Characteristics of TGMP boilers with drawings

An efficient heating system is essential for keeping our homes warm and comfortable during the cold months. TGMP boilers are distinguished from other options by virtue of their dependability and efficiency. To help you better understand the operation of TGMP boilers, we will examine their features in this article along with some illustrative diagrams.

TGMP boilers are renowned for their outstanding energy efficiency above all else. Older, conventional boilers waste a lot of heat; in contrast, TGMP boilers are made to use energy as efficiently as possible, which lowers fuel consumption and heating expenses. Because of this, they are long-term cost-effective as well as ecologically friendly.

The small size and elegant design of TGMP boilers is one of their primary characteristics. These boilers are designed to be as space-efficient as possible without sacrificing heating efficiency. No matter how little space you have for installation or how small your utility room is, TGMP boilers provide a useful option without sacrificing heating efficiency.

Furthermore, TGMP boilers have sophisticated control systems that enable accurate temperature control and maximum heating efficiency. Users can effortlessly modify the heating parameters to align with their schedules and preferences thanks to the programmable settings and user-friendly interfaces. For homeowners, this degree of control guarantees convenience and comfort.

Moreover, TGMP boilers are well known for their longevity and robustness. These boilers are made to exacting specifications using premium materials, and they are meant to endure years of heavy use without losing their best performance. Because of its dependability, homeowners can rest easy knowing that their heating system is made to last.

To sum up, TGMP boilers provide an alluring blend of durability, accurate control, space-saving design, and energy efficiency. Homeowners can choose the most effective and efficient heating solution for their homes by being aware of its features and characteristics.


The plant that makes them, Taganrog Boiler Building Plant, is referenced in the first letter of the TGMP boiler modification. Since the GOELRO plan’s inception, TKZ has gained notoriety and has greatly expanded production capacity in the years following World War II.

It is still regarded as a global leader in the manufacture of strong boiler units for the electricity sector today. In the field of heat power engineering, TKZ boilers have consistently complied with all contemporary standards.

Their strength, efficiency, and durability make them stand out. With a capacity of 50 to 3,950 tons of steam per hour and a pressure of more than 28 MPa, the company manufactures a wide range of models of steam power boilers, both drum-type and direct-flow.

An explanation of TGMP marking

  • T- name of the boiler manufacturer TMZ.
  • "GM"- means that the boiler unit is designed for operation with gas and oil fuel.
  • P – classifies the boiler as a direct-flow boiler, designed to produce supercritical parameters of steam.

For instance, TGMP 114 boilers can operate in the furnace in both supercharged and rarefied conditions because they are made in a gas-tight version.

An economizer, or horizontal gas duct, connects the furnace and convection shaft at the top of a U-shaped boiler arrangement. Outside the boiler room’s perimeter are two regenerative air heaters used to warm the furnace’s primary air.

Technical characteristics of TGMP 314 boiler

TGMP-314 is a P-shaped direct-flow-vortex type steam boiler unit. The factory drawings show that convection pipes are installed in the downpipe section and a prismatic furnace is located in the elevation shaft. Blowers are adjusted to "0," which prevents the boiler unit frame from experiencing damaging vibration loads.

Two tiers of burners are positioned in proximity to one another. The heated medium in the screen pipes moves only in one direction. In front of the convection shaft, in the horizontal gas duct, are installed supercritical steam superheaters (SCS).

The cyclone preheaters installed at the bottom of the furnace distinguish TGMP-314C from serial TGPM-314 with swirl burners. Fuel combustion is made possible in eight straight-flow GM burners with a hearth arrangement by the TGMP-314P modification. Boiler unit TGMP-314 runs in a block with a T-250/300-240 single-bypass turbine that has steam superheating.

Characteristics of the boiler at 100 / 70% load:

  • Fresh steam capacity – 1000 / 700 t/h;
  • Steam pressure behind the boiler unit – 255 / 248 kg/cm2;
  • Superheated steam T= 545 С;
  • Feed water T= 265 / 239 C;
  • Flue gases T= 120 / 113 C;
  • efficiency (gross) – 94.30 / 94.49 %.

The first difference between all TGMP boilers is their steam capacity; the TGMP 114 boiler can produce 475 t/h of fresh steam.

Steam output of various TGMP boiler modifications:

  • TGMP 204 – 2650 t/h;
  • TGMP 324 – 1000 t/h;
  • TGMP 344 / 344a – 950 t/h.

In this article about TGMP boilers, we"ll delve into their key characteristics and provide helpful drawings to enhance understanding. TGMP boilers are known for their efficiency in heating homes and providing hot water. With their compact design and various fuel options, they offer versatility for different household needs. We"ll explore how these boilers work, highlighting their features such as high thermal efficiency and low emissions. Through clear diagrams, readers will gain insight into the internal workings of TGMP boilers, aiding in their comprehension and decision-making process when it comes to home heating solutions. Whether you"re considering installing a new boiler or seeking to understand your existing one better, this article will serve as a valuable guide, offering practical insights into the world of TGMP boilers.

Design and scheme

For example, at Nizhnevartovskaya GRES, TGMP-204HL direct-flow boilers are installed in a block with condensing unit K-800-240-5 at 800 MW power units.

Devices of the TGMP 204 boiler unit and the scheme’s principal components:

  1. Furnace chamber with 16 gas-oil burners in 3 tiers on the front and back wall of the furnace chamber.
  2. Steam and water steam path contains two non-mixing A and B coolant streams.
  3. Water flow rate for boiler unit feeding is set directly by electric feed pump.
  4. The walls of the furnace, gas duct located horizontally and convection shaft are shielded by pipe panels made of welded finned boiler tubes D= 32x6mm.
  5. Steam superheaters of two packages of high and low pressure are installed in the horizontal gas duct.
  6. Regulation of superheated steam T and reduction of nitrogen oxides content in flue gases is performed by means of flue gas recirculation by two additional smoke pumps. They take away a part of flue gases behind the convection shaft and supply them by flows: 15% from the top of the furnace chamber and 85% to the burner unit of the boiler unit.
  7. A water economizer is located in the convection shaft in the course of flue gas flow.
  8. The draught in the furnace is balanced by 2 blast fans and 2 smoke pumps.

Accessories for TGMP boilers

Two vertically revolving RVP-98 regenerative air heaters are part of the full TGMP boiler equipment. In order to improve boiler efficiency, they are used to warm primary air before feeding it into the furnace.

Two DOD-31 model smoke exhausters support the boiler unit’s draught mode.5/FGM, two recirculation smoke pumps (GD-20-500-U), and two fans (VDN-25×2).

A turbo pump with a water capacity of 1100 t/h and a pressure of 360 kg/cm2 and an electric feed pump with a capacity of 600 t/h and a pressure of 320 kg/cm2 are used to make up boiler water.

Characteristics Drawings
Efficiency ratings Illustrations showing how TGMP boilers operate efficiently
Capacity options Diagrams demonstrating different sizes and capacities of TGMP boilers

Selecting the ideal boiler for your house is essential to guaranteeing maximum comfort and effective heating. Because of their many features and advantages, TGMP boilers are a preferred option for many homeowners. Because of their small size and high efficiency, TGMP boilers can minimize energy use while still providing dependable heating.

The longevity and dependability of TGMP boilers is one of their primary features. These boilers are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, and they are meant to last for many years without losing efficiency. This implies that even in the coldest months of the year, you can rely on your TGMP boiler to keep your house toasty and cozy.

The adaptability of TGMP boilers is another crucial feature. There is a TGMP boiler model to fit your needs, regardless of how big or small your home is. TGMP boilers can be tailored to provide the ideal amount of warmth for each room in your home, whether you have single-zone or multi-zone heating systems.

Moreover, TGMP boilers are renowned for being simple to maintain and install. With the manufacturer’s clear instructions and comprehensive drawings, qualified installers can quickly and effectively install your new boiler, saving you time and trouble. Furthermore, simple routine maintenance procedures guarantee that your boiler will continue to function at its best for many years to come.

To sum up, TGMP boilers are a great option for homeowners searching for dependable, effective, and low-maintenance heating systems. Warmth and comfort are something your home deserves, and TGMP boilers deliver it with their robust build, adaptable style, and user-friendly features.

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