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Having an effective heating system is essential for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the winter. In Zhitomir, Ukraine, where winters can be severe, having an affordable and high-quality gas boiler installed in your house is crucial for both comfort and affordability. Gas boilers are a common option for heating homes in Zhitomir because of their affordability, dependability, and efficiency.

In order to heat water and distribute heat throughout your house, gas boilers burn natural gas. The heated water is then sent through pipes to radiators or underfloor heating systems. Gas boilers are commonly utilized in Zhitomir due to the accessibility and affordability of natural gas in comparison to alternative heating fuels.

The efficiency of gas boilers is one of their main advantages. Because modern gas boilers are so efficient, a significant portion of the energy in natural gas can be converted into heat for your house. Gas boilers are a more environmentally friendly heating option than some other options because they minimize carbon emissions and help to lower energy bills.

Your budget, your home’s size, and your heating requirements all play a role in selecting the best gas boiler for your Zhitomir residence. Depending on your needs, a variety of gas boiler types are available, including combi boilers, system boilers, and conventional boilers, each with special benefits.

It’s crucial to make sure a gas boiler in Zhitomir is installed by trained experts and complies with safety regulations. In order to keep your gas boiler operating safely and efficiently, as well as to extend its lifespan and avoid expensive breakdowns, regular maintenance and servicing are also essential.

Model Price
ZH-G1000 $1200
ZH-G2000 $1500
ZH-G3000 $1800

Gas boilers are essential for effectively and reasonably heating homes in Zhitomir. These boilers not only contribute to overall energy savings but also reliably warm homes during the winter. Gas boilers in Zhitomir give homeowners a practical and environmentally responsible way to keep comfortable indoor temperatures thanks to their cutting-edge technology. For homes looking for efficient heating options, gas boilers are a sensible option because they guarantee uniform heat distribution and lower energy expenses. For a comfortable apartment or a large family home, gas boilers in Zhitomir are an affordable and dependable way to keep the cold out.

Technical characteristics

The Zhytomyr-based private company "Atem – Frank" manufactures two kinds of gas heating units:

  • floor standing version;
  • in suspended version (so-called parapet boilers).

Single- and double-circuit floor units are available; the latter can affordably provide hot water to two to three users. Table 1 lists the general technical specifications of the Zhitomir gas boiler for all floor standing heater models.

Two-circuit floor units’ DHW capacity ranges from 175 to 1400 l/h at a 35 ºC temperature difference in heated water. As an option, a circulation pump can be installed on the product. Table 2 displays characteristics of the model range of parapet units.

Boilers with a two-circuit parapet offer DHW flow rates ranging from 160 to 345 l/h at a 35 º water temperature differential.

As can be seen from the tables, suspended and floor standing single-circuit boiler Zhitomir are adapted to the conditions of low gas pressure in the main pipelines, which is their advantage. A significant disadvantage – the maximum allowable pressure of the coolant in the heat exchanger of the unit is rather low, for floor versions – up to 2 kgf/m 2 , and for suspended – up to 0.7 kgf/m 2 . At the same time foreign analogs can work with pressure in the system up to 3 kgf/m 2 . This suggests that ATEM gas units are more adapted to gravity-flow systems and small houses with the number of floors 1-2. Suspended models for two-storey cottages are not recommended to purchase, as there is simply not enough pressure for normal operation of the system.

Design features

Below is a picture of the Zhitomir floor version gas boiler’s general device:

The hot water installation’s straightforward design offers energy independence for all of the manufacturer’s models. atmospheric single-stage gas burner device, manufactured by the Italian brand POLIDORO, with a straightforward design and a track record of dependability. Automation for Italian-made gas boilers in Zhitomir is characterized by the same operational reliability. The most widely used automatic energy-independent gas valve among boiler equipment manufacturers is the EURO SIT brand; top domestic and international brands incorporate it into their products.

The unit uses a steel heat exchanger of the heat-tube type to transfer heat energy to the heating system. This indicates that hot flue gases are passed through a number of pipes submerged in the boiler’s water jacket. After transferring their heat to the water, they emerge from it between 110 and 150 ºC. The unit operates more effectively because of the pipes’ rectangular cross-section, which expands the area of the exchange surfaces. Copper coils are positioned around the heat exchanger pipes in two-circuit boilers to heat water for domestic use.

Turbulizers are used in the heat exchangers of wall-mounted and floor-standing gas boilers to slow down and multipass the flow of gas combustion products in the flue pipes. They also serve the additional purpose of collecting soot deposits. The latter land on these components’ planes, which are perpendicular to the gas flow, and on the pipe walls, where soot is essentially not retained.

As a result, when the unit is disassembled, soot deposits are easily removed from the turbulators just as they are from the flue pipes. Thanks to this technological advancement, heat can be transferred to the water jacket efficiently and the inner surfaces of the smoke tubes can stay clean for an extended period of time. If not, the soot layer that has accumulated on the walls may severely reduce their ability to conduct heat, which will raise the temperature of the gases at the outlet and cause heat to be released into the street.

Zhitomir domestic gas boilers are designed to fit chimneys with inadequate draught. In order to allow the flue gases to flow outward and avoid the heat exchanger, the unit is fitted with a direct damper. This operates as follows:

  • Before ignition, the damper must be opened. By default, the chimney has insufficient draft force.
  • The valve adjusting wheel and the piezo ignition button are pressed in sequence, the igniter lights up.
  • The wheel is turned a couple of divisions, gas is supplied to the burner and it is ignited.
  • Gases with high temperature (up to 200 ºC) start flowing directly into the chimney. Due to the temperature difference in the chimney, the draught increases and the boiler enters the operating mode.
  • After 5-7 minutes the damper is closed and the heating medium is heated, the improved draught force is retained.

Parapet boiler without smoke Zhitomir mimics the "fellow" floor design in many ways. The chimney pipe’s device varies; in suspended models, it is coaxial. This is a double-walled pipe where air from the street moves to meet the combustion products between the walls of the inner and outer pipes. As a result, the combustion chamber is closed and the gas burner device draws its air from outside rather than the room to operate. Whereas a fan is utilized in foreign analogs for air suction, Zhitomir units use a natural draught and an energy-independent process for the entire operation.

Homes in the area can be reliably and efficiently heated with the help of gas boilers in Zhitomir. Because they can consistently heat a home even in the coldest months, gas boilers are becoming a popular option for many homeowners. Gas boilers are a good choice if you want to install a new heating system or upgrade your old one.

The affordability of gas boilers is one of their main benefits. Even though the upfront cost could seem high, it might end up being a wise investment in the long run because of the energy bill savings. Compared to other fuel sources, gas prices are typically more stable, giving homeowners predictability over their heating costs.

Additionally, gas boilers are renowned for their effectiveness in home heating. Condensing technology, which extracts more heat from the combustion process and reduces energy consumption, is one of the advanced features of modern models. In the long run, this saves homeowners money in addition to lessening the impact on the environment.

If you’re thinking about getting a gas boiler installed in your Zhitomir home, it’s important to pick a reliable installation company. Expert installation increases home safety while guaranteeing the boiler runs as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, routine maintenance is essential to extending the boiler’s lifespan and avoiding expensive repairs.

To sum up, Zhitomir gas boilers provide a useful and effective way to heat homes in the area. They provide homeowners comfort and peace of mind because of their affordability, effectiveness, and dependability, especially in the winter. A high-quality gas boiler can provide warmth and cost savings for years to come for homeowners who invest in it and ensure proper installation and maintenance.

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