Corner electric fireplace: from purchase to installation

Adding a cosy corner electric fireplace to your house can be a fun way to change the atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an effective heating solution or are attracted to the rustic charm of crackling flames, these contemporary marvels offer both style and functionality. This guide will help you bring warmth and character to your living space, from choosing the ideal model to making sure an installation is safe and easy.

Selecting the ideal corner electric fireplace requires taking into account a number of variables, including features, style, and size. Measure the area where the fireplace will be installed before making a purchase to make sure it will fit properly. Think about the style of your space; there is a fireplace to fit any décor, whether you like a sleek, modern style or a more traditional appearance. Find the ideal option for your needs by investigating the variety of features that are offered, such as thermostats integrated into the unit and flame settings that can be adjusted.

Installing your dream fireplace comes next after you’ve made your selection. Compared to conventional wood or gas fireplaces, corner electric fireplace installation is comparatively easier, but it’s still important to handle the job carefully and meticulously. Make sure you have all the required tools and materials on hand before starting by carefully reading the manufacturer’s instructions. For safe and correct installation, think about hiring an expert if you’re not comfortable working on do-it-yourself projects.

It’s important to prepare the space where the fireplace will be installed before installing it. To avoid overheating, remove any furniture and other obstructions from the area and make sure there is enough ventilation. If you want to hang the fireplace on the wall, find the studs and fasten it with the proper hardware. To avoid tipping or instability, make sure the floor is level and stable for freestanding models.

After the fireplace is installed, spend some time learning about how it works and what needs to be maintained. To guarantee optimum performance and longevity, adhere to the cleaning and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Check the fireplace on a regular basis for wear and damage, and take quick action to fix any problems to stop more damage.

Your corner electric fireplace can give you and your family years of warmth, comfort, and enjoyment with the right upkeep. This adaptable addition to your home will improve the atmosphere and make treasured memories for years to come, whether you’re entertaining guests in style or curling up with a book on a chilly evening.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplace

The availability and ease of installation of electric fireplaces in any home or apartment is their primary benefit. It is not necessary to install fire-fighting flooring and walls, equip the chimney, or reinforce the ceilings. All you need to do is purchase your preferred model and place it close to the outlet.

The second benefit is safety, which is equally significant. When operated properly, modern electric fireplaces do not burn oxygen in the air, heat up over permissible temperatures, or spark like wood or gas fireplaces do. It can be installed in any room, so you won’t have to worry about a fire or children or animals accidentally touching it and getting burned.

The absence of soot, smoke, and soot that would have contaminated the room’s floors, walls, and furniture is the third feature. This is a pretty major plus for a brightly colored city apartment. Modern models feature a high degree of automation that lets you choose the mode you want and forget about controlling the room’s tempo.

Not without its drawbacks and electric fireplace.

The first is the exorbitant cost of electricity. The cost of using an electric fireplace as your primary source of heating will be high because it can use up to 50 kW per hour per day when operating continuously. The electric fireplace uses substantially less energy when in decorative mode—roughly 100 watts per hour, or about the same as a standard light bulb.

The inability to install an electric fireplace in a particularly damp space, such as a bathroom, swimming pool, or bath, is the second disadvantage. Since there is a very rare need for this, the defect can be deemed insignificant.

The main types of corner electric fireplace

For a long time, the times have already passed when the electric heaters had an unsightly appearance, dried air and knocked out traffic jams. Modern models are compact, convenient and completely safe. In total, several types of electrical fireplaces are divided: corner, frontal, built into the decorative portal and portable.

An illustration of an electric corner fireplace

Additionally, there are types of electric fires:

  • Decorative foci imitating the furnace of a conventional fireplace;
  • Heaters made in the form of a fireplace and equipped with one or more heating elements;
  • Universal models, including both functions, as well as additional options.

The heaters that are placed inside of furnaces are called heaters. To put it simply, a reflector controls the direction of convection flows. Since the heating growth’s power does not surpass 2 kW, an electric fireplace with a separate outlet can be safely connected to a reliable home power supply. Contemporary models frequently come with a controller that lets you adjust the heating power based on the programme or room temperature, as well as a smooth or stepped heating regulator.

The electric fireplace’s decorative feature is its imitation of a real fire. The cost of the electric fireplace has a big impact on how realistic it looks: less expensive models highlight the furnace uniformly, while more expensive and modern models mimic the shimmering flame, smoke, smell, and even the crackle of logs.

How to simulate a living fire occurs?

Simple models have decorative plastic or ceramic coals and logs illuminated by one or more color lamps installed. Lamps can be found inside the logs themselves or in the lower section of the firebox. They emit a uniform, reflection-free light that lacks the effect of a living fire. More expensive models have a rotating reflector installed, which causes the light to flush and casts shadows and reflections. Even though this fireplace resembles the real one more, it still falls short in terms of decoration when inspected closely.

An illustration of a fire in a decorative hearth

The greatest realism is given by electric fireplaces, Corner and frontal, equipped with imitation of living fire and smoke. Such models, in addition to the flickering illumination of logs, are equipped with a fan and narrow stripes of silk or foil, as well as a system of reflectors. Air flows directed from the bottom up make the ribbons flush, and the flickering back and reflectors give the “flame” volume. At the same time, water vapor is supplied from the evaporator at the same time, creating the effect of smoke. For the sound effect – the noise of flame and cracking of firewood – special devices – kraclers are built into the fireplaces. This option can be purchased both in the kit and additionally. Full similarities with the combustion of natural firewood can be achieved by applying flavorings with a slight smell of natural smoke.

The bedroom’s corner electric fireplace

Depending on how the electric fireplace is implemented, there could be:

  • Separately standing, in the form of a stove-stove or cast-iron fireplace;
  • Built-in, so-called fireplaces-cassettes;
  • Fireplaces built into the finished portal;
  • Wall -mounted – they can simply be fixed on the wall at any level.

Fireplaces of the first three varieties can be corner or frontal in design. If you’ve decided on the ideal location for a fireplace in your tiny summer home or city apartment, note the precise measurements and feel free to visit the hardware store!

In our guide on corner electric fireplaces, we cover everything you need to know from buying to installation. Discover why a corner electric fireplace could be a smart choice for your home heating and ambiance needs. We"ll walk you through the purchasing process, highlighting key features to consider, such as size, style, and heating capacity. Then, we"ll delve into the installation steps, providing clear instructions and tips to ensure a safe and efficient setup. Whether you"re looking to add cozy warmth to a chilly corner or enhance the aesthetics of your living space, our guide has you covered with all the information you need to make the most of your corner electric fireplace investment.

Purchase: Research various models, consider size, design, and features. Compare prices from different retailers.
Installation: Choose a suitable location near an electrical outlet. Follow manufacturer"s instructions for assembly and installation. Consider hiring a professional for electrical work if needed.

Purchasing a corner electric fireplace can improve your living area’s appearance and usability. It is a useful heating solution in addition to creating a warm atmosphere, particularly in areas with colder climates. It’s important to evaluate your needs and preferences, including size, style, and budget, before making a purchase.

Measure the designated corner where the fireplace will be installed before making a purchase. This guarantees that the unit you choose will fit precisely and won’t cram the area. Take into account the fireplace’s style and material as well to ensure a seamless integration with your current decor.

For ease of use and personalization, search for features like remote control operation, heat settings, and adjustable flame settings when perusing the available options. You can also find a reliable brand that is renowned for its quality and durability by reading reviews and asking for recommendations. This will help you narrow down your options.

When installing a corner electric fireplace, it usually requires less effort than installing a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace. The majority of units have simple-to-follow setup instructions and only need a few simple tools. However, hiring a professional installer can guarantee correct placement and safety if you’re unsure or uneasy performing DIY projects.

After installation, savor the coziness and warmth of your brand-new electric corner fireplace. To maintain it in top condition, don’t forget to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance and cleaning instructions. Your fireplace can add years of comfort and charm to your house with proper maintenance.

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