Hot smoking smokehouse with their own hands from a barrel: how to make, schemes and drawings

Making a hot smoking smokehouse out of a basic barrel is a fun do-it-yourself project that can improve your cooking abilities and give your home cooking a tasty twist. Building your own smokehouse opens up a world of flavor possibilities right in your backyard, whether you’re an experienced smoker or a beginner looking to learn the art of smoking meats and fish.

In light of the growing demand for real flavors and the popularity of outdoor cooking, DIY smokehouses provide an adaptable and affordable option. You can build a long-lasting smokehouse that will flavor your favorite meat cuts with delicious smoke flavor by upcycling a sturdy barrel. Furthermore, creating your own smokehouse from the ground up adds a whole new level of enjoyment to the smoking experience.

Building a hot smoking smokehouse out of a barrel doesn’t need expensive tools or sophisticated carpentry knowledge. With a little imagination and the correct advice, you can use common hardware store items and simple tools to construct a workable smokehouse. Barrell smokehouses can be customized to fit a variety of spaces and needs, whether your goal is to fit a larger setup in your backyard or a smaller one to accommodate larger smoking projects.

It’s important to educate yourself on the fundamentals of hot smoking and the essential parts of a smokehouse before beginning construction. It will be easier for you to design and construct a smokehouse that produces consistently excellent results if you understand how temperature control, airflow, and smoke generation affect the smoking process. You can also customize your smokehouse to fit your culinary tastes and try out a variety of flavor profiles by investigating various smoking methods and recipes.

In this article, we"ll delve into the world of DIY hot smoking smokehouses made from barrels. Whether you"re a barbecue enthusiast or simply enjoy the flavor of smoked meats and fish, building your own smokehouse can be a rewarding and cost-effective project. We"ll guide you through the process, providing easy-to-follow instructions, schematics, and drawings to help you create a functional and efficient smokehouse right in your backyard. From choosing the right barrel to understanding the principles of hot smoking, we"ll cover everything you need to know to get started on your smoking journey. Whether you"re a seasoned DIYer or a novice, this article will empower you to create delicious smoked delicacies right at home.

General information on the device

We will discuss the basic workings of the device before demonstrating how to build a DIY smokehouse out of a barrel. This will make the entire process of technology and design easier to comprehend.

Therefore, two chambers should be included in the unit, regardless of the material used in its manufacture:

  • in one is placed food for cooking;
  • In the second – chips or logs, which will release the smoke.

It is possible to combine or separate the compartments themselves. In the second instance, the smoke is supplied via a pipe.

Combined are used to cook hot-smoked delicacies because the smoke and high temperature have an impact on the products. Products that have been cold-smoked are cooked in the divided ones because the smoke has time to cool down and the elevated temperature to drop.

For the cold method

Of course, the constructional distinctions go beyond that. Thus, if one builds a cold-smoking smokehouse by hand out of a barrel, one must also outfit a separate stove for firewood. It is able to be made:

  • of brick;
  • metal sheets.

It is recommended that the delicatessen chamber be equipped with shelves or hooks for attaching the products.

Wood or burlap is the preferred material for the lid because it will allow moisture to escape while still allowing the smoke to be retained. The simplest pipe connects the smoking tank and the oven.

Any coniferous species cannot be used for a wood cover due to the resins’ strong carcinogenic properties, which are released when heated.

For the record, all that is needed for a cold-smoking smokehouse is a damp cloth that is changed on a regular basis as a lid. Additionally, using a metal lid is advised for hot conditions caused by high temperatures.

How to build a barrel-based smokehouse for cold smoking – video

For the hot method

In this instance, the wood is placed directly on the bottom of the container holding the products when a hot-smoking smokehouse is constructed by hand out of a barrel.

Installing a tray underneath the products and above the sawdust-covered roaster is necessary to stop fat from fish or meat from leaking into the embers that are still smoldering. This will cause a flame to burst and the products to burn. Like a kebab cooker, the flame in a closed smokehouse cannot be put out. Obviously, to allow for free rising of the smoke, there should be space between the walls and the tray.

Please be aware that sawdust needs to be wet before using in order for it to smolder rather than burn.

Cold method: takes longer; it may take several days to prepare the delicacies. Hot: This enables you to have cooked food in a matter of hours.

In just forty-five minutes, smokehouse from a barrel – video

Step-by-step instructions

Made by hand from a barrel, the dacha’s smokehouse will allow them to easily and, most importantly, swiftly enough prepare delicious and unique delicacies. We have provided you with a brief overview of the features of the device used in these ovens above. Next, we will provide you with a detailed instruction that explains every feature of production step by step.

Necessary tools and materials

Obtaining a quality smokehouse requires the following:

  • ordinary metal barrel with a capacity of up to 200 liters – ideally one that did not contain chemicals and petroleum products;
  • rebar – at least 6 millimeters in diameter;
  • wire for mesh – steel wire is best;
  • metal angle – it will go on the legs (you need four equal length cuts);
  • ten centimeters in diameter and about a meter long – for the chimney.
  • bolt cutter;
  • metal cutting disk;
  • Electric arc welding with electrodes;
  • tape measure.

If the container has previously contained chemical or petroleum-based products, or machine oils, don’t just wash it; instead, use a blowtorch to burn or steam it in order to eliminate any remaining chemical residue. Add water after that, and leave it for a few days.

Sequence of actions

Certain barrels are tightly sealed; if this is the case, cut off the lid first. Save it; it will work perfectly as a grease catch-all tray.

The firebox will be located at the bottom; a rectangular hole has been cut there for loading firewood. The door’s measurements are roughly 20 centimeters high by 30 centimeters wide. Additionally, save this piece—it will make a fantastic door.

  • weld the hinges;
  • Install the handle;
  • be sure to provide a locking latch.

There’s another chimney hole, this one circular, on the other side.

Make longitudinal holes in the bottom to facilitate better combustion, faster ash removal, and blowing. If the holes are too large, the wood will begin to fall out before it burns completely.

Let’s move on to the chamber’s construction. A sheet of iron is fixed at one-third of the bottom, which will serve as the smoking tank’s bottom. Metal that is about 4 millimeters thick would be the best choice because it will disperse heat evenly and not burn.

Install the chimney next, welding it into the hole that has already been prepared. You might need to slightly bend the pipe to ensure that it fits the attachment spot precisely.

The legs need to be installed next. They ought to be at least thirty centimeters tall; this will create the best opening for air intake and a draft, ensuring that the wood smolders well.

To increase the usable volume of your handmade smoking installation, you can install the barrel on top of the brick stove. The chimney of the brick stove is at the back.

A dedicated fat collection tray should, as previously indicated, be a little bit smaller than the unit’s diameter—roughly three to four centimeters in a circle—to ensure optimal smoke flow. The pallet is installed by welding two metal spacers inside. It is not necessary to weld on the tray itself; if it is detachable, this will make loading sawdust easier.

The installation of grates or hooks is the following stage. The height of the barrel determines how many grids are needed; there should be roughly 15 centimeters separating each level. You can cook more food at once the more "floors" you have.

Make sure the supports for the grids or hooks won’t impede the tray’s removal when designing them.

Use thick steel wire to form the grate.

Putting the barrel lid on is the last step. Hardwood is the perfect material. Drilling multiple tiny holes in it is required so that the extra moisture can escape. We reiterate that deciduous and fruit trees are the best options; coniferous species should not be used.

As you can see, building a smokehouse out of a barrel is simple enough, and the article’s additional drawings will assist you in making this apparatus.

Rules of Use

Prior to anything else, the chips that will be used to create smoke must be chosen. Reject any coniferous wood right away because it releases resins and ruins the flavor of food.

For this, the following branches are the best:

  • apple trees;
  • cherry;
  • apricot;
  • plum;
  • other fruit trees;
  • alder.

It is advised to add a small amount of juniper to add a unique flavor. To guarantee that the meat or fish is cooked, these sawdusts are placed on the bottom of the smoking tank and smoked:

  • at the very bottom is a bottom with sawdust;
  • then a tray is placed to collect the fat;
  • After that, meat, fish, lard or chicken is laid out on the grate – they should be additionally tied with ordinary twine or twine;
  • when everything is laid out, a wooden lid with holes is placed on top of the barrel.

Even coniferous branches can be placed inside the stove because the smoke from their combustion goes out through the chimney.

Sawdust is spread evenly and starts to smolder when the wood is set on fire and heats the metal bottom of the smoking tank during the burning process. The type of food will determine how quickly it cooks:

  • Half an hour is enough for fish;
  • meat will take at least an hour – depending on its type and the size of the pieces;
  • for chicken – a little more than forty minutes.

These naturally produced delicacies have a great flavor and are free of harmful additives and impurities that are added to smoked meat in factories and food processing facilities.

Three more variants of smokehouses

We will also briefly discuss three additional options for building smokehouses. We won’t go into great detail about the device-making process because if you understand the fundamental ideas behind this unit—which were previously discussed—you’ll be able to recognize the unique characteristics of its creation.

Working only takes an hour.

As they say, "it’s a good idea." This is the easiest approach, and it entails the following:

  • take an old drainpipe;
  • You dig it into the ground at a slight slope, connecting the location of the fire and the food tank itself;
  • for a fire – a small hole covered with a sheet of metal is enough;
  • the intensity of burning is regulated by this sheet – the more it is open, the stronger the flame burns.

A kind of dryer

The creation of dried fruit or dried mushrooms is the primary use for this unit. While we offer to make it in an hour and nearly for free, there are electric analogs for sale.

The following summarizes the arrangement:

  • Two barrels or concrete blocks are taken;
  • are installed on top of each other, forming a channel for the movement of smoke, the height of which is about three meters;
  • A metal sheet or tray is placed between them;
  • It is additionally covered with fine crushed stone, as well as a mesh for drying fruits;
  • with the help of this device in the end it is possible not only to prepare fruit for the winter, but also to smoke meat.

Wooden barrel

Another easy method to create a product that serves as a kind of decoration for your garden in addition to being functional is:

  • The smoke channel, as well as the firebox, are located in the ground, while hiding under a layer of soil;
  • The firebox, when smoking is not carried out, is covered with a lid, on which there is a layer of turf with a lawn or even a small flowerbed;
  • Smokehouse is a beautiful wooden barrel;
  • It can be additionally decorated with stone – as a result, it will become a part of landscape design.

How to install a hot/cold smokehouse on your own

No specialized knowledge is needed; proficiency with a welding machine, a bolgar, and other locksmith tools suffices.

Diagrams, drawings with dimensions

You don’t need to come up with anything new here either. You can easily locate ready-made schemes and detailed drawings online; all you have to do is select the version that best fits your needs and carry out the realization of that plan.

Design, diagrams and drawings of a smokehouse from a barrel for 200 liters

If a pre-made drawing or scheme is not used, assembly may take a long time. You can download it from the Internet or make it yourself. These smoking devices come in different varieties:

  • Vertical model 200 liters with your own hands;
  • Horizontal design;
  • Smokehouse consisting of two barrels;
  • Having an underground place for kindling wood with an outlet to the smoking tank;
  • Electric barrel smokehouse;
  • Universal container.

A 200-liter barrel can be used with any of these versions.

Tools and materials

As previously mentioned, it is preferable to avoid taking on this work or to hire a specialist to complete it if you have no prior experience using a bolgar and welding machine. Thus, what we’ll require:

  • a barrel with a capacity of 150-200 liters;
  • welding;
  • sheet steel;
  • bolgar;
  • handle for the door/lid, latches, hinges;
  • angles for guide rails;
  • means of chimney installation (pipe, fitting);
  • thermometer.

Making a lid

For any kind of smokehouse, a detachable lid is an essential component. In the event that the apparatus is designed vertically, the lid can be cut from a piece of metal or even made of wood by knocking it down and cutting it into the shape of a circle of boards. If the apparatus is designed horizontally, it is cut straight from the barrel’s sidewall.

Chimney device

With their own hands, this gadget ought to perfectly match the kind of cold-smoking smokehouse from a barrel. The smoke exhaust chimney’s dimensions are as follows: height 0.3 meters, width 0.5 meters, and length up to 3 meters. The smoke will cool and attain the proper temperature because of these parameters. This will enable the preparation of meals with unique flavors.

There are ways to construct a smoking barrel with a pipe buried or resting on the surface. The chimney can be equipped with a standard metal pipe. Prior to using the underground laying method, a trench must be dug and covered with boards. Building a brick subterranean passage is preferable if it will be in use for an extended period of time.

Furnace arrangement

This is an essential smoking tool. It can be made independently of the barrel by adding wood chips to the bottom of the container or by using an old pot that has enough capacity. With metal and welding supplies, a separate ignition device can also be created.

If the firebox is going to be placed apart from the barrel, it will need to be constructed out of brick and shaped like a square with machines on top and bottom. This location needs to be connected to a chimney pipe.

Marking and sawing of the barrel

The upper end of the barrel is severed if it is sealed on both ends. To ensure an even seam, a line is drawn before proceeding.

  • saw the opening for fuel 5 cm from the bottom;
  • the cut-out piece is hinged to make a door;
  • holes are made in the bottom for air supply;
  • A round iron webbing with holes is fixed at a height of 25 cm from the bottom.

Grate and hooks

The grate is removed, a homemade component from the refrigerator is used, and a masonry grid is employed. It is important to size the cells such that tiny products do not fall through.

Stainless steel hooks are used for larger carcasses, and they are hooked to the cross bars. Three crossbars will do, as the carcasses shouldn’t come into contact with one another.

Preparing the base of the chamber

It is advised that you give the barrel a thorough internal cleaning to remove any dirt or product residue. Separate base preparation is not required. To prevent smoke from rising to the products instead of out the barrel, any holes in the bottom should be sealed or welded.

You can create a door at the bottom of the barrel, which will allow you to add wood chips. To achieve this, a rectangular hole must be cut. In order to fix the door, the cut-out piece needs to be fastened to one side’s hinges and a latch to the other.

The grease tray

A tray must be placed in order to collect fat. Fatty secretions will put out the chips if this isn’t done, and smoking won’t be qualitative. You have the option of building this construction yourself or using a pre-made tray that already has the necessary shape. Using a metal sheet with fire resistance features is essential. It is preferable to tuck the edges inside to prevent the fat that is dripping from spilling over them.

Making a support

Installing the barrel on stones, bricks, or fuel directly is an option. However, this approach is ineffective and is not often used. You can take a little longer and construct a sturdy stand for the smokehouse-container. It must be stable enough to hold a heavy barrel and elevated above the fuel.

There are several ways to construct a space for the grease collection tray:

  1. Place 3 bricks on the bottom of the structure. On these supports is placed a container for collecting fatty secretions.
  2. At a height of 15-20 cm. From the bottom in the wall of the barrel is required to make 3 holes, in which you need to insert bolts, fixing nuts of the required diameter. On this construction you can install the tray.
  3. Making 8 holes. Stretch 4 bars of thin pipe or rebar through them. Place the tray on this grate.
  4. Individual legs can be attached to the grease container. This will allow you to quickly remove the tray and free it from the poured liquid.

Accessories for fixing products

Hanging products is the best option. Making holes in the cold-smoking smokehouse’s side walls near the top of the barrel is required to accomplish this. To thread the necessary quantity of rods through them. Two to three of them may exist, depending on the products that will be halted. It is required to set up hanging hooks ahead of time. They can be assembled using pre-made versions or thick wire.

You can also place a grate on the rods and arrange the products on it.

You must go straight to the process of creating smoked products after finishing the work on the smoking barrel.

How to make a cold-smoking smokehouse from a 200-liter barrel with your own hands

In order to create a smokehouse that allows cold smoking, the two hundred-liter barrel and the smoke source must be placed in opposing directions from each other. The design seen in the figure below is the most straightforward plan for creating such a container by hand.

Constructed manually from a two-hundred-liter barrel, this cold smokehouse is a traditional and undemanding choice. Making such a construction with your hands is not hard; all you need to do is follow the directions.

  1. The first step is to make a ditch about 30 cm deep for a two-hundred-liter barrel and 50 cm deep for a campfire.
  2. Locate two recesses 1.5-2 meters from each other.
  3. Cover the inner walls with refractory bricks, lay a pipe from the chamber to the opening of the two-hundred-liter barrel.
  4. Get rid of the bottom of the barrel, put it on a smaller pit, reinforce the structure with bricks for stability and long operation. Lay a grate on top.
  5. In another variant, the container is drilled and iron rods are inserted into the holes – it all depends on preference. So that the smoke does not fly away at once, it is worth covering the two-hundred-liter smokehouse with canvas or burlap.

How to make a vertical hot-smoking smokehouse from a barrel of 200 liters

It’s crucial to understand the mechanism and design of the device before constructing a do-it-yourself smokehouse out of a two-hundred-liter barrel. This type of construction doesn’t take much work; with the provided step-by-step instructions, it can be completed in a few hours using homemade methods:

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the bottom of the two-hundred-liter barrel – it will come in handy a little later. If the main material has an opening cover – it should be left.
  2. To make it easier to navigate in the marking of the two-hundred-liter construction, draw and cut out the door. Draw a rectangle of individually suitable size (approx. 200×400 mm) 3-5 cm from the bottom of the barrel.
    Important! The handle on the door of the smokehouse should be made of wood – it will not burn your hands when servicing the two-hundred-liter construction.
  3. Cut out the door and attach a hinge to one of the sides – the bottom of the two-hundred-liter smokehouse with chips will be easy to open.
  4. The next step is to prepare a place for the tray. It should be located just above the future door of the smokehouse, about 20-30 cm from the lower edge of the two-hundred-liter barrel. On the perimeter of the circumference of the circle with the help of simple nuts to fix bolts for 12 mm so that in the container turned out to be a stand-restraints for the pallet.
  5. The pallet, cut out with your own hands from the bottom of a two-hundred-liter barrel, in the middle to equip another bolt – this will help in the future to lift the metal circle to the top. Lower the finished design on screwed stands.
  6. To install the metal bars – an alternative to a ready-made food grate – it is necessary to drill holes parallel to each other. Insert the rods into them, as shown in the photo.
  7. The last stage is to equip the stand for the smokehouse. It is necessary to lay out a small fireproof platform, on it to install a structure for building a fire and supporting the barrel, also made of bricks. The photo shows a variant of making a smokehouse from a two-hundred-liter container and a cauldron.
  8. If there is no cauldron of a suitable diameter, a metal sheet is placed on bricks, a two-hundred-liter barrel is placed inside, and a two-hundred-liter barrel is placed on top of it. A fire is built under the smokehouse to heat up the structure.

This elegant yet uncomplicated smokehouse is prepared for culinary adventures. Fans of meat-smoked goods will be delighted by this version of the design. It won’t take up much room and blend in flawlessly with the website’s design.

Features of hot smoking and the simplest smokehouse from a barrel for 200 liters with their own hands

Adding hot smoke to products is a common custom during outdoor activities like picnics and hunting. The procedure requires no additional labor costs and takes the least amount of time. The food is processed within a temperature range of 60 to 120°C. Cooking time is influenced by product volume.

Prior to building your own hot-smoking smokehouse, keep in mind that the goods acquired in this manner are not kept for very long. However, goods that have been exposed to cold smoke maintain their quality for a very long time.

The pyrolysis process, in which smoke from smoldering wood chips affects semi-finished products, is the basis for this type of processing. Thus, it is somewhat necessary to check for hermetic tightness here. This does not, however, mean that you should purchase an industrial smokehouse—many people make do with homemade supplies like a bucket, gas cylinder, or other pointless containers.

Specifics of using the barrel container as a smoking chamber

A metal container for two hundred liters is as good as possible for making with their own hands smoking equipment. And it makes no difference what was in it before – gasoline, paint or jaggery. It is preliminarily burned from the inside, due to which and get rid of harmful substances. The further process of assembling the chamber is not difficult, especially if you have a workshop in a garage or outbuilding.
Elementary smokehouse from a barrel of 200 liters of hot smoking is placed on bricks or blocks. The procedure itself, from the beginning of production to putting into operation, so to speak, will take no more than an hour and a half. The conditions for using the device are also simple:

  • At the bottom of the container pour a layer of wood chips, bark should not be used in the process.
  • In the lower part of the chamber, a tray for collecting fat is placed on special stops. When processing meat or fish, the fat must not get on the sawdust.
  • The lid should fit as tightly as possible to the upper edge of the container, otherwise the wood chips can catch fire due to the inflow of air.
  • Under the bottom of the chamber pre-light a fire, due to which the wood chips will be further charred and release smoke. A blowtorch, kerosene, gas burner or electric furnace is often used as a heating element. Of course, depending on the choice of heat energy source, the cooking time of the product can vary significantly.

What you need to prepare?

Two-hundred-liter containers are designed with the advantage that, despite their occasional substandard quality, one will always find one of these in the home. And practically any self-respecting owner has a bolgarka and a small welding inverter. This will be sufficient to construct a smoking chamber within sixty minutes. It may not have the most attractive appearance, but the construction will still work quite well.

We already know how to build a basic hot-smoking smokehouse on our own, so all that’s left to do is bring the concept to life. We’ll get ready the following parts and equipment in order to do this:

  • Metal barrel for two hundred liters.
  • Three or four metal rods with a diameter of 10-15 mm for hanging the food. Additionally, you can buy or make your own mesh to lay out semi-finished products.
  • Bolgar or jigsaw with a metal saw.
  • Roulette, screwdriver, electric drill, welding machine.
  • Sheet metal pieces for making a lid and a round tray for collecting grease.
  • Blanks in the form of scraps of rolled metal or pipes.

As long as you use bolts and nuts to secure certain construction components, you can actually get by without an inverter machine. The kit that is displayed will be adequate for the task.

Work order

There will be a smokehouse on the homestead where you can prepare mouthwatering, unique dishes. To assemble such a useful tool, adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Before cutting the barrel, the container with chemical contents, petroleum products and machine oils should be thoroughly washed, heated with a blowtorch or burned to neutralize the chemicals, and then pour water for a few days.
  2. If the barrel is fully sealed, cut off the lid and then it can be used as a baking tray for fat to drip down there.
  3. At the bottom, position the firebox with a cut rectangular hole to put in the firewood. The scale of the window is about 30 cm wide and 20 cm long. This sheet will come in handy later for the door. For this you will need:
  • weld the hinges;
  • install the handle;
  • equip the door with a locking latch.
  1. On the back side, cut a round hole for the chimney.
  2. You need to cut longitudinal holes on the bottom to allow blowing, good combustion and the ability to quickly remove the ashes. To prevent the wood from falling out, the holes should not be very wide.
  3. Now it"s time to make the chamber. The lower third part is separated by an iron sheet, it will be as the bottom of the smoking tank. For even heat distribution and prevention of burning, it is better to use a sheet with a thickness of about 4 mm.
  4. A pipe is inserted into the chimney hole. If necessary, you can bend it for convenient fixing.
  5. The legs should be at least 30 cm to allow air to enter and provide a draft. This will contribute to a good smoldering of the coals.
  6. The diameter of the baking tray should be 3-4 cm smaller in circumference to allow the smoke to pass through. To install the tray, weld two spacers of metal, but do not weld it, it should be removable to make it easier to load sawdust.
  7. At the next stage, the grates and hooks are installed. The distance between the rows should be about 15 cm. If there are many levels, the volume of products per one cooking will be larger. The supports under the hooks and grates must not interfere with the baking tray being removed. The grate is made of thick steel wire.
  8. It is better to use hardwood for the lid. Drill small holes there to evaporate excess moisture. It is better to use a hardwood or fruit tree species.

Size of the smoker

An aged wooden barrel with a capacity of 100 liters can be utilized for a small smokehouse, as it will effectively regulate the temperature. If the smoking apparatus from a 100-liter barrel is going to be used all year long, this is far more convenient.

Create a hole for a grate in the barrel itself and add a pipe to allow smoke to flow into the container. The barrel can be mounted on the brazier without the need for extra pipes.

Check out this recipe for homemade smoked cooked sausage. And in this article, I tell you how to build a hot-smoking smokehouse with your own hands.

Two metal barrels

Hot-smoking smokehouses that are vertical or horizontal and are operated by one person using their own hands are regarded as efficient and practical. A unit made out of two containers—one used as a food chamber and the other as a firebox—is more useful.

The most important thing is correct marking

The scheme will assist in accurate marking. By drawing a comparison to a horizontal smokehouse, the lid is removed.

When constructing a DIY hot-smoking installation, it’s crucial to consider how convenient it will be to use. The firebox is a separate, large container, so the door for loading fuel and lighting can be made very large. First, you should clean the barrels from old paint, mark them with chalk or a marker, and then cut them with a jigsaw to ensure accurate cutting of the construction.

Putting both constructions together

The barrels are joined by welding. It is preferable to use electrodes with a small diameter when working with thin-metal containers as this will help prevent deformation. A full-size paper drawing of the upper barrel’s semicircles is created beforehand to guarantee a precise fit between the two pieces. A jigsaw is used to make cuts after they are applied to the vertical container. The edges should be examined to make sure they are burr-free and smooth before joining.

Making lids

The horizontal barrel’s upper section has a cutout for the lid. Approximately 80% of the surface is removed. It is attached to the base with hinges. It is preferable to cut the element only on three sides rather than all the way through to guarantee a tight fit. Once the hinges are attached, the fourth side is severed. The door is reinforced with a metal corner or a strip cut from sheet metal around its perimeter to prevent temperature deformation. An analogous plan also calls for strengthening the firebox door.

Finishing the firebox

Sawdust is poured into a basic firebox located at the bottom.

Its close relationship to the smoker is a nuance, as a result of which combustion products may get on the goods and tarnish their flavor or appearance. Installed at the intersection of the two containers, a homemade filter is used to prevent this phenomenon. Use burlap or wet cloth as a filter element; these materials can capture carcinogens, resins, and combustion products.

Sanding and painting

Painting and sanding are the last steps. With the correct method, you can create a hot-smoking smokehouse out of a barrel that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Paint is applied to the surface following assembly. For this use, it is preferable to select compositions that are heat-resistant. Any color will work, but black is thought to be more sensible because it hides smoking traces better. The smokehouse’s surface and the welding joints must be cleaned in order to guarantee the paint’s consistent adherence to the surface.

For which products these smokehouses are suitable

You can cook a variety of delicacies in the smokehouse from the barrel that you made yourself, including:

  • chicken, pork, beef, rabbit meat;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • mushrooms;
  • fish;
  • nuts;
  • Cheeses and sausages.

Pathogenic microbes are eliminated from the products during processing, which also turns the food’s surface golden and gives it a smoky flavor and aroma. It is possible to store these products for brief periods of time. The size of the construction determines the dimensions of the food that should be placed inside the smoker. It will be feasible to smoke a sizable number of whole fish as well as large carcasses when using a 200-liter barrel.

Operating tips

The following suggestions should be considered in order to simplify the smoking process and produce a high-quality outcome.

  • When selecting wood chips, it is necessary that they have the same dimensions. Otherwise, small sawdust will burn faster, because of which the products will be processed unevenly. By the way, often because of this, the smoker does not gain the temperature that is needed.
  • It is better to make smoking products that have a minimum of moisture in them. In addition, the fish or meat that has been prepared must be already salted, otherwise you will get an unpalatable product.
  • It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the food. Large cuts of meat will take a long time to cook and can be checked for doneness by incisions.
  • It is not necessary to pour a lot of fuel at once, so as not to burn the products.
  • Before use, in order to avoid burning, it is better to moisten the wood chips a little bit.
  • It is obligatory to use trays for fat, so that it does not drip on the chips and gradually extinguish it.

Ready-made examples for inspiration

The image displays the most basic kind of smokehouse made out of a barrel. Its only modification was to fasten two bars perpendicular to each other so that pieces of fish or meat could be easily strung on them.

And this is how the smoking chamber from an antique barrel mounted on wheels appears. The smoke generator is placed very close to the stove. The grate placed on top of the barrel will continue to function even with its outer surface crumpled.

This demonstrates the allure of a fish smokehouse that already has every product kit possible inside. In a construction site like this, smoking will occur precisely and swiftly on wooden bars!

Another option is to place the barrel over a metal box and then place a metal tray between them so that the melted fat can drain away from each other. You are free to select any scheme as long as it was accurately and competently embodied.

Materials Needed Step-by-Step Instructions
55-gallon barrel 1. Cut the barrel vertically in half to create the top and bottom halves. 2. Remove any rust or residue from the barrel. 3. Drill holes for ventilation and to insert rods for hanging meat. 4. Install a door hinge on one side of the barrel. 5. Attach a handle to the door for easy opening and closing.
Firebox 1. Cut a hole near the bottom of the barrel for the firebox. 2. Weld or attach metal rods to support the firewood above the hole. 3. Place a metal tray or grill at the bottom of the barrel to catch ashes.
Insulation 1. Line the inside of the barrel with fireproof insulation material like ceramic wool or refractory bricks. 2. Seal any gaps or openings with high-temperature silicone to prevent heat loss.
Smoking Process 1. Place wood chips or sawdust in the firebox and light them. 2. Hang meat on rods inside the barrel, making sure there"s enough space between each piece for smoke circulation. 3. Control the temperature and smoke levels by adjusting the airflow through the ventilation holes.

For any do-it-yourselfer, creating a hot smoking smokehouse out of a barrel is a useful and satisfying project. It gives you a rewarding and enjoyable way to try out various smoking methods and recipes in addition to letting you savor the flavorful meats and seafood at home.

Building a hot smoking smokehouse can be done easily with the right equipment, supplies, and advice. You can adapt your smokehouse to your needs, space, and smoking preferences by following intricate plans and drawings. Constructing your own smokehouse is a fulfilling project, regardless of your level of experience as a smoker or your desire to try something different.

Controlling the smoking process from beginning to end is one of the main benefits of constructing your own hot smoking smokehouse. With a little effort and careful temperature control, you can easily achieve perfectly smoked meats and fish by using premium wood chips or pellets. Additionally, you can fine-tune the smoking process to achieve the desired flavor and texture by adjusting the ventilation and airflow.

Building your own smokehouse also enables you to use sustainable heating and insulation methods, guaranteeing effective and long-lasting operation. Using insulation materials like foam board or fiberglass will help you maximize energy efficiency and reduce heat loss while smoking. You can lessen your dependency on conventional fossil fuels by using alternative heating sources like electric elements or propane burners.

To sum up, building a hot smoking smokehouse out of a barrel is a rewarding project that provides both useful advantages and artistic fulfillment. You can build a unique smokehouse that elevates your culinary adventures and adds joy to your kitchen with meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a love of smoked foods. So put on your work gloves, gather your supplies, and start building your own smokehouse right now!

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