Italtherm City Class boiler. Boiler review and personal testimonial. Is it worth buying?

Do you want to keep your house toasty warm in the winter? You’re not by yourself. For many homeowners, comfort and energy efficiency are top priorities, so selecting the appropriate heating solution is essential. The Italtherm City Class boiler is one popular choice that offers dependable performance and effective heating for homes. To assist you in deciding if the Italtherm City Class boiler is the best option for your house, we’ll go into great detail in this article and include firsthand accounts.

Maintaining indoor comfort is largely dependent on heating systems, particularly in areas with severe winters. The cutting-edge features and creative design of the Italtherm City Class boiler set it apart from competitors in the market and cater to the sophisticated heating requirements of contemporary homes. Knowing the features and advantages of the Italtherm City Class boiler is crucial, regardless of whether you want to install a new system or upgrade your current one.

However, what makes the Italtherm City Class boiler superior to other choices? In addition to its elegant appearance, this boiler has outstanding energy efficiency ratings, which guarantee ideal heating while limiting utility costs. Homes of different sizes and layouts can benefit from its practicality due to its small size and flexible installation options. Its programmable settings and user-friendly interface also make it simple to adjust your heating preferences in accordance with your schedule and comfort levels.

Experiences in the real world frequently offer priceless insights when making decisions about purchases. For this reason, we have compiled first-hand accounts from homeowners who have fitted the Italtherm City Class boiler in their homes. These first-hand reports provide insight into the product’s functionality, dependability, and general level of satisfaction. You can learn more about the advantages and possible disadvantages of the Italtherm City Class boiler by speaking with people who have actually used one.

The Italtherm City Class boiler lives up to the growing importance of sustainability in the world of home appliances. Its environmentally friendly features help create a greener, more environmentally conscious home in addition to lowering carbon emissions. Homeowners can improve both their comfort and the environment by investing in a heating system that places a high priority on sustainability and energy efficiency.

In summary, for homeowners looking for dependable heating solutions, the Italtherm City Class boiler offers a compelling combination of performance, efficiency, and sustainability. We have offered insightful analysis and first-hand accounts to assist you in deciding if it is a worthwhile investment for your house. Depending on your priorities—energy efficiency, ease of use, or environmental responsibility—the Italtherm City Class boiler looks like a good choice.

Brief history of the brand

Although the Italtherm brand is relatively new, the factory that makes these boilers has been in operation for more than 50 years. It’s in the Italian town of Pontenure. Hermann boilers were produced at this plant for a very long time. In the past, they were sold in numerous markets with success. Later, the renowned German company Vaillant acquired both this brand and the factory. The previous owner eventually succeeded in getting the plant back. However, the former owner is still in possession of the Hermann brand. The new Italtherm brand was created for this reason.

Actually, a lot of people already use boilers made by this plant. only are ignorant of it. The factory Italterm permitted the use of other logos on its products for a very long period. Boilers made by Baltur Tesis have long been available in the Russian market. This boiler is an Italtherm City Class single unit. However, things have slightly changed over time. Boilers made by Italtherm are currently only made under this brand. However, the factory retains a few "light" models and permits the use of different logos on them.

Actually, the factory produces simpler models under other brands and the best models under its own. However, simplified boilers cannot be deemed inferior. This mid-range boiler is good.


Keep in mind one simple thing: you shouldn’t be primarily interested in the boiler’s appearance. This is the reason this is one of the first things we handle. An average boiler, nothing remarkable. However, the boiler’s maker likes to highlight that Giorgetto Giugiaro oversaw the creation of the design studio that produced it. By the way, the man is awesome. The Italtherm boiler and Daewoo Matiz were designed by none other than a truly brilliant designer.

Convenience of installation and maintenance

Similar to other boilers, this one is mounted. Nothing particularly noteworthy about it. In terms of upkeep, a particular thank you to the individual who came up with the idea of removing the front cover along with the sides. This facilitates easier access to critical assemblies and saves time when servicing the boiler. There are no parts that are inaccessible by hand or that would present difficulties in replacing.


This is where the article really gets interesting, and you can stop reading it there. Because the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a boiler is its packing. Put simply, everything is fine here. The boiler’s components are sourced entirely from European brands by the manufacturer. The name of the manufacturer is printed on every component, but not every brand can be identified by the nation in which it is made.

Italtherm City Class boilers are excellent mid-range boilers because they come with all the necessary parts. Here it is:

  1. Italian assembly, which is famous for its quality and pedantry
  2. The heat exchanger is made of copper with anti-corrosion treatment. The Valmex and Condevo plant is being claimed.
  3. Brass hydraulic group. It"s made in Italy. Now many manufacturers have switched to plastic hydraulics, but Italterm has not.
  4. Grundfos pump. It is still the most reliable boiler pump.
  5. Gas valve sit sigma It"s even kind of boring in here. About 80 percent of boilers are sold with this valve. You don"t have to worry about it. Even after a possible Armageddon you will definitely find spare parts for this part.
  6. The board is from the Italian brand NordGas.
  7. Fime fan. It even looks like an Italian assembly

The following images allow you to examine the details in greater detail:

In summary, there is not even the slightest indication of manufacturer trickery in this boiler. Actually, every component has been put through its paces. Mostly not a problem, standing atop several other boilers.

Boiler flaws and sore spots

Here, it’s not without its shortcomings. Several factors can be attributed to the minuses:

  1. The casing is not the most durable. This is the back of a one-piece cover with sidewalls. If you get the boiler wrong, you"re bound to bend something somewhere. That"s why the manufacturer carefully writes on the box where it is better to open it and where it is better not to do it. Because you"re bound to bend the boiler the first time because you got it from the wrong side.
  2. Lightest heat exchanger in the class. The primary heat exchanger is not the "fattest" one. Its weight is about 1.9 kg. The nearest competitors have heat exchangers in the neighborhood of 2-2,5 kg. In theory, it affects the service life. In practice, each boiler is different
  3. Uncomfortable "knobs". Why did you make them so small!? Make like Wiesmann or old Baxi boilers. It will be many times more convenient

A few tender areas have developed after servicing:

  1. Souring of the very same "knobs". Because of this the boiler started to change the temperature randomly. In our case it was solved by a simple "twist back and forth". Service usually treated everything with contact grease and everything went away
  2. Souring of the flow sensor. Sickness of two-circuit boilers. Hot water did not work properly when it was souring. All was cured by replacing the sensor

By the way, the factory claims that these sores have already been removed and that the boilers have been supplied without them for more than a year.

Do you want to improve the heating system in your house? Explore the world of Italtherm City Class boilers with our in-depth analysis and first-hand account. We will analyze the features, performance, and total value to assist you in determining whether purchasing it is worthwhile. We’ll examine every facet, from user experience to efficiency, to make sure you make the best choice possible for the comfort and energy savings of your house.

What in the end?

Not without sin technique, but there’s no evidence of crime. Customers in our area typically don’t use the boiler to heat their water. As a result, the number of issues the boiler has had in its four years of operation is small. Thus far, there have been no warranty replacement parts.

Pros Cons
1. Energy-efficient 1. Initial cost might be high
2. Compact design, saves space 2. Installation can be complex
3. Reliable performance 3. Maintenance costs
4. Quiet operation 4. Limited warranty
5. User-friendly controls 5. Requires professional servicing

Any homeowner’s decision to purchase a boiler has a big impact on energy efficiency and comfort. As this review has shown, the Italtherm City Class boiler is notable for its promising features and functionalities. It promises optimal insulation for your home and effective heating with its sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology.

The versatility of the Italtherm City Class boiler is one of its most notable features. This boiler can easily adjust to changing heating demands, regardless of the size of your home, be it a small apartment or a larger one. Its modulating features guarantee that it provides precisely the correct amount of heat, maximizing energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house all year round.

Furthermore, the Italtherm City Class boiler has exceptional dependability and longevity. With premium materials and cutting-edge engineering behind it, homeowners can feel secure in the knowledge that their heating system is long-lasting. Positive reviews from pleased customers who have personally reaped the rewards of purchasing this boiler serve as additional evidence of its dependability.

It’s important to balance the initial cost of ownership of the Italtherm City Class boiler with the long-term savings and advantages it offers. Even though the initial cost might seem high, this boiler’s energy efficiency and performance can eventually result in significant savings on heating bills. Furthermore, its dependability and minimal maintenance needs result in fewer unanticipated costs in the future.

To sum up, the Italtherm City Class boiler presents a strong choice for homeowners looking for cost-effective insulation and heating solutions for their houses. Combining cutting-edge technology, adaptability, and dependability, it is an excellent investment for raising comfort levels and lowering energy expenses. In case you’re thinking about replacing your heating system, the Italtherm City Class boiler works well.

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