Choose an electric boiler for heating a private house with an area of 200 square meters

For comfort and energy efficiency, selecting the appropriate heating system for your home is essential, particularly in larger areas like a 200-square-meter private residence. Homeowners now have a range of options to weigh in light of the rising popularity of electric boilers. We’ll look at the things to consider in this article when choosing an electric boiler for heating.

First and foremost, it’s critical to precisely determine your home’s heating requirements. The proper heating capacity is determined in large part by factors like the local climate, insulation levels, and property size. A 200-square-meter home needs a heating system that is both energy-efficient and capable of evenly distributing warmth throughout every room.

When it comes to heating residential properties, electric boilers have many benefits. Unlike traditional gas boilers, electric boilers do not require a flue or chimney, making installation more flexible and cost-effective. Furthermore, electric boilers emit no emissions while in use, making the environment cleaner and greener. Modern electric boilers are extremely efficient thanks to technological advancements; they provide precise temperature control and use less energy.

The heating capacity and performance of an electric boiler are important factors to take into account when choosing one for a 200-square-meter home. For the entire property to have constant warmth throughout the year, the boiler’s output should be high enough. Additionally, keep an eye out for features that can optimize energy usage and improve comfort levels, like modulating controls and programmable settings.

The total cost of installation and operation is a crucial consideration as well. Even though the initial costs of electric boilers may be lower than those of gas boilers, it’s important to consider ongoing costs such as electricity rates and maintenance needs. Selecting an energy-efficient, high-quality electric boiler can increase the value of your investment over time by lowering utility bills and requiring fewer repairs.

In conclusion, careful consideration of a number of factors, such as heating capacity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, is necessary when choosing the best electric boiler for heating a 200-square-meter private home. You can select a dependable and environmentally friendly heating solution that will guarantee comfort and energy savings for many years to come by being aware of your home’s heating requirements and looking into your options.

Purpose options for heating

The most advantageous and rational option from an economic perspective is to use an electric boiler for short-term stays in the house, such as when guests arrive for weekends, holidays, or vacations. In this instance, even high short-term electricity costs can be covered by 1.5–2 times with a lower electric boiler source cost, minimal installation costs, and a well-organized heating system.

In order to keep the heating system from freezing while the owners are away, the boiler needs to be kept at a higher temperature. To ensure that the operating mode is as economical as possible, it is crucial to select a model with the greatest amplitude of power changes. For instance, three-step power adjustment models are a bad choice because they incur unnecessary costs and produce a lot of heat during operation, even at the lowest power level.

If the model has a GSM module or can be connected to one, that is great because you can operate the electric boiler from a distance and ensure that everything is working properly with the heating system; if not, the phone will call you.

It is still acceptable to use an electric boiler as supplemental heating equipment in addition to a primary solid fuel, liquid fuel, or gas boiler. The option that operates at maximum load is only useful at night, when electricity rates are lowest, and when there is a build-up of extra heat in the buffer. In any case, fairly low-power models—sometimes even single-phase (up to 6 kW)—can be utilized as supplemental heating equipment.

Economically speaking, it makes no sense to use an electric boiler to heat a 200 m³ home with a permanent resident given that the cost of electricity can run anywhere from 35,000 to 45,000 rubles per month. It’s also important to make sure the voltage stabilizer is connected to the mains and to purchase and connect a generator in case the power supply is momentarily cut off.

How to select an external thermostat for an electric boiler to achieve monthly heating savings of up to 30%

A 200-square-meter private home requires careful consideration when selecting an electric boiler to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. Many homeowners find electric boilers to be a viable option due to their easy installation, low maintenance requirements, and clean operation. The insulation of the home, energy efficiency ratings, and heating capacity are important considerations when choosing an electric boiler. Furthermore, it’s critical to evaluate the boiler’s dependability, safety features, and compatibility with current heating systems. Homeowners can ensure comfortable warmth and energy savings throughout their home by weighing these factors and seeking professional advice.

The minimum necessary power of the electric boiler for heating a house with an area of 200 m 2

For every 10 m 2 of heated space in an average private home in the Moscow Region’s middle climate zone with two brick walls and ceilings as high as 2.7 m, one kW of thermal capacity heating equipment is needed. Additionally, laying 15–25% of the power reserve is advised.

The entire amount for a 200 square meter private home. A minimum of 20 kW * 1.2 = 24 kW of heat production is required.

In over 95% of cases, simplified computations suffice. In cases where a home is situated in a remote or extremely southern climate zone, features a lot of glass or tall ceilings, or if screens are meant to be mounted on radiators, precise computations are performed while accounting for corrective coefficients. This can be calculated with the calculator below.

Calculator for accurate calculations

The total heat production of all radiators should be supplied by the electric boiler when it is used as the primary and only source of heat (it is calculated based on the heat loss of the house). Consequently, fold them by obtaining the result for the entire house after utilizing the calculator to determine the minimal values required for each room. This will be the electric boiler’s specific minimum power requirement.

Decide with the type of electric boiler


The most popular and traditional models, known as tubular electric heaters, use heating elements that are used as heating elements. Nearly all models are made in the standard monoblock case, which has a heating flask, an expansion tank, a safety valve, an air vent, a circulation pump, and the required sensors. As a result, installing the boiler is as easy as possible: just hang the frame on the wall, attach the feed, and then hook it back up.

The most advanced automation found in Tennovy electric boilers guarantees the boiler’s economical mode of operation and enables you to precisely configure its operation. There is a smooth fragmentary adjustment between the model and highest price segments. The best models are those that allow you to connect an external control. For instance, an electric boiler can be operated more accurately and effectively by using a room thermostat, which measures the temperature of the air inside the room rather than the coolant. Although most indoor thermostats are not included in the kit, the most basic models are still quite affordable at roughly 1000 rubles.

The development of a layer of scale on the heating element when using stiff, unrefilled water as a coolant is a well-known flaw in TENO models. More energy and time are needed to heat the coolant through the scale layer, which results in higher electricity consumption and decreased efficiency. It can already drop to 80–85% by the second or third heating season (from the original 99%).

Output: using soft, filtered water that doesn’t mix with the heating system during each season or replacing the heating on a regular basis. In top-notch models, the remaining parts are hardly ever out of order.

The top tennium electric boat models, all with 24 kW:

Photo Manufacturer and model Description of features Cost, rub.
Evan Epo-24 The most simple but reliable ten electric boiler. It has extremely compact dimensions, controlled by separately PU (it includes in the kit). Ideal for the budget price category, but is very inferior in functionality to more expensive models (stepped, not smooth power adjustment, simple operating modes, there is no way to connect an additional external control). 16 000-23 000
Raco 24p Another model of the budget price category, but in the monoblock case with all the necessary elements of the heating system (circulation pump, expansion tank, a set of valves and sensors). It differs good for its price category by automation and functionality of the controls. There is a smooth power adjustment, weekly programming, the ability to connect a GSM module. Of the shortcomings – the mediocrity quality of domestic assembly and reliability, which, however, is characteristic of all budget models. 26 000-29 800
Kospel Ekco.R2-24 A well -known Polish model, characterized by efficiency, assembly quality, reliability and durability. The heat exchanger is made of a more durable and thermal wire (than steel) copper, insulated with a layer of thermal insulation. It is equipped with economical multifunctional automation with a smooth power adjustment, an energy -saving mode, a room thermostat is included. There is also protection against overheating and freezing, suspension of the circulation pump. 39 000-48 000
Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 24 RU Almost a reference German model of Czech assembly. One of the best electric boilers for heating a private house with an area of 200 m 2, characterized by high quality and reliability, stylish design. All components are made of high -quality materials, equipped with excellent economical automation with more than 50 customizable parameters, works with indirect heating boilers and additional circulation pumps. Equipped with protection against overheating and freezing, stopping the circulation pump. It is possible to connect indoor and street thermostats, the organization of weather dependent regime. 63 200-70 000

Overview of Kospel electric boilers: the best value in terms of cost-to-quality ratio

Electric (ion type)

The heating element is made up of the electrodes spaced a specific distance apart. They are attracted to water ions due to their specific polarity. However, when they receive alternating current, they reverse their polarity 50 times per second (at a standard frequency of 50 Hz), which results in the continuous movement of water ions and the heating that follows.

Electrical boilers are thought to be more economical since, according to this theory, no work is formed and efficiency is constant throughout operation. However, this is only valid when utilizing hard water and in contrast to low-cost heating models. Nevertheless, the automation of tennium models costing at least thirty thousand rubles surpasses that of electrode boilers.

One characteristic that sets electrode boilers apart is how small they are; they don’t need any extra room and only slightly overhang the heating system’s diameter. However, every component that is required, including an expansion tank, a security group, and a circulation pump if needed, needs to be purchased separately. Due to their straightforward design, high-quality ion electric boilers are incredibly durable because there is nothing for them to break.

Is it worthwhile to heat a private residence with electrode boilers?

The top 25 kW electrode models of electric boats are as follows:

Photo Manufacturer and model Description of features Cost, rub.
Galan Volcano 25 One of the most budget, but reliable domestic electrode boilers. It is equipped with quite economical, but having limited simple functionality by automation. To increase efficiency, it is advisable to use a specially prepared coolant of the same manufacturer. 8 400-9 500
Beril-25 Ion Underestimated model of the Latvian manufacturer. It is distinguished by reliability and multifunctional as such a price segment automatics with smooth power adjustment, economical operating modes, the ability to connect an indoor thermostat or GSM module for remote control. Please note that the effectiveness of automation depends on the version (configuration). 9 600-15 000


The electrical boiler’s heating mechanism is based on an induction coil, which creates a magnetic field when voltage is applied to it. The coil consists of a metal pipe core that, when exposed to vortex currents and a magnetic field, heats up automatically to the temperature of the coolant passing through it.

Although induction electric boilers are twice as expensive as their analog counterparts, they are the most dependable, require the least amount of maintenance, and heat coolant by 50–70% faster. These benefits are limited to the industrial sector. Their use in individual systems is only warranted in cases where antifreeze, oil, or glycerol must be used as coolant instead of regular water.

Is it reasonable to use induction electric boilers in a private home’s heating system?

There is currently only one induction model in use:

Photo Manufacturer and model Description of features Cost, rub.
Alternative energy VIN-20 Reliable vortex induction boiler with a capacity of 20 kW. Despite the small power, performance is more than enough for a house with an area of 200 m2. Management is carried out using a remote control in the form of a cabinet. Power adjustment is only 3-step, the connection of additional external control is not assumed. According to the practice of installation and reviews of the owners, there was not a single case of a breakdown for more than 8 years. 55 000-64 000

Prices: Final table

Model Type Cost, rub.
Evan Epo-24 Tenn 16 000-23 000
Raco 24p Tenn 26 000-29 800
Kospel Ekco.R2-24 Tenn 39 000-48 000
Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 24 RU Tenn 63 200-70 000
Galan Volcano 25 Electrodynaya 8 400-9 500
Beril-25 Ion Electrodynaya 9 600-15 000
Alternative energy VIN-20 induction 55 000-64 000
Type of Electric Boiler Advantages
Conventional Electric Boiler Simple installation, low upfront cost, suitable for small to medium-sized houses
Electric Heat Pump Boiler High energy efficiency, can also provide cooling, suitable for larger houses, renewable energy source

The comfort and efficiency of a 200-square-meter private home’s heating system greatly depend on the electric boiler choice. Electric boilers have many benefits, such as being environmentally friendly, requiring less maintenance, and being easier to install. Finding the ideal fit, however, necessitates giving careful thought to elements like cost-effectiveness, heating capacity, and energy efficiency.

First and foremost, it’s critical to evaluate the electric boiler’s heating capacity. A boiler that has enough power to keep a 200-square-meter home comfortably heated is necessary. The right boiler size can be chosen by calculating the heating load taking into account insulation, climate, and occupant count. While undersized boilers find it difficult to provide enough heating, oversized boilers can waste energy.

Efficiency in terms of energy is yet another important factor. Choosing an efficient electric boiler will maximize efficiency while consuming the least amount of energy. Seek for models with cutting-edge features like insulation, modulating controls, and programmable thermostats to increase efficiency and lower operating costs over time.

It’s also crucial to take into account the total cost of operation and installation. Although the initial costs of electric boilers are generally lower than those of their gas or oil counterparts, it’s important to consider the ongoing operational costs as well. To make an educated choice that fits both your budget and your sustainability objectives, take into account the cost of electricity, upkeep, and any applicable rebates or incentives.

In conclusion, careful consideration of heating capacity, energy efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness is necessary when choosing the best electric boiler for heating a 200 square meter private home. Long-term comfort, savings, and optimal efficiency can be ensured by homeowners by taking these factors into consideration and possibly seeking professional advice from heating experts.

What type of heating you would like to have in your home?
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