German wall-mounted gas boilers Buderus (Buderus)

An effective heating system is essential for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the winter. The wall-mounted gas boilers by Buderus, which are designed in Germany, are one well-liked choice that many homeowners choose. These boilers are a great option for insulation and heating because of their cutting-edge technology, dependability, and efficiency.

Buderus boilers are renowned for their superb build quality and cutting-edge features that guarantee peak performance and energy economy. You can be sure that a Buderus boiler will keep your house warm and cozy while lowering energy costs and having a smaller negative impact on the environment.

Buderus wall-mounted gas boilers are known for their space-saving features. Buderus boilers are wall-mounted, which frees up valuable floor space in your home in contrast to traditional boilers. They are perfect for homes with limited space or for homeowners who want a sleek, contemporary heating solution because of their compact design.

Buderus boilers are renowned for their silent operation in addition to their space-saving design. Bid farewell to the deafening clanks and growls that are frequently connected to antiquated heating systems. Buderus boilers ensure a calm and cozy atmosphere in your house because they run quietly and effectively.

Buderus wall-mounted gas boilers are a dependable and effective choice for any type of heating project, be it new construction or renovation of an existing structure. No matter how chilly it gets outside, you can rely on your home to be kept warm and cozy thanks to their cutting-edge technology and German engineering.

Logamax Buderus traditional wall mounted boilers

  • Capacity – regardless of the number of circuits, wall-mounted gas boiler Buderus Logamax is available in outputs from 7.8 to 35 kW. For every 10 m², a kilowatt of energy is required.
  • Type of combustion chamber – boilers are available with closed and open combustion chamber.
  • Availability of additional functions – at the request of the customer, boilers are equipped with a function of automatic electronic or piezo ignition. If necessary, to a single-circuit boiler Buderus can be connected to an indirect boiler. Some models have built-in storage tanks.
  • Type of heat exchanger – models are equipped with a plate or bithermal unit, differing in the degree of efficiency and heat dissipation.
  • The number of water circuits – in each series of wall-mounted boilers from the company Buderus, there are models that have one circuit and are designed solely for heating the coolant in the heating system (except when connecting an indirect heating boiler), or two, which gives the possibility of additional heating of DHW water for domestic needs.

The Logamax series is the best option for consumers who value economy and dependability above all else.

Single-circuit boilers

German hinged single-circuit gas heating boilers under the Buderus brand are available to customers in the Logamax U052, U054, and U072 series. Every model has unique characteristics and advantageous benefits.

  • Logamax U052 – the main advantage of the series, high efficiency of operation in heating mode. In the design is built in membrane tank for 8 liters. Model capacity 24 and 28 kW.
  • Logamax U054 – what sets the series apart is the integrated modulating burner, which operates on the principle of gas pre-mixing. This model, as well as the equipment of the previous series, is equipped with a membrane tank with a volume of 8 liters.
  • Logamax U072 – has a small size and modest weight, which allows the installation of the boiler on virtually any wall. Peak power of the series 18 and 24 kW. The design provides a modulating burner, operating in the range of 9-24 kW.

The boiler’s modulated gas burner keeps the coolant at a minimum temperature to prevent freezing by operating in both normal and economy mode when needed. The seamless transition between temperature modes is accomplished with the aid of automatics. The modulating burner offers the most economical gas consumption as a result.

It is possible to complete any single-circuit model with an indirect water heater. After a certain amount of time that the heating equipment has been operating, connection is feasible and fairly easy.

Two-circuit boilers

Buderus traditional type two-circuit wall-mounted gas boilers with an open or closed combustion chamber. The models’ primary benefit is the ability to heat water and coolant simultaneously when using a flow water heater. The boiler can function as a traditional gas heater during the summer. The following range is available for the Logamax U032K/U034K, U042K/U044K, U052K/U054K, and U072K series:

  • Logamax U032K/U034K – wall-mounted two-circuit gas boiler Buderus with a closed combustion chamber U032K has small dimensions and performance, sufficient for heating rooms up to 240 m². To increase productivity, the design has a built-in circulation pump and fan – smoke evacuator (not available in the U034K series). Both models are fitted with a 6 liter expansion tank.
  • Logamax U042K/U044K – model U042K has parameters similar to the previous series U032K/U034K. The difference is a large capacity of the equipment, from 9 to 24 kW, as well as an increased volume of the expansion tank 8 liters. U044K is a wall-mounted two-circuit atmospheric gas boiler with an open combustion chamber with identical capacity parameters, but differing in some design features.
  • Logamax U052K/U054K – the series includes boilers with closed and open combustion chamber. The design features an integrated plate heat exchanger, a modeled burner and a forced smoke extraction fan. Control is carried out by means of a convenient LCD – display.
  • Logamax U072K – the series offers models exclusively with a closed combustion chamber. Power range from 5.4 to 28 kW. Two-circuit wall-mounted gas boiler Buderus Logamax with a closed combustion chamber, connected to a coaxial chimney, equipped with a protection device against overheating and freezing of the coolant. Hot water is heated in the range from 40 to 60 ° C.

The thermostat, conversion kits for LPG operation, weekly programming options, and remote GSM control are not included in the basic configuration. You can also buy all of these and other units that expand the equipment’s functionality and make it more convenient to operate, if needed.

Buderus boiler automation regulates the functioning of multiple safety sensors, forced smoke extraction system, automatic ignition, and coolant circulation. autonomously determined the most cost-effective operating mode during operation.

Condensing boilers Buderus Logamax Plus

The Buderus Logamax Plus wall-mounted condensing gas boiler is a creative answer to the problem of home heating. The equipment’s special feature is its unusual design, which includes two heat exchangers and enables it to simultaneously absorb heat from exhaust smoke and gas combustion.

A certain amount of moisture, or condensate, heated to a temperature between 40 and 90 °C, is present in combustion products. The heat exchanger accumulates this heat. Condensing equipment has an efficiency of 100–107%.

Every condensing boiler runs at a minimum gas pressure of 13 mBar and continues to function even when there are notable variations in the coolant and gas specifications.

The buyer is given the option to install a room thermostat and a remote control unit in an additional configuration. This makes it feasible to operate the boiler from a tablet or smartphone (after installing a specific program) or by using a remote control.

The majority of models include a feature for connecting weather-dependent sensors. Automation will adjust the heating mode on its own, accounting for variations in the weather. There are boilers with one or two circuits in the Buderus Logamax Plus series.

Single circuit boilers

Series GB 172i, GB 072, and GB 162 are condensing wall-mounted heating single circuit boilers on gas Buderus. The final model is the most deserving of all, as it is built for both home and industrial use and boasts maximum performance.

Even at low gas pressure, Buderus Logamax Plus GB 162 keeps the combustion stable. The series stands out because:

  • High output – there are three standard output sizes 65, 80 and 100 kW. The equipment can easily cope with heating a building with a total area of up to 1000 m².
  • The modulating burner smoothly changes the heating intensity from 18 to 100%. GB 162 is equipped with the ETA plus system, including an innovative burner made of heat-resistant ceramic.
  • High efficiency – the principle of operation of Buderus wall-mounted boiler is related to the use of the heat of heated flue gases. Standard boiler efficiency is between 92-110%.
  • Unique design of the heat exchanger – the boiler device uses ALU plus technology. The heat exchanger of the boiler is an aluminum finned tube.

Boilers with single-circuit condensing Buderus successfully accomplishes their primary goal, which is to heat residential spaces quickly and affordably. Can be finished with an indirect boiler, remote control unit, and other tools if needed.

Boilers with two circuits

German wall-mounted, two-circuit condensing gas heating boilers of the Buderus type; available in the Logamax plus GB 172i and GB 072 series. The models’ primary distinctions are:

  • Design and construction – the Logamax plus GB 172i series features a unique front panel made of heat and impact resistant glass, in white and black versions. Now the boiler can be used not only as a heating device, but also as a decorative element.
  • Heat exchanger – the device of the German condensing boiler Buderus Logamax Plus uses a unique and reliable heat exchanger, manufactured using ALU plus technology. The distinguishing features of the node are its durability and thermal efficiency.
  • Control – the design is equipped with a simple and at the same time functional control unit. Automation is compatible with other control equipment, so, if necessary, it is easy to expand the functionality of the system.
    One of the know-how of the company is a regulator RC 300, capable of simultaneously controlling the operation of 4 heating circuits 2 DHW and 1 solar collector system. If the boiler operates in summer mode, gas consumption is significantly reduced by directly heating only one circuit.
  • Economy – the technical characteristics of wall-mounted 2-circuit condensing boilers Buderus Logamax Plus, in Europe were awarded the highest rating on the scale of energy efficiency and economy. The modulated gas supply system has significantly reduced fuel consumption, compared to similar equipment. Buderus boilers save about 15% of gas.

The best option for people who are prepared to invest in future savings is condensing equipment. Boiler purchases involved minor overpayments, which were reimbursed after two to three heating seasons.

Experience the best way to heat your house effectively with German wall-mounted gas boilers from Buderus. Buderus boilers are well-known for their innovative technology and dependability, which maximize warmth and comfort while lowering energy expenses. These boilers save valuable floor space because of their compact size and sleek design, which allow them to blend seamlessly into any space. Buderus boilers offer customizable options to meet your specific heating needs, whether you’re building new or renovating. Buderus wall-mounted gas boilers provide warm living in the face of chilly winters.

How to choose a Buderus wall-mounted gas boiler

It is preferable to speak with professionals in advance when choosing a wall-mounted gas boiler. However, even prior to that, it is important to ascertain the following points:

  • Number of circuits – if there is a need for simultaneous heating of the coolant and hot water, you should choose a two-circuit unit. For heating rooms with a large area, or if it is planned to use the boiler only for heating, a single-circuit model is suitable.
  • Type of combustion chamber – traditional boilers use closed and open combustion chambers. Closed-type systems have fewer requirements for the room used for the boiler room, but they are energy-dependent and can not work without electricity.
    Atmospheric boilers have a simple design, more reliable and durable, but as disadvantages can be emphasized that the combustion burns air from the room, not from the street (as in closed combustion chambers).
  • Principle of operation – the buyer is offered boilers of condensing type and working in the traditional way. The former are mini boiler rooms controlled by sophisticated software equipment and require fine-tuning. Connection of the condensing boiler to the heating system can only be performed by a specialist. The second do not have complex automatics, but have low efficiency, not more than 92%.

Service life of Buderus wall-mounted boilers

Buderus boilers are guaranteed to last 12 years. In actuality, a heating system that is installed correctly and kept up with will function flawlessly for at least 25 to 30 years.

It will be necessary to increase the operating time by:

  • Secure the automation – power surges lead to rapid failure of the processor controlling the boiler operation. To prevent this from happening, it will be necessary to install an uninterruptible power supply with a built-in voltage stabilizer.
  • Use quality heat transfer fluid. Theoretically, the boiler can work with antifreeze. However, it should be borne in mind that the technical documentation prescribes the manufacturer"s refusal of warranty service, in the case of using this liquid as a coolant. Distilled water is optimally suited for operation. It is recommended not to drain the coolant from the heating system unless absolutely necessary.

Other than that, professional evaluations of Buderus wall-mounted boilers demonstrate that the apparatus is very dependable and far outperforms other manufacturers’ equivalents in terms of both technical specs and actual operating life.

The cost of German hinged boilers Buderus

The following factors affect the boiler’s price:

  • Country of manufacturer – most models available to domestic consumers, have a Turkish assembly, which, however, does not affect the final quality of construction and other parameters, but slightly reduces the price.
  • The presence of additional functions – weather-dependent automation, condensing heat exchanger, the presence of several circuits – all this affects the cost of the boiler.

Considering everything mentioned above, a Buderus boiler can cost anywhere between 35 and 60 thousand rubles.

Model Features
Buderus GB162 High efficiency, compact design
Buderus GB162-100 Modulating gas valve, low emissions

Buderus wall-mounted gas boilers are well known for their cutting-edge technology, dependability, and efficiency in Germany. Buderus boilers, which have a long history of providing high-quality heating solutions, give homeowners a dependable way to stay warm and cozy in their homes—even during the bitterest months.

Buderus boilers have a number of advantages, one of which is their high efficiency, which over time can result in significant energy bill savings. These boilers maximize energy efficiency and minimize fuel consumption by extracting more heat from the combustion process through the use of advanced condensing technology.

Buderus boilers are renowned for their dependability and longevity in addition to their efficiency. These boilers are made with premium materials and intricate engineering to withstand the demands of continuous use and provide dependable heating for many years with little upkeep.

Additionally, Buderus boilers give homeowners a variety of installation choices. Their wall-mounted, compact design conserves valuable floor space, which makes them perfect for homes that are too small to accommodate a conventional boiler setup. Because of its adaptability, homeowners can arrange their heating systems to maximize convenience and efficiency.

In conclusion, Buderus wall-mounted gas boilers provide dependable, effective heating solutions for homes by fusing state-of-the-art technology with German engineering prowess. For those looking to upgrade their home heating system, Buderus boilers are a wise choice due to their high efficiency, longevity, and flexible installation options.

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Wall mounted gas boiler Buderus U072-18

Buderus U072-35 wall mounted gas boiler

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