Operating principle of Lemax floor standing gas boilers

Having a dependable heating system is crucial for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the cold months. For many homeowners, a floor-standing gas boiler—such as those made by Lemax—is a popular option. These boilers put in a lot of overtime in the background to heat your house effectively and supply hot water for everyday needs. But how precisely do they function?

The combustion chamber, which is the main component of a Lemax floor-standing gas boiler, is where natural gas is burned to produce heat. After that, the heat is converted to water, which is then circulated throughout your house via pipes to radiators or underfloor heating systems. The process of combustion is meticulously regulated to guarantee maximum effectiveness and security.

The heat exchanger is an essential part of these boilers because it transfers heat from the burning gas to the water. The heat exchanger’s large surface area for heat transfer is provided by its metal tubes or plates, which maximize the system’s efficiency. The water absorbs the heat energy as it moves through the heat exchanger, getting hot and ready to be distributed throughout your house.

The integrated controls and safety mechanisms of Lemax floor-standing gas boilers are another noteworthy feature. These boilers have advanced sensors and valves that keep an eye on a number of variables, including pressure and temperature, to guarantee dependable and safe operation. The boiler has the ability to automatically adjust its settings or shut down in order to prevent damage or hazards if any abnormalities are detected.

All things considered, Lemax floor-standing gas boilers provide homeowners with a dependable and effective way to heat their houses. Even in the coldest weather, these boilers provide reliable warmth and hot water thanks to their cutting-edge technology and sturdy design. Knowing how they operate will help you choose your home heating system wisely and guarantee many years of comfort and happiness.

Component Explanation
Gas Supply Lemax floor standing gas boilers utilize a gas supply to fuel the heating process. Gas is supplied from a source such as a gas line or tank.
Burner The burner is the part of the boiler that ignites the gas to produce heat. It"s responsible for heating up the water or air that circulates through the system.
Heat Exchanger Once the burner ignites the gas, the heat exchanger transfers this heat to either water or air. This heated medium is then distributed throughout the house for heating purposes.
Pump A pump is used to circulate the heated water or air through the system. It ensures even distribution of heat to all areas of the house.
Controls Boiler systems come with controls to regulate temperature and monitor the overall operation of the unit. These controls ensure efficient and safe operation.

What are the requirements for installation

The standard requirements for installing a two-circuit Lemax gas boiler are established. It is imperative to observe the standard locations of heating units, the existence of water supply connection points, gas mains, and chimneys.

Vital. Amateurism is not permitted here; only trained professionals with prior experience handling gas equipment should perform the installation.

Installing the expansion tank, shut-off valves, valves, sensors, and other parts that the manufacturer supplied (and detailed in the handbook) is a requirement. The equipment’s base needs to be sturdy and stable in order to prevent subsidence and boiler distortion, let alone displacement. The ability to maintain the unit and its components should be considered when choosing the installation location so that, in the event that it becomes necessary, it would be convenient to disassemble the burner unit or sectional heat exchanger.

When it comes to the chimney, you have a few choices: assembled from separate sections of pipe, brick, or capital. The last choice is the most widely used (and advised by businesses that specialize in manufacturing gas removal systems), and it can be installed quickly and easily.

Possible faults

Engineers will inevitably fail, no matter how hard they work to avert potential issues or how watchful and accountable they are. For instance, if "Lemax Premium" extinguishes, or the main burner stops on its own, the following reasons can be presumed:

  • poor discharge in the chimney;
  • overfilling of the gas vent
  • incorrect setting of the thermostat.

Examine the duct that the smoke is extracted through first. If obstructions or contaminants are found, they need to be cleared out right away. In the event that this proves ineffective or that there is no interference discovered, the regulator must be adjusted.

In the event that a gas leak is found, you should give up trying to fix it yourself. Only licensed gas service professionals are permitted to perform any restoration work.

For information, if the flame tongues grow excessively long and turn orange or even red, cleaning chimneys and burners may be helpful.

The system needs to be filled if there is no water movement. The entire heating circuit will need to be redone if this measure proves ineffective. The inlet tap needs to be closed in the event of an unexpected boiler shutdown brought on by a brief gas supply interruption. Then, extremely unpleasant outcomes will not occur. An igniter or thermocouple issue could be the cause if the boiler won’t light. The thermocouple must be replaced and the contacts must be cleaned. On occasion, you should also work on the draught sensor and connect it in a more sensible manner as opposed to "crimped."

Important: It is strictly forbidden to ignite if the igniter fire rushes forward. This is a very dangerous situation that is almost always caused by a lack of draught.

Which boiler from the model range to choose

Customers’ opinions regarding "Lemax" boilers are a little mixed. While some commend them for their modesty, affordability, and dependability, others berate them for sporadic malfunctions and failures. The fact that the manufacturer has been producing heating systems for decades in and of itself is reason for confidence. Regarding malfunctions, the experience of service center staff demonstrates that they happen in nearly every model and are not very brand-specific.

Owners should consider the following factors when selecting a unit:

  • the boiler must have a power reserve;
  • 1 kW approximately corresponds to 10 m2 of heated area;
  • the level of heat loss in the house.

The variety of heating equipment models is continuously growing, and new, dependable, and efficient products are coming onto the market. In addition to the obvious benefits of the "Lemax" boiler brand, other factors that contribute to its success include its ability to identify key "problem" areas, build a strong repair base, and easily restore malfunctioning equipment. Furthermore, the majority of fundamental issues can be resolved at home without the need for expert assistance.

In the realm of heating and insulation for homes, understanding the operating principle of Lemax floor-standing gas boilers is pivotal. These boilers work by utilizing natural gas to heat water, which then circulates through pipes to provide warmth throughout a house. The process begins with the burner igniting the gas, heating a heat exchanger. As water passes through this exchanger, it absorbs the heat, transforming into hot water or steam. This hot water then travels through pipes to radiators or underfloor heating systems, spreading warmth. Simultaneously, the boiler"s thermostat monitors the temperature, adjusting the burner"s intensity to maintain a comfortable level of heat. Efficient and reliable, Lemax floor-standing gas boilers offer an effective solution for keeping homes cozy during cold weather while minimizing energy consumption and maximizing comfort.

Lemax solid fuel boiler

Two configurations are available for solid fuel heaters:

  • solid fuel boiler – forward series;
  • Burzhuyka – series teplodom and teplodom-C.

Reviews claim that the Lemax solid fuel heating boiler is built to run on coal. Alternatively, firewood and even natural gas may be used concurrently. In the latter scenario, a special burner needs to be ordered. This unit is unique in that the fuel is loaded vertically, with the hatch at the top. You can pour coal straight out of the bucket.

Apartment heaters with good automation and thermostat performance are the most cost-effective.

Regarding written kerosene heaters for dachas.

There are three capacities for the TT boiler: 13, 17, and 21 kW. Works in autonomous heating systems with pressure up to 0.2 mPa and heats water to 95 degrees. With coal, the efficiency is only 75–80%, and with wood, it is 72–77%.

The steel used in Burzhuyka heaters is 4 mm thick. Both a flat top and a stone basket are available for them. Steam rooms use the last option. There is a 10 kW thermal capacity in both stoves. 65 and 80 kg in weight. Logs up to 60 cm in length can fit inside the firebox. Only wood can be used to stoke a burzhuyka.

Operating instructions

Boilers "Lemax" can undoubtedly demonstrate their worth from the best angle. However, a lot relies on the users themselves, including whether or not they adhere to the guidelines.

Furthermore, the most crucial step begins long before the installed boiler needs to be lit. Strict selection of equipment that is power-matched to the heated space is required.

Dump valves must be mounted and adjusted correctly because it is extremely dangerous to exceed operating pressure.

The following activities are not permitted:

  • introduction of water into the system when the combustion chamber is working, as well as after it stops – until the coolant cools to less than +50 degrees;
  • using the boiler at the turnover of the coolant cooled down to +50 degrees and less;
  • the use of heating devices with automatic components without grounding;
  • installation of gas boilers, their start-up, preventive maintenance and any technical manipulation by persons who do not have official authorization;
  • Use of apparatus in conjunction with inadequate flue passages;
  • blocking of ventilation duct grilles.

Any boiler from "Premium" or other series can be switched on only after connection to the chimney, it is also necessary to exclude its blocking and violation of normal draught. It should also be checked that the entire heating system is filled with water, that nowhere it is blocked by valves, air plugs. In the event of a serious failure of automation should immediately turn off the boiler, as well as leave all attempts to start it until the elimination of defects by professionals. If the coolant heats up to more than +95 degrees, the boiler should also be switched off and the cause of overheating should be eliminated either independently or with the help of specialists involved.

Good natural ventilation must be set up ahead of time during the equipment selection and installation stages. Installing a steel sheet is advised for the area in front of the furnace, under the boiler, and all the way around it.

A sheet’s width and thickness that are marginally higher than the fire department’s and manufacturer’s recommended regulatory values are perfectly acceptable. Additionally, safety will only get better.

If there has been a boiler or furnace before, they should be flushed when installing without replacing pipes and radiators. Violation of this requirement means that all claims on the capacity of the pipes, on the heating of the coolant and the room, on the circulation of water will not be accepted. When starting the gas boiler in operation first turn the knob and only then proceed to adjustment and start up. The time to initiate the ignition of gas is from 10 to 60 seconds, depending on a number of unpredictable in a particular case parameters. After the end of the annual heating stage it is impossible to drain water from the boiler itself and heating mains – it threatens a fast and powerful corrosion.

Gas floor standing boilers Lemax with steel heat exchanger

There are five categories that represent this class, and each has a different unit capacity gradation. As a result, you can select the heater that best suits your needs. The heating system’s pressure should not be higher than two atmospheres. Let’s take a closer look at the heater categories that use steel heat exchangers:

  • Lemax premium boilers;
  • premium nova;
  • patriot;
  • gasifier;
  • clever.

Lemax Premium steel boilers are separated into two categories. 7.5 to 60 kW for the first, and 70 to 100 kW for the second. The steel used to make the units is 2 mm thick. Similar to Conord boilers, the heat exchanger is constructed as a cylinder for increased efficiency.

Inhibiting compositions shield the inner surface of the heat exchanger from the buildup of salts and scale.

The heater has Italian automatic SIT technology and uses no energy. Lemax heating boilers have smoke temperatures of at least 110 degrees Celsius. Water can only get up to 90 degrees. The nominal gas pressure at which the unit operates is 1.3 mPa.

The Lemax series premium nova heating boiler has undergone some enhancements. The temperature regulator is now situated on the front of the vehicle, and the turbo-charger and thermostat for the chimney can be connected here. The heater also has a soft-start mechanism installed. This series’ units range in power from 7.5 to 30 kW.

The Patriot Series boilers are unique in that their combustion chamber is closed. The unit does not require the installation of a complete chimney or a connection to the electrical grid. This parapet boiler uses a special pipe (sort of like a chimney) to draw air from the street for combustion. There are outlets on both ends to connect to the heating system. The range of power is 6–20 kW. Every model has just one circuit.

According to reviews, carbon heaters are more dependable than infrared quartz heaters for dachas.

Read this to learn how to pick a heater for a room.

A traditional AOGV, the Gasovik series has a capacity ranging from 6 to 29 kW. Consequently, the appliance relies on energy, its combustion chamber is open, and a thermocouple regulates its operation. In terms of efficiency, the gas heater is marginally less than other series models (87% vs. 90%). Sensors for gas, water pressure, and draught are installed in the heaters. made exclusively in a version with a single circuit.

The most versatile heaters are the ingenious series heaters. An indirect boiler, outdoor and interior temperature sensors, a chimney turbocharger, and an Internet-based control unit can all be connected to the boiler. Temperature range of 20 to 55 kW. uses nine watts of electricity every hour.

A little about the manufacturer

In 1992, the Lemax company began operations in Taganrog, more specifically on the shores of the Sea of Azov. Amidst a dramatic shift in the political landscape and a genuine economic catastrophe, the organization’s founders were able to assemble a unified team of artists capable of executing even the most intricate requests. Years of hard work have paid off, as the company now enjoys a stable and advantageous position in the market.

"Lemax" boilers are regarded as some of the best when it comes to price and performance. The company makes columns for water heating as well as single- and two-circuit systems.

How the Lemax boiler is organized and how it works

Lemax Enterprises is situated in the Russian city of Taganrog. Our domestic and Western partners supply the major parts for the boiler equipment that is assembled at our facilities. While Russian companies manufacture the majority of heat exchangers and casings, burners, control units, and automatic systems are imported.

These kinds of boilers come with the option of closed or open combustion chambers. The bodies of the units are always equipped with temperature and pressure regulators. In most cases, you can turn on the Lemax boiler without using the mains because some models don’t even require electricity. The device manufacturer Lemax is required by the safety regulations to always commutate with the chimney. The only spaces appropriate for equipment installation are those with adequate ventilation.

The ease with which the Lemax boiler can be ignited is a distinguishing feature of Taganrog devices. No matter how many circuits this equipment supports or what kind of material was used to make it, switching it with the power grid typically doesn’t present any unique challenges. One requirement is to use the voltage stabilizer in the scheme to turn on the Lemax gas boiler (any jump can cause the breakdown of the device).

Included in the Lemax boiler are the following units:

  • Gas burner.
  • Valves.
  • Control board.
  • expansion tank.
  • Circulation pump.

The primary fuel for this kind of equipment is gas, which heats the heat exchanger through the burner’s operation. Incorporated into the design is a coil intended to provide hot water. The coolant in the circuit can be moved around by either forced or natural circulation.

Anyone wishing to maximize their heating system must comprehend the intricate workings of Lemax floor standing gas boilers. These boilers use the straightforward but efficient principle of gas combustion to provide heat for your house. These boilers heat water by burning gas, and the heated water is then distributed throughout your home’s radiators or underfloor heating systems to provide warmth throughout.

The efficiency of Lemax floor standing gas boilers is one of their main benefits. These boilers are made to produce the most heat with the least amount of energy, which will reduce your heating costs over time. Their floor-standing arrangement and small size make them perfect for both commercial and residential use, providing a dependable heating option for a range of properties.

To ensure worry-free operation, Lemax floor standing gas boilers also feature cutting edge safety features. These boilers prioritize safety without sacrificing performance, with features like automatic shut-off mechanisms and built-in pressure and temperature sensors. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that their heating system is safe for their family and property in addition to being efficient.

In conclusion, Lemax floor standing gas boilers provide both homes and businesses with a dependable and effective heating solution. These boilers use as little energy as possible to heat your entire property consistently by utilizing the power of gas combustion. They are a sensible option for anyone wishing to upgrade their heating system for maximum comfort and convenience because of their cutting-edge safety features and small size.

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