Galan boiler wiring diagram

An efficient heating system is essential for maintaining a warm and comfortable home. The boiler, which is crucial to this system since it heats water for the house’s multiple uses, is one of its key parts. Comprehending the operation and wiring of your boiler is essential to guaranteeing its appropriate performance and optimizing energy efficiency.

We’ll examine a Galan boiler’s wiring diagram in this post, illuminating the subtleties of its electrical connections. It’s crucial to comprehend the wiring diagram whether you’re a professional trying to install or fix a boiler or a homeowner trying to troubleshoot problems with yours. Even for people who are unfamiliar with boiler systems, we’ll make it simple to understand by breaking down the parts and connections step by step.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of correct wiring in a boiler system before getting into the specifics of the wiring diagram. The way a boiler works is that it heats water, which is then distributed throughout the house through pipes. The boiler’s wiring diagram specifies how electricity is routed through its various parts, guaranteeing a safe and efficient operation. In the worst situation, any inconsistencies or flaws in the wiring could result in electrical hazards or malfunctions.

Being familiar with the various terminals and connections shown in a boiler wiring diagram is essential to understanding it. These could be safety devices, pumps, valves, thermostats, and power supply terminals. Every terminal has a distinct function, and for optimal performance, it needs to be wired correctly. You will be able to recognize each terminal and comprehend how it contributes to the boiler’s overall operation by interpreting the wiring diagram.

Proficiency in heating engineering or do-it-yourself enthusiast, you will find great value in grasping the Galan boiler wiring schematic. It gives you the ability to confidently install boilers and carry out maintenance duties and accurate problem diagnosis. We’ll walk you through the intricate details of the wiring diagram using concise explanations and helpful illustrations, giving you the knowledge you need to keep your house comfortably heated all year long.

Component Function
Galan boiler Heats water for home use
Thermostat Regulates boiler operation based on temperature settings
Power supply Provides electricity to the boiler
Pump Circulates heated water through the house"s heating system

Electric boilers "Galan" – electrode and on TENS, review, reviews, installation schemes

The Galan company was founded in the previous century’s 90s. The company was founded with the express purpose of producing electrode boilers. Electrode boilers and Ten boilers are the two kinds of electric boilers that "Galan" currently manufactures.

Electrode heating boilers "Galan": the principle of operation

Most people probably know what the TENS boilers are, but not everyone is familiar with the electrode boilers’ working principle. In a nutshell, two electrodes that are polavayutsya alternating voltage at a frequency of 50 Hz are lowered into the coolant of a particular composition.

The coolant molecules split into ions with varying charges under the influence of an electric current (this is why the equipment is also referred to as ionic boilers). The ions then start to migrate to one of the electrodes based on their polarity. There is a lot of heat produced by the movement. The polarity of the electrodes shifts 50 times per second due to the alternating 50 Hz current supply to the electrodes. Ions travel constantly because of this, heating the coolant.

The electrode boiler’s operating principle

Electrode boilers have a small volume and heat the coolant rapidly to high temperatures. As a result, the boiler’s pressure rises somewhat. Thus, in theory, the system can function without a circulation pump; however, one must be present until the coolant reaches a certain temperature, at which point it can be turned off.

Comprehending the system’s layout is crucial for troubleshooting and installation of the Galan boiler wiring diagram. The schematic depicts the connections between the boiler and different parts, such as pumps, valves, and thermostats, that guarantee the heating system operates as intended. It usually shows the wiring diagrams for the power supply, control circuits, and safety features that are necessary for the boiler to function properly. In order to minimize the likelihood of malfunctions and maximize energy efficiency, homeowners or technicians can guarantee the safe and dependable operation of their heating system by closely adhering to the Galan boiler wiring diagram.

Model range

The group of electrode boilers is divided into three lines:

"Galan" electrode boilers.

The boilers have a lot of exterior similarities. The size and power are the primary differences. The smallest boilers are produced in the "Hearth" ruler (both in size and power). These heating units have a power range of 2 to 6 kW. Dimensions: 35 mm in diameter and length, depending on the model; weight: 0.9 kgto 1.01 kg

  • 275mm Galan Ochag 3;
  • 320mm "Galan Ochag 5";
  • 335mm Galan Ochag 6.

The next class of heating appliances is more potent, with "Geysers." In this range, there are just two boilers: the 9kW "Galan Geyser 9" and the 15kW "Galan Geyser 15". Here, the weight and measurements are greater at 5.0 kg and 5.3 kg, as well as 360 and 410 mm in length and 130 mm in diameter.

"Vulkan" was designed with some pretty good premises in the third line. There are just two boilers: the "Galan Vulkan 25 and 50," which have respective capacities of 25 and 50 kW. Weight: 5.7 kg and 11.5 kg; dimensions: 460 mm and 570 mm, 180 mm in diameter.

As you can see, even the most powerful Galan boilers are incredibly light and small in size. The cost is also minimal—the majority of budget models run about $60. To optimize the heat mode and save electricity, the equipment needs to be controlled by automation. Additionally, the boiler’s cost must be increased by the automation’s cost. Room sensors are also necessary in order to save money and maintain a comfortable temperature. Not the largest, but nonetheless.

Connection of electrode boilers

A comprehensive instruction manual for connecting and setting up the equipment for use is enclosed in each equipment box. The installation is not difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind. In order to guarantee adequate system circulation, the boiler needs to be installed vertically. The electrical connection diagram is shown below.

Installation plan for the "Galan" boiler in a naturally circulating system. It’s simple enough to accomplish with your hands; click the image to make it larger.

Electrode boilers can be used in underfloor heating systems in two scenarios: one in which "Galan" is limited to the low-temperature circuit, and the other in which it is a component of the entire system. Of course, there is a difference in the scheme, as the picture below shows.

An electrical diagram showing how the boiler "Galan" is connected to the underfloor heating system can be viewed by clicking on the image.

Apart from these minor details, there are several other considerations that must be made in order to ensure efficient and cost-effective heating:

  • If you install the boiler in an existing system and do not want to modernize/remodel it, then when selecting a boiler, pay attention to the volume of the system. In general, 1 kW of power will normally "heat" 10 liters of coolant. In principle, each system is designed for a specific boiler and only in this case you can expect savings, because it is necessary to select pipes, valves, radiators and pumps.
  • Before installing boilers in the existing system is mandatory flushing inhibitor "Protector", otherwise the existing deposits of salts in the system will not give the opportunity to adjust the system.
  • As well as any electrical equipment boilers "Galan" are demanding to the parameters of power supply. For their normal operation requires a stable voltage. If the voltage or frequency on the line is unstable and often "jumps", it is necessary to put appropriate equipment at the input: stabilizer and/or inverter.
  • Economy of operation depends on the mode in which the boiler works more. There are only two of them: active, when the coolant is being heated, and passive, when the heater is in a standby state. The more the boiler is in a standby state, the less electricity is consumed. A good ratio is considered to be 1×2 (in passive mode twice as much as in active mode), acceptable is the mode of operation 1×1. All others – uneconomical. The time of being in active and passive mode depends on the rate of heat loss from the room: the longer the heat is kept (better insulation), the less time the "Galan" works in active mode.

Diagram showing how the boiler "Galan" is connected to the underfloor heating and radiators in the system (click on the image to enlarge)

In general, there is discussion regarding the efficiency of electrode boilers: it is impossible to violate the law of conservation of energy, and the amount of energy used is determined by allocating a certain amount of it (a little less, taking into account the inevitable losses). Nonetheless, employing electrode boilers still results in savings. It is created as a result of direct heating, in which heat is transferred to the heat carrier directly rather than losing heat while heating an external object (heating element). This idea reduces the boiler’s inertia, allowing for nearly instantaneous heating and stopping.

The fact that electrode boilers are so demanding of the heat medium is one of their peculiarities. only what you are unable to use. One may:

  • potable water that complies with GOST;
  • distilled water, in which to add at the rate of common salt (5g of salt per 100 liters);
  • special coolant – not general purpose and not automobile coolant.

Heat transfer fluids that are appropriate for use in ionic (electrostatic) boilers lead to the term "Galan." "Potok" and "Argus" antifreezes are available. "Argus" has a freezing point of -40 o C, a certificate of quality, is safe for human health, and is inert in respect to the system’s components.

Requirements for heating systems

The heating system needs to fulfill the following conditions in order to function effectively:

  • Electrode boilers are installed only in two-pipe systems of closed type with a membrane cistern (the volume of the cistern is calculated as 1×10).
  • The boiler is placed vertically, its upper edge is not above the level of the radiators.
  • Strapping parameters:
  • riser and boiler unit pipe diameter 32mm (1″/1/4);
  • main line – 25mm;
  • Radiator piping – 20mm.

Diagram showing the electrical connections for the boiler "Galan" (click image to enlarge)

As you can see, there are no obstacles in the way of installing electrode boilers "Galan," the requirements are reasonable, and most importantly, you can do everything by hand.

Electric boilers "Galan" on heating elements

Two types of boilers are produced under this category of heating equipment: TEN heating boilers "Standard" and "Lux."

Customized Team "The "Galan" has a unique design for an electric boiler in that the coolant supply and return pipes are welded to a small cylinder that is sealed on both sides. Their notable attributes include their low cost, excellent productivity, and respectable economy—all of which call for automation. "Galan" suggests "Galan-Navigator," one of its automatics.

The "Galan" electric boilers on heating elements have a unique design.

This class of boilers operates in sealed heating systems with either forced or natural circulation. They are incredibly compact with a sizable capacity set:

  • Hearth Turbo. There are 7 modifications in this line with power step 1,5kW. Powers from 3kW to 15kW, length from 350mm to 1050mm, weight from 2.5kg to 10kg.
  • Geyser Turbo. There are only two models in this line: 12kW and 15kW, length 500mm, weight 8kg.
  • Vulkan Turbo. There are three modifications with capacities of 18kW, 24kW and 30kW. Length of boilers of this series 490mm, weight 10kg.

The stainless steel AISI 316L used to make boiler bodies has a longer service life, a higher load capacity, and the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 1300 o C. New heaters, as well as blocks of them, with smaller dimensions and longer operating lives, are installed in boilers made today. Because the boilers have three power stages, you can reduce your electricity usage without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, the weight and inertia of the new boilers have both decreased. When compared to conventional boilers with comparable capacities, all of this enables electricity savings of up to 20%.

Features of TEN boilers "Galan" (click the image to view it in larger size)

Many boilers can be powered from the network at 220V thanks to three-stage power gradation and more dependable components that do not put an undue strain on the network. The tables contain all of the electrical connection data.

There are two rulers in the group of TEN boilers called "Lux." Their wall-mounted version, painted steel casing, and boiler control panel make them already more recognizable. Only forced circulation closed type heating systems are utilized with boilers. DHW uses automatic control (built-in automation) and does not use water treatment.

Steals vary. 98% boiler efficiency. These indicators are made possible by the use of novel heating elements. These boilers can save you a good amount of money—between 40 and 60 percent. Modern built-in automation and programmable thermoregulators make this possible by allowing power consumption to be reduced while maintaining a comfortable temperature. There is a chance to link a remote control that uses cellular communication to send signals.

The design of the Galan Stals heating boiler is more recognizable.

Six different boiler modifications, ranging in power from 9kW to 27kW, are available in this line. The table displays the equipment’s technical specifications.

Technical details of "Galan Stals" boilers (click the image to enlarge the size)

Galax" range. A three-stage power regulation system makes it possible to reduce energy consumption without overtaxing the network. This equipment has an IP40 protection class and is connected to a 380V three-phase network.

The Gallan Galax FET boilers. internal apparatus

Two inbuilt safety features are a safety valve and a system for monitoring coolant flow. Programmable temperature sensors can be connected.

The Gallan Galax FET boilers. internal apparatus (Click the image to view it larger.)

The technical specifications of the eight modifications in the line, ranging in capacity from 9kW to 30kW, are compiled in the table.

Technical details of "Galan Galax" boilers (click on the image to enlarge the size)

Primarily in the network reviews pertaining to "Galan" electrode boilers. The majority of these are advantageous. However, this only applies to those who have correctly connected the electrical component and complied with the coolant installation and preparation requirements. In this instance, people discuss boiler dependability and economy: boilers operate silently, "keep" the temperature constant, are economical, and function without fail.

Some owners connect "Galan Ochag 9" in parallel with their wood boiler, turning it on at night once the coolant has cooled and the wood has burned out. Others have seen a two-fold reduction in bill savings over the previously offered TEN.

The following reviews are unfavorable:

  • The house burned down because the boiler was hung on a wooden wall and connected through a 50A circuit breaker.
  • The first year heated normally, in the second year began to work worse. After preparing the water and flushing the system, the temperature rose, but not enough.

Only messages from people offering TEN boilers or other brands are present; there are no other unfavorable reviews. Indeed, and the available unfavorable reviews point out installation errors rather than suggesting that the boilers are defective or unusable.

However, you should be aware of the significant drawbacks of electrode boilers before making a purchase. Go here to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of electrode boilers as well as their working principle.

"Galan" heating boilers are a good choice if you require an electric boiler. It is up to you which one you select.

Installation of the boiler Galan – instruction

Galan electrode boilers are now considered a technological innovation in the field of individual heating systems. The units are a contemporary take on electric autonomous heating boilers. The electrode block in the Galan model replaces the traditional heating element, resolving the primary issue with electric boilers—the heating element’s transient operation—and enabling the use of contemporary automated systems to regulate the heating process. Electrode boilers save more than 30% of the electricity used in conventional electric units.

Table of contents:

Advantages of operation of electronic heating boiler Galan

  • The total heat load of the unit progressively increases as the temperature of the coolant rises.
  • Reliable and cost-effective heating system.
  • Simple, balanced design of electronic units.
  • The use of modern automatic systems, mobile adjustment of parameters, support of the selected schedule of operation.
  • Production of heat energy taking into account the heated space, without exceeding or diminishing the given energy due to a special built-in automatic system.
  • Application of high level of automatic control is possible due to controlled heating inertia.

  • The coolant, entering the boiler chamber, is heated immediately throughout its entire volume, which reduces the time of temperature rise and allows you to reach the set parameter in a matter of minutes. Efficiency of heating a cold room – the main advantage of boilers Galan.
  • Smooth start from 50% of nominal capacity.
  • Two-pipe system of closed type works more efficiently in heating radiators.
  • Use of modern materials for manufacturing of heating elements.
  • Reliability in "fail-safe" operation.
  • At the same power the electronic boiler heats the flow of coolant in 1.5 times faster than electric.
  • The possibility of automatic maintenance of minimum temperature in the case of prolonged absence of people in the dwelling. This factor reduces energy consumption by up to 50%.
  • No gaseous carcinogenic or odoriferous exhaust is emitted. The level of environmental friendliness is rated Euro III.

General principle of operation of Galan models

  • The principle is based on the laws of physics and chemistry, as well as the law of transformation of one energy into another.
  • Under the influence of electrodes in the liquid is splitting into negative and positively charged ions.
  • There is a natural movement of charged particles, oppositely charged begin to join together, releasing a large amount of energy.
  • This starts the process of heating the coolant.
  • The described process takes place without the involvement of a third element, such as a heating element.
  • Fast heating of the coolant leads to increase of pressure in the boiler up to two atmospheres.

  • Pressurized water is pushed outwards into the heating system. Analog of the principle – natural geysers, coffee makers, etc.д.
  • The created water head, more than 25 meters, fully provides the system with circulation of the coolant around the entire perimeter of the pipes.

Description of Galan boiler models

1. Galan-03 model hearth:

  • Compact design of the unit is considered to be the smallest of all known analogs.
  • Uniquely low weight of the unit in 500 g in combination with the output power of 5000 W allows you to heat a room of 250 m3.
  • 70 liters of water is enough for filling and productive work of the system.
  • The peculiarity of the unit start-up is a low energy threshold, the maximum is reached already after 12 A.
  • Further warming up of the system leads to an increase in specific resistance, increasing the power to the nominal value.

2. Galan Geyser Model:

  • A unit of medium size and capacity. The most popular consumer model.
  • Compact design in combination with a high power of 9000 W allows you to use the model for heating a private house with a total area of up to 200 m2.
  • A feature is the ability to connect the boiler Galan-Geyser to a single- or three-phase power supply systems.
  • To fill the heating system requires 300 liters of water, which is slightly more than the volume of water for a standard bathtub.
  • The net weight of the unit of 7 kg makes it possible to install the mini-boiler in a small room, to disguise it in the interior.

3. Galan-Vulkan Model:

  • The most powerful mini boiler in the brand"s lineup.
  • The power of the unit 25 000 W gives advantages in the use of the installation for the average private household with several houses, for the application of heating of private boarding houses, small production facilities with a volume of 800 m3 or more.
  • Electricity source for connection – single-phase or three-phase.
  • The water volume for filling the system is 500 liters.
  • Maximum pressure up to 2 atmospheres.
  • Net weight of the unit 7 kg. Possibility of installation in limited space, in narrow utility rooms.

Installation of Galan boilers

1. Features of the Galan boiler installation:

  • Compact design, low weight of the Galan unit creates optimal conditions for easy installation.
  • Saving of means at installation of electrode boiler Galan. There is no need to install a boiler, pump and other additional equipment, as in the case of classical heating with electric boilers.
  • Use purified, distilled water as a heat transfer fluid. Liquid is not drained from the heating system for the winter period, does not freeze at – 40 C.
  • Obligatory thermal insulation treatment and protection of walls against heat loss.

2. Essential safety precautions:

  • When installing the electrode boiler in the system is performed mandatory grounding of the unit.
  • All terminals and live parts of the unit are protected from moisture and contact with the surface of the boiler.
  • Install automatic interrupter – circuit breaker for current cutoff. Recommended automatic circuit breaker 25 A.
  • Follow the schematic connection plan recommended in the data sheet for the specific Galan model.

  • It is mandatory to observe the phase – zero – ground connection.
  • Before starting the boiler to check the tightness of threaded and welded joints.
  • Eliminate the possibility of water ingress to exposed parts and the housing of the ion boiler.
  • To the management and operation of electronic boilers Galan allowed people over 18 years old, familiarized with safety, with experience in working with installations of this type.
  • A mandatory requirement for normal operation – the presence of an expansion tank.
  • If ice forms in the heating system, disconnect the boiler from the system and defrost it.

3. Stage of preparation:

  • Installation of the heating system. During assembly the main condition is to keep the pipeline clean, avoid penetration into the cavity of metal shavings, foreign substances.
  • It is mandatory to connect a coarse filter.
  • After the installation is completed, the system is thoroughly flushed with Galan inhibitor.

4. Galan boiler installation:

  • Installation of the boiler in the system is made in a vertical position, with the protective cap at the bottom.
  • It is forbidden to use cast iron radiators. The electrolysis process makes the cast iron unconditioned. During electrolysis, the ions that make up the chemical lattice of cast iron react chemically with the ions of the heating medium. As a result, sinks are formed in the metal and progressive corrosion begins. Modern metal alloys are highly resistant to electrolytic solutions.
  • The boiler must be fixed to one of the walls of the room. The method of connection to the heating system is not decisive.
  • No shut-off valve is installed between the outlet and the expansion vessel.
  • Professional earthing of the heating system is carried out. A wire cross-section of 2 or more is selected.5 м. providing resistance value from 0.1 ohm.
  • Connecting the boiler to the power grid is carried out only by specialists – electricians with a license to work with electrical equipment up to 1 Kwt.
  • All wiring is done with stranded bare copper wires. The cross-section of the wire is selected according to the corresponding current load.
  • Wire ends for connection are carefully stripped of oxide film and insulating material.

Galan boiler. Wiring diagram

The Galan unit has multiple connection diagrams:

1. Diagrammatic representation. To be completed in the subsequent order:

  • Galan mini-heating station.
  • Radiator heating unit with shut-off valve.
  • Temperature relay with sensor and indication of readings.
  • Expansion tank.
  • Drain valve.
  • Shut-off valve.
  • Circulation pump with filter element.

2. A connection in parallel. It is produced in the manner described below:

  • Liquid solid fuel or gas unit.
  • Heating radiator block with shut-off valve.
  • Temperature control relay with sensor.
  • Expansion tank.
  • Drain valve.
  • Shut-off valve.
  • Coarse filter.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Selected Galan boiler model.

3. Suggested wiring arrangement:

  • Safety circuit breaker from 25 A.
  • Magnetic starter from 25 A.
  • Temperature sensors inlet/outlet.
  • Coil for magnetic starter.
  • Contacts of the heat relay.
  • Power indicator/ammeter.
  • Galan boiler.

4. The rule of sensor placement:

The electrode boiler Galan is connected in accordance with the schemes that are described. It is necessary to pay attention to the sensors’ proper positioning.

  • Incoming temperature sensor. It is installed on the outlet pipe of the last section of the radiator.
  • The sensor for measuring the output temperature parameter is always installed on the pipe coming out of the boiler.
  • Both sensors are connected with stranded copper wire. Wire cross-section from 0.5 to 1 mm2.
  • The 25A circuit breaker is necessary for protection against overloads in the electrical network, it is used as an ordinary switch on/off switch.
  • Normal, working position of the button for switching off/on the thermal relay – recessed. The button is located on the body of the magnetic starter. The actuation of the button signals a fault in the electrical system. After fault elimination, the thermal relay is switched on by pressing the button.

5. Choosing the temperature operating parameter:

  • The output temperature of the heating medium is set within the range of 70-75 C.
  • The input temperature is calculated based on numerous factors: the volume of the heating system, the temperature of the surrounding atmospheric or air space inside the room, the volume of the heated space, the condition and the index of the thermal insulation protection of the room. The recommended value of the incoming flow is between 40 and 45 C.
  • Switching on of the automatic circuit breaker. Correct connection will result in fast heating of the heating system, which will be indicated by the ammeter. The current parameter reading will not be lower than 23 A.
  • Boiler operation in the normal mode is performed automatically. Reaching the temperature limit parameter will cause the Galan boiler to shut down. Lowering the temperature of the coolant – to the triggering of the automatic switching on.
  • Input sensor fixes the set temperature parameter in radiator sections. Increase of the indicator provokes the boiler shutdown. Lowering the parameter provokes its inclusion.

6. Coolant selection for Galan models:

  • Selection of fluid for the coolant of electrode boilers is made with special care. From the composition and quality of water depends on the life and productivity of the unit.
  • It is essential that the water matches the quality of drinking water.
  • As a variant, boiled water with the addition of Galan inhibitor is used.
  • The specific resistance of the coolant at + 15 C is not less than 1300 Ohm / cm. Measurement of the indicator is made by a special device – conductometer.
  • The best coolant is a special liquid developed for use in Galan boilers.

Articles on the topic

Boilers "Galan": reviews. Galan boilers: characteristics, connection diagram

January 18, 2015.

There are a lot of manufacturers of heating equipment out there right now. The majority of boilers are installed by experts, and numerous permits must be obtained beforehand. However, there are other options that make the process a little bit simpler overall. We are going to discuss electric heating. Let’s think about the helpful reviews. The topic of discussion in this article will be Boilers "Galan."

General information and description

These days, the company manufactures electrode boilers and TEN, two different kinds of heating equipment. The latter are highly sought after. This is because getting the go-ahead from the appropriate authorities is not required, which, as experience has shown, can sometimes speed up the installation process.

The way these devices heat up is pretty fascinating. The coolant’s ionization serves as the principle. It transpires that its ions are separated into positive and negative, which travel to the corresponding electrodes. Ion fluctuations cause energy to be released, which raises the coolant’s temperature.

The ionization chamber’s small size has a beneficial effect on the heating rate. Nevertheless, reviews for such a solution are not always clear from customers. Some people just don’t trust Galan" boilers. This is because the majority of customers are dissatisfied with the domestic manufacturer. However, a closer inspection reveals that this business has a respectable rating. which attests to the products’ respectable quality. Now, let’s continue and comprehend the primary ideas.

Features of the installation of electrical equipment brand "Galan"

The fact that it can be manually installed is noteworthy. In addition to saving installation costs, this will yield invaluable experience. As previously mentioned, the installation is not too difficult, but it does require a basic understanding of electricity.

We’ve already established that a permit is not required; however, grounding in accordance with GOST will be required. This is because the boiler "Galan," whose wiring schematic inevitably calls for grounding, is powered by a 220/380 V network. A shock with that much power would undoubtedly be fatal to a person. It is advised to make and neutralize in addition to earthing.

The actual installation procedure is not all that dissimilar from that of other heating equipment installations. It is important to remember that installing a thermostat on your own is very challenging. Professionals should perform the calibration of this device. It is best to leave the installation to experts if you purchase a "Galan" (a heating boiler with a climate control sensor). This is because the room will be either hot or cold if the controller’s calibration is off.

Remember that the "Galan" boiler, whose connection diagram is displayed below (in the picture), can only operate with water or antifreeze. The equipment will quickly malfunction due to the usage of a different liquid, and the case cannot be guaranteed. Let’s now discuss a few more fascinating topics.

Consumer reviews

It is necessary to touch on such an important point as feedback from buyers of electronic boilers. For the most part, users remain satisfied with them. Many write about real savings. In addition, in the network you can find a large number of positive reviews that relate to the service. In addition to fast delivery is pleased with the friendliness of the company"s employees. But this is where all the most interesting things just begin. Many reviews about real savings with boilers "Galan" lines "Geyser", "Ochag", etc. Users are able to achieve a significant reduction in energy costs. Sufficient device with a capacity of 15 kW to heat a two-story house. Agree, this is the best solution, for example, for a dacha, where it is not possible to connect the gas mains.

Furthermore, gas does not always appear advantageous when viewed against the backdrop of the "Galan" company’s electrode equipment. The rate of heating of the heating boiler is high. Many write that connecting the electrode boiler as a backup boiler always makes sense. It could become the primary source of heat if there are gas-related issues. There are other reviews, though.

Galan" boilers are extremely sensitive to voltage changes, so you’ll need a strong rectifier or a backup generator to keep the boiler running in the event of a blackout. This particular moment is of great importance, so many users are paying attention to it.

Electronic boiler "Galan": features

As has been repeatedly mentioned in this article, you do not need to obtain a permit for installation, which is the main feature of the equipment of the company "Galan". It is also worth paying your attention to the fact that a boiler of this type, whether it is "Vulkan" or "Ochag", is not only a kind of heater, but also a circulation pump. For the user, this is a significant savings. Electrode heating equipment is extremely accurate and works in automatic mode. The power consumption will depend on what temperature of the coolant you have set. In addition, the equipment independently adjusts to the necessary mode of operation. For example, most of the boilers work all day long, but about 14 hours are in standby mode. In simple words, the device has a sensor that takes the air temperature and sends it to the control element. If it falls to a certain limit, the boiler is started.

You can also get climate control for an extra cost, if you’d like. As a result, you can modify the room’s air temperature in accordance with the preprogrammed cycle, which includes weeks, days, and even hours. It’s simple to configure the electronic boiler "Galan" to use less energy in the evening thanks to "smart" technology. Because of all of this, this manufacturer’s boilers are special in their own right.

The smallest and the largest

The manufacturer’s "Ochag-03" heating equipment is thought to be the most compact model. You might think it’s absurd that it weighs just 500 grams. Nevertheless, the unit still generates 3 kW of power, which is sufficient to heat a room measuring 25 square meters or 70 liters of coolant. As the medium’s temperature rises, specific resistance increases and eventually the electrode boiler "Galan" "Ochag" reaches its maximum capacity. When this equipment is running continuously for a month, it uses about 500 kW.

Right now, the business offers the "Standard" and "Lux" configurations to its clients. The latter has a weekly programmable climate control program in addition to the boiler and the control unit.

The "Vulkan-25" is the most potent model of heating equipment made by the "Galan" company. Such equipment can be used in a small boiler room as well as an apartment or house. You will require a separate power source because the nominal voltage is 380 V, unlike the previous version. Actually, for 3,000 kW per month, the boiler electric heating "Galan" "Vulkan-25" can heat an 850 cubic meter space. For such a boiler, the coolant volume should be between 150 and 300 liters at the very least.

Advantages and disadvantages of boilers "Galan"

We emphasize that you should buy heating equipment only after familiarizing yourself with the full list of pros and cons of such devices. If we talk specifically about the products of the company "Galan", then first of all it is worth noting the significant energy savings. The fact is that the electrode equipment allows you to set the minimum temperature during the absence of people in the house. This approach solves two problems at once: firstly, electricity is saved, and secondly, the dwelling is maintained at a normal temperature. This can be achieved with the help of thermostats, which are located in each heated room. Periodically, sensors take readings and analyze the information. Another important point – there is no need to install a chimney and procure fuel, as in the case of coal. Among other things, the connection of the boiler "Galan" can be performed without the participation of specialists, and also in such a device does not accumulate dirt and dust.

It goes without saying that there are drawbacks as well. The primary drawback is that the equipment is highly susceptible to voltage variations, especially power surges, which can destroy the equipment’s packing and protection. The stabiliser is installed in order to solve this issue.

One more drawback is that certain models need premium coolant. It could be antifreeze or distilled water. Let’s now examine how to install these boilers correctly in more detail.

About installation in detail

There are currently four different connection types in use:

Standard and parallel connections are the most widely used. Let’s examine how to attach the boiler in this manner.

Choose a suitable location as the first step. The primary device, which is required for the distribution of water or antifreeze on the radiators, must then be connected using a comb. The latter can have the amount of coolant flowing through them adjusted with special taps.

It should be noted that the layout of the boiler "Galan" in any model suggests installing a system to remove extra air from the system. By doing this, you can prevent premature equipment breakdown and keep the machinery in good working order. The boiler will be linked to the network at the end.

Do you wish to link the underfloor heating system to the boiler? Execute these actions. Attach the air removal devices to the heated floor. Install sensors to regulate pressure and temperature. Next, attach the device to the network and install controllers in the niche. Keep in mind that since you are working with electricity, the installation should only be completed by someone with experience in this type of work. If not, it is preferable to hire specialists. Ignorance of basic safety precautions can result in electric shock injuries or even death.

A little about the price of equipment

Many "Galan" heating boilers are available, as was previously mentioned. As of right now, the company sells 3, 5, 9, 15, and 25 kW capacity units from the "Ochag," "Geyser," and "Vulkan" model series.

The smallest models are ideal for small rooms, while the largest boilers can heat enormous areas. The units’ cost varies according to how efficient they are. The price range for electrode models is three and a half thousand rubles to fifteen thousand rubles. Remember that there are various configurations available. For instance, the more costly one has climate control in addition to the boiler and automation, while the basic model only has these features.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that today there is an increase in fraud cases. For this reason, it is worth the most careful to check the quality of the product. By the way, in addition to the perfect technical condition of the device in full order should be its passport. If the company has a license and positive reviews, which is important, then you can safely make a purchase. In conclusion, do not forget to specify the peculiarities of the procedure for returning the boiler, if it turns out to be substandard or defective. And don"t be tempted by a too low price. Buy only original electric heating boilers "Galan". Reviews of owners of such equipment will tell you where to look for a quality product.

Very important point

Although the boiler itself is relatively small, it must be installed correctly. Prepare a niche in advance and provide free access to the network. Do not forget that the equipment is powered by a three-phase network. As noted above, antifreeze or drinking water can be used as a coolant. The specific resistance of the fluid should not be less than three and more than thirty-two thousand ohms/cm at a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. By the way, the quality of the medium can be improved. Thus, you will prolong the life of the boiler. It"s quite easy to do. It is possible to install a filter of purification from mechanical impurities, which is desirable to mount on the pipeline. A significant amount of insoluble compounds will be retained, which will favorably affect the durability of the equipment.

Boilers "Galan" were covered in detail above. The model determines the equipment’s features. However, generally speaking, these types of equipment can heat spaces ranging in size from 75 to 550 cubic meters. The power in this instance ranges from 3 to 25 kW. This is the amount that you will save; it all depends on how well-insulated the room is. Users report savings of up to 45% when compared to gas-powered equipment. These are more remarkable numbers, but not everyone is able to reach them. However, it is possible for everyone to save costs by 5 to 20%; the key is to install and calibrate the electronic equipment correctly.

Gaining an understanding of a Galan boiler’s wiring diagram is necessary for effective insulation and heating in your house. You can guarantee safety, energy savings, and peak performance with the appropriate configuration.

Homeowners can connect thermostats, pumps, and valves, among other heating system components, correctly by adhering to the Galan boiler wiring diagram. This guarantees that every component works in unison, resulting in dependable and constant heating throughout the house.

In addition, a well-planned wiring system can assist homeowners in resolving any problems they may be having with their Galan boiler. It is much simpler to diagnose and fix issues with proper labeling and an understanding of the connections, which reduces the need for costly repairs and saves time.

The boiler wiring must be paired with proper insulation. By keeping the heat produced by the boiler inside your house, you can maximize energy efficiency and cut down on heating expenses. In addition, it aids in preserving a pleasant indoor temperature regardless of the external climate.

To sum up, understanding the Galan boiler wiring diagram is essential to having effective insulation and heating in your house. You and your family can live in a cozy, economical, and well-understood environment with the right knowledge and execution.

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