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Having the appropriate heating system in our homes is essential to keeping them warm and comfortable. Electronic boilers have become a popular option for many homeowners trying to increase their home’s comfort and efficiency in recent years. Galant electronic boilers are unique among these choices because of their cutting-edge features and dependable operation.

Electronic boilers use electricity to heat water for hot water supply and central heating, as opposed to conventional gas or oil boilers. Because they emit no emissions when in use, this makes them a greener and more sustainable option. Furthermore, electronic boilers are frequently smaller and simpler to install, which makes them perfect for homes with limited space.

Galant electronic boilers are known for their cutting-edge technology and excellent efficiency. With features like programmable settings and digital controls, homeowners can easily adjust the heating to suit their needs. These boilers also have quick heating capabilities, so the whole house will be warm in no time.

The energy efficiency of Galant electronic boilers is one of their main advantages. These boilers contribute to the reduction of energy waste and utility costs by precisely controlling the amount of electricity used to heat water. Homeowners benefit financially from this as well as a decrease in the environmental effect of their energy use.

Galant electronic boilers are renowned for their dependability and longevity as well. These boilers are made to last a long time and withstand daily use thanks to their high-quality construction and skilled engineering. For homeowners, this translates to fewer maintenance concerns and increased peace of mind.

In conclusion, electronic boilers—especially the Galant models—provide a dependable, economical, and environmentally responsible answer to modern homes’ heating and insulation needs. These boilers contribute to a more sustainable future while offering comfort and convenience through their sophisticated features and energy-saving advantages.

Completion of the electronic boiler Galant Geyser Lux

Overall, the device’s full set is pretty amazing, which will appeal to a lot of people. It has a control unit and a climate control unit, among other things. Additionally, boiler manufacturers are required to offer detailed recommendations along with schemes for connecting the boiler.

All this is necessary for the safe operation of the boiler. In turn, the automatic control unit, which comes with it, includes many useful things. First of all, it is the automatic protection unit "Moyler". With its help you can easily service the boiler "Galant" (electric) without risk to health. Also this model is equipped with a quality modular contactor "Hager" German production. Also included in the set with the control unit is a digital thermo regulator. It is classified as a three-channel digital unit. In general it is responsible for the temperature in the system. Two sensors are installed on the front panel of the automatic control unit. With their help it is possible to constantly monitor the power supply and power conversion. Additionally, there is a special pump in the unit to control the channel.

Advantages of electrode boilers

The primary benefit of the electrode electric boiler Galant is its exceptional ease of use and high efficiency, which, like other electric boiler models, reaches 98%.

Because they are small and easily accessible, electrode boilers can be installed in locations that are convenient for their owners.

There is nothing to break in the device because of its extremely simple design. The electrode boiler has an almost infinite service life if high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials are used. Reviews of the electric heating boiler for the home that owners who have already installed this device in their homes have posted on the network attest to the product’s dependability.

Features of the use of electrode boilers

This equipment is not installed in heating systems with radiators, batteries, or galvanized or cast iron pipes. It is also not used with modern polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes for the riser.

These electronic heating boilers aren’t meant to heat basements, porches, roofs, greenhouses, etc. They are not appropriate for use with warm floor devices or pool and bath heating systems.

The size and volume of the heated room will determine which type of boiler to use; options range from 2 to 25 kW.

Technical details of the most well-liked models:

  • Nominal voltage – 220 V
  • Rated frequency – 50 Hz
  • Rated current in phases – (A) 220 – 13 V
  • Power consumption – 6 kW
  • Volume of heat carrier – from 35 to 70 liters
  • Volume of the room – 280 cubic meters.м
  • Weight – 1,1 kg
  • Cost – 3400 – 3800 rubles.

  • Rated voltage – (380)220V
  • Nominal frequency – 50 Hz
  • Nominal current in phases – (A) 220 – 13 (40)V
  • Power consumption – 9 kW
  • Volume of heat carrier – from 30 to 100 liters
  • Volume of the room – 340 cubic meters.м
  • Weight – 5 kg
  • Cost – 6600 – 7200 rubles.
  • Nominal voltage – 380V
  • Nominal frequency – 50 Hz
  • Rated current in phases – (A) 220 – 40 V
  • Power consumption – 25 kW
  • Volume of heat carrier – from 30 to 100 liters
  • Room volume – 850 cubic meters.м
  • Weight – 5.7 kg
  • Cost – 6800 – 7800 rubles.

Benefits of electrode boiler use:

  1. They occupy little space due to their compact dimensions.
  2. Economical in operation (about 20-30 % in comparison with TEN boilers)
  3. No installation permit is required from the boiler inspectorate.

FET boilers

Because stainless steel is used to make the equipment, it is strong and resistant to wear. Galan TEN boilers are compatible with both single- and three-phase networks. Models and buyer preferences vary regarding the type of control system they have: fully electronic or electromechanical.

You can effectively organize heating in apartments, single homes, and large spaces with TEN boilers thanks to their technical features, ease of installation, and ease of use. In order to guarantee snow melting, they are ideal for heating steps, driveways, porches, roofs, and outdoor terraces. These boilers function flawlessly in parallel with the home calorifier, making them convenient for the warm floor device.

Heating facilities ranging in size from 70 to 750 square meters are served by TEN boilers. Depending on the model, the products’ weights and powers range from 3.5 to 10 kg and 3 to 30 kW, respectively.

Benefits of TEN boiler use include:

  1. Low requirements for the used heat carriers of the system (including non-freezing).
  2. Safety in operation, due to the absence of contact with the coolant and energy supply elements.
  3. The possibility of changing the power.

Company history

Surprisingly, though, the business only introduced the Galan electric boiler model two years later, in 1994. And it became evident right away that the business is headed in the right direction. Why?

  1. It became possible with the help of such boilers to reduce the specific power consumption of the heating plant. By the way, Galan boilers come in single- and double-circuit versions. And in both cases, the reduction is sensitive. Compared to other heat generators, the power saving is 30-40%. Very good indicator in the category "technical characteristics".
  2. Small dimensions of the electric boiler Galan and its excellent technical characteristics allow you to quickly and without problems to install the device in any room. Especially noted by workers who work in remote places from civilization. For example, at railroad crossings, in gatehouses, remote warehouses.
  3. The same can be said if there are non-standard situations in the regions. Especially during natural disasters. Firstly, they are small and therefore take up little space during transportation. That is, one machine can bring many times more units than other types of units. Secondly, one boiler can provide heat and hot water for a fairly large house. Thirdly, to date – this is the cheapest option.
  4. Sufficiently large variation in the power of the models offered – from 3 kW to 50 kW. The most powerful Galan electric boiler can heat a 600 square meter house.м.

Electrode boilers

Regarding electric analogs, it should be mentioned that there are two models available from the manufacturer:

  1. With TEN heating element. This includes the Galan Hearth (Geyser and Vulkan) Turbo models.
  2. With electrode heaters. These are Ochag models with outputs from 3 to 6 kW. Geyser – 9-15 kW. Vulkan – 25-50 kW.

Galan Ochag’s attitude toward electrode boilers was not one of ease. When the company introduced its lowest-power model, which could run up to 3 kW, in 1998, it became well-liked right away. Once more, the low cost, good technical features, and compact overall size all contributed.

However, as consumer demands increased, the small electrode boiler Galan was unable to meet the demands of large country homes for heat. And after a rainstorm in those days, they started to grow like mushrooms. As a result, the company introduced the "Galan-Ochag 5" brand of electrode boilers in 1999, with a 5 kW capacity. It was sufficient to heat a 100 square meter home. м.

Additionally, more. Russia is seeing a boom in construction. Everybody aimed to construct a home that was higher and larger than their neighbor’s. As a result, the demand for strong electrode boilers Galan only grew. Additionally, the manufacturer has given this chance. Models Geyser and Vulkan were created.

The Galan Ochag electrode boiler underwent an alteration in appearance in 2011. It has a plastic jacket on and is "dressed." This enhanced the heater’s thermal and electrical insulation.

FET boilers

Within the company’s FET boiler model line, "Galan" boilers do not come in last. The manufacturer currently provides two categories, which are models:

  1. Standard. This includes the above-mentioned Geyser and Vulkan brands.
  2. Lux. This also includes two brands: Stals and Galax.

One of their distinctions from Galan electrode boilers is the inclusion of a TEN as a heating element. Although this design is simpler, its technical qualities are on par with electrode analogs, we would like to point that out. We would especially like to draw attention to the Ochag Turbo model:

  • Firstly, it has three power stages, which allows to reduce the load on the supply network. And this, as testing shows, 20% energy savings.
  • Secondly, these boilers can work from the AC network with a voltage of 220 volts or from a three-phase network with a voltage of 380 volts. This is a very convenient combination.
  • Thirdly, at the request of the consumer boilers can be equipped with electronic control units or electromechanical. This is not only a criterion of convenience, but also a different price of the heater.
  • Fourthly, directly in the factory all wires are connected at once (power and ground). This creates convenient conditions for installation work.

Principle of operation of electrode boiler Galan

The majority of people who have attended university or served in the armed forces are able to create a heater using just two safety razor blades. And what a great piece of efficiency this is—water boils far quicker than it would with a conventional water heater. It is the most basic kind of electrode boiler.

It works on the following principle: when two metal plates, or electrodes, are connected to an EMF source, the medium breaks down and creates a short-circuit current that excite the electrons in the atomic structure (ionization). The process intensifies when alternating current is used because both directions are swept by the charged particles. It results in heating, glowing if gas (air) is absorbed, or electrolysis—the breakdown of the liquid into its component parts.

Although they function in different environments, an electrode boiler and a welder are the same device in terms of their physical characteristics. The boiler is different in that water serves as the ballast instead of a ballast transformer.

Galan’s explanation of how electric boilers work

Galan electrode boilers

Both single-phase and three-phase are available.

Boilers using electrodes Reviews claim that galan heaters are the fastest currently available. The issue with heat transfer is that there are no middlemen. When an electric current flows straight through a coolant, the positively and negatively charged ions in the water are accelerated by resistance. The temperature rises instantly as a result of particle friction.

The boiler’s mechanism is fairly basic:

  • metal casing in the form of a bulb;
  • electrode;
  • spigots for connection to the heating system;
  • power supply connection unit.

There are three-phase and single-phase boilers. One electrode is used in a single phase, and three in a three phase. Ground and zero (-) are fed to the body (anode), while phase (+) is fed to the electrode (cathode). Electrical discharges occur when there is a connection between the cathode and anode in the boiler due to water. When the current encounters the water’s resistance, it heats up.

It is crucial to prepare the coolant correctly; we will discuss this below.

With this heating technique, even big cottages can be efficiently heated. Galan produces heating boilers with capacities of 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 15, 25, 36, and 50 kW. Seven hundred square meters is the maximum heated area. In this instance, a cascade of heaters could be installed. The electrode corrodes, shrinks, and needs to be replaced while in use. The electric boiler Galan cannot function properly if the electrode is too shallow or has oxidized. Reviews indicate that the electrode is repairable. To achieve this, a bolgar should be applied to the surface to remove the layer of corrosion preventing the metal from shining.

Connection to the heating system

How is the heating system connected to the electric boiler?

The most straightforward and widely used strapping scheme involves incorporating an electric boiler with a circulation pump into a basic barrack-style heating system. Along the room’s curve, the wiring is arranged in a ring that is cut parallel to where radiators or convectors are located. The ring break is where the boiler is connected.

The so-called Leningradka heating scheme is the most straightforward and dependable.

The most sensible method for strapping the electric heating boiler in terms of electricity costs is as follows:

  1. Water floor heating system. It is the warm floor that most rationally distributes heat in the volume of the room.
  2. The heat accumulator is an insulated storage tank, the water in which is heated during the night electricity tariff and gradually cools down during the day, giving heat to the room.

Features of electrode heating Galan

Initially, it is important to clarify that the Galant heating system is a closed construction, meaning that the coolant runs in a closed circle. Put differently, systems where the coolant is obtained directly from a well or another source cannot be utilized with electrode boilers.

Regarding the radiators that can be utilized, there are essentially no limitations; these include:

  • Steel;
  • Bimetallic;
  • Aluminum.
  • Large-sized radiators;
  • Large diameter pipes.

Additionally, there are no unique specifications for electrical connections. The equipment’s instruction manual contains the connection scheme, which must be followed. The only other requirements are to use cables with an appropriate cross-section.


Among the many benefits of the galvan heating system, the following ones should be highlighted:

  • Energy efficiency
    , which the manufacturer was able to achieve thanks to a new technology for converting electric current into thermal energy.
  • Energy saving
    – electrode boilers working together with digital electronic control units consume 30-40 percent less electricity compared to traditional TEN devices.
  • Thanks to the use of modern technology and quality materials, as well as the use of automatic devices, these devices are fully energy and fire safe
  • Galan heating systems operate in fully automated mode
    . Thanks to this, no human intervention is required to ensure a stable and comfortable temperature regime, regardless of weather conditions. Galan automation is able to maintain the temperature background with high accuracy (± 0.2 degrees). The equipment can be equipped with a climate control system for weekly programming of the operation mode.
    In addition, when using non-freezing coolants, such as "Potok", there is no need to drain them from the radiators, even in the case of prolonged downtime of the boiler.

  • Heating system Galant is an excellent option for those settlements where unstable voltage in the network
    . Even if the voltage drops to 180V, the boiler will continue to operate.
  • Electrode boilers do not require a permit for installation
  • In the event of a leak in the system, the device is immediately shut down, because the electric current can not close the circuit
  • The fluid heating chamber has a small volume, and during ionization, the coolant in it is sharply heated, resulting in a pressure rise to two atmospheres
    . Thus, the boiler serves not only . This allows you to reduce the cost of purchasing equipment, as well as the cost of operating the heating system.
  • Low price

As a result, there is good reason for these devices’ popularity.


Electrode boilers have some drawbacks, just like any other heating apparatus. These are as follows:

Water demand: Actually, the system allows you to use only specific types of water, not infinite amounts. It is essential to prepare the coolant in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning the heating. Typically, a few teaspoons of salt and soda are added to one liter of water for this purpose. Utilizing particular liquids is an additional option.

  • Electric current circulates in water, therefore, the possibility of getting a strong electric shock in case of touching the radiator is not excluded. To prevent this situation, it is necessary to perform grounding, according to the PUE and GOST 12.1.030-81.
  • Periodically it is necessary to clean the system and change the electrodes, which with time thin out, as a result of which the heating efficiency decreases. Thus, in terms of durability, electrode boilers have no advantages over traditional FET devices.

Although the drawbacks are not severe, it is still important to keep them in mind.

Advantages and disadvantages

Galant heating boilers have a number of advantages over Tenon analogs because of their cutting-edge technologies and creative design capabilities. These advantages include:

  1. When installing, they do not require additional costs, except for the purchase of a heat source.
  2. The very installation of this apparatus is much cheaper than the installation of liquid-fuel equipment.
  3. Galant boilers do not require constant maintenance and cleaning.
  4. They do not emit odors, are environmentally friendly and safe to operate.
  5. There is no need to build a chimney for them.
  6. They have a small weight and dimensions, which saves space, and their installation does not require a separate room.
  7. They are easy to install and can be installed by yourself with your own hands.
  8. The boilers are completely fireproof.

The following are the few drawbacks of these heating units:

  • High cost of consumed electricity.
  • The impossibility of using them to arrange a system of warm floors, heating pools, arrangement of beds in greenhouses.
  • Installation of electric boilers with a capacity of more than 10 kW requires approval from the Energy Supervision Agency

How electrode boilers work

Boiler with galvanized electrodes

The electrode boiler Galant operates on a very basic principle. This gadget serves two purposes simultaneously:

  • As a heating device.
  • As a circulation pump.

The ionization process heats the water because current energy is created by electricity and is transferred to the molecules of water. The liquid separates into ions that are positive and negative. The poles shift at a rate of fifty times per minute due to opposing charges, which accelerate them. A significant quantity of heat is released during this process.

Without the need for extra heaters, water is heated instantly. The process ends on its own and the device just quits operating if the water supply is cut off for any reason. Because of this, there is less chance of explosions and fires.

Galan electrode boilers have a collapsible design that makes it simple to swap out the old electrode for a new one if needed. The product’s instruction manual provides a detailed explanation of how to accomplish this.

On what depends on the operation of the boiler?

The efficiency of the Galan boiler is influenced by a number of significant factors:

  • In order for the system to function properly, it is necessary to use a liquid with a certain specific conductivity. For this purpose, it is necessary to set the current strength as accurately as possible. Its indicators are described in detail in the product passport. The wiring diagram of the electrode boiler is also marked there.
  • If such a device is part of the heating system, its power must correspond to the parameters of its operation. It can be connected only to a two-pipe open system, which has an upper spillage. In this case, the diameter of the supply and return pipes should be at least 32 mm, and the height of the riser, supplying water – not less than 2 meters. Calculation of the volume of throughput is made according to the formula -12 liters per 1 unit of boiler capacity.

In this instance, the coolant is a component of the electrical circuit, so the system will not function if it is absent. The temperature of the water directly affects how much electricity is used; the higher the temperature, the more light is used. Any temperature increase over 75 degrees can cause the electrical system to become damaged. Ultimately, residential mains aren’t designed for these kinds of tasks. These installations don’t experience severe voltage fluctuations.

The only thing that is impacted by surges is the coolant’s heating efficiency, which rises and falls in tandem with voltage fluctuations. It’s crucial to adhere to current regulations when installing. Since the connection scheme requires a strong grounding, installing the boiler independently is not feasible without electrical expertise.

Electronic boilers, such as those in the Galant series, provide a contemporary answer to the problem of efficient home heating. Compared to conventional gas or oil boilers, these boilers use electricity to produce heat, making them a clean and environmentally beneficial option. Electronic boilers are ideal for a range of homes, including those without access to gas lines, due to their small size and simple installation. With its advanced features like energy-saving settings and precise temperature control, the Galant series in particular stands out. Homeowners can lower their energy costs and carbon footprint while enjoying dependable heating by purchasing an electronic boiler like Galant.

Where to buy electrode boiler Galan

Purchasing a boiler to heat your home is not difficult these days, provided you have the funds. Electric electrode boilers are available for purchase in specialized stores or can be ordered online and delivered. It is imperative to verify the product’s completeness, warranty card availability, and instructions before making a purchase. It is required to inquire with the store manager about the process and order for returning a subpar electrode boiler and whether the service network is accessible.

Certain features are present in boilers that heat water using electricity, such as TEN, induction (which you can read more about), and electrode. Among other boiler types, they are unmatched in terms of convenience and ease of installation, reliability, and controllability. Of course, heating will be less expensive if there is a chance to connect to the gas supply, but in the absence of that chance, using electric boilers as both the primary and backup source of heat makes perfect sense.

Without a doubt, induction boilers are the best for heating a home because they don’t have many of the drawbacks that come with electrode and TEN boilers. For example, setting up a hot water supply system with an electrode boiler is challenging. If you purchase an electric two-circuit boiler for home heating, it will be more dependable and easier to use. It will be less expensive, easier to install, and more dependable.

It takes great care and consideration to choose the primary heat source for an autonomous heat supply. An electric heat source is one of the options for energy supply when there isn’t a gas pipeline close to the house. Electronic boilers from Galant, a domestic manufacturer of heating and electrical equipment, are a great way to address this problem. The physical basis of their work is the ionization of the coolant and subsequent heat release caused by the coolant’s split ions moving between the electrodes.

  • High level of quality.
  • Compact overall dimensions.
  • Reliable operating characteristics.

Installation rules

The following prerequisites must be met for the installation process:

  1. Galan electric boiler can be installed only in vertical position.
  2. The diameter of the outlet pipe should coincide with the diameter of the riser pipe of the heating system.
  3. Installation height – at the level or above the heating radiators.
  4. All shut-off valves should be mounted behind the expansion tank.
  5. Before filling the heating medium, the heating system must be flushed out. For this purpose it is recommended to use the inhibitor "Protector".
  6. It is better if the coolant is distilled water.
  7. Mandatory inclusion in the electrical network stabilizer.

The only company producing electric flow heating boilers is Galan. The equipment’s technical specs are the best available, surpassing those of European standards. It is currently among the most well-liked choices for country homes’ heating systems.

Model Features
Galant X100 High efficiency, digital controls
Galant Pro Modular design, remote access

A contemporary and effective way to heat homes is with an electronic boiler, like the Galant model. By using electricity instead of fossil fuels like gas or oil, these boilers produce heat. Because of this, they are a greener and more sustainable choice, particularly in areas with a high concentration of renewable energy sources.

The Galant and other electronic boilers’ small size and simplicity of installation are two of their main benefits. Electronic boilers can often be installed in smaller spaces and with less disturbance to the home than traditional boilers, which can be large and require intricate piping systems. They are therefore perfect for retrofitting older buildings or providing extra heating in particular places.

The high efficiency of electronic boilers is another advantage. They achieve efficiency ratings that are on par with or even higher than those of conventional boilers by directly heating water with electricity. As a result, homeowners will pay less for energy and use less energy overall, which will save money and help the environment.

Electronic boilers such as the Galant are not only efficient, but also provide exact control over the heating settings. Numerous models come with programmable timers and sophisticated thermostat systems, enabling homeowners to customize their heating schedules to suit their unique requirements. This degree of control not only improves comfort but also makes additional energy savings possible by preventing heating when it isn’t required.

In summary, electronic boilers—the Galant model being one example—represent a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly method of heating homes. For homeowners wishing to lower their energy expenses and carbon footprint, they present an alluring substitute for conventional boilers thanks to their small size, excellent efficiency, and accurate control features. Electronic boilers will probably become more and more crucial in the shift to a more sustainable energy future as technology develops.

What type of heating you would like to have in your home?
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