Conord boiler does not ignite

It seems that your Conord boiler isn’t firing. It’s an annoying situation, particularly if you depend on it to provide a warm and comfortable home. Let’s take a moment to troubleshoot the problem together before you become panicked or call for expert assistance.

First and foremost, it’s critical to comprehend that there are a number of reasons why a Conord boiler may not ignite. There might be a basic problem like low fuel or a more complicated problem with the ignition system itself. In any case, identifying the issue accurately is the first step in resolving it.

Make sure your boiler is receiving power and that the thermostat is set correctly before beginning any troubleshooting. Occasionally, the problem could be as simple as a low thermostat battery or a tripped circuit breaker. Check these fundamentals one more time before continuing.

It’s time to examine the boiler itself if the power supply and thermostat settings appear to be in order. Examine the fuel supply first. Does the boiler have enough fuel in it to ignite? Occasionally, the issue can be resolved by simply adding more gas or oil.

Examine the ignition system next. Does it spark correctly? Is your pilot light on if you have one? If not, there might be a cleaning or replacement requirement for the pilot assembly or ignition electrodes. The ignition process can frequently be hampered by a buildup of dirt or debris.

You can attempt cleaning the ignition components by yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Before beginning any maintenance, make sure the boiler is powered off. For instructions on how to safely clean and inspect the ignition system, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

It’s best to call a qualified technician for assistance if cleaning the ignition components doesn’t resolve the problem or if you’re not confident in your ability to perform maintenance yourself. They’ll be equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to identify the issue and solve it successfully.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why a Conord boiler might not light, such as malfunctions with the ignition system or the fuel supply. You should be able to quickly diagnose and fix the problem, keeping your house warm and cozy throughout the winter, by closely examining the boiler and implementing the above-described procedures.

Issue Conord boiler does not ignite
Possible Causes 1. Pilot light may be out. 2. Gas supply may be interrupted. 3. Faulty ignition system.
Troubleshooting Steps 1. Check pilot light and relight if necessary. 2. Ensure gas supply valve is open. 3. Check for any error codes on the boiler display. 4. Contact a qualified technician if issues persist.

Repair of gas boiler Konord. Prevention and service from "specialists" of JSC "RostovGorGas".

When I encountered one of the employees of JSC "RostovGorGas" (RostovGorGaz) about the maintenance of the gas stove in my apartment, he said that the problem with the valve was obvious.In the past, I had always felt gas leaks in the kitchen and had to keep the kitchen cabinet with the gas meter open. Before that, gas leaks were constantly felt in the kitchen, and the kitchen cabinet with the gas meter had to be kept open. When carrying out preventive maintenance, the gas man checked all the connections and repacked all the problematic ones. He showed me a gas hose that had already worked out its service life and needed to be replaced. He said that it should be changed. I asked him myself if he had a gas hose to change right away. It is clear that the hose was. For its replacement, of course, I had to pay a decent price, but it is risky to deal with gas on my own, plus I had to go to the store to get a hose, and then call the gas man anyway.

My floor-standing gas boiler, manufactured in Rostov Konord, started to go out the other day. It was clear that the valve was the source of the issue. I chose to give the same gasman a call because, in contrast to other youth, he appeared to handle the situation with responsibility. However, this turned out to be a major error later on.

Along with his companion, this gasman arrived from RostovGorGaz JSC. The previous one claimed there wouldn’t be a draft and that the chimney pipe wasn’t constructed properly. The second person corrected him, stating that everything was normal in terms of safety and that the pipe was made entirely of metal without any cardboard. Even though it was the first beacon, I didn’t give it much thought.

Next I was asked for a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the Conord gas boiler. Disassembled and the valve. After reassembly, it worked at the gas man"s. But I immediately had a problem. The gas man said that the button didn"t need to be pressed so hard. I tried to light it up, the button fell off. The gas man said that it had reached the end of its life and needed to be replaced. He has this valve, but it costs now 1300-1500 rubles, plus work on its replacement. The gasmen did not take the valve with them, although they had it, they knew that they were going to repair the gas boiler Conord. After re-disassembly of the gas valve, the boiler fired up. We did not dare to touch it again, even in the presence of the gasmen, because the gasman said that the button was worn out and needed to be replaced.к. It was freezing outside and I was already convinced that the valve should be replaced with a new one.

When these repairmen left, the adventure started. The boiler normally stopped heating at night. There was absolutely no increase in flame when the valve was turned to maximum. Fortunately, the boiler did not completely shut down. If not, the water would have frozen, and these "specialists" operate undercover and don’t leave any paperwork behind.

I was told many tales during the "repair" gas boiler Conord. and only then came to the realization that it was a money-only divorce. First, I was told that installing a pump in the heating system was necessary to save gas (I’ve already covered this myth in some detail). Then it was discovered that it would be beneficial to cut in close to the boiler using the pressure gauge (pressure gauge, Carl, not a thermometer!) to measure the direct’s temperature.

The "marketing processing" then carried on. These gas workers install tippable meters (t.е. experts from Gazprom’s subsidiary are working to help this very Gazprom be duped!) It is advised to decrease the reading by two times, but not drastically. Simultaneously, the typical meter costs only 5,000 rubles, whereas the one for a small house costs fifteen thousand rubles. Such a meter pays for itself in 1.5–2 seasons.

Then I was told that it would be possible to install a two-circuit boiler instead of my Konord gas boiler and the old gas column. Konord produces quite good budget gas boilers Konord, AOGV, column Don, etc. Of course, these products are often not the most economical, but such models as mine are characterized by high reliability. And the durability of work, compared to a two-circuit boiler, an order of magnitude better. Not to mention that many modern boilers use automation, so you need to ensure a continuous power supply. On the compactness of course the two-circuit boiler strongly wins over the floor gas boiler and the column. And automation of course adds comfort and safety.

I own an ancient Don water heater as well. There isn’t even battery-operated or piezo ignition available. Heat recovery and automation of any kind are out of the question. This kind of solution is undoubtedly inefficient in terms of comfort and cost. On the other hand, the situation is completely different in terms of durability. Even German gas water heaters have been found to operate for no more than three years, according to reviews. Additionally, the heat exchangers in them are generally consumable, and replacing them can set you back half as much as buying a brand-new water heater.

In general, gas technicians told me a lot about what could be installed, but in fact only worsened the situation with the valve of the gas boiler Conord. Of course, they did not provide documents for their work. At the same time, their work was estimated at 1500 rubles, and the installation of a new valve (along with the valve itself) in another 3000 rubles. And this is despite the fact that they themselves forgot the valve and supposedly fixed the old one. What they called preventive maintenance, as it turned out later, has almost nothing to do with this process. I remove the front cover myself, after which I vacuum the gas burner and wick. Plus I clean the place of contact between the thermocouple and the place of exit of gas combustion products (without dismantling).

Naturally, the nation ought to be aware of its "heroes" who "cut the dough" and then fled after inadvertently breaking the valve. These are the phone numbers that they have: Igor 502-951-82-7# Igor 588-61-0# If these miracle gasmen knock on your door, proceed with caution.

The next day I started looking for a competent specialist. And one was found. He did carry out preventive maintenance for the gas boiler Conord, which recommends to perform annually before the heating season. At the same time, he did not impose anything unnecessary, but on the contrary drew attention to what can break down when independently carrying out these works (still it is gas, so I do not risk doing this). In the process, the Master removed the burner and cleaned it. It was obvious that the vacuum cleaner had done a very mediocre job the previous day and it was clearly not enough. He removed both the thermocouple and the gas connections, having cleaned them. He also cleaned the contacts on the valve and reassembled it properly. Not surprisingly, it turned out that the valve did not need replacing at all.

I’m not sure how this Master installs boilers, heat floors, or plumbing in a quality manner, or even if it does so at all, but Conord/Don is obviously experienced with gas boiler repair and has dealt with them before.

Gas boiler "Konord": customer reviews. Floor gas boilers "Konord"

September 21, 2016.

Home appliances were first manufactured at the "Konord" factory in the late 1970s. When you visit the store and become acquainted with the company’s offerings, you have the option to select gas, solid fuel, and combination boilers. Every model may have a different modification and set of features. However, a number of characteristics set the Russian boilers under the "Konord" brand apart, including:

  • low cost;
  • almost complete absence of wall-mounted appliances;
  • Energy independence of devices, which is important for rural areas;
  • use in some series of automatics of Italian or Polish production.

The gas boiler "Konord," which has received positive feedback from many users, has an efficiency rating of 90%. These pieces of equipment have a rigid design that defines their appearance. Summertime hot water supply systems that do not require heating can use two-circuit models. Piezo ignition helps the gas boiler "Konord" start, and its functional features are reflected in its technical specifications.

For reference

At 0.6 kPa, which is a relatively low pressure, the apparatus can function. This parameter is equivalent to 46 percent of the 1.3 kPa standard. Additionally, the equipment in this case has a 3-year operational warranty, but it is actually ready to last up to 15 years.

Reviews of the boiler JSD-22

This gas boiler "Konord", reviews about which are not only positive, but also negative, is able to work a little longer than the warranty period. Some users after this period, the automation starts to fail. As buyers claim, when you open the faucet, it can simply not turn on. The automation can stop turning off and when you turn off the water, and if you do not have time to shut off the gas, the heat exchanger can simply burn out. As a plus of this model, according to users, you can highlight the relatively low cost. But buyers also note the disadvantages, which consist in unsatisfactory service and low quality of this device.

Reviews of the boiler brand KCG-1016

This gas boiler "Konord", reviews of which you can read below, can be characterized by poor functionality of the temperature sensor. In some users, the real mark differs from the readings of the equipment by 30 ° C. If you try to use the warranty repair, then, according to buyers, everything can be much more complicated. After all, the sensor will have to bring to the center yourself, and the problem will be eliminated only if the fault lies on the shoulders of the manufacturer. After six months, such equipment can begin to spontaneously go out several times a week, but it will be possible to light it only with a few attempts. But consumers also note the pluses, which are expressed, again, in an acceptable cost.

There are a few common problems that could be causing a Conord boiler to not ignite when troubleshooting it. First, see if the pilot light is on. If not, there may be an issue with the gas supply or the pilot light mechanism itself. Furthermore, confirm that the boiler’s power supply is operational and that the thermostat is set correctly. Occasionally, a build-up of dirt or debris in the burner may make it difficult to light, necessitating maintenance or cleaning. Should everything else fail, a professional technician would be the best person to handle this more complex problem. You can maintain the smooth and efficient operation of your Conord boiler by performing routine maintenance and paying attention to these possible issues.

Reviews of the boiler "Comfort" with a burner "Mimax"

The above-mentioned gas boiler "Konord", reviews about which will allow the consumer to make the right choice, is a single-circuit boiler. Many users have no problems with it. It is possible to heat with its help a house with an area of more than 130 m 2. If you plan to increase the area, then, according to buyers, the power of the equipment may not be enough. If you do the installation and further adjustment yourself, there should be no difficulties, because the device is characterized by easy operation and understandable settings. If you compare this model with alternative variants of wall-mounted boilers, then its economy will be the same, moreover, it is quite possible to compare it with this parameter of other variants of boilers.

Many customers say they will purchase the same device when the time comes to replace it. There are some drawbacks to this "Konord" gas boiler. They manifest themselves in an inconvenient wick ignition. Situated at the bottom, the flexible hose connection is not the most convenient. It would be preferable, according to many customers, if it were located on the left side of the appliance.

Reviews of the model KCh-G-16

Those buyers who have been using this version of the boiler for several years, note that initially they had doubts about the economy, since there is a huge variety of modern models on the market. The described unit has a cast iron heat exchanger. In the process of operation, consumers realize that they were wrong in their doubts. Gas consumption can be compared with models of other manufacturers. Cast iron makes the boiler heavier, but this material has advantages. They consist in the fact that boilers with steel heat exchangers have to be cleaned from time to time from limescale, but users and owners of equipment with cast iron heat exchangers do not face such problems.

These gas heating boilers, known as "Konord," have a high degree of dependability and are frequently praised in reviews. Negative outcomes are extremely rare if the automation is configured incorrectly and the machinery overheats. The gadget has several advantages, including the ability to function with low-quality gas, complete adaptation to Russian conditions, and the ability to detect pressure surges in the system.

Reviews about the boiler KCh-G-12H

The "Konord" gas floor boiler has benefits and drawbacks. It is possible to highlight affordability and economy among the latter. The equipment weighs forty kilograms and measures just 412 by 324 by 786 centimeters. The reviews for this floor-standing gas boiler, called "Konord," will assist you in making the best decision. It has the capacity to heat a 120 m³ home. The steel used to make this apparatus is coated with a white enamel that is heat-resistant.

Customers have observed that the floor gas boiler "Konord," whose reviews you should read before making a purchase, can be enhanced with a gas column if you wish to use hot water. This gadget runs on electricity, which has drawbacks of its own, such as potential malfunctions during blackouts.

Dealing with an unignitable Conord boiler can be annoying and interfere with your day-to-day activities. But, there are a number of typical problems that might be the source of this issue; if you do some troubleshooting, you might be able to fix it without having to contact an expert.

First things first, make sure the gas or oil supply is on and your boiler is powered. Occasionally, a straightforward error such as a closed gas valve or a tripped circuit breaker can stop the boiler from starting. Examine these fundamental configurations prior to advancing to more intricate fixes.

If there are no problems with the fuel supply or power, the ignition system may be malfunctioning. It’s possible that a dirty or damaged ignition electrode, burner, or ignition control module is keeping the boiler from sparking or properly igniting the fuel. To get things operating properly again, these parts might need to be cleaned or replaced.

A problem with the fuel supply is another possible reason for ignition failure. The boiler might not get enough fuel to ignite if the fuel filter is clogged or the fuel line is blocked. Check for obstructions in the fuel line and filter, and clean or replace as necessary.

Finally, it might be time to contact a qualified technician for help if you’ve tried all of the above solutions and your Conord boiler is still not lighting. To get your boiler back up and running, they can conduct a more thorough inspection, diagnose the issue, and suggest the necessary repairs or replacements.

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