How to furnish a nursery for two children 12 sq m

Creating a nursery for two kids in a space that is only 12 square meters is a fun task for any parent. Even though it could seem overwhelming at first, you can create a comfortable and useful space where your children can thrive with some careful planning and inventive solutions. We’ll go over useful advice and creative concepts in this guide to help you maximize every square inch of your shared nursery.

Maximizing space is crucial when furnishing a small nursery, first and foremost. In these kinds of situations, choosing multipurpose furniture can be a game-changer. To create more room on the floor for play and storage, think about purchasing a bunk bed or loft bed. These beds offer extra spaces underneath for desks, dressers, or play zones in addition to comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Another important consideration when designing a nursery for two kids is storage. When space is at a premium, effective storage options become indispensable. Seek out storage solutions that save space, like closet organizers, under-bed drawers, and wall-mounted shelves. Making use of the vertical space in small spaces is especially helpful because it makes toys, clothing, and other necessities easily accessible and neatly organized.

Light and neutral color schemes and décor can contribute to a small nursery’s feeling of airiness and openness. Light colors or gentle pastels visually enlarge the room while also giving kids a peaceful, comforting atmosphere. Furthermore, adding natural elements to the space—like potted plants or wall decals with natural themes—can make the space feel cozier and more peaceful.

To preserve functionality and order in a shared nursery, careful planning is also essential. Setting aside specific spaces for various tasks can simplify daily schedules and reduce clutter. Establish distinct areas for sleeping, playing, and studying so that every child has a comfortable place to do different things. Using name-labeled clear storage bins or baskets for each child can also help to keep items accessible and organized.

Consider bunk beds Maximize vertical space
Use multipurpose furniture Opt for storage solutions like under-bed drawers

Age features

The age of the child is without a doubt one of the most crucial factors to consider when designing their room. Preschoolers’ rooms typically have two sections: one for games and the other for rest and sleep. There should be three zones for students to be in: learning, gaming, rest, and sleep. The issue of providing separate space for two kids in small spaces can be resolved with the aid of strategies like loft beds, bunk beds, beds at different levels, and a big desk with a designated spot for each kid. Pictures of girls’ rooms aged seven to ten demonstrate how to properly arrange a small area.

Teens who are younger, between the ages of 10 and 12, require a private area, or "his corner." Partitions, sliding screens, and catwalks can all be used to form it. Naturally, this kind of solution isn’t appropriate when setting up a room in a Khrushchevka for two kids. In this case, sleeping arrangements that fold and retract will be an effective solution.

For two teenagers who are at least 13 years old, having the ability to communicate with one another is just as essential as having privacy. Sets of modular furniture will conserve space. Additionally, they can have various hues and patterns (at the request of teenagers). Decor items in a similar style will help to unify their shared area.

Modular furniture sets are a popular choice for furnishing young girls’ rooms. A wide range of ready-made designs and custom projects are available. If you’re skilled enough, you can assemble modular sets of various sizes and styles on your own using furniture that you’ve already bought.

All of the suggested choices are appropriate if you have two daughters who are different ages. The design of a children’s room for daughters of varying ages should consider each one’s unique age characteristics.

Be aware that while 7 and 10 year olds might share the same interests and pastimes, 10 to 13 year olds do not.

If there is a difference of more than three years, this is crucial. In addition, the elder child should have a secret location to keep personal items that the younger child cannot access in order to prevent arguments.

Color scheme of the room for teenage boys

It is advisable to discuss the color solution for the sons’ room with them and let them make any minor adjustments themselves. The stronger half of humanity is credited with choosing a more mature color scheme, such as white, gray, and various shades of blue and green.

Teens’ preferred color scheme for their room

Remember that colors can appear to shrink or enlarge a space because they are warm or cold, affect how a room feels on a thermal level, and contrast with light or dark. It is not appropriate for a child who is hyperactive or easily agitated to have too much color in their bedroom or work area. Red should only be used as an accent color; otherwise, it conveys weariness and anxiety. Picking pastel colors is preferable.

Two boys’ teenage room design in pastel hues

Teenagers’ rooms don’t have any rules regarding color compatibility; everything goes here, even the silliest combinations. The only rule is that solid colors cannot be used when making it. This is too boring for two teenage boys; it does not fit the children’s temperament or lifestyle.

Vibrant color scheme in a teen’s room

What you need to take into account when designing a room for teenage boys

The final wallpaper for the walls shouldn’t be overly ornate, pricey, or—most importantly—not washable. Aside from the boys’ preferred posters featuring all the opulent beauty, they will rapidly acquire a variety of stains from an unidentified source on them. The most sensible choice is to paint in monochrome underneath. They are easy to change, resilient to multiple coats, and adding a different color to the boring boys’ interior will add some variation. Yes, and it won’t be too annoying when they eventually vanish entirely beneath the essential items that are hammered, glued, or otherwise affixed to the wall using even more obscene techniques.

A useful choice for the teenagers’ room wall decoration

Minimize the amount of furniture and arrange it so that there is at least a tiny, clear space in the room. Rejecting traumatic interior items and minimizing sharp corners—both of which are abundant in cabinet furniture—are desirable. The corners of tables, beds, and shelves that are made to order may initially be rounded. Should this not be feasible, you must cover them with special coverings. Compared to continuously treating your fidgeters’ scratches and abrasions, this will be less expensive.

Overlays on sharp furniture corners are a must in a boy’s room.

When one actively studies the world of teenagers, things happen or something fascinating is discovered that, from the perspective of the parents, is confusing or even flat out unacceptable in the home. Avoid bumping into anything on this; instead, place it in a quiet corner of the box or the original basket designated for this purpose to avoid creating a mess. You can modify it to fit this and poufik, creating a hidden drawer beneath the seat.

A gorgeous piece of interior design and an excellent way to hide a lot of stuff from view is the poufik with a drawer.

The concept of modern decoration

The general layout of the room for a teenage boy should be the first section of your plan. Teens 14 years of age and up can use a combination of styles in their rooms because adolescence is a time when immaturity and maturity fluctuate.

Teens frequently choose a more formal aesthetic when designing their own rooms, but they also voluntarily include unique, bright accents.drapes in a teenage boy’s bedroom, image

It would be ideal if the boy decided on his favorite color scheme for his room. Try to discuss it if the colors will be too vivid or gloomy.

It is debatable whether or not the hues he selected will eventually grow monotonous and continuously tax his nervous system. Furthermore, because it will be challenging to completely rest and relax in a room with such a design, it may eventually cause a nervous breakdown.

If you are unable to persuade the boy, you can also suggest changing the design. You can accomplish this by using color contrasts in the furniture. Agree to make just one wall the contrast in your solution to this problem.

It is important to consider small, compact models when selecting a closet for storing items. The stronger sex typically has fewer possessions because they would rather have the necessities.

Because they prefer to have only the necessities, members of the stronger sex typically have few possessions.

Design and images of a teenage boy’s children’s room Crucial! A built-in closet within the wall is the best choice if the space is small. It will be economical and useful for space planning.

Teenagers typically like dressers in their rooms. Furniture like this blends in perfectly with the interior, unlike cabinets that take up room.

Shelving is something that merits consideration. The teenager can dress them up in their own unique way, adorning them with trinkets and prizes or embellishing them with unique figurines.

His comfort level should be the basis for selecting a table. Since the young man will be using the computer for most of his time, a suitable location and adequate lighting are essential.

Advice: Since light should enter from the front, placing the table next to the window is the best option. In the event that these circumstances cannot be met, the light coming from the left will also be a viable choice.

Wall covering for a young hostess

Painting and textured plaster are becoming more and more popular design elements. Buying paints from reputable manufacturers with a quality certificate is crucial in this situation. Wallpaper is still widely used in repair issues, though.

Wallpaper options suitable for a young princess’s apartments.

Vinyl wallpaper should be applied carefully because small children could tear off a piece and taste it, and the surface material is made of foam.

For this space, paper wallpaper is a great option. They offer good air permeability and are friendly to the environment.

Their brief duration is a drawback. Replacing the old coating with new wallpaper won’t be an issue, though, because kids grow up so quickly and their tastes and wishes change.

For walls, liquid wallpaper is a completely safe material. The lack of a substantial color selection is a drawback.

Wallpapers with photos are a unique concept for rooms occupied by young people. They enable you to design unique projects that captivate kids of all ages.

Although eco-wallpaper for walls doesn’t include any harmful ingredients in its composition, it is very expensive and comes in a very limited range of color options.

Room design depending on the gender of the children

A creative decorating approach will benefit parents of children of different sexes. In this instance, designers advise dividing the space into two sections in a visually appealing way. To define the limits of the area in the room designated for a girl and a boy, you can also use color solutions. Using photo wallpaper or combining wallpaper will work wonders for this. Given that the room we are discussing today is 12 square meters, it is preferable to avoid using multiple partitions in order to create more open space in a small space.

Select the completion based on the two kids’ activities.

Consider washable wallpaper or give people room to express their creativity. Select a non-tarnishable material for the nursery’s floor covering, which should be 12 square meters in size.

Choose a carpet with a short pile if you can; they require less maintenance and collect less dust. If kids enjoy playing or lying on the floor, the flooring should be warm. What kinds of coverings will fit better is shown in the photo.

The same guidelines that apply to zoning and space conservation in a boy’s room apply to you if you’re a happy parent of two girls and you want to transform a tiny space into a magical nursery. Girls will be happy with textile draperies, jewelry, and ruffles if the boys’ room is designed in a rigid and restrained manner.

Purchase easily replaceable wallpaper. It’s not necessary to favor pink in the color scheme; wallpaper in blue, yellow, or pistachio is also appropriate (not just for boys). Permit the kids to select the color and design that they like.

Children"s room for two children

It can be difficult to assign a room to two kids. In particular, the process becomes more difficult when the kids have different interests and ages. As a result, the wise use of space should be the main consideration when designing a children’s room.

Every child in a room with two should have their own personal space.

If the kids are small, there’s no problem with sharing a large workstation. The kids can play together and pursue their own interests there. Make separate furniture pieces if they are older, especially if they are girls. Particularly girls require their own personal space. As a result, every person needs a bed, table, dresser, locker, and other pieces of personal furniture. Additionally, a shared area—which could be in the middle of the room or close to the window—should be left.

Picking a bunk bed with curtains is preferable in a room dedicated to children of different sexes.

The furniture in small rooms can be arranged as follows:

  • mirrored;
  • Organize a zone for sleeping at one wall, and the working area at the opposite wall;
  • Install a bunk bed in the sleeping area, and divide the remaining space into zones for children.

By the time the child is ten years old, they already require personal space. Using a screen door or sliding curtain will be the best solution for this. It is particularly challenging if the children in the room are of different sexes. To account for each person’s needs, this adds needless work. Preschoolers cannot be kept in a separate room; playing cooperative games is beneficial to their growth. If your kids are older, you should divide the space into two sections: one for the girl, where she will keep her toys or cosmetics table, and another for the boy, where he can have his sports equipment.

Every student should have a personal workspace in the classroom.

Since visual separation works best, the children’s room, which is 12 square meters, is ideal for two people. One way to achieve this is by painting the walls. For a girl’s room, you could use colors like sand or pistachio for a portion, respectively. To make the room look beautiful, choose complementary tones and create a seamless color transition.

Designing a nursery for two children within a limited space of 12 square meters requires careful planning and creative solutions. Maximizing functionality while maintaining a cozy and inviting atmosphere is key. Opt for space-saving furniture like bunk beds or loft beds to free up floor space for play areas or storage. Utilize vertical space by installing shelves or wall-mounted organizers for toys, books, and other essentials. Choose multi-functional furniture pieces such as a convertible crib that can later be transformed into a toddler bed to adapt to your children"s growing needs. Keep the color scheme light and neutral to create a sense of spaciousness, and incorporate fun and personalized elements like wall decals or framed artwork to make the room feel special for each child. Finally, ensure good lighting and adequate insulation to create a comfortable and nurturing environment for rest and play. With thoughtful planning and creativity, a small nursery can become a delightful and functional space for two children to thrive.

Choosing a bed

Two beds take up most of the room"s space, so the bed should be chosen based on the size of the room. If the size of the room does not exceed 10-12 meters, buy a bunk bed. Very young children instead of a bunk bed is suitable for a pull-out bed. Two separate beds are suitable for a spacious room. They can be placed side by side or along the wall, although the first option will be more comfortable for children. To save space in the room of schoolchildren, you can buy them two separate modules, consisting of a loft bed and a desk under it. The range of models today is so large that whichever of the options you choose, it will be easy to fit into the style of the room.

Two separate beds

Classic single beds are made of wood and metal. It is possible to find beds-cars, ships, airplanes, make to order any shape and size. If you place them in the room next to each other, separating from each other only by a nightstand, then children can communicate while falling asleep. In addition, such an arrangement will look nice in the general space of the nursery. Putting the beds one after another along the wall, you can achieve a visual lengthening of the room. Under each of them you can equip drawers for storing things, then it will be 2 times as much. The main advantages of single beds are safety, convenience and versatility. With the right beds, you don"t have to replace them for years.

Bunk bed

A bunk bed is a primary source of increased danger. There is always a risk that the child will fall during play or sleep. Therefore, it should be chosen especially carefully and for children who are already able to recognize the lurking danger. Before buying carefully check the reliability of the protective strips, whether they can withstand the active use of two boys, ready from time to time to make an attempt to break something off. Carefully inspect the stairs that allow access to the second floor. It is best that it be a full-sized one, rather than one based on rungs connected to each other. It is worth noting that the price of such a sleeping place will be much lower than in the case of buying two separate beds.

A bed with a workstation

For two boys, especially if they are already in school, modules that combine a study area and bed are a huge improvement over other options. The issue of simultaneously zoning two areas of the room is resolved with this practical fix.

However, parents need to be especially aware of how the working table is lit because the loft bed frequently casts shadows on the table, greatly dimming the area. It is feasible to fit two kids into even the smallest room when certain modules come equipped with compact wardrobes in addition to the bed and table.

Nobody’s right to privacy is infringed upon in this instance.

Decor element with your own hands

The child, who is the most valuable member of the family, will be pleased if you make a simple rug by hand to add some zest to the interior.

You will need to use the most widely used carpet technique to accomplish this. Anyone can master this simple technique. Stores sell pre-made needlework kits that typically come with canvas and schemes.

Remember that this kind of mat needs to be embroidered following the completion of the room’s primary finishing repairs. This process is required because the mat needs to fit the interior precisely, and you can’t decide what color canvas to use until the very end.

Such a mat can have any shape at all, starting from square and concluding arbitrarily.

It will prove to be a reasonably priced option, but in terms of beauty, it will be on par with most pillows found in interior design stores.

Making a plaid covering for the sofa yourself is an additional choice. Any kind of fabric can be used to make it. Here, everything is solely determined by your personal preferences and financial situation.

To make it appear as though you have invested a substantial sum of money on the item, it is essential to approach interior decoration with passion.

Preferences of the children themselves

Every parent knows the preferences of their children. They can be seen in any little thing: requests for gifts for holidays, favorite fairy tales, movies, music. But in addition, every parent knows and how fickle are the hobbies of children up to a certain age, and to remodel the room every year is a questionable initiative. Therefore, when discussing with your children what exactly they want to see in their future room, offer them several options that you yourself consider as permanent or easily reconstructable. It"s not always easy for two children to agree with their parents, it"s even harder for them to agree with each other. So be prepared for protracted negotiations. Perhaps the room will have to be organized in such a way that both owners get their own separate theme. In any case, do not refuse the opinion of children. It is they who will have to spend most of their time in the room for several years.


Light is needed overhead – the main, localized lighting of each of the zones, decorative lighting will also decorate the room. When there are two children, a separate lamp is mounted over the crib of each of them, as well as over the desk – it is convenient if one is still doing lessons, and the second is already asleep. Workplaces located far from the window should be illuminated as brightly as possible. The lighting above the beds is made adjustable – if you are supposed to read in bed. LED lighting around the perimeter of the plinth, will not run into a corner, if you have to get up at night. All lamps are protected by unbreakable, preferably reinforced plafonds, switches are made low from the floor, sockets – cover with covers.

Modern children"s room for a boy

When designing the interior of a 12-meter nursery for a boy, keep in mind that a child’s interests can change quickly and that sticking to a particular theme isn’t worth it.

Using white as the foundation, it is advised to cover one wall with a light-colored wallpaper featuring a map design. It is ideal to have a two-story white ceiling and dark parquet flooring that contrasts with the white ceiling.

The fundamental nursery furniture should consist of a bed, desk, wardrobe, and book and textbook rack.

Actual furniture is regarded as being composed of white materials. A chair with soft leather upholstery in a gray shade and a bedspread in the same color will help to diversify the interior.

A boy’s room should have full-fledged lighting. Together with natural light, other possible sources of illumination include built-in lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers with white plafonds and metal frames.

The space only needs a minimal amount of décor. Adequate two to three images or posters in unique frames, captivating figures, and chic clocks.

Author of the project: Ksenia Makhotina

Children"s room 14-15 square meters. meters

More options are available for furniture and decor in such a room.

1. Color design.

It is appropriate to use a variety of colors in the decoration of a medium-sized or larger children’s room. To visually distinguish the half of a boy and a girl, you could, for instance, paint the opposing walls peach and gray or the traditional pink and blue.

Neutral color schemes are still appropriate, particularly when there is a significant age gap or temperamental difference between the kids.

2. Choice of furniture.

The combination of intelligent storage systems and sensible, ergonomic furniture will always come first. It is possible to fit two separate beds in a reasonably large 16 or 18 square feet. These can be standard one-bedroom models with built-in shelves or drawers, or they can be two-story designs with separate study or play areas for each person downstairs.

Because of the room’s size, you can place two walls or separate closets to keep the toys completely apart and prevent fights.

Two fully functional children’s rooms can be created out of a large 20 square meter room. In this instance, the window’s placement will be the only restriction. Typically, a partition can divide a room into a sleeping and play area and leave a common area with cabinets and racks for storage. This is a particularly good option for teenagers, so pay close attention to it.

Choosing a style for a children"s room 9 square meters

There are no universal options when you look at all the pictures of children’s rooms that are nine square meters in size. Everything is dependent upon the child’s age, character, and gender. The girl is drawn to bright, cartoonish accents and muted hues when it comes to wallpaper, curtains, and furniture. Boys will enjoy the posters featuring cool fighters in the anime style, racing cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and boats, as well as the images of various heroes from contemporary cartoons and movies on the walls.

There should be adequate lighting in the room where the child spends a lot of time.

Teenagers are the most picky when it comes to interior design. The following layouts are by far the most well-liked ones for them:


These kids are knowledgeable about the newest fashions in the teen world. The furniture lacks childish, soft lines and colors, and the color scheme is bright and contrasting. Famous figures and symbols from the adolescent worldview adorn walls. There are several ways to use black and white together with unexpected pops of red and other warm, bright colors.

Install spotlights for the babies’ comfort.

Crucial! If at all possible, the interior of a room intended for young children should be free of sharp edges. The majority of the wallpaper should be in light tones of the warm spectrum, with a soft color palette.

Electrical appliances and outlets must be easily and safely accessible.

There should be a nightlight in the room next to the bed.


Teenagers are big fans of high-tech interior design. The interior is a riot of chrome, light gray, black and white, and metallic colors. The interior is mostly futuristic, with abstract models made of steel, aluminum, and different hard plastics resting on austere shelves and enigmatic patterns and paintings adorning the walls. The design of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures is postmodernist in style.

A workstation is necessary for a student. They buy the table a lamp.

And others

Numerous styles exist. A lot of girls will look good in "Provence" or "art deco" interior design. Boys will enjoy "loft" and "cosmo."

Multiple colors can be combined, but they have to be combined.

It is a special challenge to design a nursery for two kids in a space that is only 12 square meters, but it is doable with careful planning and innovative solutions. Making the most of the available space requires prioritizing organization and functionality while still allowing the kids to play in a cozy and enjoyable environment.

Taking precise measurements and creating a floor plan will help you decide on the optimal arrangement. To optimize floor space, think about using furniture that takes up less room, like loft or bunk beds. Additionally, search for furniture that can have multiple uses in the room, such as trundle beds or storage ottomans.

Consider vertical storage options to maximize wall space. Put in wall-mounted organizers or shelves to store toys, books, and other necessities. To keep things accessible and organized, use bins, baskets, and labeled containers. To keep the space organized and clutter-free, assign each child their own storage zone.

When decorating a nursery, lighting is yet another crucial component to take into account. Make sure there are adequate artificial and natural light sources in the space. In areas near study areas or reading nooks, think about installing task lighting in addition to overhead lighting. A comfortable setting for bedtime stories or quiet playtime can be created with soft, adjustable lighting options like bedside lamps or dimmer switches.

Finally, don’t forget to personalize the space to give the kids a sense of warmth and welcome. To reflect their interests and personalities, incorporate their favorite decorations, themes, and colors into the design. To make the room feel fully their own, solicit their opinions and encourage their participation in the decorating process.

In conclusion, it takes careful planning and ingenuity to furnish a nursery for two kids in a small space. You can make a warm and inviting space where kids can play, sleep, and learn together by putting an emphasis on utility, organization, and personalization.

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