Ferroli – gas boilers. Scheme, operation manual, reviews

Having a dependable heating system is crucial for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the colder months. The Ferroli gas boiler is one option that is well-liked by many homeowners. Ferroli boilers are known for their dependability and performance. They are made to effectively heat your house and provide hot water.

Getting the most out of your heating system starts with knowing how a Ferroli gas boiler operates. These boilers work by heating water through the use of natural gas, which is then distributed throughout your house through a system of pipes and radiators. In order to provide comfort and convenience throughout your house, the heated water is also used to supply hot water on demand to your taps and showers.

To guarantee your Ferroli gas boiler operates at its best, familiarize yourself with the operation manual. Usually, the handbook contains instructions on how to operate the boiler safely, how to change the temperature, and how to solve common problems. You can efficiently operate your heating system and take care of any potential issues by getting to know the handbook.

It makes sense to seek advice from people with first-hand experience before making an investment in a heating system like Ferroli gas boilers. Studying testimonials from homeowners who have installed and utilized Ferroli boilers can offer important information about the functionality, dependability, and general satisfaction of these units. Real-world experiences, whether they offer constructive criticism on maintenance or positive feedback on energy efficiency, can help you decide if a Ferroli gas boiler is the best option for your house.

Ferroli Gas Boilers Overview: A guide to Ferroli gas boilers, including their features, specifications, and benefits.
Scheme Illustration or diagram showing the layout and functioning of Ferroli gas boilers.
Operation Manual Instructions on how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot Ferroli gas boilers.
Reviews Feedback and opinions from customers who have used Ferroli gas boilers, providing insights into their performance and reliability.

Do you want to keep your house nice and toasty in the winter? Ferroli gas boilers are the only place to look. Ferroli boilers are an excellent option for insulation and heating because of their effective design and dependable operation. You will find all the information you require to make an informed choice in this article, which gives you an overview of the boiler’s scheme, operation manual, and user reviews. Ferroli gas boilers provide an economical and efficient solution, whether you’re upgrading from an outdated system or replacing an older one.

Ferroli floor heaters

The inflatable burner needs to be purchased independently.

There are floor cast iron boilers with integrated and detachable (inflatable) burners available. Let’s start by looking at models that have an integrated burner. The simplest boilers (up to 1 th. Euro) take very little time to complete:

  • single-stage burner;
  • cast iron heat exchanger;
  • HoneyWell or Sit;
  • connectors for additional equipment (pump, thermoregulator).

Boilers starting at a thousand dollars. Apart from the standard set, Euros come with a display, three-way valve, boiler pump, outdoor temperature sensors, and boiler sensors connectors. With the help of these settings, the heater is able to regulate the heating medium’s temperature in accordance with the outside weather. The Ferroli boiler instruction manual contains specifications for each model’s equipment.

Units exceeding 2,000 Euro, such as the Pegasus-DK, feature an integrated 130-liter boiler, a 12-liter expansomat, two pumps, and a magnesium anode in the boiler. The boiler tank must have a magnesium anode to prevent rust. Because it is a consumable, the anode must be changed on a regular basis (as it splits). The Pegasus 2S and PegasusF3 N2S heaters for 3,000 euros have the same components as the less expensive models, with the exception of the burner, which is a two-stage burner in the more expensive units. This makes it possible to regulate boiler output across a wider range.

The liquid crystal display shows the fault code if there are any issues when the Ferroli gas boiler is operating.

Boilers featuring detachable inflatable heaters are unique in that, depending on the type of burner, they can operate on either gas or diesel fuel:

  • for gas – Sun M;
  • for diesel – Sun G.

Instead of using the external inflatable burner, an internal one- or two-stage gas burner can be connected to the Atlas heater. The rich configuration, such as the Atlas DK, includes two pumps, a liquid crystal display, an expansomat with a capacity of 10 liters, and a boiler with a capacity of 100 or 130 liters. The external inflatable burner is supplied separately and is not part of the kit.

The quality of the insulation work will improve with the caliber of the adhesive you use.

It is explained how to use minwool to properly insulate a house from the inside.

Wall-mounted gas boilers Ferroli

Ferroli, an Italian company, wall heater.

Ferroli wall-mounted boilers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can select the boiler that best suits your needs and price range. The quantity of circuits is the first feature. As a result, heaters can simultaneously heat the water in the heating system and provide hot water for the entire home. Boilers can be divided into two types: single-circuit and two-circuit.

The kind of combustion chamber and how it is configured make up the second factor. Either an open or sealed combustion chamber is possible. The air in the room is burned out by open combustion chambers and the stove’s regular burner (a fire cannot exist without oxygen). Air is drawn into sealed chambers from the street via a coaxial chimney, a unique type of chimney pipe.

The combustion chamber is equipped with one or more heat exchangers. A batch heat exchanger (bithermal heat exchanger) consists of a pipe inside a pipe with spigots incorporated for individual smoke extraction. The heat exchanger has a copper construction. If there are two heat exchangers, they are placed apart from one another. Copper is used for the primary one and stainless steel for the secondary.

Ferroli gas boiler repairs are more expensive the richer the equipment.

Ferroli gas boilers completed in accordance with the instructions:

  • heat exchanger (one or two);
  • gas valve – Siemens or HoneyWell;
  • three-speed circulation pump Wilo;
  • smoke extraction spigots – separate smoke extraction system;
  • bypass;
  • control unit.

Models with and without liquid crystal displays are available. The display provides details on the heater’s operating parameters as well as any errors that may have happened while it was in use. The screen is blue-lit. A 6-liter integrated boiler is available for the DivaTop 60 model.

Any Ferroli wall-mounted heating boiler model has an efficiency of roughly 93%. 40 kW is the maximum output; 7.2 kW is the minimum. For high-temperature heating systems, the unit heats the heat transfer medium to 85 degrees, and for district heating water (DHW), it heats the water to 55 degrees. Liquified and natural gas are used in boilers. Each model’s data sheet contains information on the rated energy consumption. For natural gas and liquefied gas, the gas pressure at the inlet must be at least 20 mbar and 37 mbar, respectively.

The apartment’s bathroom does not need to be waterproofed if the tile joints on the walls are grouted qualitatively. On the floor, however, water protection is a must.

Read about the effectiveness of vermiculite insulation for ceilings.

Warranty repair

The owner is entitled to free repair and servicing as long as the warranty is still in effect. If any of the following guidelines are broken, repair may not be approved:

  • ventilation has not been organized;
  • grounding is not done;
  • factory seals are broken;
  • there is damage to the casing, such as dents and scratches;
  • high humidity in the room;
  • the boiler room is very dusty;
  • voltage surges in the mains;
  • main gas of low quality or with pressure fluctuations;
  • the oven has been overheated.

In all other situations, you can get in touch with your city’s Ferroli boiler service department:

  1. Moscow – "Thermo-Prestige".
  2. St. Petersburg – Energo Garant.
  3. Yekaterinburg (and 80 km. around) – "Hat House".
  4. Novosibirsk – GUDT TeploVodoMontazh.

Switching on and off

It is possible to become familiar with the gas unit’s startup and shutdown procedures by using the manual. It is necessary to open the gas tap in front of the boiler. The air within the gas pipelines needs to get out. The knobs are then adjusted to a particular heating or DHW mode and the ferroli is connected to the mains. Upon receiving a specific request, the ferroli will begin operating. It is required to turn the knobs to the minimum position in order to disconnect. The voltage is still connected to the electronic board. There is a frost protection system in place. In the event that the power source is disconnected, it stops working.

The room thermostat regulates the system’s temperature, which can be set using the instructions on the remote control.

The heating system’s temperature ranges from 30°C to 85°C. However, it is not advised to operate the ferroli below 45° C.

The hot water supply temperature can range from 40°C to 55°C. You can set the desired temperature by turning the knob. The hot water can be controlled via a remote control if one is connected.

Operating manual

In recent times, Ferroli appliances have been selected by customers quite frequently. Gas boilers need to be operated in accordance with the instructions; they can be wall-mounted or floor-standing. The company also encloses an operating manual with each device. Should an issue arise while using the product, the user should get in touch with technical support personnel. The equipment owner can try consulting the user manual as a backup plan.

The most popular problems that can occur are low pressure levels, the device will report this with error f37. The user in this case should check the gas and water supply and clean the system. If you do not want to encounter malfunctions, you must remember that if you disconnect the equipment from the power supply system or the gas mains, the anti-freeze function will be disabled. In order to exclude damage caused by freezing, which can occur when the boiler is switched off for a long period of time in winter, the boiler must be drained, this also applies to the heating system as well as the hot water circuit. Otherwise, water is drained only from the DHW circuit and antifreeze is added to the heating system, it is necessary to familiarize with the manufacturer"s recommendations.

It is possible to control the room’s air temperature with the optional thermostat, according to the Ferroli gas boiler’s instruction manual. With the latter, you can establish a specific temperature. Use the interactive panel or remote control on the device if adjusting the water temperature in the heating system is required.

Device and principle of operation of Ferroli boilers

Ferroli gas boilers are known for their excellent quality and dependability. able to run on both liquefied and natural gas. Both locally and remotely, the boiler’s operation can be managed from the device. outfitted with a self-diagnostic mechanism to reduce the need for human intervention.

Their efficiency is high, at 92%. Ferroli boilers work on the basis of heating the heat exchanger using heat energy produced by burning gas. One characteristic that sets it apart is the microprocessor control system that regulates the flame.

Ferroli Company has patented this type of heat exchanger, which is a copper heat exchanger coated in an anticorrosive aluminum composition. The combustion chamber is made of copper or steel and has an internal ecological coating and an anticorrosive aluminum composition coating.

Stainless steel heads on an injection burner are part of their equipment. The Ferroli Domina 24, Divatop, Domiproject, and Diva two-circuit boilers are the most widely used models available.

Boiler Ferroli Domina 24

The Domiproject features a front panel display, a by-pass circuit in the heating system, and a pipe-in-pipe bithermal heat exchanger. Domina has a by-pass system, light indication, and a copper bitermic heat exchanger with increased capacity. uses liquefied gas as well as natural gas for operation.

Other faults

It is possible to see additional codes:

  1. Code A09 – malfunction of the gas circuit. Check the mechanical connection of the gas valve wires, for breaks or oxidation. Check the resistance of the modulating valve coil, it should be about 24 Ohm, the resistance of the shut-off valve is 65 Ohm. If the values are different, replace the valve.
  2. Code F11 – hot water supply thermistor failure. Check the reliability of the connection of the sensor with the board, measure for short circuit and resistance of the contacts of the thermistor, it should be 10 kOhm.
  3. Code A16 – appears in case of gas valve malfunction, when the flame does not extinguish within 5 seconds after turning off the gas valve. A faulty gas valve can be identified by measuring the resistance. It needs to be replaced. Temperature sensor
  4. Code A41 – occurs when there is no temperature change in the heating medium or hot water supply. Faulty temperature sensor or contacts connecting the sensor to the board – check the connection reliability, test the sensor contacts, if the sensor is faulty, replace it.

For economical home heating, gas boilers are a popular option, especially those made by Ferroli. Ferroli gas boilers are an affordable way for homeowners to keep their homes warm during the winter months thanks to their inventive design and dependable operation.

Ferroli gas boilers’ effective heating system is one of their main benefits. With the efficient use of gas in mind, these boilers make sure that every ounce of energy is used to heat your house. This reduces carbon emissions, which lessens the impact on the environment in addition to helping with energy bill reduction.

Ferroli gas boilers have easy-to-use controls and an intuitive interface, making operation simple. Ferroli boilers make it simple for homeowners to tailor their heating preferences to meet their needs, whether it’s modifying the temperature or setting up the heating schedule.

Homeowners who have installed Ferroli gas boilers frequently express their satisfaction with the product in their reviews. Many consumers value these boilers’ dependability and constant heat output since it keeps their homes toasty and cozy all year round. Ferroli’s customer service is also commended for being helpful and quick to respond to any problems that may come up.

To sum up, Ferroli gas boilers are a dependable and effective choice for home heating. For homeowners looking to upgrade their heating systems, Ferroli boilers prove to be a worthy investment thanks to their sophisticated heating scheme, easy-to-use operation, and positive customer reviews.

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