Galan boilers

Having a dependable heating system is crucial for keeping our homes warm and comfortable during the winter. Installing a Galan boiler is one common option that many homeowners take into consideration. The efficiency, dependability, and capacity of these boilers to deliver constant warmth throughout the house have earned them a solid reputation.

Now, describe a Galan boiler in detail. To put it simply, it’s a kind of heating system that transfers heat throughout the house using water. Boilers heat water, which is then transferred through pipes and radiators to heat the various rooms in the house, in contrast to conventional furnaces, which use forced air. Galan boilers are a popular option for homeowners searching for a long-lasting heating solution because of their reputation for longevity and durability.

Galan boilers’ energy efficiency is one of their main benefits. These boilers help homeowners reduce their heating costs by optimizing heat output and minimizing energy consumption. Galan boilers are a popular option for homes where noise levels are an issue because they also have a reputation for operating quietly.

Galan boilers are popular among homeowners due to their versatility. There is a Galan boiler model that can suit your heating needs, regardless of the size of your home—a large family home or a tiny apartment. Galan provides an assortment of choices to accommodate varying household sizes and heating needs, ranging from small wall-mounted units to more spacious floor-standing models.

Galan boilers are, all things considered, a dependable and effective option for homeowners wishing to modernize their heating systems. Owing to their extended lifespan, energy-efficient characteristics, and silent functioning, it’s understandable why these boilers have gained popularity among households globally.

Wiring diagram and installation of the electrode boiler Galant

It is necessary to create an earthing circuit prior to installing the electrode boiler in order to ensure compliance with PUE regulations. Since an electric heating boiler uses a lot of current for heating, it’s best to install a circuit breaker and the appropriate cross-section cable. Generally speaking, the owner doesn’t need to do any calculations because the delivery set comes with comprehensive instructions for connecting and installing the heater.

The connections to heating circuits are made using the following schemes:

  1. standard connection;
  2. parallel connection;
  3. Modular connection of the heating unit;
  4. floor heating connection.

For electrode heating boilers, the standard and parallel connection is the most popular. Selecting the unit’s location should be the first step in the installation process. The question of what kind of boiler to purchase in order to heat the house is easily resolved. The residence should be heated by the boiler’s power.

One kW of boiler capacity is chosen for every ten square meters of space.

A minimum of 3 kW of power is needed for an electric boiler, for instance, to heat a 30-square-meter home. Similarly, a minimum of 9 kW of power is needed to heat a 90- to 100-square-meter room. An electric boiler rated for 9 kW will cost more than one rated for 3 kW.

A boiler is required for both heating and hot water if the house is designed to have a "warm floor." Although it may be an electrode boiler, it should have enough capacity to heat the water in the "floor heating" circuit as well as for general heating. In these situations, the heating system’s pipelines are connected via a collector and a second one is needed.

Requirements for heating systems

When putting in an electrode boiler, there are two things to consider:

  1. At its outlet there is a pulsation of the medium (slight pressure surges).
  2. At a frequency of 50 Hz electrolysis of water – its decomposition into oxygen and hydrogen is quite active.

The upper distributing main pipe and the lower collecting pipe form the foundation of the open heating system. If not, the electrolysis gas will completely enclose it.

The expansion tank to boiler pipe needs to be made of metal and not coated in zinc. Pressure drops cause metal-plastic to delaminate, and zinc gets "eaten" by electrochemical corrosion caused by oxygen deposition on the surface.

Particular attention should be given to the fact that the joining materials have roughly the same electrochemical activity (for example, aluminum metal-plastic pipe and the same heat exchanger) or are reliably insulated from one another when assembling collapsible mains, installing radiators, and installing fittings. Galvanized pipes and cast iron radiators are not permitted.

Diagram showing the electric boiler "Galan"’sconnections.

They employ low electrical resistance coolant. Using Galan’s unique blend with antifreeze qualities is preferable. This is because the phase electrode’s location in relation to the ground is engineered for a specific electrical permeability of the medium, and the boiler’s parameters are precisely defined during the design process.

Higher values prevent short circuits, while lower values cause overheating and electrode destruction. As a result, filling heating systems with regular tap water or car tire fluid is prohibited since it could cause the device to malfunction. The majority of unfavorable reviews regarding "Galan" boilers are penned for this reason.

Boilers with heating elements require less effort. They are compatible with all kinds of heating systems, including ones with one or two pipes and forced or natural coolant circulation. Although regular tap water can be used, the manufacturer suggests using branded water.

About installation in detail

There are currently four different connection types in use:

  • parallel;
  • standard;
  • floor heating;
  • modular.

Standard and parallel connections are the most widely used. Let’s examine how to attach the boiler in this manner.

Selecting a suitable location is the first step. We then connect the main device, which is required for the radiators to receive the antifreeze or water, with the aid of a comb. There are unique taps on the latter that allow you to control how much coolant flows through.

Please be aware that the "Galan" boiler scheme for any model suggests installing a system to remove excess air from the system. This will assist in maintaining the machinery’s functionality and averting untimely malfunctions.

The boiler is linked to the network at the last phase.

Do you wish to link the floor heating system to the boiler? Execute these actions. Attach the air venting equipment to the floor that is heated. Install sensors to regulate pressure and temperature. After that, install controllers in the niche and link the gadget to the network. Keep in mind that since you are working with electricity, the installation should only be completed by someone with experience in this type of work. If not, it is preferable to hire specialists. Ignorance of fundamental safety precautions can result in electric shock injuries or even death.

Features and advantages of Galan boilers

Electrode apparatus Galan is a flow-through system that functions as a circulation pump and a heating device. The boiler inspection authorities do not require a permit for its installation.

Benefits of heating appliances:

  1. Various power range. It is possible to choose a unit that will heat a room of 20 square meters. м. or an appliance that will be able to heat a 250 sq. ft. house. м. If the devices are assembled into a modular system, then with its help it is possible to heat a room with a size of several thousand square meters.
  2. High reliability in operation.
  3. Automation of all processes.
  4. Low noise level during operation.
  5. Availability of protection systems.
  6. Efficiency is not less than 98%.
  7. Small size.
  8. Programming of operation modes is possible.
  9. Easy maintenance.
  10. No need for fuel reserves.
  11. Democratic price.

Every Galan boiler able to run at any voltage from the electric grid. They can be employed in the following systems and are ideal for heating apartment buildings:

  • classic heating;
  • large liters;
  • underfloor heating;
  • for snow and ice removal on steps, platforms, driveways;
  • for heating gutters and roofs.

Additionally, the units can be utilized in tandem with a heater.

Some disadvantages in the operation of Galan boilers

Even though electrode systems are attractive, there are drawbacks to using them:

  1. For the device to work well, it is necessary to ensure a constant circulation in the system. If the speed of movement increases, the device will be impossible to start. At reduced speed, water can boil.
  2. Only prepared water with certain resistivity parameters should be used to operate the device.
  3. Do not use other coolants, such as oil, distilled water, antifreeze.
  4. It is necessary to keep an eye on the condition of the electrodes, as they gradually dissolve in the water. If necessary, they are replaced with new ones.

One can attribute the drawbacks to the fact that the units run solely on electrical energy. However, electrode boilers may end up being the only source of heat in places where setting up a solid fuel or gas heating system is not feasible.

Connection of electrode boilers

Comprehensive instructions for connecting and setting up the equipment for use are included in each box containing the equipment. The installation is not difficult, but there are a few things you should be aware of. In order to guarantee adequate system circulation, the boiler needs to be installed vertically. The wiring diagram is shown below.

Installation plan for the "Galan" boiler in a naturally circulating system. Nothing difficult; you can easily accomplish it with your hands (click the image to enlarge).

Electrode boilers can be used in underfloor heating systems in two scenarios: one in which "Galan" only operates on the low-temperature circuit, and the other in which it is a part of the entire system. Naturally, there is a difference in the scheme, as the picture below illustrates.

Electrical layout showing how the boiler "Galan" is connected to a heated floor in the system (click on the image to enlarge)

Apart from these subtleties, there are several other considerations that must be made in order to ensure efficient and cost-effective heating:

  • If you are installing the boiler in an existing system and do not want to modernize/remodel it, then when selecting the boiler, pay attention to the system capacity. In general, 1 kW of power will normally "heat" 10 liters of coolant. In principle, each system is designed for a specific boiler and only in this case you can expect savings, because you need to select the pipes, and valves, and heating devices, and pumps.
  • Before installing the boilers in an existing system, flushing with the inhibitor "Protector" is mandatory, otherwise the existing salt deposits in the system will not allow the system to be adjusted.
  • Like any electrical equipment boilers "Galan" are demanding to the parameters of the power supply. Stable voltage is required for their normal operation. If the voltage or frequency on the line is unstable and often "jumps", it is necessary to put appropriate equipment at the input: stabilizer and/or inverter.
  • The economical operation depends on the mode in which the boiler is more active. There are only two of them: active, when the coolant is heated, and passive, when the heater is in standby mode. The more the boiler is in the standby state, the lower the energy consumption is. The ratio 1×2 is considered good (in passive mode twice as much as in active mode), acceptable is the mode of operation 1×1. All others are uneconomical. The time of being in active and passive mode depends on the rate of heat loss by the room: the longer the heat is kept (better insulation), the less time in the active mode works "Galan". Scheme of connection of boiler "Galan" in the system with radiators and warm floor (click on the picture to enlarge)

The efficiency of electrode boilers is generally disputed; the law of conservation of energy cannot be broken, and the amount of energy used is proportionate to the amount consumed (a little less, taking into account the inevitable losses). However, there is still economic benefit when employing electrode boilers. It is created as a result of direct heating, in which heat is transferred to the heat carrier directly rather than losing heat while heating an external object (heating element). This idea reduces the boiler’s inertia, which means that heating and cooling happen nearly instantaneously.

The demands placed on the heat transfer medium are one of the characteristics of electrode boilers. only that which is unusable. Can:

  • drinking water, corresponding to GOST;
  • distilled water, in which to add a norm of common salt (5g of salt per 100 liters);
  • special coolant – not general purpose or automobile coolant.

"Galan" provides heat-carriers that are appropriate for use in electrode (ionic) boilers. "Potok" and "Argus" antifreezes are available. The "Argus" is safe for human health, has a certificate of quality, a freezing point of -40oC, and is inert in respect to the system’s components.

FET boilers Galan

Though their appearance is nearly identical to that of an electrode, these devices operate on a different principle. An electronic unit is used to control the TEN equipment, and the entire water heating process takes place in a tiny flask.

TEN boilers are safer than electrode boilers, even though they heat the room more slowly. These devices avoid contact between coolant and electricity, preventing electric shock in the event of a leak. Any kind of non-freezing liquid will work with the TEN heating system, and you don’t need to keep an eye on the coolant’s salt content.

Advantages and disadvantages of Galan boilers

We emphasize that you should buy heating equipment only after familiarizing yourself with the full list of pros and cons of such devices. If we talk specifically about the products of the company "Galan", then first of all it is worth noting the significant energy savings. The fact is that electrode equipment allows you to set the minimum temperature during the absence of people in the house. This approach solves two problems at once: firstly, electricity is saved, and secondly, normal temperature is maintained in the dwelling. This can be achieved with the help of thermostats, which are located in each heated room. Periodically, sensors take down the indicators and analyze the information. Another important point – there is no need to install a chimney and prepare fuel, as in the case of coal. Among other things, the connection of the boiler "Galan" can be performed without the participation of specialists, and also in such a device does not accumulate dirt and dust.

That being said, there are undoubtedly drawbacks as well. The primary drawback of the equipment is its high sensitivity to voltage variations, especially power surges, which can destroy the equipment stuffing as well as the protection. The installation of a stabilizer resolves the aforementioned issue.

One more drawback is that certain models need premium coolant to be present. It could be antifreeze or distilled water. Let’s now examine how to install these boilers correctly in more detail.

Advantages of technology

Owing to its layout and mode of operation, the heating system from Galan offers numerous benefits.

  1. The devices have small dimensions, which allows you to install them in any room and save space.
  2. There is no need to install a chimney.
  3. In the process of operation of the equipment does not emit toxic substances.
  4. Boilers are fire safe.
  5. The design does not need regular cleaning.
  6. It is possible to install the heating system Galan on your own.
  7. There is no need to buy fuel stocks.
  8. The devices work almost silently.
  9. High efficiency ensures cost-effectiveness.
  10. The system can be connected in parallel with other boilers.

Price policy

Galan products are widely available, making them easy to find in practically any plumbing or heating supply store. Additionally, a boiler can be purchased via the official website. It is really practical. However! Make sure the website is legitimate before placing an order for a boiler there. It should have phones that you can use to get advice for this purpose.

The cost of Galan products can differ based on the modifications and extras. All the same, you can browse through the estimated costs:

  • Hearth 3 from 12,000 rubles, the LUX set from 15,000 rubles, the CROS 7 set from 17,000 rubles;
  • Ochag 5 from 13 000 rubles, the LUX set from 16 000 rubles, the CROS 7 set from 18 000 rubles;
  • Hearth 6 from 15,000 rubles, LUX set from 16,000 rubles, CROS 7 set from 18,000 rubles;
  • Geyser 9 from 19,500 rubles, the LUX set from 22,000 rubles, the CROS 25 set from 33,000 rubles;
  • Geyser 15 from 22,500 rubles, LUX configuration from 24,000 rubles, CROS 25 configuration from 33,000 rubles;
  • Vulkan 25 from 23 000 rubles, LUX configuration from 24 500 rubles, CROS 25 configuration from 33 500 rubles;
  • Vulkan 50 from 36,000 rubles, LUX configuration from 38,000 rubles, CROS 50 configuration from 52,000 rubles;
  • Galan Vulkan module with a capacity of 100 kW will cost 82,000 rubles, 200 kW – 160,000 rubles, 300 kW – 270,000 rubles.

Generally speaking, it is evident that an equipment’s price is directly correlated with both its power and its package. For instance, the same remote control option will cost an additional couple of thousand dollars. As a result, if purchasing a modernized model is not necessary, resist the sales pitch since the boiler will not pay for itself.

Features of installation of Galan brand electrical equipment

The fact that the installation can be done by hand is noteworthy. In addition to saving installation costs, this will give you invaluable experience. As previously mentioned, installation is not too difficult, but it does require a basic understanding of electricity.

We have already established that while obtaining permission is not required, grounding in accordance with GOST will be. This is because the boiler "Galan," which requires grounding in its wiring diagram, is powered by a 220/380 V network. A shock with that much power would undoubtedly be fatal to a human. It is advised to make and neutralize in addition to earthing.

The actual installation procedure is not all that dissimilar from that of other heating equipment installations. It is important to remember that installing a thermostat on your own is very challenging. Professionals should perform the calibration of this device. It is best to leave the installation to experts if you purchase a "Galan" (a heating boiler with a climate control sensor). This is because the room will be either hot or cold if the controller’s calibration is off.

It is important to remember that the "Galan" boiler, whose connection diagram is displayed below (in the picture), can only operate with water or antifreeze. The equipment will malfunction rapidly as a result of using a different liquid, and the case cannot be guaranteed. Let’s now discuss a few more fascinating points.

Electronic boiler Galan features

The primary feature of the equipment made by the company "Galan" is that it can be installed without a permit, as this article has repeatedly stated.

It is important to note that this type of boiler, whether it is "Vulkan" or "Ochag," doubles as a circulation pump in addition to being a heater. It results in significant savings for the user.

Equipment for electrode heating operates automatically and with remarkable accuracy. The coolant temperature that you have set will determine how much power is used. Furthermore, the apparatus self-adjusts to the required operating mode. For instance, while most boilers operate continuously, they also standby for roughly 14 hours every day. To put it simply, the device contains a sensor that transfers the air temperature to the control element. When it drops below a predetermined level, the boiler is activated.

You can also get climate control for an extra cost, if you’d like. In this manner, you can program the temperature of the room to change every few weeks, days, or even hours. It is simple to adjust the electronic boiler "Galan" to use "smart" technology if it is required to operate at a lower power in the evening. Because of all of this, this manufacturer’s boilers are special in their own right.

Pros and cons of electric boilers Galan

Upon comparing electrode units to traditional thermostatic boilers, several benefits of Galan products become evident:

  1. For installation, Galan electric boilers do not require any additional costs, only the purchase of a heat source.
  2. Installation of units will cost less than the installation of liquid-fuel devices.
  3. Electric units Galan are unpretentious, they do not need cleaning and constant maintenance.
  4. This is a safe and environmentally friendly equipment. When working does not emit odors.
  5. Do not need to install a chimney.
  6. Heating units are lightweight and moderate in size. Do not require a separate specialized room for boiler installation.
  7. Installation of Galan devices can be done with your own hands.
  8. This is a fire-safe equipment.

Galan’s devices have certain drawbacks that can be attributed to:

  1. High cost of electricity consumed by the devices.
  2. Galan equipment cannot be combined with the technology of underfloor heating and pool heating system.
  3. Installation of an electric unit with a capacity of more than 10 kW requires a permit from the Energy Supervision Agency.

Disadvantages and advantages of boilers Galan

The electric boiler Galan’s small internal volume is its primary benefit. When using electrode design, water heats up almost instantly; when using heating elements, it takes slightly longer.

The fact that this device is small and requires no dedicated room makes it easier to install, which adds to its appeal. They have a straightforward design with nothing to break. In comparison to boilers from other brands, their price is the most appealing. Regretfully, there aren’t many positive things to say about this brand.

Yes, the manufacturer used the term "Heating energy-saving boilers Galan" because water directly contributes to the heating process by passing an electric current through it, increasing the device’s efficiency to 98%. This forms the cornerstone of the company’s aggressive marketing strategy, along with the infamous ionization, which is the subject of numerous online sources. In actuality, the device cannot save energy because it is operating in a mode that is similar to a short circuit, which is against accepted physics.

Minimal internal volume has advantages as well as disadvantages. The truth is that using the thermal inertia of water or another coolant is a prerequisite for making electric boilers for heating cost-effective.

This is accomplished by first using the peak power consumption to raise the temperature to its ideal level, and then lowering it to the lowest necessary to keep the operating mode selected. Using this method won’t work if there isn’t enough water for it to naturally circulate throughout the heat generator’s volume.

Boilers of the galan electrode type in the heating system

However, altering the boiler’s energy supply presents another issue. This can be achieved, for instance, by applying a fluoroplastic plate—a material found in many electric water heaters—to a portion of the electrode surface. As the current intensity drops, so does the quantity of "wound" kilowatt-hours.

The temperature control unit dissipates power to regulate galvan electrode boilers. Actually, regardless of whether it is feeding the system with an 85- or 60-degree Celsius temperature, the amount of electricity it uses stays the same.

The "Galan" FET heating boilers are all regulated in the same manner; step regulation is only achievable through independent design intervention. The good news is that the size makes it easy to install multiple low-power boilers in parallel as a potential solution. It is unlikely, though, that a device running at maximum power all the time could be economical.

There are also serious worries about the pipes and radiators passing through the liquid and carrying a powerful electric current. It is expressly forbidden by the operating regulations for electrical installations to connect the device’s grounding circuit to the water and sewage mains.

You can argue that "this is not the case here" all you want, but in actuality, it is preferable to rule out the possibility of coming into direct contact with electricity. It is not advisable to utilize this kind of electric boiler for heating greenhouses or to link it to copper pipe "warm floor" systems.

It is hard not to commend the manufacturer for their "enterprising" decision to recommend only branded coolant that is sold by the same company for these boilers. According to him, everything works out in his favor, and the user of the electric boiler "Galan" won’t know how convenient it is until after using it for a few months. It won’t be feasible, at the very least, to use heating riser water for technical purposes.

Temperature regulator

The first automatic "Galan," known as "Navigator," was introduced in 2003. This device’s peculiarity lay in its programming. This gadget allowed for the heating system to be programmed based on the time of day. The device’s microcontroller featured unique indicators that displayed every setting. The "Navigator" also had an electromagnetic relay-based protective automatic device installed. This contactor possessed a 20 kW power output. All of this increased usability and dependability. "Navigator" looked great in any setting and had an intriguing design. Its low cost should also be mentioned.

Electrode heating boilers Galan principle of operation

Most people probably know what the TENS boilers are, but not everyone is familiar with the electrode boilers’ working principle. In a nutshell, an alternating voltage at a frequency of 50 Hz is applied to two electrodes that are submerged in a specific composition of coolant.

The coolant molecules split into ions with different charges under the influence of an electric current (this is why the equipment is also referred to as ionic boilers). The ions then begin to migrate to one of the electrodes based on polarity. Heat is released in large quantities during movement. The polarity of the electrodes shifts 50 times per second due to the alternating 50 Hz current supply to the electrodes. Thus, the ions are constantly moving and heating the coolant.

The electrode boiler’s operating principle

Electrode boilers have a small volume and heat the coolant rapidly to high temperatures. In the boiler, this generates a pressure that is just right. Hence, in theory, the system can function without a circulation pump: it is only required until the coolant reaches a certain temperature, at which point it can be turned off.

1 A little history about the company Galan

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The company’s initial business was making electrode devices, which were typically used in various directions.

Additionally, the business started creating and manufacturing electric heating boilers for space heating not too long ago. The primary benefit of the Galan boiler lies in its exceptional efficiency, as it can attain up to 98%.

In this instance, its small, compact size is something you should take note of. Positive customer reviews of the electric boiler are mostly found online.

Even major Russian cities like Moscow, Ryazan, Pskov, Samara, and other smaller ones sell this product. There are more representative offices in the Baltics and Ukraine.

Their range of models and types

Space heating electric boilers come in the following varieties:

For example, these boilers are perfect for heating Galan from the "OCHAG" series if you wish to heat small spaces. This kind of boiler weighs less, measures 335 x 35, and has a 2 to 10 kW small capacity.

Galan electric boiler types

On the other hand, large buildings and barns can be heated with an electric boiler from the "Geyser" or "Vulkan" series. They have the benefit of releasing a lot of heat because the water molecules split apart. In this instance, a circulation pump is not necessary for these boilers.

With the aid of electronics, these heating boilers can be precisely controlled by monitoring the water’s temperature both at the outlet and throughout. Additionally, the electronics help to keep the heated room at the ideal temperature, which reduces energy use and saves money.

Boiler heating element A common coolant that prevents heat loss when heating intermediate materials is galvanic acid. When comparing electric boilers to Tenon heaters, Galan matches the quality and continues to win over more and more Russian customers for the Russian manufacturer.

Boilers of the "Galax" series are made by the manufacturer Galan, to which attention should also be given. These models make use of a film heater. A heating boiler like Galan from the television series "Stealth" deserves attention. The purpose of these boilers is to heat industrial buildings.

Galan is a manufacturer of electric boilers used in a residential heating system.

They are typically manufactured as wall-mounted models with a 27 kW capacity and an integrated overheating protection system. These models’ characteristics are different from those of typical capacity and automation.

The following are some benefits of Galan, the manufacturer of electric boilers:

  1. Heat carrier does not require special preparation.
  2. These boilers are used in closed systems.
  3. Small weight and dimensions.
  4. Simple installation and connection.
  5. Built-in systems.
  6. Electricity saving.

There are two control models for heating boilers. Additionally, there are mechanical and electronic controls here. These boilers must only be connected to a three-phase network, and automation is required for protection. When compared to overseas manufacturers, the pricing category is the primary benefit.

Cost concern

Once more, their primary benefit is the cost factor. Of course, the cost will change based on the type and capacity of the boiler. When comparing prices, the average range is between 3500 rubles for electric models and 25,000 rubles for Galan, the manufacturer of tenon devices.

Galan, the electric boiler in the heating system

When measured against other boilers made by foreign manufacturers, the price of this product is reasonable and entirely commensurate with the quality and completeness of the boilers.

Electric boilers Galan on heating elements

The "Standard" and "Lux" TEN heating boilers are the two types of boilers produced in this group of heating equipment.

Typical "group"The boiler’s construction is unique among electric boilers; the coolant supply and return pipes are welded to a small, sealed cylinder. Their small price, great efficiency, and respectable economy—which calls for automatics—set them apart. "Galan" suggests "Galan-Navigator," one of its automatics.

The "Galan" electric boilers on heating elements have a unique design.

This class of boilers operates in sealed heating systems with either forced or natural circulation. possess a relatively large set of capacities despite their tiny size:

  • Ochag Turbo. There are 7 modifications in this range with a power step of 1.5 kW. Powers from 3kW to 15kW, length from 350mm to 1050mm, weight from 2,5kg to 10kg.
  • Geyser Turbo. There are only two models in this range: 12kW and 15kW, length 500mm, weight 8kg.
  • Vulkan Turbo. There are three modifications with power of 18kW, 24kW and 30kW. Length of boilers of this series 490mm, weight 10kg.

The stainless steel AISI 316L used to make boiler bodies has a longer service life, a higher load capacity, and the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 1300°C. Modern boilers are constructed with blocks of new heaters that have smaller dimensions and longer lifespans. Because the boilers have three power stages, you can reduce energy use without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, the new boilers’ mass and inertia decreased. When compared to conventional boilers with comparable capacities, all of this enables electricity savings of up to 20%.

Features of TEN "Galan" boilers (click the image to view it larger)

Many boilers can be supplied by the 220V network because of the three-stage power gradation and more dependable components, which do not place an undue strain on the network. In the table below, all electrical connection data is displayed.

There are two ranges in the TEN boiler "Lux" group. Their more recognizable features include a control panel on the boiler, painted steel casing, and wall-mounted versions. Only forced circulation closed type heating systems are utilized with boilers. For DHW, there is no automatic control (built-in automation) or water treatment.

Stals" paragraph. 98% boiler efficiency. These indicators are made possible by the use of novel heating elements. These boilers can save you a good amount of money—between 40 and 60 percent. Modern built-in automation and programmable thermoregulators make this possible by allowing energy consumption to be reduced while maintaining a comfortable temperature. It is possible to connect a remote control, which uses cellular communication to send signals.

The "Galan Stals" heating boiler boasts a more recognizable design.

This series of six boiler modifications ranges in output from 9kW to 27kW. The table displays the equipment’s technical specifications.

Technical details of "Galan Stals" boilers (click on the image to enlarge the size)

"Galax" line. A three-stage power regulation system lets you save energy without putting too much strain on the network. This equipment has an IP40 protection class and is connected to a 380V three-phase network.

"Galan Galax" FET boilers: internal device

Two inbuilt safety features are a safety valve and a coolant flow tracking system. Programmable temperature sensors can be connected.

TEN "Galan Galax" boilers. Internal organization (click image to enlarge)

The range comprises eight modifications with capacities ranging from 9kW to 30kW. The table provides a summary of their technical specifications.

Technical details of "Galan Galax" boilers (click on the image to enlarge the size)

Galan electric boilers basic information

Galan electronic boilers are well-known for their dependable features, compact size, and excellent quality. It is noteworthy to mention that a family-run business with the same name, based in Russia, produces these amazing units.

Established in 1994, the family business has grown in recognition and stature over the years.

It is noteworthy to mention that a family-run business with the same name, based in Russia, produces these amazing units. This family-run business began operations in 1994 and rose to recognition and respect over the ensuing years.

Galan boilers heat the coolant not by heating the heating element, but by passing electricity through it. There are electrodes connected to the heating elements that are energized. They come into direct contact with the heat transfer medium and heat it up.

This is the process that takes place: There is an alternating voltage of roughly 50 Hertz going through the electrodes. This indicates a 50 times per second change in the electrodes’ poles. The coolant ions with varying charges move as a result of this pole change. The oscillations consequently release energy that contributes to the temperature rise.

The ionization chamber, which is where the primary heating occurs, is the main component of the electric boiler. The size of the chamber is compact. As a result of the abrupt heating, the coolant pressure rises to two atmospheres. This effect allows the unit to function as a pump.

What makes up an electric heating unit is:

  • heat exchanger;
  • tank with heating elements;
  • regulation and control units.

Water or antifreeze can function as heat carriers in electric boilers. Argus-Galan is a specialty liquid that works best as a coolant.

The way this electronic heating equipment operates is the same as that of other manufacturers’ comparable products. After being heated in the generator, water enters the radiators through the main plumbing. Here, it radiates heat, warming the surrounding air.

The electric unit Galan can heat the space and supply hot water for domestic purposes for the household. External storage boilers are a feature of the majority of Galant units.

Principle of operation of the electrode boiler Galan

The majority of people who have attended university or served in the armed forces are able to create a heater using just two safety razor blades. And what a great tool this is—water boils far more quickly than it would with a conventional water heater. It is the most basic kind of electrode boiler.

It works on the following principle: when two metal plates, or electrodes, are connected to an EMF source, the medium breaks down and creates a short-circuit current that excite the electrons in the atomic structure (ionization). The process is more intense when alternating current is used because the charged particles swing in both directions. It results in heating, glowing in the case of a gas penetration (air), or electrolysis—the breakdown of a liquid into its component parts.

The electrode boiler and the welding machine are identical devices in terms of construction, but they function in different settings. The boiler is different in that water serves as the ballast instead of a ballast transformer.

Galan’s explanation of how electric boilers work

Principle of operation

An ionization chamber is a characteristic that sets electrode boilers apart. Electrodes are positioned within these vessels to heat the coolant. These components absorb a 50 Hz current that causes liquid molecules to split into positive and negative ions. The electrodes with the opposite value are then moved by those in turn. As a result, the coolant directly produces heat energy. Based on this, fast heating is provided by electrode boilers.

These kinds of boilers are typically filled with water, but you can substitute other liquids with non-freezing characteristics in this situation. In the second instance, experts advise using the coolants made by the Galan company. Since all of the boiler equipment’s characteristics are taken into consideration in this instance, there is no chance that the coolant will harm it. Another detail: it’s important to confirm that the other heating components in the system can tolerate coming into contact with non-freezing water if it will not be using water.

The efficiency of the electrode boiler depends on many things. But there are a number of mandatory rules, which should be observed. First, if the boiler is purchased to replace the old one, then it is necessary to redo the connection and wiring schemes. Secondly, for two-storey buildings will require two boilers for each group of radiators. Thirdly, it is recommended to wrap all pipes with insulating material to reduce heat losses. Fourthly, if the system still uses antifreeze, the owner must regularly check all the joints, as such a liquid is characterized by high fluidity. Fifthly, electrode boilers are installed only vertically, so the place for them must be prepared in advance.

It’s time to get acquainted with the Galan representatives of this boiler equipment if your heart still aches to electrode boilers and you have the chance to make sure everything is operating properly.

In the realm of heating and insulation for homes, Galan boilers stand out as a reliable and efficient choice. These boilers offer a blend of advanced technology and user-friendly design, ensuring optimal comfort and energy savings for households. With their compact size and versatility, Galan boilers are suitable for various heating systems, whether it"s radiators, underfloor heating, or a combination of both. Their high efficiency ratings translate to lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact, making them a sustainable option for modern homes. Additionally, Galan boilers boast robust build quality and easy installation, providing homeowners with peace of mind and hassle-free operation. Overall, Galan boilers represent a smart investment in home heating, offering reliability, efficiency, and comfort all wrapped into one package.

Electric boilers of STELS series

Utilized in public spaces, residential homes, cottages, garden homes, apartments in multi-story buildings, bathrooms, and other locations without or with inadequate central heating. utilized exclusively in closed heating systems and in three-phase networks. They can be included into heating systems that are already in place.

A monoblock-style electric boiler that combines automation and heaters. With the help of this feature, you can make sure that the supply and return pipes are both at the desired temperature and are protected from overheating. It is imperative that you verify that all connections to the heating system are tight and that the system is filled with heating medium before turning on the boiler. Another source of heat that can be used is an electric boiler.

The boiler has the following features:

  • availability of automation – boiler monoblock;
  • 3 power stages, can be selected manually or automatically;
  • possibility of connecting a circulation pump;
  • convenient and easy operation.

STELS electric boilers have a 9–27 kW power range. The product weighs up to 17 kg.

Any of the company GALAN’s electric boilers that are prohibited may be operated without automatic control devices or with automatics that are not advised by the company.

Varieties of equipment

Three model lines are used to represent Galan electronic boilers:

Electrode boiler galan hearth 6, 5 and 3

The devices’ capacities, which are quite similar on the outside, are indicated by the numbers at the end of the model names. Boilers Ochag range in weight from 0.9 to 1.01 kg, and model-specific lengths apply:

  • Galan Ochag 6 has a length of 335 mm;
  • Galan Ochag 5 – 320 mm;
  • Galan Hearth 3 – 275 mm.

These are the smallest units, running on 220 volts and capable of heating spaces between 80 and 250 m³.

Buy boilers model Ochag can be on the official website of the company Galan, where the equipment with a capacity of 6 kW costs 4,050 rubles, and 2 kW – 3,900 rubles.

Heating boilers Geyser

Heaters with a power output of up to 15 kW and a medium size can heat spaces up to 200 m^2. Geyser devices run on single-phase and three-phase power systems and weigh seven kilograms. Approximately 300 liters of liquid should be used when running the boilers. The cost of a heater with a 6 kW capacity is 7 100 rubles, and a boiler with a 15 kW capacity is 8 000 rubles.

Vulkan electrode equipment

Several houses can be heated simultaneously with the most powerful system, whose total volume does not exceed 800 cubic meters. The equipment’s compact design and 7 kg weight allow it to be installed in small spaces. The devices have a capacity of 25 to 50 kW and run on three-phase electricity. Compared to other models, their cost is higher. The Vulkan 25 heating boiler costs 8,200 rubles on the official website, while the Vulkan 50 model costs 13,200 rubles.

One of the advantages of electrode boilers is their dependability, which can be attributed to the fact that there is essentially nothing in them to break. Even in the event of a coolant leak, the device will simply shut off when the currents drop to zero. The automation that is integrated into the heating system will handle everything else.

Models of TEN boilers Galan

There are two types of TENS devices that operate on this principle:

  1. Ochag Turbo, Geyser Turbo, Vulkan Turbo – created on the basis of electrode models, from which they differ in design and dimensions. With a capacity of 3 to 30 kW, they are able to heat a room with a volume of up to 750 m3. They can work both from single-phase and three-phase electric network. The price of TEN models from electrode models differs slightly and ranges from 6 500 to 13 800 rubles.
  2. Monoblocks Galax and Stealth – similar to ordinary heating boilers devices, which in their design have a suspended metal rectangular cabinet. Stealth models have a tank equipped with heating elements and a control unit. Boilers capacity of 9 kW cost 24 900 rubles, and 27 kW – 27 100 rubles. Galax models are additionally equipped with equipment for controlling the flow of coolant, safety valve, pump for forced circulation, pressure gauge. In this regard, their cost is higher – Galax with a capacity of 30 kW costs 37 500 rubles, and the price for a model with a capacity of 9 kW – 33 000 rubles.

Galan’s heating equipment is all automated, allowing the user to program the ideal temperature for the room and the radiators, adjust them automatically based on demand at specific times of the day, and turn the equipment on and off using a special contact thermostat.


As you can see, reading reviews is crucial. Without a doubt, galan" boilers are a good type of heating equipment.

Regardless of perspective, the benefits are essentially the same everywhere: compact size, low energy consumption, and simplicity of installation. The heating equipment is made by a domestic company and has all these features by design.

After taking into account all of the frequently asked questions, it follows that you can install such a boiler if the electric mains are of a suitable caliber. Naturally, if you reside somewhere where the network is overloaded or the voltage is below the required 220 V, this solution won’t function. A stabilizer can be useful here. By the way, the boiler "Galan" "Ochag-3" is the best option as a backup heat source. Owner testimonials attest to its great utility in trying times. Your three-kilowatt "Hearth" will not be replaced, not even by a high-power heater.

We’ll wrap up the discussion of this manufacturer’s electrode boilers here. Every year, the use of this plan’s equipment grows in popularity, particularly for dachas and country homes without gas mains. especially considering the potential to build a complete boiler room by joining electrode boilers together.

Galan Boilers Efficient Heating Solutions
Cost-effective Reliable Performance

Galan boilers have become a viable option for effectively and economically heating homes. Their cutting-edge technology and small size enable efficient energy use, lowering their impact on the environment and utility costs.

Galan boilers are renowned for their exceptional versatility. There is a model that will work for you whether you want to heat a big house or a small apartment. Their adaptability renders them a compelling choice for homeowners in search of customized heating solutions.

Galan boilers also place a high priority on dependability and safety. Because their heating system is made of premium materials and has several safety features, users can feel secure in the knowledge that it will last and function without any unforeseen problems.

Galan boilers also have the benefit of an easy-to-use interface. Easy-to-use controls and settings make it simple for homeowners to maintain their heating system. For people who are not particularly technical in nature, this accessibility is especially helpful.

To sum up, Galan boilers provide an attractive combination of effectiveness, adaptability, security, and ease of use. Galan boilers are an excellent option if you’re looking to install a new heating system or upgrade your current one in order to keep your house cozy and warm all year round.

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