Models with a high heat output that are intended to heat at least 300 m³ of large private homes. There are variants with 30, 36, 42, and 48 kW of capacity. Each of them has two copper heating units, which are further shielded from heat loss by a heat-insulating casing to reduce heat loss through the boiler modules. Additional features include a programmer, pump lockout protection, overheat protection, room thermostat, and a contemporary filter with a magnetic liner for coolant cleaning.

The factory-installed external outdoor temperature sensor that sets EKCO.TM apart from EKCO.T enables the arrangement of comfortable weather-dependent automatic control. The only drawbacks are the absence of an expansion tank and the relatively high cost, particularly for models that allow for the organization of weather-dependent control.

Official website: where to see all models and operating instructions

The official Kospel website in Russia is located at https://коспел.rf. The official Polish website is also available in Russian at https://kospel.pl/ru/.

You can see a description and technical specifications of every model that is currently available by going to the "Electric heating boilers" section. The lack of an electronic version of the instruction manual on the model page is a major drawback. However, all of the documentation is available in the Polish website’s Russian translation; it includes detailed instructions for installation, use, and upkeep as well as schematic pictures.

Which boiler model is better to choose in the end

The most popular models available right now are the ones listed above, so we advise selecting one of them. The EKCO.R2 is an excellent standard model; however, we suggest spending an additional few thousand dollars to purchase the more sophisticated EKCO.L2 with a programmer. This module is essential to any electric boiler and can significantly lower the enormous electricity operating costs.

EKCO is a good choice if the boiler room has very little space.We can say that A is unique in its dimensions, functionality, and dependability. The more technologically advanced and reinforced EKCO.T or EKCO.TM is the better option when heating private homes larger than 350–400 m³.

The primary goal is to ascertain the boiler capacity that is required in order to ensure adequate heat output without going over budget. The minimal amount of power needed can be computed using the following straightforward formula: for every 10 square meters of area, a heating system producing 1 kW of heat is needed in the Moscow region for an average house with two bricks of masonry and a ceiling height of 2.7 meters. Additionally, we advise setting aside a reserve of 15% to 20%.

For instance, the minimum boiler output needed for the 80 m 2 average house mentioned above is 80/10 * 1,2 (20% reserve) = 9,6 = 10 kW. We select the closest Kospel model with a 12 kW capacity because there are no variations with a 10 kW capacity.

In over 90% of cases, such basic computations are adequate. Correction factors are applied, which can alter the result by 5–30% depending on the house’s characteristics. These include having a large ceiling height or glazing area, being in the far north or south of the nation, and having well insulation.

How to compute the necessary boiler output precisely Formula, correction factors, and individual calculations

Frequently asked questions about Kospel boilers

An example of a three-way valve with servo drive is the Honeywell VCZMH6000E. This valve is used to connect the indirect boiler or buffer tank. Depending on the model, the wiring diagram varies slightly, but the instruction manual always contains comprehensive instructions that are now readily available in electronic form.

The make-up unit that is intended for this purpose is used to fill the heating system, and it is best to place it at the lowest point. Using a pump or water pressure is required for pumping; however, exercise caution and pump the coolant at low output or low valve opening to prevent water hammer. It is possible to fill small systems with natural circulation with an open expansion tank.

The basic design of electric boilers consists of a bulb with heating elements and automation; therefore, there is very little to break. As is common with all electric boilers, the only issue is the buildup of limescale on the heating elements, particularly when using hard, untreated water as a heat carrier. The efficiency is significantly decreased as a result of scale formation; more time and electricity are required to heat water through the layer of scale to the same temperature.

The heating element should be changed every three to five years, depending on the coolant quality and operating conditions. You can replace it yourself. In actuality, it is rare for any other electric boiler module to malfunction during the first ten years of use.

Prices: summary table

Model Price, rub.
EKCO.A 19 000
EKCO.R2 41 000
EKCO.L2 49 500
EKCO.T 74 000
EKCO.TM 125 000

Even in the coldest weather, homes can be reliably and efficiently heated with Kospel electric boilers, offering warmth and comfort. They fit well in both smaller apartments and larger homes thanks to their simple installation and compact design.

The adaptability of Kospel electric boilers is one of their main benefits. The models that best suit a homeowner’s heating needs can be chosen from a variety of sizes and power ratings. There is a Kospel electric boiler to fit your needs, regardless of how big or small your family home is.

Kospel electric boilers are renowned for their energy efficiency in addition to their adaptability. They contribute to lowering utility costs and energy waste by heating water only when necessary. As a result, they are not only economically and ecologically beneficial over time, but they also save homeowners money.

The dependability of Kospel electric boilers is another noteworthy characteristic. Constructed using premium components and cutting-edge technology, they are meant to deliver reliable heating results with little upkeep. As a result, homeowners can rest easy knowing that their heating system is robust and dependable.

To sum up, Kospel electric boilers are a dependable, effective, and adaptable heating option for houses of all shapes and sizes. They save energy and money for homeowners thanks to their dependable performance and energy-saving features. For a warm and comfortable home, Kospel electric boilers are a good option whether you’re looking to install a new heating system or upgrade your current one.

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