German solid fuel boilers Viessmann

The proper heating system is essential for maintaining a warm and comfortable home. One well-liked choice that has become well-known for its effectiveness and dependability is the German solid fuel boiler manufactured by Viessmann. These boilers are well known for their cutting-edge technology, dependability, and capacity to heat houses of all shapes and sizes effectively.

For more than a century, Viessmann, a well-known brand in the heating sector, has been creating superior heating solutions. Their solid fuel boilers are no different; they’re made to use the least amount of energy possible to consistently provide warmth. Viessmann boilers provide a dependable and affordable option whether you’re looking to install a new heating system or upgrade your current one.

Viessmann solid fuel boilers are unique due to their creative engineering and design. These boilers are designed to perform at their best even under demanding daily conditions. Backed by attributes like robust design, effective combustion technology, and effortless upkeep, Viessmann boilers guarantee trouble-free functioning and enduring dependability.

The eco-friendliness of Viessmann solid fuel boilers is one of their main advantages. These boilers are a sustainable heating option because they are made to burn solid fuels like wood pellets, wood chips, or logs. Viessmann boilers use renewable energy sources to minimize their environmental impact and lower carbon emissions, making the world a greener place.

Model Features
Viessmann Pyrot Efficient combustion, long lifespan
Viessmann Vitoligno Automatic cleaning, low emissions

Are you trying to replace your house’s heating system? Take Viessmann’s solid fuel boilers made in Germany. Viessmann boilers are renowned for their dependability and efficiency and provide excellent insulation and heating performance. These boilers use precise engineering and cutting-edge technology to deliver consistent warmth while lowering energy costs and their environmental impact. Viessmann solid fuel boilers provide a dependable solution that guarantees comfort and savings for years to come, whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency or replace an antiquated system.

Device and principle of operation of pyrolysis boilers Wisman

  • Features of design – in the line of tt Wisman boilers are models with an enlarged furnace chamber, with a total volume of at least 100 liters and the possibility of laying logs up to 1 m long.
  • Furnace chambers – the boilers use the principle of pyrolysis combustion, which affects the internal structure of the equipment. There are two combustion chambers in the design. The main firebox is made of fireclay bricks. The clay surface holds heat well and withstands high temperatures when burning solid fuel. The second one is made of silicon carbide and is designed for afterburning of CO produced during fuel combustion.
  • Automation – German solid fuel boiler Viessmann is equipped with a controller Vitotronic, with the function of remote control, the possibility of combining several units of water heating equipment in a single heating network. An automatic wood ignition module is available as an additional configuration.
  • Smoke extraction system – combustion products are forced out of the boiler. Several exhaust fans are installed in the housing. Smoke entering the room during the laying and burning of firewood is excluded.

A major factor influencing the thermal efficiency of pyrolysis apparatus is the volume of gas generated during combustion. When firewood is burned, the most CO is released. The most efficient and cost-effective solid fuel heating equipment are Woodsman boilers.

Wood boilers Viessmann

Boiler for solid fuel pyrolysis When generating gas by burning wood, Viessmann operates at maximum efficiency. This can be explained by the fact that when wood burns (as long as the humidity stays below 20%), it releases a lot of CO into the afterburning chamber, which increases the amount of heat energy produced.

The "wood" series consists of four fundamental models:

  • Viessmann Vitoligno 100S – a model optimally suited for heating small houses with a total area of up to 200 m². The design is intended for connection to an existing heating system or creation of a new one. One laying of firewood is enough for autonomous operation for 4 hours. Bivalent operation is used for heating hot water.
    The Vitoligno 100S boiler is designed for operation as the main source of heating, with the possibility of connecting liquid fuel and gas equipment as a backup. The depth of the furnace chamber allows heating with logs up to 50 cm long.
  • Viessmann Vitoligno 200S – model with a maximum output of 50 kW. Floor standing solid fuel boilers with pyrolysis wood combustion Viessmann series 200S, equipped with Vitotronic control unit, adjustment is made via text menu. As an additional option, an automatic fuel ignition is provided. Cleaning of the furnace chamber and ash removal is required no more than once every two weeks.
    Thermal output of the Vitoligno 200S boiler is smoothly regulated by automation. It is possible to connect 3 heating circuits. Length of logs up to 50 cm.
  • Viessmann Vitoligno 250S – a model with high performance, up to 170 kW and the possibility of use in domestic and industrial purposes. Viessmann Vitoligno 250S long-burning wood-fired pyrolysis boilers have an elongated furnace chamber, with a total capacity of up to 500 liters. Firewood up to 1 meter in length is allowed.
    [Model 250 S is universal and suitable for operation on liquid fuel (burner installation is required). In an additional package the boiler is equipped with a controller that automatically adjusts the operation of the equipment, depending on external factors.
  • Viessmann WBS Ligna 50 – a model designed for systems with natural draught, with an output of up to 110 kW. Long-burning pyrolysis boiler on solid fuel Viessmann WBS Ligna 50 has a three-way heat exchanger, a larger furnace chamber, a system to prevent smoke from entering the room when the door is opened. To prevent overheating of the heating medium, the furnace is manufactured with a water circuit.
    The main advantage of the model is its low cost and energy dependence. The walls are made of thick-walled steel, 5 mm thick, which prevents rapid burnout.

Wiesmann adheres to a "mutual harmonization" policy. Every piece of machinery, every accessory on the Viessmann boiler, every part of the system, fits perfectly together. This makes connecting the hot-water boiler on wood logs to a company-manufactured liquid-fuel or gas unit simple enough.

How much wood does a Viessmann boiler need?

Gas-generator heating boiler powered by wood Thanks to the nearly total afterburning of wood during the pyrolysis principle of combustion, Viessmann offers economical fuel consumption. There is not much ash left. The following technical documentation will aid in the cost calculation:

  1. Burning time of firewood from one wood stove not less than 4 hours.
  2. Volume of the furnace chamber from 100 to 500 liters.
  3. During a day it will be necessary to make 2 fuel deposits.
  4. Depending on the model, between 150 and 1000 liters or 0.3 – 2 m³ per day will be required.
  5. For domestic use, 4.5 m³ of firewood is required per month, during the heating season 12-14 m³ of firewood is required.

The documentation’s minimum wood consumption can only be met by using wood that has a maximum moisture content of 20%. A dedicated log dryer is installed in addition to the boiler.

Pellet boilers Viessmann

The primary benefit of the solid fuel boilers Viessmann continuous pellet units is their complete automation, which begins with the delivery of fuel pellets to the burner and ends with the fuel’s combustion and removal of combustion byproducts.

The "pellet" series includes the following models:

  • Viessmann Vitoligno 300P – the design includes Variopass system, which harmonizes the power consumption and combustion process. Modular burner installed, with a large output range. During combustion, automatic cleaning of surfaces is carried out. Automation boiler Vitoligno 300P is able to control two heating circuits.
    Provided connection to the boiler storage, buffer tank, as well as solar system. The pellets are fed to the burner by means of a pneumatic system or a flexible screw. Maximum output 48 kW.
  • Viessmann Vitoligno 300C – a compact, but, despite this, productive model of equipment. Efficient heating solution for small private houses. The capacity of the water heating boiler on wood pellets is enough for 480 m² of heated area. After installation of the Ecotronic regulator, the solar collector and the storage boiler can be connected to a single network.
    The system works by interacting with a weather-dependent thermostat that automatically changes the settings depending on the ambient temperature. Device gas-generator boiler Viessmann Vitoligno 300C, working on pellets, allows you to heat the premises in an autonomous mode throughout the heating season. For autonomy install fuel pellet storages of sufficient volume.

Pellet boilers can be operated via internet-connected smartphones or remote controls. An automated ignition system is incorporated into the design. Forced ventilation is used to remove combustion products from the air.

What is the consumption of pellets at the boiler Wisman

Viessmann automatic pellet boilers use a minimal amount of fuel each month. Savings are influenced by a number of factors:

  1. Availability of modulating pellet burner.
  2. Automatic adjustment of the heating mode, depending on the temperature in the room and outside the building.
  3. Fuel quality – it is better to use pellets made of pressed wood chips. Plant-based pellets are not suitable.

It is vital to understand the boiler output and potential heat losses in order to compute the potential pellet consumption with accuracy. A Wisman boiler with a 30 kW pellet burner uses between 1600 and 1800 kg of fuel a month.

Viessmann boilers on wood chips and sawdust

The Viessmann pyrolysis boiler for wood chips is suitable for both pellets and wood briquettes. Wood chips remain the primary fuel source, though. The series consists of two fundamental models:

  • Viessmann Vitoligno 250F – a model designed to work on any waste woodworking industry: chips, sawdust, wood dust. It is possible to heat with wood (stoking is done manually) or pellets.
    Boiler Vitoligno 250F works fully in automatic mode. Maximum output 100 kW. Most fuels are fed into the furnace automatically. There is a system of DHW. Hot water is supplied by means of a storage tank.
  • Viessmann Vitoligno 300H – the main difference of the model is the possibility of using fuel with a moisture content of up to 35%. Performance from 60 to 150 kW. The output produces minimal harmful emissions and the efficiency remains at 92%.
    A modulating burner, a lambda umbrella and a sensor regulating the temperature of the flue gases are included in the basic version. Vitoligno 300H is optimally suited for private farms, wood processing plants and the private sector.

How much wood chips are used for heating

The technical documentation must be consulted in order to determine the amount of fuel that is spent during the long burning Viessmann pyrolysis process on waste wood. It shows that the 8 to 20 kg per hour flow rate varies.

The kind and quality of fuel utilized have an impact on the rate of combustion. Because the gas generation process cannot start when fuel smolders during pyrolysis, wet wood chips burn more quickly. The percentage of debris in the wood waste also has an impact on consumption. Determine the fuel requirement for Wisman pyrolysis boilers using wood chips by consulting consultants or using online calculators.

Prices for Wisman solid fuel boilers

The capacity, extra installed modules, and other variables affect the price of Viessmann gas-generator wood heating boilers. The equipment costs, on average, the following:

  • Wood-fired boilers – from 2.5 to 7 thou. euro.
  • Pellet equipment – 10-12 thousand. euro.
  • Wood chip boilers – from 2600 to 7500 euros.
  • The price is for basic configurations. If it is necessary to install a Vitotronic boiler controller, to connect an indirect boiler or other modules, it will add about 10-20% to the price.

Solid fuel boilers made in Germany by Viessmann provide a dependable and effective way to heat and insulate your house. Viessmann boilers are known for their superior workmanship and state-of-the-art technology, and they are made to consistently provide warmth while using the least amount of energy.

The adaptability of Viessmann boilers is one of their main benefits. Boilers from Viessmann are designed to burn cleanly and efficiently, minimizing emissions and optimizing heat output, whether you use wood, pellets, or other solid fuels. Homeowners can select the fuel source that best fits their needs and tastes thanks to this flexibility.

Moreover, Viessmann boilers are made to last thanks to their sturdy construction, strict quality control procedures, and long-lasting parts that guarantee performance and dependability over time. This gives homeowners peace of mind by resulting in fewer maintenance problems and lower operating costs over the boiler’s lifespan.

Apart from their exceptional heating performance, Viessmann boilers are engineered to prioritize energy efficiency. Viessmann boilers are an affordable option for homeowners trying to increase the energy efficiency of their house because they maximize the amount of heat transferred from the fuel source to the house, which helps cut down on energy waste and heating costs.

As a whole, Viessmann German solid fuel boilers are a great choice for homeowners looking for dependable, cost-effective, and green heating options. Viessmann boilers are known for their cutting-edge technology, adaptability, and durability. These boilers not only help homeowners save money and lessen their environmental impact, but also consistently provide warmth and comfort.

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German Gas Boiler VIESSMANN, than better, how to choose, proper economy and efficiency!

Solid fuel boilers Viessmann

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