Features of indirect heating boilers 200 liters

The heating system we choose is very important when it comes to keeping our homes warm and comfortable. Indirect heating boilers are one option that many homeowners take into consideration. These boilers, which usually have a 200-liter capacity, have a number of interesting features and benefits that are worth learning about.

Indirect heating boilers function by heating water in a separate vessel, which is then circulated throughout the house for heating purposes, as opposed to direct heating systems, which heat water directly for immediate use. Benefits of this method include decreased corrosion risk and increased energy efficiency because the heating water does not come into direct contact with the boiler flame.

These boilers are ideal for medium-sized to large-sized homes due to their 200-liter capacity, which allows them to be both space-efficient and provide enough hot water for heating requirements. Their capacity guarantees a consistent flow of hot water, even during periods of high demand, making them dependable for meeting heating needs in homes.

Indirect heating boilers’ ability to work with a variety of heat sources is one of their primary characteristics. These boilers can effectively use the heat produced to warm the water stored in the vessel, regardless of whether they are powered by gas, oil, electricity, or renewable energy sources like solar power. They are a sensible option for homeowners looking for flexibility in their heating systems because of their adaptability.

In addition, compared to direct heating systems, indirect heating boilers provide a high degree of safety. Because the heating element is isolated from the water supply, there is a much lower chance of mishaps like explosions or scorching. Homeowners can feel more at ease with this feature, especially if they have small children or pets.

In conclusion, 200-liter indirect heating boilers are a dependable and efficient choice for home heating. Due to their special qualities, which include increased safety, energy efficiency, and compatibility with different heat sources, they are a preferred option for homeowners who want to maximize comfort and convenience in their living areas.

Features of the boiler indirect heating 200 liters

Since an indirect boiler with 200 liters has a substantial mass, it is typically placed on the floor. Since the devices run on the heat from the heating system fluid rather than electricity or gas, their operation is significantly less expensive.

Kindly take note! These kinds of water heaters are typically elongated in shape because a more rounded tank would allow the water heater to occupy too much usable space in the room.

Even with fewer components and mechanisms, these devices still need premium materials. The metal must be shielded from corrosion to ensure a long service life; this calls for the use of stainless steel and premium enamels.

Advantages and disadvantages

The indirect water heater has drawbacks like any other complicated system, but this type of boiler also has a lot of benefits, like:

  • No need to connect to electricity or gas pipelines.
  • Safer operation.
  • Significant money saving.
  • Long service life.

A large volume indirect water heater’s drawbacks are as follows:

  • The cost of the device is quite high.
  • When first turned on, it will take a considerable amount of time to heat a large volume of liquid.
  • The boiler slightly reduces the efficiency of the heating system, which is especially noticeable in winter, when radiators are working at their maximum capacity.
  • Impossibility to use the device when the heating is switched off.

Note: You can save a great deal of money with this device, even though there are considerable upfront costs and some operating inconveniences. In two to three years, the system will pay for itself in full.

Boilers of indirect heating: device and principle of operation

The following are the main components of the indirect heating boiler:

  • Capacious tank, which is covered on the outside with an insulating layer.
  • Brass or steel coil.
  • Elements of connection to water supply and heating systems.
  • Outer shell.

The coil is found within the container. Heat is transferred from the coolant to the water in the main tank through the thin metal walls of this component. The network that supplies hot water for residential use is linked to the main tank.

The water in the tank will remain hot for up to 24 hours after the heating system is turned off because of its large volume and excellent insulation.

Indirect heating boilers, especially those with a capacity of 200 liters, offer unique advantages for heating and insulation in homes. These boilers work by heating water indirectly through a coil or heat exchanger, which is connected to a primary heating system. One key feature is their ability to provide a constant supply of hot water, even in larger households, without compromising on energy efficiency. Their larger capacity of 200 liters ensures ample hot water storage, ideal for households with higher demands. Additionally, these boilers can be integrated seamlessly with various heating sources, including solar panels or heat pumps, further enhancing their eco-friendliness and reducing energy costs. With their efficient heating mechanisms and versatile compatibility, indirect heating boilers of 200 liters prove to be essential components for maintaining a comfortable and sustainable home environment.

A 200-liter indirect heating tank will function flawlessly for many years—that is, if you buy a high-quality item. You can pretty much be certain of the quality of the products you choose if you choose those made by reputable companies. The leading producers of 200-liter indirect water heaters are as follows.


Renowned Slovenian producer of appliances for homes. The Gorenje GV200 is the product that represents the 200-liter indirect heating boiler in this company’s model range. This device has an enameled tank, a protective magnesium anode, and a thermometer. The heater perfectly retains heat because the most cutting-edge technologies were used in its construction, so you don’t have to worry about running hot water in your apartment or home during a brief heating outage.


The Baxi UTB200 indirect boiler is known for its excellent quality, simplicity of installation, and near-complete lack of maintenance needs while in use. With its 200-liter capacity and superior heat insulation, you can get hot water that stays hot even when the heating is off with this device.

Crucial! Because of the heat exchanger’s 39.3 kW of power, the water reaches the necessary temperature in a few hours even after first starting up.

Royal Thermo

This manufacturer’s indirect heating boilers are known for their exceptional dependability because of the unique glass enamel coating applied to the coil and tank. Although this coating is a great heat conductor, it shields metal from corrosion’s destructive effects.

The Royal Thermo Aquatec Duo model is a 200-liter water heater manufactured under this brand. Another benefit of this model is the recirculation system, which provides nearly instantaneous hot water at the water intake point.


European-quality heating equipment is produced by Atlantic. A 200-liter internal tank is featured in the indirect heating boiler model Atlantic 200. Since the steel heat exchanger is positioned in the tank’s lower section, the liquid is heated as efficiently as possible.

With a heat exchange power of 43.2 kW, a substantial amount of water can be heated quickly.

Crucial! This model allows for the optional installation of TEN, a 2400 W water heater, allowing for summertime use of the unit.


There are also 200-liter capacity indirect heating boilers in the Tesy model line from the Bulgarian manufacturer. The Tesy EV9S 200 water heater is a combined device, meaning it can operate using both the built-in heating element in the main tank and the heating system. This option’s availability enables you to supply hot water to your home during the summer.

This device’s water heating system can reach a maximum temperature of 95˚C, and heat losses are expected to be negligible because of the thermal insulation layer. One type of floor-standing water heater is the Tesy EV9S 200. Because of its large weight, the device cannot be mounted on the wall.

Selection criteria for indirect water heaters

It is advisable to prioritize purchasing indirect heating boilers from reputable manufacturers. Two other important selection criteria are the use of stainless materials and the existence of a lengthy warranty period.

When the heating is fully turned off, the boiler can still be used because the indirect heating device has an electric heating element.

Crucial! A model like this can also be used efficiently in the winter and linked to electric heating when spring arrives, even if the water heater is designed without a heating element at first but allows you to add one later on.

A fairly large heat exchanger capacity is needed for an indirect water heater that holds 200 liters. This parameter indicates that when choosing a new device, the higher the power, the better, as this will reduce the amount of time the liquid needs to heat up completely after the heating is turned on.

Another crucial factor is the boiler’s orientation and shape. Because horizontal appliances take up a lot of room, investing in cylindrical appliances that are installed vertically will maximize available space.

Kindly take note! When purchasing a boiler, it is important to consider whether it has a magnesium anode and a high-quality enamel coating as these features can prolong the boiler’s service life and prevent leaks.

Feature Description
Capacity 200 liters
Indirect Heating Uses an external heat source like a boiler to heat water indirectly

200-liter indirect heating boilers are a dependable and effective way to heat and supply hot water to households. Their design makes it possible to store heated water for use at different times during the day, guaranteeing a consistent supply of hot water even during periods of high demand.

The ability of these boilers to be connected to an external heat source, like solar panels or a conventional boiler, is one of their primary features. This flexibility lowers energy costs and carbon emissions by enabling homeowners to select the most economical and ecologically responsible heating solution for their needs.

In addition, indirect heating boilers are renowned for their dependability and minimal upkeep needs. They are a wise investment for any home because they can operate dependably for many years with proper installation and routine maintenance.

These boilers also have good insulation to reduce heat loss, so the water stays hot for longer periods of time without requiring frequent reheating. In addition to increasing energy efficiency, this also helps to make occupants more comfortable and convenient.

To sum up, 200-liter indirect heating boilers combine durability, adaptability, and efficiency to offer a reliable hot water and heating solution for residential settings. They are a desirable alternative for homeowners wishing to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes because of their adaptability to different heat sources, minimal maintenance needs, and superior insulation.

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