Electric fireplace in the interior: photo design ideas

Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more common in contemporary interior design because they provide both practical and visual advantages. Electric fireplaces, as opposed to conventional wood-burning or gas fireplaces, offer a practical and effective way to add warmth and ambience to any space without requiring extensive installation or venting. Electric fireplaces are becoming a popular option for homeowners wishing to improve the ambiance of their homes because of their adaptability and simplicity of use.

The ability of electric fireplaces to replicate the appearance and feel of a real flame is one of their best qualities. These fireplaces’ realistic dancing and flickering flames are made possible by advanced technology, which also creates a warm and inviting ambience. Electric fireplaces may be placed in a dining room, living room, or even a bedroom to add a touch of class and refinement to any interior space.

Electric fireplaces can be designed in countless ways to suit a variety of interior design motifs. Every taste and preference can be catered for with a variety of designs, from sleek and contemporary wall-mounted units to rustic and traditional mantels. Furthermore, a lot of electric fireplaces include programmable features like heat settings, brightness levels, and flame colors that let homeowners customize the fireplace to suit their own requirements and tastes.

Inspiration for integrating electric fireplaces into interior design can be found in photography. Through photo exploration of various design concepts and configurations, homeowners can envision how electric fireplaces can accentuate and balance their current interior design. Electric fireplaces can be added to any home’s interior design in a variety of ways, depending on whether the style is modern, rustic, or minimalist.

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An electric fireplace that is in heating mode can run up to 20 rubles an hour.

Depending on the installed model and how often it is used, the equipment’s operating costs can change.

Infrared electric fireplaces are among the most widely available and energy-efficient varieties of electric fireplaces. These models can lower operating costs by several rubles and are highly efficient. An infrared electric model, for instance, can cost anywhere between 7 and 9 rubles for an hour of use. It’s not going to be difficult for you to use and maintain them.

Recommendations of professionals

When creating a design project for an apartment’s small living room with a fireplace, you should take care not to overcrowd the space with furniture. Make sure upholstered furniture and carpets are kept a safe distance away from the open flame when decorating the fireplace area. One and a half meters is the minimum acceptable distance.

Interior designers with a high profile advise against mounting a plasma TV above the living room fireplace. There is equal potential for both of these attention sources. But keep in mind that this is merely a professional recommendation. Put the TV in line with the fireplace and accept the situation as it arises. Don’t argue with yourself.

It will, at least, prevent glare. Every window has a unique perspective on the outside world. When the open hearth is in use, fire safety regulations must be followed. There must be a means of ventilation in the space.

Ideally, living room fireplace models with a glass-enclosed firebox should be purchased if the home has pets or small children. It is advisable to trust professionals with the fireplace device in the living room because it is worthwhile to evaluate their potential capabilities realistically.

10 photo examples of corner electric fireplaces in the interior of the living room

You can choose any shape for your fireplace if your living room has the space, but corner models that simulate a real fire should be preferred by small-space owners. It will take up any empty corner next to which you can create a space for leisure.

Corner fireplace models

Corner fireplaces can be categorized into two groups based on their design: symmetrical and asymmetrical, each with unique characteristics.

Selecting one of these models for the living room will necessitate unique framing and a unique furniture arrangement. In this instance, the fireplace and its cladding will be prominent features in the interior design, and other pieces should skillfully balance them out.

These models have the benefit of being able to heat the space, which makes them perfect for apartments with inadequate heating. Symmetrical fireplaces are used to zone the living room and are typically flat or semicircular in shape. They blend in perfectly with classic interior design. Owners of rooms with small to medium-sized spaces may select this model.

Given that this kind of fireplace needs a lot of open space, it works well in a large living room. An asymmetrical model can be created in any shape—even the most unusual one—and yet serve the same original function.

The owner’s creativity is the only limit to the design options, allowing it to blend into any interior design aesthetic, from traditional to cutting edge. A creative approach to modern living room decorating that will undoubtedly make the space special, comfortable, and deserving.

Proper lighting

The installation of an electric hearth within will not be the only interior decoration option. Remember to consider the room’s lighting. Small soft light sources will look fantastic in rooms with fireplaces. It is possible to install a floor lamp with a thick shade. Exactly fit the sconces and the available space. You can arrange several lighting fixtures if you’d like.

Inside, candles are also relevant. Their subtle flickering will produce a special ambiance. Hours can be spent in the room with the fireplace. Read your favorite books, spend time with your family, and complete your daily tasks.

We have included images so that you can see the applicability of each solution we provide. Look closely at them. Make sure the fireplace becomes the focal point of the room and takes center stage right away.

High-tech electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are not restricted in any manner, shape, or material, unlike wood-burning fireplaces. As a result, devices that simulate flames and provide heat can only be loosely referred to as fireplaces, which does not lessen their attractiveness.

Hi-tech wall fireplaces

These fireplaces are easily mounted on any wall and take up no space in the room. To avoid detracting from the overall aesthetic with extra wires, an outlet must first be installed where the hearth is intended to be placed. More information regarding the variety of wall-mounted electric fireplaces has already been written.

The main differences between Hi-Tech electric fireplace variations that use portals are the materials and colors of the portals themselves, along with the design’s severity and conciseness.

Open or closed version of the fireplace?

The first step in designing your ideal fireplace is deciding between an open and closed design.

Open fireplace

In the picture: A contemporary fireplace integrated into the room divider

The most similar type of model is an open one; these were used for home heating and lighting in addition to cooking. The distinct atmosphere they create indoors is their greatest asset. They only use 20% of the energy in the wood to heat the room, so despite appearances, they are not an efficient source of heat.

Closed fireplace

In the picture: Natural stone-decorated fireplace in a partition

Closed hearths are a more sensible option. A glass-doored fireplace insert serves as their primary component. It unquestionably improves burning process safety and energy efficiency over open designs by up to 70%. They can thus be effectively utilized as a heat source in a building.

Types of electric fireplaces

You can select the best option for a number of requirements from a variety of styles.

The types of electric fireplaces vary based on the features included in the design.

  1. Freestanding – does not require preparation of the location, except for the presence of a socket, the flame is visible from three sides.
  2. Built in furniture or in a wall. They require a niche and a decorative frame for their location.
  3. Corner – ideal for small and medium-sized rooms.
  4. Hanging – similar to plasma panels, mounted on the wall.
  5. Double-sided – the flame is viewed from two or more sides.

Electric fireplaces are divided into three sizes: standard (62 cm wide), wide (70 cm to 1 m), and extra wide (from 1 to 2.5 m).

Design of a room featuring a fireplace

Internal fireplace in the space

Features of placement in the interior

Electric fireplaces are installed inside while keeping in mind the room’s intended use and preferred interior design. Every placement has some guidelines that must be followed.

They shouldn’t be positioned close to windows, doors, or the entrances to other rooms. When deciding where to place your home’s hearth, consider light reflection. The way artificial fire is perceived is significantly influenced by light. Sunlight and bright room lighting will distort the burning flame’s effect.

The furniture and wall colors shouldn’t match the color of the portal. If light colors predominate, it should be one or two tones darker, and if dark colors predominate, the opposite should be true.

Create a space with a fireplace.

A room inside that has a fireplace

Features of organizing the space next to the fireplace

Do you want any kind of fireplace to look amazing in the room? Just make sure that the area around it is properly organized.

Not far from the fireplace, you can install:

  • small coffee table;
  • armchairs or sofa.

Create a whole composition out of a set of upholstered furniture if the space permits.

Isn’t the room compact? And then confine yourself to a seat. Cover its back with a plaid. Stylish textiles will add even more warmth. Your fantasy of unwinding peacefully by a flickering fire can come true.

Electric fireplaces in the living room

Since the primary purpose of an electric fireplace is to provide warmth to a space, it is typically installed in the living room or another room where family members and guests congregate to enjoy good company.

Consider the room’s dimensions when selecting the installation location. It is preferable to select a tiny fireplace and place it against the wall or in a corner of a small living room. It takes up little room, blends in harmoniously with the interior, and handles heating well.

You can already take into consideration larger models with different configurations for rooms bigger than 25 meters. Elevated living rooms with vaulted ceilings and ample space are exquisitely paired with expansive electric fireplaces.

Internal fireplace in the space

Design of a room featuring a fireplace

In today"s world, where comfort and style meet practicality, electric fireplaces have become a sought-after addition to home interiors. These versatile and energy-efficient appliances not only provide warmth but also serve as focal points, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. From sleek and modern designs to rustic and traditional styles, electric fireplaces offer endless possibilities for interior decoration. With the flick of a switch, they bring cozy ambiance to living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor areas, without the hassle of traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Whether used as standalone units or integrated into existing décor, electric fireplaces offer convenience, flexibility, and charm, making them a popular choice for heating and enhancing the ambiance of homes.

Advantages and disadvantages

When compared to traditional devices, electric devices offer numerous benefits.


  • You do not need to obtain any permits for the equipment of such a hearth, you do not need to make expensive repairs. Plus, it can be installed in any room: from the kitchen to the bedroom.
  • You can choose a small sized unit if you have a small apartment. It won"t "eat up" useful floor space.
  • Thanks to a wide range, it is easy to pick up in any design: scandi, minimalism, hi-tech, country. And on any budget.
  • In operation, it is much easier: there is no ash, no soot around, no odors, and all the heat will definitely be released inside, and not go down the chimney.


  • No matter how you look at it, it"s an imitation. At the stage of construction of your own house, it is worth once again thinking about the arrangement of a classic fireplace. The same applies to the classic interior, where there is no place for modern technology. In the photo, an electric fireplace in such a living room will catch the eye. Therefore, in such designs, a classic stove is chosen.
  • In addition, it is not the most cost-effective installation in terms of costs. Electricity consumption at full power reaches 2 kW per hour. On the one hand, this corresponds to a heater, but on the other hand – an electric fireplace will take longer to heat the room, so their efficiency is not equal. However, if it does not work for heating, but only to imitate the flame, the consumption will be reduced to 100 watts per hour – no more than a light bulb.

Electric fireplaces in stylized living rooms

Although there are many variations in living room designs, the fireplace always brings a sense of harmony and freshness.

A classic style will have a variety of moldings, patterns, and curls. It’s a strictly rectangular shape. Marble, plaster, or treated wood are used to construct the portal.

Provence, rural, or rustic styles rely entirely on the elements or their creation. A conventional corner, recessed, or wall fireplace will work best in this design. These styles stand out for their naturalness and authenticity. The decision should be made on hearths with a wood-covered portal; you can accentuate the area with suitable panels or adorn it with natural materials.

The inside of a room featuring a fireplace

Internal fireplace in the space

The characteristics of modern, techno, and urban styles are simplicity, restraint, and line clarity. Such living rooms are ideal for small or standard electric fireplaces with a simple frame. Wall panels and clear glass constructions will only draw attention to how functional the décor is and how simple it is; sound effects, remote control, and other features add to the comfort.

Adherents of soft, flowing lines will appreciate fireplaces that merely accentuate the living room’s organic design. These interiors presuppose that there are no borders and that objects flow into one another seamlessly. In order to achieve the closest possible connection to the natural world, features such as protruding panels, rounded edges, and natural materials or their imitation are used.

When placing a fireplace in the living room, it’s important to keep in mind that the fireplace itself becomes the focal point of the room. There shouldn’t be a lot of eye-catching ornamentation close by.

Layout of a space featuring a fireplace

The inside of a room featuring a fireplace

Modern fireplaces: hearths and portals

Purchasing a traditional wood-burning fireplace comes with tight operating guidelines and a host of installation challenges. Due to the requirement of installing a chimney, it is not feasible to do so inside of a city apartment. But these days, with the introduction of electric fireplace models, all the challenging times vanish on their own. The idea behind an electric fireplace is to simulate a real flame. Here, a variety of technologies can be applied:

  • Projection of bright illumination on a glass screen
  • Fluttering strips of fabric
  • The image of the fire on the LCD monitor
  • Use of illuminated steam

The popular Opti-Myst technology uses a built-in ultrasonic steam generator that produces cool steam. Illuminated by halogen lamps and LEDs, it creates a faithful imitation of a "live" flame. This method is in special demand due to the fact that the fire in the hearth is very realistic and does not differ from the real one.
In the most advanced Revillusion technology, a special mirror screen "Semi-Transparent MiragePanelTM" replaces the traditional mirror, which allows to multiply the effect of the fire with visual depth and LED lighting. It also uses a new technology to imitate the shape of the flame, which allows you to create the most realistic effect of fire, which looks great in the home interior.

In the picture: an apartment’s electric fireplace that is flame-safe.

Electric fireplaces are safe, affordable, and easy to install—all you have to do is plug it into the socket. You can save money on fuel by simply adding water to the tank. Additionally, there are numerous installation options (so you can purchase them even for a small apartment) and a wide range of design choices to suit every taste. To fully simulate the sound and feel of a real fireplace, you can purchase a model that includes heating and realistic wood-cracking sounds.

In the picture: apartment interior design featuring a fireplace

The most sensible and ideal option for both a private home and an apartment in the city will be an electric fireplace. The material used to make the gantry and the installation technique for electric fireplaces vary.

Types of electric hearths by method of installation

The range of models enables you to consider your preferences and the location of the electric hearth.


These models of fireplaces have a classic version of the installation, located near the wall and framed by a portal. They have a traditional design and can be made of wood, stone, brick or ceramic. A variety of styles (classic, high-tech, Provence and others) will allow you to choose a portal that will look harmoniously in any interior (even in an apartment of small size or with non-standard layout). The most favorable such a fireplace will look in a spacious living room.
A wall-mounted fireplace does not require complicated installation – it is installed near the wall and connected to an outlet. The simplicity of installation and further operation also makes this type of fireplace popular.

Wall hearths inside the apartment are shown in the picture.


Such fireplaces are located in the corner of the room and do not require complex installation – it is enough just to fix it against the wall for stability. They are also presented in different styles, can be made of stone, wood or ceramics, decorated with decorative elements.
Corner portals will look equally well in the interior of any apartment: both in a large living room and in a small bedroom. Occupying a corner, the fireplace allows you to save space in the room. The mantel shelf can be decorated with various statuettes, photos, candles, vases and other decor to complete the composition. Smoldering logs will create a mood of peace, and the heating function will allow you to warm up near the fireplace in winter time.

The image shows a corner view of an apartment with electric fireplaces.


This kind of fireplace is a technological panel with a fire simulation hidden behind a sturdy glass cover. Using unique fasteners, the panel is mounted on the wall. Additionally, there are no installation or operation issues with this type. With a blazing hearth, wall-mounted fireplaces can be installed at various heights and come in a variety of sizes to complement the interior design.

Interior wall-mounted electric fireplace shown in picture


This electric fireplace differs from the previous models in that it can be built into the portal as well as into the wall.
Mounting the hearth in the wall is more complicated, as it will require the preparation of a niche and installation. It is best to entrust this process to professionals, however, you can also act on your own.
Built-in model is suitable for any room and will save useful space of the room. The electric fireplace will look good both in a classically furnished apartment, and in a minimalist interior or hi-tech style, thanks to the restrained design of the portal. Often over such fireplaces place a flat-screen TV, which allows you to spend really pleasant evenings watching your favorite movie in front of a flickering flame.

Recessed electric fireplaces inside are shown in the picture.

The greatest choice for those who enjoy modern, hi-tech design or minimalism would be electric fireplaces integrated into wall niches.

Recessed fireplaces in a rural home are seen in the picture.


Although it can be installed in a recessed manner, this fireplace model can also be integrated into a variety of objects, such as tables, bollards, flooring, etc. These fireplaces are designed to be open, so you can see the dancing flames. These models are unique in that they can be used to construct lines of any length from a variety of component parts.

Internal electric cassette fireplaces seen in the picture


This type of fireplace is characterized by mobility and the ability to move it anywhere in the room if desired. It can be placed near the bed or among the furniture and create a blazing hearth in the middle of the room. Also with the help of this model you can zone the room.
The fireplace, as a rule, has the form of an open bowl, which is made in the form of a wrought iron grate, in which the coals are located. In some models of electric fireplaces there is an opportunity to lay out the logs at will, and LEDs built into the wood create a full effect of shimmering embers and burning logs.

The picture shows the house’s freestanding fireplace.

Whether freestanding or integrated into the table hearth, it will liven up the interior and produce a genuinely intriguing room design.

Interior freestanding fireplaces are shown in the picture.

Electric fireplace under the TV: which one to choose?

For most people, the TV is a necessary component of their living room. In this instance, it makes sense to create zones within the room. A coffee table, one or two armchairs, and a vase filled with flowers can be used to divide the area where the fireplace is located, for instance, from the other side or wall of the space. Combining a fireplace with a TV is permitted if the fireplace is situated beneath the TV.

Internal fireplace in the space

Internal fireplace in the space

There are certain features with this placement where the following elements should absolutely be taken into account.

  • The size of the room and the appliances must be harmonious.
  • Both items should be the same size in width and the same color. It is possible to create a common frame for the fireplace and TV in a different color.

TVs are made to support this kind of load, so they can be positioned directly on portals or mounted on walls. For easy placement, there are specialty fireplace kits available. They give you room for the remote control and other small items in addition to allowing you to position the TV and DVD players.

The room’s interior features an electric fireplace.

Layout of a space featuring an electric fireplace

Color scheme for fireplaces

The right color and shade choices play a key role in the design of the apartment’s living room with fireplace because they work to unify the space into a single, peaceful whole. A consistent configuration of functional zones can be provided to the owner of a long, narrow living room.

In this instance, the seating area by the fireplace ought to be close to the window. The living room’s built-in fireplace effectively divides the space in the room despite its small size. One of the milk color’s hues can be used as the room’s main accent color.

High-strength particleboards with an imitation silver oak protective polymer film can be used for the flooring. The window curtains have a delicate pattern in light colors. Light-colored upholstery fabric should be used when selecting upholstered furniture.

Dark hues of artificial marble should be used to decorate the fireplace portal. This striking arrangement of ornamental pieces will visually enlarge the room and give the fireplace group expressiveness.

Types of electric fireplaces by location in the interior

Another significant benefit of electric fireplaces is their ease of installation, which can be done anywhere on the team.

The living room in the picture has electric fireplaces for the apartment.

Sort products first and foremost primarily based on how they are installed:

  • recessed – the design is built into the wall or even furniture. Its position cannot be changed without dismantling the walls. Such models are quite spectacular, but their installation requires time;
  • stationary – placed in a niche or placed near the wall, for example. While not fully portable, they do allow for portability;
  • mobile – a model originally designed for permanent change of location. Its size, as a rule, modest, the weight is small, but to the design are the highest requirements: after all, the product is visible from all sides.

The living room’s interior features a portable electric fireplace as seen in the picture.

The placement is constrained in some ways by the installation technique.

This is related to another way that fireplaces are categorized: by placement method:

  • Wall-mounted – a typical design that is placed along the wall and imitates the real hearth with the greatest accuracy. As a rule, these are stationary massive models with richly decorated portals. It is allowed to be built into the wall. This solution is most often used in modern interiors;
  • buried – in fact, a modification of the wall-mounted one. This model requires a niche. After installation, only the decorative frame and imitation firebox remains in plain sight;
  • suspended – small flat models that are fixed on the wall. Often have a purely decorative character, and does not heat the room;

  • Corner electric fireplace in the interior of the living room is more and more common. The corner of the room is difficult to use, and this location of the hearth solves 2 problems at once. The design can be both stationary and recessed. This hearth is designed in a variety of ways, especially since the placement between two walls allows you to design both symmetrical and asymmetrical models of different configurations;

The image shows corner electric fireplaces in an apartment in the city.

  • double-sided – recessed fireplace . The hearth is placed in the interior wall or partition in such a way as to provide a view of the "flame" from both sides. Very effective interesting solution, but is allowed only in a modern interior;
  • island – portable or stationary model with a panoramic view of the "fire". It can be placed in the center of the living room, and near the TV, and in the center of the recreation area.

The living room features island fireplaces in the picture.

The electric fireplace’s many design elements enable it to be utilized as an interior tool as well as a decoration. The only area where it cannot be installed is the ceiling, and only because a suspended biokamina appears more impressive.

Rules for buying an electric fireplace

Prior to purchasing an electric fireplace, you should first make sure that your apartment’s electrical system is in good working order and can support the weight of this heating appliance. The next step is to measure the size of the room the device will be placed in. By doing so, you can accurately choose the electric fireplace’s thermal capacity:

P (kW) = S x 2.5 x a, where S is the room’s area (M) and a is an empirical coefficient of 0.040–0.060.

The device can be installed anywhere as long as there are no curtains or other combustible items close by, and the room must not be humid. To prevent inadvertent disconnections, the fireplace should be connected without the use of extension cords.

When purchasing an electric fireplace, consider your needs and make an informed decision because the heater’s functionality might be overly extensive.

Electric hearth according to feng shui

Fire is a powerful energy source. It purges and infuses the surrounding space with goodness and wellbeing. The location of the fireplace is something that so many people think is important and value highly.

The southern corner of the living room is the ideal location for a fireplace in accordance with feng shui. It is also crucial to remember that the firebox should not "look" toward the door; if it does, all of the good energy will exit the house. If the firebox is situated across from the door, you could install a little screen or some other kind of barrier.

Internal fireplace in the space

The room’s interior features an electric fireplace.

It’s also crucial that there are any water sources or drainage pipes close to the fireplace. A neighborhood like this shouldn’t be permitted. Since ancient times, people have known that fire is beneficial to humans. It facilitates mental clarity, concentration, and relaxation.

The interior living room electric fireplace is a fantastic substitute for the widely available wood-burning model. All you have to do is follow the above advice, and it will quickly become your favorite spot in the house, providing warmth and comfort.

How to fit the fireplace into the existing interior?

Electric fireplace in oriental interior

Currently, decorating apartments in the Zen style—an oriental aesthetic—is very in. It has a lot of open space, subdued colors, natural materials, and straightforward shapes. These types of rooms encourage relaxation, and their fireplaces will be perfectly placed.

Oriental-inspired electric fireplace design

This type of electric fireplace living room design can include low, cozy tables, pillows strewn all over the floor, and vases with bamboo or ikebana.

Electric fireplace in a modern interior

Modern home design encourages minimalism in all aspects, but it does not place limitations on color choice. If you prefer muted colors, the electric fireplace’s design should be as straightforward as possible.

Contemporary, minimalistic electric fireplace design

As you can see, all that was needed for the framing of these fireplaces was a subtle pattern and wall-tone-coordinating vinyl stickers. Charm is added to the interior with large candlesticks next to the fireplace or simple floor vases. Saturated color lovers will value the interior design with an electric fireplace that makes use of contrasts.

Light-colored walls and a brilliant fireplace portal create a contrasted picture.

If the walls are painted a bright color and the electric fireplace frame is made to be simple and bright, the design of the room with the electric fireplace will not seem any less interesting. Nevertheless, the fireplace shouldn’t appear out of place inside. One or two more interior details in the same color are required to support it. These are decorative pillows and wall posters seen in the above photo.

Electric fireplace in a classic interior

When people talk about classic fireplaces, they typically mean portals that are designed in the old-fashioned manner and made of wood, marble, or other natural materials, or imitations of these. Nevertheless, a stove-bourgeoisie fireplace will also blend in nicely with this design.

A fireplace-burner in a traditional home

Your preference for the shape and finish of the fireplace is totally up to you. If you like plaster moldings or marble semi-columns, by all means use them safely. Additionally, add distinctive interior accessories like a firewood bin filled with firewood and a wrought iron stand for tongs and a poker to make the electric fireplace appear quite similar to a real, wood-burning fireplace.

Decorating portals with their own hands

An electric fireplace’s portal is merely a decorative frame, whereas in a real fireplace it is an integral part of the body. The latter can therefore be made of anything. Original solution ideas can come from within or be developed on your own.

A traditional portal would imply a large structure that is mounted on the wall or in a corner. Its foundation is a plasterboard-covered frame.

And in this case, additional decoration is solely based on fancy:

  • cuttings of trunks and branches – suitable material is cut, dried, covered with varnish and fixed with glue on drywall. It is impossible to copy such a model;
  • A somewhat extreme option for fans of rustic – longitudinal slices of trunks, which is fixed to the wall so that they form a semblance of a portal;
  • The frame is unpretentiously covered with plywood or MDF panels, and then decorated with decoupage. You can use not only ready-made decorative napkins, but also newspaper pages, drawings of your children, fabrics, plants, small objects and so on.

The living room’s interior features electric fireplaces in the picture.

  • TV and electric fireplace in the living room can be "built" into one unit. For this purpose, a plasterboard frame is erected to the height of the wall, and for cladding use false panels imitating stone or wood. Both devices are placed at the same level with the surface of the wall.

Internal electric fireplaces that are built-in are visible in the picture.

  • spectacular and simple technique – painting the portal with metallic paint. The combination of pseudometallchieskoy surface with fragments of mirror mosaic looks interesting.

Design of electric fireplaces for apartments

Depending on the kind of portal, electric fireplace designs can range from traditional to contemporary. Decorative ceramic logs, a tempered glass screen, and a heating element are typically included in the device’s design. But there are also pricey island models that are stylized like a blazing fire and lack a screen. The most popular style of decoration is a U-shaped portal with a ceramic brick-lined fireplace chamber. A built-in or portable firewood box with actual logs is frequently added to an electric fireplace to further enhance its resemblance to a traditional heating stove.

Models from the Elite series feature Swarovski crystal decorations, a mobile TV concealed behind the portal’s back wall, and even an aquarium that simulates a sea floor.

Corner or wall where to install a false fireplace

Proceed with caution when deciding on the future structure’s location, as it will be very difficult to move it once it is constructed.

Experts recommend modeling the design and testing it in various metas. For example, a cardboard layout with the fireplace’s precise measurements can be made.

When selecting a location, keep the following in mind:

  • The location of the future fireplace should not be cluttered with unnecessary objects. The space should be free enough.
  • Do not install it between pieces of furniture such as cupboards, dressers and so on.
  • The best place for its installation is the corner of the room. Thus, the comfort and coziness created by the false fireplace will be maximized.

Styles of design portals

A decorative finish is frequently desired to enhance the uniqueness of a built-in electric fireplace and highlight the homeowner’s (or apartment owner’s) high status. The "loft" design is characterized by expansive ceilings, walls, doors, and windows, providing ample space for arranging soul-satisfying interior pieces. The "loft" style fireplaces are characterized by their simple, metal construction, lack of portals, and incorporation of tempered glossy glass as an extra material. In this design, fireplaces are typically suspended from the ceiling or built into the wall.

The interior design aesthetic of minimalism speaks for itself; it rejects a lot of details. This style of fireplace is straightforward in design but effective in operation. Select an electric fireplace model made of transparent glass to create an interior in the "minimalism" style. A two- or three-sided hearth is preferable.

A square-shaped fireplace is preferred for traditional living room layouts or spaces where space conservation is essential. For an apartment where every square meter counts and space is at a premium, an electric square fireplace is a great option.

Modern electric fireplaces can be designed to fit into any interior, but white fireplaces will look especially laconic in an apartment or home. White is a sensible and sensible color choice. Moreover, a light-colored fireplace visually enlarges the room and doesn’t appear oversized, even with cladding.

Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more fashionable and adaptable elements of contemporary interior design, providing both visual appeal and useful functionality. It’s clear from this examination of picture design ideas that fireplaces can act as focal points, bringing coziness and warmth to any space. Electric fireplaces add coziness and comfort to any setting, whether it be modern, eclectic, or traditional.

The placement flexibility of electric fireplaces is one of their most notable benefits. Electric fireplaces, as opposed to conventional wood-burning or gas fireplaces, can be installed almost anyplace there is access to electricity. Because of their adaptability, homeowners can experiment with different design configurations, such as mounting them on walls or incorporating them into mantelpieces or entertainment centers.

Electric fireplaces are attractive choices for insulation and heating because they have useful features in addition to their aesthetic appeal. These units offer customizable comfort without the maintenance or safety hazards associated with traditional fireplaces, thanks to their adjustable heat settings and flame effects. They also function as effective additional heating sources, which lowers energy bills in the winter.

There are many different design options to consider when adding an electric fireplace to a home’s interior. The options are numerous, ranging from modern decor-friendly sleek and minimalist models to nostalgic rustic-inspired units. A homeowner can create a cohesive and welcoming space that reflects their lifestyle and personal tastes by taking into account elements like size, style, and placement.

In conclusion, the interior spaces transformed by electric fireplaces are demonstrated by the photo design ideas shown here. They not only improve a space’s aesthetic appeal but also have useful benefits for insulation and heating. Electric fireplaces, which effortlessly combine style, comfort, and functionality, have become essential components of modern home decor, whether they are utilized as standalone features or incorporated into larger design schemes.

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