Mounting the foam crusher with your own hands

Energy efficiency and the health of your family depend on keeping your house warm during the winter and at a comfortable temperature all year round. Installing foam insulation correctly is essential to getting the best possible insulation. Installing a foam crusher can significantly improve your living environment’s comfort level or lower your energy costs.

Although mounting a foam crusher may seem difficult, it is quite possible to accomplish with the correct advice and a little do-it-yourself spirit. By taking control of the situation, you can reduce installation costs and acquire a better understanding of the insulation system in your house. Furthermore, there’s no better feeling than finishing a home improvement project by yourself.

It’s important to know what foam crushing involves before getting started. To put it simply, a foam crusher is a tool that reduces foam insulation into smaller pieces for easier handling and disposal. This stage is essential for installing insulation effectively because it guarantees adequate coverage and minimizes waste.

Now, you may be asking yourself why, when there are professional services available, you need to mount a foam crusher yourself. Although it’s always possible to hire experts, doing so can be expensive. In addition to saving money, you can ensure that the installation is completed to your satisfaction by taking complete control of the process and doing it yourself.

Mounting a foam crusher involves careful planning and the appropriate equipment. Assemble all required tools and familiarize yourself with the procedures before beginning. You can quickly experience the satisfaction of having a well-insulated home and the peace of mind that goes along with it if you are patient and pay attention to detail.

Why recycle

There is an easy solution to this query. There is nowhere to put the material that has accumulated over time and was once used as trays, packaging, and ornaments. It is not appropriate to burn it along with leftover wood. This is because a lot of harmful gases have been released. There is nowhere to recycle the foam plastic and nowhere to dispose of it.

Recycling Styrofoam at home is the only reliable way to get rid of such waste. To complete all of the work effectively and correctly, the following is required:

  • Determine the purpose of recycling.
  • Choose a place where it is convenient to recycle. This material does not just fly, it is also perfectly electrified. Therefore, it may be necessary to have a special room in which to do the recycling.
  • Choose the method of exposure of the available foam waste.

Naturally, the first thing to consider is that this material can be utilized as packing material; however, storage can present some challenges. It is crushed in this instance, but a foam crusher is required for that. What should you do next? Here, each person makes his own decisions.

Methods of usage and processing:

  1. Styrofoam crusher. It can be crushed with the help of a special crusher, but in its absence it is done manually. It is important to think about the process, because the small particles of polystyrene foam have too little weight and easily fly in different directions. Therefore, when shredding polystyrene foam by hand, it is placed in a bag or other container.
  2. The raw material to be disposed of takes up quite a lot of space and room. One of the most important tasks is to reduce its size. Citrus zest concentrate (its second name is "limone") is used for this purpose. Under the influence of this substance polystyrene foam not only becomes smaller, it turns into a liquid substance.
  3. It can only be melted by heating.

Make use of You can use the crushed raw material in a country house or on a garden plot. It is mixed into the soil in beds for growing greens and added to the soil in flowerbeds. This is because the granules keep the soil from cracking by helping to absorb and retain moisture in the ground—even during periods of extreme drought. Water and air can enter the soil more readily, giving plant roots more oxygen and nutrients. However, the characteristics of this substance prevent any decaying from occurring in these soils.

The principle of operation of the crusher for foam plastic with their own hands

Since it becomes hazardous to both humans and the environment, this material is not disposed of like other materials. Styrofoam does not break down or decompose when it comes into contact with water, and burning it releases harmful gases, so it is not permitted. However, it can be sold and recycled. It is the safest way to get rid of stuff. It is only necessary to carefully consider every step, perform meticulous calculations, and construct your own foam shredder in the beginning. After avoiding every stage of crushing, its waste produces very high-quality crumbs.

A common use for crushed Styrofoam is:

  • in the construction of roofs;
  • as a cushioning underlay;
  • when added to cement to level the surface;
  • when insulating various kinds of pipes;
  • when added to cement for sound and heat insulation;
  • as a filler for upholstered furniture without a frame;
  • in the production of polystyrene concrete blocks.

The crusher’s assembly diagram.

If you’d like, you can easily make a foam plastic shredder. The most important thing is to always have leftover foam on hand. Furthermore, the foam crusher you make yourself is far less expensive than the one you buy at the store. To achieve this, an electric motor with a low speed engine is required in order to crush the foam plastic into individual balls.

It enters the crusher in industrial production up against two knives that are fixed to the shaft and drum wall. The steel drum’s axis is passed through by the shaft as it rotates. The material is divided into pieces as it falls between the knives. Particles of Styrofoam land on an air-filled grid for additional sorting. Large pieces are then re-examined under the knife.

You can build your own shredder using a production crusher as a base. However, this design is challenging to assemble and produces a lot of polystyrene dust. Furthermore, particles with a diameter of roughly 2 cm are obtained. One can also construct a basic crusher. It is constructed in accordance with a basic mechanical grater’s blueprint.

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Benefits of crushed Styrofoam

Upholstery can be stuffed with crushed foam plastic.

The following tasks use crushed Styrofoam, which is created by the foaming process and is a great thermal insulator:

  • construction of roofs;
  • pipe insulation for various purposes;
  • leveling the surface of the cement;
  • making polystyrene concrete blocks;
  • increasing the sound and heat insulation qualities of some building materials.

Crushed Styrofoam is frequently used as a filler for frameless sofas and armchairs. Toys and even pillows contain it as well.

In order to properly create a vapor barrier on your roof using your hands, you must adhere to installation technology.

We covered it in one of our earlier articles.

This material can be readily obtained at home if you need to make a crusher for foam plastic on your own. Whichever option you decide on, to make it, you’ll need an electric motor that rotates slowly, a housing, and a container to hold the foam crumbs.

Of course, to dispose of And for this purpose, first of all, you need to buy a crusher for foam plastic.

Foam plastic is a special kind of material with many applications. Furthermore, purchasing a standard crusher for Styrofoam will suffice to process this material; no factory or independent shop is required! Then, you can create a variety of containers, building materials, add to soil to improve its structure, fill in various depressions, and simply burn foam plastic (burning foam plastic releases the same amount of calories as burning gasoline).

Prior to and following

Investing in a high-quality crusher for foam plastic is a wise move. Foam plastic shredders are made especially for breaking down light materials. Additionally, since parts are rarely needed to be replaced and foam plastic crushers use very little electricity, maintenance and repair work are inexpensive.

You can buy quality foam crusher at favorable prices from us. We offer only quality equipment! Call, ask – and buy! It is favorable!

We provide you with the option to purchase equipment like the foam waste crusher. This machine’s benefits include its ability to handle lightweight materials that other pieces of equipment cannot handle. The double-sided sharpened knives used in the foam plastic processing equipment push out the crumb as a result of centrifugal forces.

The foam waste crusher is a multipurpose tool that can be used to compress waste materials like foam rubber, synthetic rubber, and more. Our crushers’ motors are situated behind the frame. The shock load on the motor is lessened by this design. We always have equipment on hand for processing foam plastic.

We ship to every region in Russia. There is a one-year warranty on the machines. Our clients can benefit from an adaptable discount program! Additionally, read these two helpful and interesting articles: Foam shredder here and Press machine here.

AMD-600DU for foam plastic crushing

Improved motor location model. It is positioned on the frame to lessen shock loads. Furthermore, there is a belt transmission mechanism at play. Its rotor speed (1500 revolutions per minute) and engine power (11.5 kW) combine to produce 80–120 kg of output per hour. The equipment weighs 250 kg and has ideal dimensions. trustworthy when handling Styrofoam. Ideal for use in the manufacturing of building materials, home appliance packaging and sorting departments, retail establishments, and warehouses.

Denisov, Denis Anatolievich

Our production shredders are long-lasting, compliant with current GOSTs, and meet European quality standards. "AMD Plast" is a dependable supplier and your devoted friend. We are the ideal partner because of our impeccable reputation, wealth of experience, first-rate service, and many years of exposure to both the Russian and foreign markets. Concerns? Give a call!

To make a shredder with your own hands, you need

Shaft grinder schematic diagram.

  • round mesh disk;
  • drive shaft for fixing the disk;
  • A base where the drive shaft will be attached;
  • guide plane, for feeding the foam sheets.

The shredder’s layout is as follows:

  1. The grater itself is attached to the shaft and rotates simultaneously with it. The shaft is driven by any motor through a reducer, which reduces the number of revolutions of the shaft.
  2. The foam pieces are fed to the grater by a guide pipe.
  3. The gap between the cutting elements and the opening in the shredder determines the size of the foam particles at the output.

It is feasible to forgo a protective-catching casing around the shaft and forced suction of fine material if a dust collector is fitted on the apparatus’s motor and the crusher is housed in a closed space.

The crusher, which they made by hand, has certain drawbacks.

  • dust in the room;
  • large amount of unshredded pieces.

Utilize a hand shredder of some kind for the remaining large pieces. In this instance, the foam crusher is a regular plastic box intended for fruit and vegetable storage and transportation. Just rub the Styrofoam pieces on the bottom of the box using progressive-return motions, much like a vegetable grater.

When properly configured, a crusher made by hand can provide its owners with a tangible income through material processing and subsequent realization.

Here, it’s critical to ensure that foam, the raw material for processing, is always available and that the necessary conditions are met for weighing and packing the pellets into polyethylene bags.

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Types of foam shredders

Depending on the quantity of material, you can select the kind of crusher for foam plastic. It might not even be necessary to put together a special unit in order to complete the task if the primary objective is to obtain one or two small bags of crumbs. It is sufficient to use a homemade "grater" made out of a cell box or a metal brush, which is used to rub foam insulation sheets. Although this approach is inefficient, expenses are avoided.

Investing in high-quality vapor barrier roofing materials up front is preferable to having to redo the entire job later.

The installation on the roof and this method are not exactly the same.

When the material is sufficiently large to require more than one bag—ten, twenty, or more—you should choose the following method for creating a crusher:

  • by means of a mesh (production of 0.2-0.3 cu. m/h). The most profitable and fastest method;
  • Using as an example an industrial crushing plant (at least 1 cubic meter per hour). The equipment will be more expensive (although more favorable compared to buying a ready-made version) and will require more time for manufacturing.

Mesh crusher

Making a small machine-turk with the following components is the easiest way to construct a foam plastic crusher by hand:

  • a circular mesh element in the form of a disk;
  • shaft, on which the grid is installed;
  • base for motor and shaft mounting. The motor can be taken, for example, from a concrete mixer, additionally installing a gearbox to reduce the number of revolutions (too fast rotation will lead to too small particles).

The diameter of the resulting granules is determined by the size of the holes in the rotating grid, which is fed with Styrofoam. Manual feeding necessitates preparing the material by cutting it to the disk’s width. One benefit of the choice is its low cost. The challenge of breaking up every fragment and the copious amount of dust in the air are the drawbacks. The first issue is resolved by hand cutting (with drawers and brushes); the second requires the use of respiratory and visual protection gear.

Classic crusher

Although it is more cost-effective to make your own, it is worthwhile to use the design of an industrial foam crusher to increase the volume of foam pellets produced.

Manufacturing crusher blades.

The material is fed into the shredder housing and directed toward two knives fixed on the shaft and drum to produce foam crumbs. The foam is crushed as it passes between the cutting edges, producing output granules that are the right size.

The shredder is constructed by hand using a welded metal box that houses two rotating shafts with long teeth. They can be constructed, for instance, by inserting and fastening the rods in drilled holes or by using regular screws into the wooden roller.

You can make good money producing foam crumbs with little initial investment.

Similar to the grinder-crusher, a low-power, low-speed motor is selected as the rotating apparatus. Consequently, a few millimeter-diameter particles are produced, which can then be manually refined if needed. Images of previously produced crushers can be used to understand how these crushers work.

The principle of operation of the crusher for foam plastic with your own hands

During the process of making foam crumbs,

  • Manufacturing of granules of a given size by a special technology by foaming polystyrene balls;
  • waste recycling – shredding of polystyrene foam residues in special constructions for foam plastic crushing.

In construction, crushed material is used to form concrete floor screeds and level surfaces by blending it with cement mortar. The raw material used to make polystyrene concrete is recycled foam.

The parts of a Styrofoam shredder are as follows:

  • bases;
  • motor casing;
  • hopper;
  • tank;
  • flap handles.

The knife plate, screen, base, and body make up the crushing chamber apparatus. A spring assembly and adjustment mechanism are used to set the roller spacing.

After being filled into a tank, the waste foam is released into the working area. The foam is divided into fragments by the knives as they cut it while the shaft rotates through the drum axes.

To be sorted onto an air mesh, the shreds are taken out of the working area. The shredding blade returns to the coarse parts of the waste, and the crushed foam is fed into the output hopper.

Our guide on home insulation and heating puts an emphasis on workable ways to increase comfort and energy efficiency. A crucial topic we address is the do-it-yourself installation of a foam crusher, an essential instrument for efficiently handling insulation materials. You can mount the foam crusher yourself to save money and make it unique to your requirements. You can successfully finish the installation process with the help of the step-by-step instructions and advice in this article. Your home’s insulation can be improved with a foam crusher installed correctly, which will lower your energy costs and create a cozier living space.

Styrofoam crusher price

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  • Crusher for canisters
  • Crusher for sack cloth
  • Polystyrene crusher



UNTHA shredder installed at Modern Enerji plant

The first incinerator plant in Turkey now has the XR3000C single-stage shredder installed by Austrian shredding equipment manufacturer UNTHA. The news portal reports that Modern Enerji’s new shredder increases the production of refuse derived fuel (RDF) and enhances recycling.


A new recycling facility is needed in Aylesbury Valley

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A £10 million loan has been obtained by Derbyshire-based Johnsons Aggregates & Recycling to finance the building of a new ash residue incineration and recycling (IBA) facility. The news portal reports that NatWest has contributed an additional £5 million in funding, and BGF (Business Growth Fund) has contributed £5 million in equity capital.

Materials Needed Steps
Foam Crusher Kit 1. Assemble the foam crusher according to the instructions provided.
2. Ensure all components are securely fastened.
3. Place the foam crusher in a stable location.
4. Connect the crusher to a power source.
5. Test the crusher to ensure it is functioning properly.
6. Adjust settings as needed for optimal performance.
7. Start using the foam crusher to process foam insulation.

Your home’s insulation process can be enhanced and waste management handled more effectively with the installation of a foam crusher. By doing this project yourself, you can save money and acquire important skills and knowledge about the insulation system in your home. Reducing waste and optimizing energy efficiency have a positive environmental impact, so the advantages go beyond simple cost savings.

The customization that comes with installing a foam crusher yourself is one of its main benefits. You can customize the crusher to meet your unique demands and space constraints. This adaptability guarantees that you can maximize its performance for insulation projects in your home, regardless of the size of the renovations or construction you’re working on.

Additionally, installing the foam crusher yourself gives you a better understanding of how it works and how to troubleshoot any potential problems. Through practical experience, you will be able to effectively maintain and repair the crusher, extending its lifespan and guaranteeing steady performance over time.

You also develop greater independence and resourcefulness when you install a foam crusher on your own. You feel empowered and in control of your home improvement projects because you aren’t purely reliant on outside contractors or services. Maintaining your living space with greater pride and accomplishment is fostered by this self-sufficiency.

To sum up, installing a foam crusher yourself is a satisfying project that has many advantages over increased insulation effectiveness. This do-it-yourself project gives homeowners the power to take charge of their insulation needs while making a positive impact on a more sustainable future. Benefits include cost savings, customization, and self-reliance.


Foam crusher with your own hands .3 years in operation.

Foam crusher with your own hands. Homemade polystyrene crusher.

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