How to profitably apply an electric boiler Proterm, despite the expensive electricity

Are you thinking about heating your house with an electric boiler instead? Even though electricity has a bad reputation for being costly, with the right strategy, it can be used economically. This post will discuss how you can use an electric boiler, such as the Proterm, profitably despite the rising cost of electricity.

Electric boilers, like the Proterm model, have many benefits for home insulation and heating. Compared to conventional heating systems, they are usually more compact, simple to install, and low maintenance. They may also be more ecologically friendly, particularly if you get your electricity from renewable sources.

The price of electricity is one of the primary issues with electric boilers. Even though electricity rates can change based on your location and provider, it’s important to think about the long-term advantages of electricity use rather than just the initial cost. The value of your investment in an electric boiler can be maximized with appropriate insulation and economical use.

When it comes to reducing the impact of costly electricity on your heating expenses, efficiency is essential. Keeping your house well-insulated can help to minimize heat loss, which will improve the efficiency of your electric boiler. Your energy bills can be significantly reduced by taking easy steps like replacing windows, caulking drafts, and insulating walls and attics.

If off-peak electricity rates are offered in your area, using them is another way to get the most out of your electric boiler. On weekends and during off-peak hours, many utility companies provide reduced rates. You can reduce your energy costs by setting your boiler to run heating cycles or heat water during these times.

Tip 1: Maximize insulation
Tip 2: Utilize off-peak electricity rates
Tip 3: Install programmable thermostat
Tip 4: Regular maintenance for efficiency

Features of Protherm electric boilers

Installing a standard coal and wood stove at home is feasible, but it will require frequent fuel replacements and ash removal every two to three hours. People sleep at night, so it won’t get much warmer inside the house in the morning than it does outside.

The primary source of heat can be an electric boiler. Or as a backup in the event of severe frosts, both during the day and at night. The least problematic option is electric heating if the country house is not used much in the winter.

Proterm’s extensive SKAT model line of electric heaters allows customers to precisely choose the boiler output for any size space up to 280 m². Two heating devices can have a cascading (sequential) connection made to their heating systems in order to facilitate staged construction.

The standard dimensions of the wall-mounted electric boiler Protherm, regardless of capacity, are 74 cm for height, 41 cm for width, and 31 cm for depth. Because of its small size and light weight, the device can be mounted on any wall that is strong enough. Furthermore, a separate utility room is not required.

Costs associated with Protherm boilers

Protherm boiler

Technical characteristics

Protherm electric boilers are available in various configurations for purchase. There is only one power difference between them: 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, 24, 28 kW.

Single-circuit heaters (SKAT) are structurally completed with the following components, assemblies, and units:

  1. Expansion tank for 7 liters.
  2. Heat exchanger in copper case with TENS (heat-electric heaters).
  3. Electronic safety system.
  4. Control unit with display.
  5. Hydrocomplex consisting of circulation pump, safety valve, air outlet.
  6. Temperature sensor, thermo relay.

The electric boiler body’s front panel houses a display and buttons for changing the boiler’s modes. They assist in determining the coolant’s necessary heating value for the boiler and heating system (DHW).

Choose the proper operating mode by pressing the Mode/Ok button:

  1. Standard heating mode with a range of 25-85 ° C.
  2. Warm floor" mode, 30-45 ° C.
  3. Heating of hot water in the boiler, 35-70 °C.

The display provides details on the boiler’s and the heating system’s temperature. Beside it are the indicators for power, water pressure, and the heating mode that is currently selected. A pressure gauge, 3/4-inch-diameter pipe connections, and a drainage pipe are located on the bottom panel.


The electric boiler’s incredibly straightforward operation is its most significant feature. Setting the required operating parameters is nearly as simple for a housewife to do as it is for a contemporary iron. The exterior casing’s neutral white color and style go well with the interior of the kitchen. You can do the installation and subsequent connection by yourself.

We also receive numerous other benefits when we purchase the Protherm SKAT model:

  • highest efficiency of 99 %;
  • There is no need for a chimney, so it can be used even in an apartment building;
  • ideal addition to the existing stove heating – at night guaranteed stability of the optimal temperature inside the room where the owners rest;
  • gentle algorithm of switching on the heating – the power is increased step by step, so there is no overloading of the power supply network;
  • silent operation;
  • self-diagnosis of the performance of nodes, the system as a whole with the issuance of relevant information on the monitor;
  • electronic safety unit.

Electric boilers SKAT are priced starting at 38,000 rubles, depending on the capacity that is chosen.


The cost of electricity is the primary barrier to the widespread use of electric boilers for heating systems.

Installing a dual-rate electricity meter will save operating expenses.

When installing a wood or coal stove at home, there is essentially no substitute for an electric boiler for nighttime heating if the stove lacks the large mass and heat capacity of a traditional Russian stove.

It is important to mention a few additional drawbacks of SKAT boilers:

  • the delivery set does not include a storage tank – DHW boiler, which will have to be purchased separately;
  • the device is not adapted to work with antifreeze;
  • the choice of the electric boiler capacity is limited by the possibilities of the power supply network;
  • no option to adjust the air temperature in the heated room.

Gas heating is typically more cost-effective if the associated pipeline is close by and the associated costs can be covered. The electric boiler option can be helpful in all other circumstances.

Overview of the model range of Proterm Skat

Throughout its time in the Russian heating equipment market, the Slovak company Protherm has made a name for itself as a producer of reasonably priced, high-quality European goods.

There are currently eight different SKAT model product types available, with varying maximum heat output values.

12К 14К 18К 21К
Wiring diagram 380/50 380/50 380/50 380/50 380/50 380/50
Wire cross-section, mm² 1,5 1,5 2,5 2,5 4,0 6,0
Protection class IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40
Heat output, kW 6 9 12 14 18 21
Maximum current, A 3х9,5 3х14 3х18,5 3х23 3х27,5 3х32
Connection stage 1,0 1,0 2,0 2,34 2,34 2,34
Rated fuse current, A 10 16 20 25 32 40
Prices from, rub. 33500 34500 34700 36500 38500 40000

Rules of operation

Electric boiler power supplies are connected using the three-phase system. It is essential to select a wall with enough load bearing capacity in a dry location, away from an open fire, for the equipment installation (gas stove).

All piping going to the connection sockets needs to be coaxial and perfectly aligned. Branching is not permitted in the "one piece" electrical wiring that runs from the boiler’s input panel to the boiler. Based on the nameplate load, the panel needs to have a separate circuit breaker for each phase.

Grounding the equipment is necessary. Boilers that have a capacity of 7 kW or more are connected to a 380 volt three-phase network.

There won’t be any more tasks required after expert installation and startup, with the exception of routinely checking the display visually.

There is a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Possible errors and methods of their elimination

The state of the entire complex is continuously monitored by an automatic diagnostic system. The results are displayed in coded form on the display.

The above recommendations should be followed in order to eliminate any faults that arise.:

  1. Error code F00, F10, F13, F19 – temperature sensor defective. Check wiring. If necessary, replace the sensor.
  2. Error F20 – temperature sensor or thermal fuse does not function. It is necessary to short-circuit their terminals one by one. If the boiler operation is not resumed, replace this part.
  3. Code F22 – no water in the heating system, it is "blown out". Fill the circuit, vent the air.
  4. F41, F55 errors – relay contacts sticking. Clean or replace.
  5. Code F63 – mismatch of automatics. Reset, then start working again from the factory setting.
  6. F73, F74 errors – pressure problems. Check connection terminals or replace sensor.
  7. Codes F85, F86 – water in the boiler (85) or boiler (86) is frozen. Brick rocket stove with your own hands learn at the link.

Given the high cost of electricity, purchasing an electric boiler such as the Proterm model may seem overwhelming at first. On the other hand, this investment can be profitable in the long run with careful planning and wise use.

First and foremost, it’s imperative to maximize your home’s insulation. Energy waste is reduced when an electric boiler produces heat that is retained inside thanks to effective insulation. You can lower your overall energy consumption by creating an environment that makes the electric boiler operate more efficiently by upgrading windows and doors, sealing drafts, and insulating walls.

Second, you can increase your electric boiler’s efficiency even further by utilizing contemporary technology. Purchasing a programmable thermostat enables you to control heating in accordance with your schedule, preventing energy waste during periods of inactivity. In addition, investigating renewable energy options like solar panels can partially offset the cost of electricity, increasing the long-term sustainability and economic viability of your heating system.

In addition, think about incorporating energy-saving routines and behaviors into your everyday life. Easy fixes like turning down the thermostat a few degrees, switching to energy-saving appliances, and adopting frugal heating practices can drastically cut your electricity costs without sacrificing comfort. Regular maintenance also guarantees your electric boiler operates at peak efficiency, reducing wasteful energy loss and extending its life.

In conclusion, even though the price of electricity might initially seem unaffordable, buying an electric boiler like the Proterm model can pay off if it is combined with energy-saving techniques and wise consumption habits. You can maximize the efficiency of your heating system, lower energy costs, and eventually enjoy a comfortable and sustainable living environment by optimizing insulation, utilizing technology, and implementing energy-saving practices.

In our guide on heating and insulating your home, we explore a key solution for cost-effective heating: the electric boiler Proterm. Despite the concern over pricey electricity bills, the Proterm electric boiler offers a pathway to affordability and efficiency. By optimizing its usage and integrating it smartly into your heating system, you can capitalize on its benefits without breaking the bank. From leveraging off-peak hours to implementing energy-saving practices, we provide actionable tips to maximize your investment in the Proterm electric boiler while keeping your energy costs in check. With a focus on practicality and savings, this article aims to empower homeowners to make the most out of their heating solutions, even in the face of expensive electricity tariffs.

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