Conord boiler. Overview. Floor standing gas

Few components are as important to the comfort and efficiency of a house as the heating system. The correct heating solution is crucial whether you’re battling the winter cold or trying to keep things cozy all year round. The Conord boiler is a well-liked choice that has drawn notice for its dependability and efficiency.

The Conord boiler is a unique design that uses gas as a fuel source and is floor-standing, with the purpose of providing warmth and comfort. With the help of this kind of boiler, homeowners can effectively distribute warmth throughout the house with a powerful heating solution. Many homes wishing to improve their heating systems now turn to Conord boilers because of their reliable build and cutting-edge technology.

The Conord boiler’s floor-standing design is one of its best qualities. In contrast to wall-mounted boilers, which might necessitate particular installation considerations, the floor-standing design provides flexibility and convenience of location. The Conord boiler can be integrated seamlessly into your home’s heating system without taking up valuable wall space, whether it is installed in a utility room, basement, or another suitable space.

Conord boilers are no different from other gas-powered heating systems, which have long been preferred for their dependability and affordability. Through the use of gas, this boiler produces reliable and effective heating, assisting homeowners in maintaining warm and cozy living areas and possibly reducing energy expenditures. Conord boilers are a reliable and efficient option for residential heating needs because of their gas-powered operation.

Installation of gas boilers Konord

The boiler must be installed, adjusted, and commissioned by experts from factory-approved service centers in order for the factory warranty to remain valid. A matching entry in the technical passport should also exist. Gas service personnel are required to connect the boiler to the gas mains and to record the connection in the technical passport. In the absence of annual preventive inspection marks, warranty claims are not accepted.

"Konord" heating boilers are reasonably priced.

The primary installation points are:

  • If the boiler is installed on a combustible floor, it is necessary to make a non-combustible substrate, which must be larger than the overall dimensions of the boiler by 50 cm on each side of the boiler. A non-combustible substrate can be a metal sheet laid on asbestos or mineral wool cardboard.
  • For normal circulation of water in the system (without using a pump), it is necessary that the bottom pipe is located below the heating radiators.
  • Pipes in the system can be any. If welding is used for connection, it is desirable to leave a few threaded connections for easy repair if necessary.
  • When installing the system, it is necessary to observe the following requirements:
  • risers must be vertical, the permissible deviation is 3 mm per 3 m of pipe;
  • horizontal sections are laid with a slope for air drainage – at least 10 mm for each meter of pipe;
  • branches to heating devices should also have a slope of at least 10 mm for each meter of pipe;
  • The finished chimney, to which the boiler is connected, must be located inside the building in a load-bearing wall.
  • If the flue pipe passes through an unheated room, it must be protected with heat-insulating materials.
  • The diameter of the flue pipe should be larger than the outlet pipe. Failure to comply with this recommendation leads to unstable operation (switches off due to insufficient draught).
  • The chimney must be vertical with no ledges.
  • Parameters, device and height must comply with regulatory documents, as well as be coordinated with the fire supervisory authority.

Protection and safety

Conord and other gas boilers must meet strict safety standards. There are three levels of protection for this manufacturer. First, the fuel supply to the burner is cut off when the chimney sensor senses that there is no draught. In extremely windy conditions, this device additionally safeguards the burner shutdown in the event of a backdraft.

The burner’s second feature is flame control; without it, the gas is turned off. Thirdly, regulating the coolant’s temperature: the heating of the coolant ceases when the threshold value is reached. The apparatus can also be used to operate at low gas pressure; at 0.6 kPa, it can function steadily.

The second group with a heat exchanger made of steel

Konord boilers are available from the factory in single- and double-circuit versions, featuring a steel cylindrical heat exchanger constructed from cold-rolled metal. Up to 15 years less service life is possible when compared to cast iron. The constructions use two types of automatics.

The first choice is SIT Automatics, an Italian business with a global reputation for excellence. Included in the great majority of boilers produced in the European Union are well-known appliances like Vaillant, Fondital, IMMERGAS, and numerous others. A consistent set temperature is ensured by the SIT valve.

Furthermore, the automation maintains steady operation in the city gas mains at lower gas pressure levels. Therefore, the nominal value calls for operation at 1.3 kPa; however, a drop to 0.6 kPa is not a significant issue, and gas boiler Konord keeps operating steadily even though it is operating at 46% less pressure than is required.

Single-circuit, with SIT automation – heating only:

ΞСц-Γ-8S 8 kW of heat output KCG-10S 10 kW of heat output KCs-G-12S 12 kW of heat output ^Сц-Γ-16S 16 kW of heat capacity ΞСц-Γ-20S 20 kW of heat output KCs-G-25S 26 kW of heat output ^Сц-Γ-30S 30 kW of heat output KCs-G-40S 40 kW of heat output in KCs-G-50S 50 kW of heat output

Single-circuit, with thermohydraulic automatics

The second version, which has automation of type AGU-T-M domestic design, is more economical. The automatic gas-burning device, or AGU, is made up of safety automatics and nozzles. principal producers Tagonrog and Mimax. The automation of the AHU includes:

  1. thermo-sensor;
  2. igniter with thermo – bimetallic plate;
  3. adjusting screw with lever;
  4. gas valve;
  5. block crane;
  6. connecting parts.

Sequence of ignition:

  1. Check the draught, pull back the flap, light the igniter.
  2. Press the gas valve, ignite the wick. Fix and do not release the button until heated bimetallic plate.
  3. Continuing to hold the button, follow the lever. It crawls on the inscription "on the button", we need to wait for the moment when it locks.
  4. Release the gas valve and set the required temperature by means of the control knob.

Domestic automation allows for slightly lower costs when purchasing a Konord boiler. is distinguished from its European counterparts by having the most basic design. It doesn’t require power from the electrical grid because it is non-volatile. Matches or a lighter are used to manually ignite the process of starting. In Russian gas boilers, thermohydraulic automation of the AGU-T-M type is widely utilized.

Buyer reviews claim that these automatics are utterly unpretentious and that the floor boiler Konord that is fitted with them is not "capricious." Furthermore, even in remote areas, it is not hard to locate replacement parts on the market. Prices are also not a source of complaint; for instance, bimetallic plate, a frequently requested part, costs no more than 100 rubles and can be found everywhere.

ОСц-Г-10Н 10 kW of heat output ОСц-Г-12Н 12 kW of heat output KCs-G-20N 20 kW of heat output KCs-G-25H 25 kW of heat output KCs-G-30N 30 kW of heat output

Two-circuit with DHW, and SIT control automatics

When equipped with two circuits, floor gas boiler Konord can handle the responsibility of heating buildings and simultaneously prepare hot water for domestic use. A well-proven modulation function is used in the design. Utilizing modulation in burner operation greatly improves the hot water supply’s efficiency.

KCS-GV-8S 8 kW of heat capacity in KCs -GV-10S 10 kW of heat output in KCs -GV-12S 12 kW of heat output in KCs -GV-16S 16 kW of heating power ΚΡц-ΓΒ-20S 20 kW of heat output in KCs -GV-25S 25 kW of heat output in KCs -GV-30S 30 kW of heat output

Two-circuit with DHW, with thermohydraulic automatics

KCs-GV-12H 12 kW of heat output for KCs-GV-12H 12 kW of heat output for KCs-GV-20N 20 kW of heat capacity KCz-GV-25H Heat production = 25 kW ^Ρц-ΓΒ-30Ν 30 kW is the heat capacity.

Conord boiler deciphering

  • K – boiler
  • C – steel material of manufacture of heat exchanger
  • Ch – cast iron material of manufacture of heat exchanger
  • G – gas
  • B – DHW circuit
  • C – cylindrical.


You can familiarize yourself with the various reviews that users have left about these products to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Customers take note of the heating devices from "Konord" because they are highly efficient, have a long lifespan, and are reasonably reliable. This guarantee is in effect for a total of 15 years.

These units have a fairly rigid design from the outside. In the warm months of the year, two-circuit models can be utilized in DHW systems without the need for heating. The excellent functionality of "Konord" gas products is reflected in their technical characteristics, which are initiated by piezo ignition.

Every gadget from "Konord" is separated into:

  • Models where there is no system for supplying the consumer with heated water. They have built-in Italian automatics and they are in high demand.
  • Heating devices that can only bring warmth to your home. Their automatic elements use the principle of thermohydraulics.
  • Boilers that provide not only heating of the dwelling, but also warm water for domestic needs. They have built-in automatics from Italy from SIT.
  • Models that are able to heat rooms and quietly warm the liquid for various cases. Thermohydraulic automation makes these tasks more simplified.

Pros and cons

The following characteristics of "Konord" gas appliances that owners who use them regularly report as positive:

  • large model range;
  • models have 3 types of automatics;
  • economic efficiency;
  • high efficiency;
  • in case of boiler breakdown, spare parts can be found quickly enough;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • guarantee of flawless operation for 3 years;

  • uninterrupted operation for almost 15 years;
  • steel heat exchangers help to withstand thermal deformations;
  • the use of water from the water supply as a coolant;
  • the possibility of connecting to a system with different types of circulation of the working medium;
  • almost complete absence of wall-mounted devices;
  • energy-independent devices;
  • the use in certain series of automatics parts produced in Italy and Poland;
  • simplified process of using the appliance.

This manufacturer’s boilers are made to suit the unique requirements of the home’s climate and are intended to generate just the right amount of heat to keep the house warm, even during the harshest frosts.

The higher degree of durability of these well-liked devices ensures their dependability, and their independence from electricity will enable them to operate without any problems or delays, particularly in situations where electricity is unavailable.

Because of its small size, fashionable design, and low operating noise level, you can put this gadget in the kitchen or any other room without ruining the aesthetics of the space.

With an efficiency of 90%, "Konord" units are the most widely used when it comes to saving money. The materials used for thermal insulation significantly lower heat losses.

In addition to quickly heating the space, the "Konord" gas unit with two circuits can give homeowners heated water for personal use.

The placement of the automation box’s numerous protection components, which assist in turning off the product in the event of a draught loss, ensures the safe functioning of products. In addition, in the event of a malfunction or other kind of failure, the boiler will cut off. The unit can be programmed to automatically adjust its heating temperature. In the event that the fuel pressure drops too low, the unit will quickly inject forced air to maintain its operation.

The drawbacks of "Konord" merchandise:

  • not the highest quality of assembly of some models;
  • the thickness of the steel will be no more than 3 mm;
  • no antifreeze.

The fuel consumption will be significantly reduced thanks to the special module burners. You will be able to save money on fuel thanks to these innovations, which will also help you obtain more efficient heat output.

Pros of Konord steel boiler

  1. A larger selection of models.
  2. Steel boilers are easier to maintain. The heat exchanger, for example, is easier to clean. Since the steel does not crack on impact, it makes it much easier to remove fouling. Maintenance and cleaning should be carried out regularly otherwise the Konord boiler loses high efficiency values.
  3. Steel boilers are shock-resistant structures, you can not worry about damage during transportation.
  4. Repairability of the Konord boiler made of steel is much better, cast-iron boiler. Possible "burnouts" are welded in place, of course in the case of a minor nature.

Preparation of the place

Setting up a location for "Konord" installation is essential. If there is a risk of fire on the floor, a non-combustible substrate must be made that is 50 centimeters larger on each side than the equipment’s total dimensions. A metal sheet laid over asbestos cardboard or mineral wool can serve as such a base.

Another thing to note is that, in the event that the system is pump-free, the spigot must be positioned beneath the heating pipes to ensure optimal water circulation. Thirdly, it is preferable to leave the thread in place when using welding to ensure a trouble-free repair.

Criteria for installation

The following conditions must be satisfied for installation inside the home:

Recommendations for the use of the equipment

Reviews of "Konord" boilers show that their dependability and reasonable cost are the key factors in selection. Nonetheless, a common complaint among customers is that boilers frequently malfunction. The following elements could be to blame for this:

  • the burner is dirty and you need to clean the gas and air nozzles with a vacuum cleaner and a brush;
  • there is not enough air for the pilot burner to work properly. To fix this, it is necessary to clean the air nozzles and improve the ventilation of the room;
  • oxidized contacts of the thermostat. They need to be cleaned or "shaken up";
  • Broken draught sensor or flame sensor.
  • Some of the causes, as you have seen, can be eliminated independently, and for the elimination of others it is better to call the service staff.

Additionally, there may be a large drop in the system’s coolant temperature. If the boiler’s instructions recommend it, increase the gas supply to the burner or set the thermostat switch to the highest setting to get rid of this.

Additionally, "Konord" boilers operate differently in the summer. Therefore, you must shut off the water supply tap in order to turn off the heating circuit. In an hour, the water can reach 60 degrees if the pilot burner is the only one operating. It will be sufficient for modest household needs for a few hours if no more water is used. If there isn’t going to be any active hot water consumption after the boiler has heated, it should be turned off to prevent boiling water and boiler failure.

Model range of Konord boilers

The "Konord" brand of gas boilers comes in four series, each with unique characteristics:

  • KSz-G-S – single-circuit unit with automation SIT, the capacity is from 8 to 30 kW. The temperature control range is from 60 to 90 degrees and the pressure is from 0.2 to 1.9 bar. The average cost of the design is about 10,5 thousand rubles;
  • КСц-Г-Н – also a single-circuit model, equipped with thermohydraulic automation, the power of the unit from 10 to 30 kW, the heat exchanger is made of cold-rolled steel and has a cylindrical shape. The pressure is up to 5 bar, and the average cost is about 11,5 thousand rubles;
  • КСц-GV-S – a two-circuit unit, equipped with automation SIT, design capacity from 12 to 30 kW. Can be connected to the system with natural or forced circulation. Cost from 15 thousand rubles;
  • KSz-GV-N – a two-circuit unit with thermohydraulic automation with a capacity from 12 to 30 kW. The design is able to shut off the gas in the absence of draught and stabilize the operation in case of short-term reverse draught. The cost is from 15 thousand rubles.

solid fuel Don boiler

"Don," the universal boiler, runs on any solid fuel.

The energy-efficient universal boiler "Don" is capable of operating on any kind of solid fuel. Installing a gas burner is an option if needed. Work for up to eight hours on a single load of coal.

High-corrosion-resistant design steel is used to construct the furnace. The firebox is reasonably sized; depending on the model, it can accommodate firewood up to 60 cm in length and 60 cm in diameter logs. The "Don" boiler’s warranty service life is 12 months.

The new "Don"’soveralldimensions stayed the same, allowing them to be installed precisely in place of the old ones without requiring system remodeling. The burner is installed in a designated hole to facilitate the transition to gaseous fuel.

The table provides technical specifications for the "Don" brand of universal heating boilers.

Features of "Don" the boiler (click to enlarge)

With the exception of the requirements pertaining to the gas service, installing a universal boiler must adhere to the same guidelines as installing a gas boiler. Learn more about


The following are advantages of Konord gas heaters:

  • The boilers are very reliable and durable. They are absolutely independent of electricity, so their functioning runs without failures and malfunctions;
  • manufactured units are safe. The set includes a modern , which is responsible for stopping the boiler in the absence of draught and other negative moments. In addition, there is an automatic regulation of the set level of temperature mode and provides operability of the boiler at low gas pressure;
  • productivity is very high, efficiency reaches 90%, the unit is characterized by economy. And due to the use of heat-insulating materials in the body of the device, heat losses are reduced;
  • in the process of operation of the unit is almost no noise, it – a small size and its design is attractive;
  • If you compare Konord equipment with devices of other brands, you can say about a fairly reasonable price of equipment;
  • gas consumption is much lower. This is due to the fact that in the process of creating burners used innovative technologies;
  • Two-circuit boilers are used not only for heating, but also to provide the room with hot water.

The benefits of heating boilers are numerous, of course. The two most important ones are their low cost and lack of reliance on electricity. For this reason, these heating boilers may be referred to as economy-class goods. They are of excellent quality at the same time.

Description of some models

Several fundamental models comprise the "Conrod" gas boiler model range:

  • КСц-Г-S – boiler of single-circuit type, equipped with automatics SIT. The power of the unit varies from 8 to 30 kW. Water can be heated to 60-90 degrees, working pressure can vary from 0.2 to 1.9 bar.
  • КСц-Г-Н – this is also a model of single-circuit type, but with thermohydraulic automation. Boilers are produced with capacity from 10 to 30 KW, cold rolled steel is used for manufacturing of cylindrical heat exchanger.
  • KSz-GV-S – unit of two-circuit type with automation SIT and capacity of at least 12 kW. The boiler is fully functional when connected to a system with natural and forced circulation.
  • KSz-GV-N – two-circuit model of gas boilers, equipped with thermohydraulic automation. The boiler capacity ranges from 12 to 30 kW. There is a function of gas shut-off in case of lack of draught. In case of a short-term back draft, the device normalizes operation.

We delve into the topic of home heating in this article, concentrating on the Conord boiler—more especially, the floor-standing gas model. Conord boilers are a dependable and effective way to ensure that your home stays warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Because of their floor-standing design, installation is simple and convenient, and it blends in perfectly with the layout of your house. It is possible to enjoy consistent heating performance and energy efficiency with a Conord gas boiler, which can save your utility bills. Because of its unique combination of convenience, efficiency, and dependability, the Conord boiler is a worthy option for any new construction or heating system upgrade.

Gas boilers Konord and their description

As previously stated, all boilers sold under the "Konord" brand are floor standing, fairly large, and have a unique protective enamel covering their exterior. They also possess the following illustrative qualities:

  • the boiler is made of 3 mm thick steel;
  • The efficiency of the unit is 90 percent;
  • energy independence;
  • affordable price;
  • good customer feedback.

There are various variations of the "Konord" gas unit brand, including ones with and without hot water preparation. Furthermore, the apparatus may be fitted with SIT automatics or thermohydraulic automatics. The boiler is classified as energy-independent in the first scenario. Under such a design, a thermostat regulates both fuel supply and shutdown. The gas to the main burner then stops flowing when the temperature around it reaches the predetermined parameter, allowing you to maintain the necessary temperature regime.

When the power calculation is done correctly, these devices can maintain any given temperature, making them well-suited to both mild and harsh winter conditions. A significant amount of heat is used to heat the coolant because of the excellent productivity of the boiler, the creation of an ideal gas-air mixture, and the thermal insulation provided by the well-installed burner.

Naturally, this brand’s boilers are secure and have multiple layers of protection:

  • smoke detector, which is triggered in the absence of a draft and disconnects the gas supply to the burner. Also, it does not allow you to turn it off at the appearance of a short-term back draft at intense gusts of wind;
  • The presence of flame on the main burner is monitored. If it is absent, then the gas supply is absent;
  • possibility to control the temperature in the heating circuit. Heating of the heat carrier is stopped when the temperature limit value is reached.

Boilers marked "Conord" are designed to function in low fuel pressure environments. Various models may be marked as KSz-GV-12 or KSz-G-10S. It means as follows:

  • K-boiler;
  • C- made of steel;
  • C – the firebox has a cylindrical shape;
  • G-gas;
  • HW – gas with hot water function.

The maximum power level of the marking is indicated by subsequent digits. When purchasing a boiler, estimate the amount of power needed based on the room’s size (one kW per ten square meters), assuming a ceiling height of no more than 2.5 meters and an average heat loss.

Advantages of Konord boilers

  • The manufacturer promises more heat for less money;
  • Gas consumption ranges from 0.44 to 2.74 for the steel version and from 1.99 to 4.8 m3/h for the cast iron version. Significant reduction is achieved by using innovative technologies in the creation of modulating burners;
  • Straight lines – laconic design;
  • Economy is determined also by good ;
  • Efficiency from 90% in steel to 92% in cast iron;
  • Two types of automation;
  • Safety has a multi-level basis. Draught sensor in the design of the flue collector instantly shut off the gas supply in the absence of natural smoke removal. Overturning draught, in case of discharge in a strong gust of wind, will not be able to disrupt the stable operation of the boiler Konord, if this phenomenon is short-term;
  • Low noise characteristic.
  • In the warm summer period it is possible to use only the second circuit, without using the heating circuit. That is, the boiler in summer works as a gas column;
  • Application of multi-layer protection on the cladding: zinc coating, followed by a layer of polymer included in the paint and finishing the "pie" with a film of synthetic material;
  • Functionality: installed in both open and closed heating system;
  • Optimal ratio of cost and quality;
  • Boiler Konord successfully passed the tests according to Russian standards;
  • Certified line of equipment.

Prices for boilers Konord

Model name Capacity,kW Heating area, m 2 Weight,kg Dimensions,mm Retail price in rubles.
Single-circuit with thermohydraulic automatics
КСц-Г-10Н 10 100 36,2 410×309×810 12 000 rubles.
KCs-G-12N 12 120 39 410×344×810 13 275 rubles.
KCh-G-20N 20 200 65 581×454×975 16 350 rubles.
КСц-Г-25Н 25 250 64 581×454×975 17 250 rubles.
KCh-G-30N 30 300 64 581×454×975 18 525 rubles.
Single-circuit with automatics SIT
KCs-G-8S 8 80 34 414×304×925 11,625 rubles.
КСц-Г-10S 10 100 34 414×304×925 12 000 rub.
КСц-Г-12S 12 120 37,3 414×304×925 13 125 rubles.
КСц-Г-16S 16 160 50 494×368×925 14 400 rubles.
KCs-G-20S 20 200 51 494×368×925 16 350 rubles.
KCh-G-25S 25 250 64 581×454×925 17,250 rubles.
КСц-Г-30S 30 300 64 581×454×925 18 525 rubles.
KCh-G-40S 40 400 101 542×1090×711 25 740 rubles.
Two-circuit with thermohydraulic automatics
KCs-GV-12H 12 120 41,5 410×344×810 15 375 rubles.
КСц-ГВ-20Н 20 200 68,7 581×454×975 18,750 rubles.
KCh-GV-25N 25 250 67,7 581×454×975 19 800 rub.
KCh-GV-30N 30 300 67,7 581×454×975 21 375 rubles.
Two-circuit with automatics SIT
КСц-ГВ-8S 8 80 34 428×304×925 13 275 rubles.
KCs-GV-10S 10 100 37,8 428×304×925 14 100 rubles.
KCs-GV-12S 12 120 39,5 414×304×925 15 375 rubles.
KCs-GV-16S 16 160 53,7 494×368×925 17 025 rubles.
KCs-GV-20S 20 200 54,7 494×368×925 18,750 rub.
KCs-GV-25S 25 250 67,7 581×454×925 19 800 rubles.
KCs-GV-30S 30 300 67,7 581×454×925 21 375 rubles.
With cast iron heat exchanger
KCH-G-16S 16 160 95 580×425×837 26 250 rubles.
KCH-G-25S 25 250 115 587×497×837 31 500 rub.
KCH-G-30S 30 300 130 587×578×807 35 250 rubles.

Description and automation

Conord" boiler has a high efficiency of 90% and is constructed of steel that is 3 mm thick. Two significant benefits contributed to its rise in popularity: low cost and electricity independence. There are currently two variations of "Konorda" available: one that can prepare hot water and the other that cannot.

Moreover, SIT-automatics or thermohydraulic automation can be added to any model. It is non-volatile due to this feature, and a thermostat regulates the fuel supply. This is accomplished by cutting off the gas supply when the temperature reaches a predetermined point, which maintains the comfort mode.

This equipment is meant to withstand extremely cold or moderately cold winters; all that needs to be done is accurately calculate the power needed, and the unit will take care of maintaining the ideal temperature.

A high-quality burner produces a good gas-air mixture and insulates the boiler, ensuring the boiler’s productivity. All of this enables you to target heat in order to warm the coolant.

Pros Cons
Efficient heating solution Requires floor space
Reliable performance Initial installation cost
Compatible with gas supply systems Potential maintenance expenses

Selecting the ideal boiler for your house is essential for comfortable and effective heating. We’ve covered the features and advantages of the Conord floor-standing gas boiler in this overview. For heating larger homes or commercial spaces, the Conord boiler is a dependable option due to its compact design and high efficiency.

The Conord boiler’s floor-standing design is one of its best qualities; it not only saves space but also facilitates installation. This is especially helpful for homes with small walls or those that need to retrofit a boiler into an already-existing system. In addition to offering stability, the floor-standing design makes maintenance and servicing simpler.

When choosing a boiler, efficiency is important, and the Conord delivers on this front. This boiler’s remarkable energy efficiency is a result of its cutting-edge technology and premium parts, which also help homeowners minimize their environmental impact and lower their energy costs. For people trying to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions, this makes it a sustainable option.

When it comes to heating systems, dependability is crucial, and the Conord boiler provides comfort thanks to its sturdy build and consistent performance. This boiler is made to endure frequent use and is intended to deliver steady heating during the winter, providing warmth and comfort when you need it most. Its sturdy construction also results in fewer malfunctions and repairs, ultimately saving time and money.

Conord floor-standing gas boilers are a dependable, cost-effective, and room-saving choice for heating residential or commercial buildings, to sum up. It provides a workable option for individuals wishing to update their heating system because of its small size, great energy efficiency, and consistent performance. The Conord boiler checks all the boxes for sustainability, comfort, and ease of use, whether you’re remodeling your house or replacing an outdated boiler.

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