Buderus two-circuit gas boiler

Having an effective heating system is essential for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the winter. A Buderus two-circuit gas boiler is a common choice among homeowners. This cutting-edge heating solution is a great option for insulation and heating needs because it is dependable, efficient, and adaptable.

A two-circuit gas boiler from Buderus is built to provide hot water and warmth, meeting the needs of contemporary homes. Whether you’re taking a shower or lounging in the living room, you can have consistent comfort throughout your house thanks to two separate circuits: one for heating and another for hot water.

The remarkable efficiency of a Buderus two-circuit gas boiler is one of its most notable qualities. These boilers are made to use the least amount of energy possible, which will lower your environmental impact and save you money on heating costs. They make certain that you get the most out of each fuel unit by effectively converting gas into heat.

Buderus boilers are renowned for their dependability and durability in addition to their efficiency. These boilers are made to last for many years and require little upkeep, so you can feel secure knowing that your home’s heating system is long-lasting. A Buderus two-circuit gas boiler can reliably heat a home for many winters to come with the right upkeep and care.

Additionally, Buderus boilers are made to be versatile. There is a Buderus boiler model to fit your needs, regardless of how big or small your home is. You can find the ideal boiler to fit the size and heating needs of your home, ranging from small units that nestle comfortably in small spaces to larger models that can heat expansive properties.

In conclusion, think about purchasing a Buderus two-circuit gas boiler if you’re looking for a dependable, effective, and adaptable heating solution for your house. For anyone hoping to stay warm and cozy throughout the winter, it’s a wise choice because of its creative design, remarkable efficiency, and enduring dependability.

Feature Description
Efficiency Buderus two-circuit gas boiler offers high efficiency, ensuring optimal fuel usage.
Reliability Known for its reliability, this boiler provides consistent heating for your home.
Space-saving Compact design saves space, suitable for various installation locations.
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  2. Buderus boiler error 6a how to fix
  3. German Buderus logamax gas boilers for private homes
  4. Boiler Buderus Logamax U072, 24 kW
  5. Boiler Buderus Logamax u042, 24kW
  6. Protherm Gepard 23 MOV
  7. Model description
  8. Advantages and disadvantages
  9. Installation and instructions
  10. Boiler price
  11. Buderus Logamax U052-24K
  12. Popularity of the German manufacturer
  13. Error 2E first three indicators flashing
  14. Buderus Logamax gas wall mounted boilers error codes
  15. Error code 1A – Waste gas outlet at flow fuse
  16. Error code 1L – Exhaust gas outlet on combustion chamber
  17. Error code 1Y – Waste gas temperature sensor not detected
  18. Error code 2E – Insufficient filling pressure in the heating system
  19. Error code 2P – Temperature difference too large
  20. Fault code 4C – Feed line limiter tripped
  21. Error code 4E – Temperature sensor in burner chamber not detected
  22. Fault code 4Y – Supply line temperature sensor not working
  23. Error code 5H – EMS communication interrupted
  24. Error code 6A – Flame not detected
  25. Fault code 6C – Flame detected after gas supply shutdown
  26. Fault code 8Y – Jumper 161 not detected on ST8
  27. Error code 9C – Encoder plug not detected
  28. Error code CL – Hot water temperature sensor defective
  29. Error code CP – Boiler sensor not detected
  30. Error code EC – Internal fault
  31. Error code EL – Incorrect reference voltage
  32. Error code EP – Fault message reset button was held down too long (more than 30 sec.) by mistake.)
  33. Model description
  34. Features of boilers Buderus
  35. Other breakdowns
  36. Buderus Logamax U072-24K
  37. Advantages and disadvantages
  38. Buderus boiler faults
  39. Buderus boiler error 6a
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  42. Advantages and disadvantages
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  46. Setting the parameters of the 2nd and 3rd service levels of the Buderus Logamax U072 gas boiler
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  52. Wall mounted gas boiler Buderus Logamax U072-24K
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Buderus error 3s blinking fourth indicator 80

When this kind of error happens, the differential pressure switch’s contacts are not closed after the fan is turned on, which prevents the boiler control board from receiving a signal. The conditions that must be met in order to remove combustion products are ascertained using the pressure switch.

The boiler should be started in the following order:

  1. The control unit gives a signal to start the fan
  2. The fan creates the necessary rarefaction in the outlet piping
  3. The differential relay detects the vacuum and the microswitch contacts close
  4. The board signals the gas valve opening and ignition

Therefore, pinpointing the precise moment the boiler malfunctions is essential to understanding the issue. If the fan turns on but the relay does not click, check the supply pipes. There might be condensate or a blockage there, or the obstruction could be in the chimney itself.

You should see if the fan is energized if it won’t start. The fan might not be starting because of a malfunctioning electronic board.

If the fan functions properly and there are no issues with the chimney or pneumorelle pipes, you should inspect the pneumorelle by inducing a vacuum and listening for the distinctive click.

The safety system will also flag relay contacts that are permanently closed or that open while the burner is operating.

One possible feature of Buderus boilers is a sensor-equipped, electronically controlled variable speed fan.

In the world of home heating and insulation, a Buderus two-circuit gas boiler stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. These boilers provide warmth and hot water to your home through two separate circuits, offering flexibility and comfort. With their advanced technology, Buderus boilers ensure consistent heat distribution while maximizing energy efficiency, helping you save on heating costs in the long run. Easy to install and maintain, they are designed to meet the heating needs of modern households while reducing environmental impact. Whether you"re looking to upgrade your existing heating system or install a new one, a Buderus two-circuit gas boiler offers a smart solution for keeping your home cozy and warm throughout the year.

Buderus boiler error 6a how to fix

First things first, you need to make sure the error didn’t happen by accident and reset it. The issue needs to be fixed if the error recurs and the boiler won’t start. Typically, an ignition issue can only be resolved by a trained technician. The simplest task is to check for contamination in the combustion chamber and electrodes and clean them if needed.

Make sure the spark hits the burner and not some other location if the boiler tries to ignite but fails. If there is a crackling sound but no spark between the electrode and the burner, the electrode insulation probably needs to be replaced because it is likely damaged.

Only a specialist is capable of adjusting the gas valve. Using the gas stove, you can determine whether the mains gas pressure is appropriate. The hob’s burners ought to operate continuously if you light them all at once. If this isn’t the case, it’s likely that there isn’t enough incoming pressure, in which case you should contact the gas service.

In one instance, the malfunction in our practice was caused by a crack in the combustion chamber viewing window.

In the event that the boiler ignites but eventually goes out, a malfunctioning electronic board could be the cause. You can verify by swapping the board for one that is known to be defective.

German Buderus logamax gas boilers for private homes

For heating small private homes and cottages, Bosch Thermotechnology GmbH in Germany produces Buderus gas boilers. This company offers multiple models on the market, including the Buderus Logamax U072 24k gas boiler and the Buderus Logamax U042-24K boiler, which has the same capacity and comparable specs. Our article "Autonomous heating of a private house: choosing the best way" explains how to connect individual heating in a private home.

Although Bosch Thermotechnology GmbH produces a wide range of models, the goal of this article is to acquaint prospective customers with the two most widely used models that represent the Buderus 24 kw gas boiler and their technical specifications.

Boiler Buderus Logamax U072, 24 kW

Reviews for the well-liked Buderus 24 kW wall-mounted gas boiler are largely positive. People claim that the boiler is one of those things that can be "installed and forgot," meaning it doesn’t need to be watched over all the time. It’s common knowledge that gas consumption is 20% more economical and that the hot water supply (DHW) system operates well. Positive reviews cannot exist, of course. Some drawbacks are unavoidable, such as relying on the electrical grid and having to stop the boiler when the gas pressure drops significantly.

Online owner reviews of Buderus gas boilers are available. The boiler name Logamax U072 is made up of numerous non-standard letters and numbers. Consequently, you must be aware of the values of Buderus in order to purchase a gas boiler.

It is not difficult to decode the "incomprehensible letters and numbers":

  • wall convection boiler – Logamax;
  • circulating gas boiler – U;
  • standard burner installed – 0;
  • gas boiler model range – 7;
  • sealed combustion chamber – 2;
  • nominal output of the boiler – 24;
  • two-circuit boiler model – K.

The instruction manual contains all the technical information about Buderus gas heating boilers; however, it is advised that individuals who wish to study the boiler Logamax U072 in greater detail read the complete description on the manufacturer’s website. For approximately 810 euros, you can purchase a Buderus gas boiler from one of the many internet retailers that sell heating equipment.

Included in the boiler delivery kit are:

  1. Buderus gas boiler;
  2. fixing fittings;
  3. documentation set.

Note that the Buderus Logamax u072 24k passport gas boiler has a warranty coupon that needs to have the store’s stamp and the date of purchase on it. It will be very difficult to put the boiler on warranty service without these marks. Just one more thing. You can quickly locate reviews of Buderus 24 kW gas boilers on the websites of online retailers. Read through them to make sure you made the right decision.

Not only can you purchase a Buderus gas boiler through the network, but you can also request delivery to any location.

Boiler Buderus Logamax u042, 24kW

It would be impossible to overlook the Buderus Logamax u042 24k, another model. Its features are nearly identical to those of the U072 model. The direction of the piping is the primary distinction. The vertical scheme used in the model U072 occasionally makes it easier to connect the boiler to the heating system. The u042 24k model is highly sought after because of its high efficiency of 97%, performance, and compact design. The installation, operation, and safety regulations are outlined in detail in the technical description and instruction manual for the Buderus Logamax u042 24k gas boiler. and learn how to connect the apartment’s autonomous heating system legally.

This well-liked boiler comes in two model lines: U042-24K and U044-24K. What separates them is as follows. The combustion chamber in the U042-24K model is closed, whereas in the other model it is open.

The models’ technical specifications are as follows:

  • boiler capacity – 24 kW;
  • two-circuit boiler;
  • EFFICIENCY – 97%;
  • wall-mounted boiler;
  • closed combustion chamber is used;
  • the boiler is equipped with a circulation pump;
  • the boiler has a built-in expansion tank.

Similar to all German-made boilers, this model places a high priority on user comfort and safety. Auto ignition, flame modulation, an electronic thermometer, and an installed indicator light are used for user comfort.

Reviews for this well-liked Buderus gas boiler are primarily favorable because safety precautions have been taken.

Gas control and auto-diagnostics are features built into the Buderus Logamax U042-24K.

For safe operation, installed protection against freezing and overheating, safety valves, and pump blocking protection are crucial.

Protherm Gepard 23 MOV

  • double-circuit boiler;
  • it has an open combustion chamber;
  • volume of the expansion tank is 5 liters;
  • hot water output capacity is 1.5-11 l/min;
  • consumes power in the range from 10.4 to 25.8 kW;
  • useful capacity is 9-23,3 kW;
  • hot water temperature is adjustable from 38 to 60 °C;
  • overall dimensions (H/W/D) – 742/410/311 mm;
  • weight is 31 kg;
  • the heat exchanger is stainless steel plate heat exchanger;
  • works under pressure of 1-10 atm;
  • liquefied gas consumption is 1.9 kg/h and natural gas consumption is 2.73 m³/h;
  • productivity is equal to 90.3%.

Model description

A mechanical control with buttons and an integrated LCD display are features of a wall-mounted heating boiler. You can continuously watch the heating process thanks to the screen’s display of device operation data. The alloy of chrome and nickel makes the burner reliable.

Utilizing a room thermostat for control. Built-in sensors for flame control, water flow, and draught control guarantee the appliance’s safety.

The boiler has three-way valve, anti-freeze, and pump jamming protection installed. A built-in diagnostic system keeps an eye on the device’s health and locates and identifies problems.

Advantages and disadvantages

Winter, summer, and vacation modes; compact, dependable, ergonomic, and easy to install and maintain. You can select the mode of operation that is most convenient for you from a wide range of service settings.

Low power, high gas consumption, and sensitivity to water impurities are drawbacks. Heating is turned off when heating water, and vice versa.

Cannot be installed in rooms that do not have a chimney, subject to specific conditions. Cannot be used in a room with a forced extractor hood; extra air supply is needed.

Installation and instructions

Check the heater’s packaging, appearance, warranty card, and availability of a comprehensive instruction manual as soon as you receive it. Only a manufacturer specialist should perform the installation, connection, adjustment, and initial start-up of the heating boiler.

The following considerations need to be made when operating:

  • repair, replacement of parts or components of the equipment are made in special service centers;
  • changing the various settings parameters should also be performed by a specialist;
  • all inscriptions on the boiler body must be maintained throughout the life of the boiler;
  • Failure to comply with these points during the warranty period allows the company to revoke the warranty.

Boiler price

This type of heating device is priced between 29000 and 30200 rubles in any of the company’s specialized stores. Additionally, you can order a specialist here to install and adjust the device for the first time.

Buderus Logamax U052-24K

There are boilers in the 24 kW Logamax model range with both closed and open combustion chambers. Whereas the Logamax U054 is distinguished by an open combustion chamber, the Buderus U052 features a closed chamber and a forced system of combustion product removal. A copper bithermal heat exchanger is installed in the gas boiler. The hot water supply has a 12.6 liters per minute capacity. It functions with both liquefied and natural gas.

An 8-liter expansion tank, a circulation pump, and electronic fire modulation are features of the boiler model Logamax U052. An intuitive and practical panel controls the operation of the unit. With the aid of a weather-dependent system, controlling the interior temperature is also simple. The following traits are among the benefits and features of gas boilers of this model:

  1. Can work in a system with several heating circuits, e.g. together with underfloor heating or another heating unit.
  2. High capacity hot water supply – there will be enough water to fully operate two taps or a shower tap.
  3. Has a very convenient control system air temperature. On the panel you can set the desired number of degrees, and the system will automatically maintain the desired temperature.
  4. Good efficiency – about 92%.
  5. Has an easy control and control system of the boiler – you do not have to understand for a long time in the instructions.
  6. In the process of gas combustion produces a low amount of harmful substances, so the boiler has sufficient environmental friendliness.
  7. Installation can be performed easily and quickly.

Customers who value multifunctional equipment and wish to buy a device that enables separate temperature regulation are the target market for Buderus U052-24K boilers.

The primary benefit of this gas boiler model over the previous one is that it uses less gas at a comparable power indicator.

Popularity of the German manufacturer

Gas boilers are made by hundreds of companies, but the quality and dependability of German goods is orders of magnitude higher. Why is that the case? The meticulous and meticulous design, along with the meticulous selection of materials and components, form the foundation of the finest quality—the renowned German quality. The product is not put into production until the prototype has been tested and the design has been modified in light of the test findings.

Boilers made by German companies are therefore well-liked throughout the globe. They have shown to be dependable, strong, affordable, and highly effective gadgets. Buderus convection boilers, for instance, are gas boilers with an efficiency of up to 97%.

Error 2E first three indicators flashing

The error can be attributed to the excessively rapid rise in supply temperature. Specifically, the coolant at the heat exchanger’s outlet heats up too quickly, causing the boiler to shut down for two minutes in order to prevent an emergency overheat. Poor coolant circulation may be the primary cause of the boiler’s actions. Poor circulation can most frequently be caused by:

  • Circulation pump malfunction or insufficient capacity
  • heat exchanger clogged with dirt or scale
  • air in the heating system

We have examined the most frequent issues with Buderus gas boilers in this article. The equipment’s operating manual contains an exhaustive list of errors. The components of contemporary gas ones are positioned to allow for simple service and maintenance. Some mistakes, like filling the boiler with fuel or checking the chimney for obstructions, can be fixed by the user themselves.

When self-diagnosing, only do so when it is absolutely necessary and in compliance with safety protocols. It is best to contact a qualified specialist if you are unfamiliar with the gas boiler’s operating principles and mechanism.

The Buderus company posts educational videos featuring experts who discuss various topics, such as the latest boiler malfunctions.

Buderus Logamax gas wall mounted boilers error codes

Error code 1A – Waste gas outlet at flow fuse

Examine the exhaust duct for gas.

Error code 1L – Exhaust gas outlet on combustion chamber

Inspect the heat exchanger for impurities.

Error code 1Y – Waste gas temperature sensor not detected

Inspect the connection cable and flue gas temperature sensor for any damage.

Error code 2E – Insufficient filling pressure in the heating system

Verify the filling pressure and add more if needed.

Error code 2P – Temperature difference too large

Examine the bypass line and pump.

Fault code 4C – Feed line limiter tripped

Verify the operation of the pump, the circuit board fuse, the system pressure, the temperature sensors, and the bleed air from the appliance.

Error code 4E – Temperature sensor in burner chamber not detected

Inspect the connection cable and burner chamber temperature sensor for any damage.

Fault code 4Y – Supply line temperature sensor not working

Inspect the connection cable and temperature sensor.

Error code 5H – EMS communication interrupted

Inspect the regulators and connection cord.

Error code 6A – Flame not detected

Is the gas valve open? Verify the mains connection, gas main pressure, starting and ionizing electrodes with cables.

Fault code 6C – Flame detected after gas supply shutdown

Examine the ionizing electrode. Examine the gas fitting.

Fault code 8Y – Jumper 161 not detected on ST8

Check the external limiter and make sure the plug is inserted correctly if there is a jumper. If not, is there a jumper present?

Error code 9C – Encoder plug not detected

Make sure you correctly insert the coding plug, measure it, and replace it if needed.

Error code CL – Hot water temperature sensor defective

Logamax U054-24K

  • Check temperature sensor and connection cable for damage or short circuit;
  • The hot water temperature sensor is not installed correctly.

Logamax U054-24K

  • Check the installation area, if necessary remove the sensor and reinstall it using heat conductive paste.

Error code CP – Boiler sensor not detected

Inspect the connection cable and boiler sensor.

Error code EC – Internal fault

Verify the tightness of the connections between the electrical plug contacts and start lines; replace the circuit board if needed.

Error code EL – Incorrect reference voltage

Change the circuit board.

Error code EP – Fault message reset button was held down too long (more than 30 sec.) by mistake.)

  1. Press the reset button again and keep it pressed for less than 30 seconds.
  2. Outdoor temperature sensor not detected. Check outdoor temperature sensor and connection cable for damage.

Model description

The company in question, Buderus, is one of the most well-known producers, and consumers have approved of its reputation. This German company had great success in the beginning thanks to their solid fuel-powered, high-quality boilers. However, the range of boilers that run on different fuels has grown significantly over time.

And such heating units are also owned by Buderus, the company. Due to the brand’s unwavering quality, both professionals who have completely installed heating systems in homes and numerous retail customers have used it.

However, the company’s most vulnerable operational aspect was the high price of its goods. But a few years ago, the business merged with Bosch, which made it possible to overcome a significant barrier to the wide distribution of goods. People can now purchase high-quality goods at extremely low prices.

It’s a good idea for consumers to familiarize themselves with the Buderus Logamax model range prior to considering purchasing a gas heating boiler, specifically the two-circuit model.

Customers in the heating systems industry in Russia can purchase Buderus 24kW wall mounted gas boilers from the seller’s marketplace.

  1. Buderus Logamax U042/U044. Two-circuit heating boiler on gas fuel, with a heat exchanger made of copper, bitermic. The capacity of these boilers is 24 kW:
  2. type with closed combustion chamber – U042;
  3. type with open combustion chamber – U044.
  4. Buderus Logamax U052/U054. These heating boilers are available both in two-circuit version and with a single heating circuit, through which the coolant circulates. Nominal – 24 kW. The boilers are noted to have excellent hot water production ranging from 11 l/min to 13 l/min. The only bithermal heat exchanger is made of high quality copper. These boilers are labeled as follows:
  5. U054 – fuel combustion chamber of open type, the chimney has a diameter of 131 mm;
  6. U052 – at this marking boilers of the closed type – the so-called turbo boilers;
  7. the presence of article A indicates that it is a two-circuit boiler.
  8. Buderus Logamax U052 T / U054 T. These heating boilers are distinguished by the fact that the model has a storage boiler that holds 48 liters of hot water. Such models are relevant to the application in those houses where a day passes a large flow of hot water. They are also represented by closed and open combustion chambers. Boiler capacity – 24 kW.
  9. Heating gas boilers such as model Buderus Logamax U072 are the most economical options, but this does not mean that they are of low quality. On the contrary, careful design has helped manufacturers to make it possible to sell good boilers with the greatest financial benefit for the consumer.

The following systems are suitable for using with all models to remove smoke and other combustion residues:

  • under the coaxial chimney, size 60/100 mm;
  • and a system that separately removes smoke, with forced fresh air inlet and size 80/80 mm.

The primary attributes of the gas boiler model range.

The following information is included in the primary typical characteristics of the wall-mounted, boiler gas two-circuit Buderus:

  • capacity of such a boiler is equal to 24 kW;
  • the consumption of natural gas, as the main fuel, is 2.8 cubic meters per 60 minutes;
  • water is heated quite strongly, up to 63 degrees;
  • pressure, which is allowed for fuel, is 0,016 bar;
  • expansion tank installed in such a model has a volume of 8 liters;
  • When heating up to 50 degrees the boiler capacity – 11.4;
  • To this model it is possible to connect both a water supply system, in order to heat the running water, and to connect a boiler for the same purposes. This means that running water enters the boiler and is gradually heated because a warm circuit passes through it. It is necessary to use components with diameter ½. If you connect steam heating, then the cross-section will be 3/4.;
  • the power consumption will be 150 W;
  • the weight of the equipment is about 30 kg.

The boiler is very simple to install, and it can be independently taken from the store due to its small weight and parameters.

Features of boilers Buderus

The German company Buderus manufactures boilers that run on practically any kind of fuel, including liquid fuel, gas, electric, wood, coal, briquettes, and coke. Gas and solid fuel boilers are the most widely used.

Solid fuel generators are completely self-sufficient and can operate on a variety of fuels, including wood, coal, coke, briquettes, and peat, without the need for additional energy sources or electricity. Their large stoking chamber and ash pan allow for a lengthy combustion cycle. Buderus solid fuel boilers are used in conjunction with gas or diesel-powered units as an independent heating system.

Fit for open systems, systems with an expansion tank, pump-assisted systems, and systems where circulation results from the temperature differential between hot and cold water. Due to their small size, they can be installed in even the smallest spaces.

The most popular boilers are gas ones because they are readily available and reasonably priced. Wall-mounted and floor-mounted installations are separated into single- and double-circuit categories based on the type of use. Wall-mounted boilers are compact in size, but they can produce a wide range of power outputs, from 14 to 100 kW. Buderus models, which have a 24 kW capacity, are the most widely used.

Buderus gas boiler

Floor standing boilers have a wide output range of up to 38mW and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Boilers made by Buderus Logomax have an automated control system, just like any other gas equipment. The system shows malfunctions and errors on the display when it is operating.

Other breakdowns

Apart from the aforementioned faults, the automation can also indicate additional malfunctions in gas boilers:

  1. Code 4Y appears on the display after a drop in the temperature of the coolant, for example, after a power failure.
  2. CL code means a faulty hot water sensor. The cause may be a short circuit between the sensor and the wire, in which case the sensor will have to be replaced.
  3. 9C value lights up on the display when DIP switches are set incorrectly (on the model Buderus logomax u042 24k there are 8 of them). Carry out the adjustment, according to the table in the instruction to the device.
  4. CP code is displayed when the automation does not see the temperature sensor. In this case, check the sensor connection pins and its correct functioning. The sensor can not be repaired, only replaced.
  5. Code d7 indicates a malfunction of the gas fitting. Check the gas connection and the functioning of the gas unit, if the unit is defective, it will have to be replaced.
  6. Code C7 reports a fan malfunction. Check if the fan, its wires and plugs are in good working order.

There are errors that the screen fails to capture. For instance, the pump speed needs to be changed if there’s a loud noise coming from the water or if it takes too long for the water to heat up. Check the turbine and replace it if needed if the output water temperature is not high enough.

If there are issues with ignition, make sure the gas pressure is checked, the electricity is not disconnected, the electrode connections with the wires are not oxidized, the chimney is not sealed and clogged, and the burner is not clogged.

Buderus Logamax U072-24K

The most affordable gas boiler model on display is the Buderus Logamax U072-24K, which has a 24 kW output. It can heat a room up to 250 m², depending on how well the house is insulated. It has a closed combustion chamber. Both natural gas and liquefied gas can be used in the boiler. Up to 11.5 liters of hot water can be produced by it per minute. Features of Unit U072-24K include:

  • electronic system operation controls;
  • C7 code reports a fan malfunction in the primary heat exchanger made of copper;
  • circulation pump;
  • expansion cistern with a capacity of 8 liters.

This model is intended to be used in single-family homes or apartments where each resident has their own separate heating system.

Kindly take note! The gas boiler will only need a cheap coaxial analog lead to exit the house; a comprehensive chimney will not be necessary. The Logamax U072-24K model’s primary benefit is its ability to provide full-fledged heating even in adverse circumstances, such as low gas and water pressure.

Additional benefits of this boiler include:

The primary benefit of the Logamax U072-24K model is its ability to operate at full heating capacity even under adverse circumstances, such as low water and gas pressure. Additional benefits of this boiler include:

  • low noise level during operation – less than 36 dBA;
  • convenient buderus logamatic control systems;
  • Endurance equipment, which is able to work even in difficult conditions, which is very relevant in our country;
  • Safety, which is provided by a variety of sensors that monitor the presence of gas and flame;
  • easy maintenance and installation.

Boilers U072-24K are unique in that they have two heat exchangers: one made of copper that heats the coolant in the heating system, and another made of stainless steel that heats the water. A video explaining how to correctly modify this model’s parameters can be found below.

Advantages and disadvantages

If selecting a 24 kW boiler from the "Buderus" company is proving to be difficult, you should become acquainted with the primary benefits and drawbacks of each model.

The following benefits of boilers from a reputable manufacturer:

  • Assembly of boilers is carried out on precise equipment.
  • The production process is strictly controlled. The homeland of the brand is Germany, which positively characterizes the process of checking the quality of products. This also explains the high demand for "Buderus" boilers.
  • Under the brand of a well-known company sells models of any level. In the catalog you can find both simple boilers and models with advanced functions. They are characterized by a large number of features and a wide range of functionality. Every consumer can get the product they need.
  • Price affordability. It is difficult to find cheaper and the same quality boilers, as in the catalog "Buderus".

Every product has a high level of environmental friendliness. The boiler’s design has been implemented by developers in a way that yields combustion products that are as environmentally safe as possible.

Apart from their advantages, these products also have drawbacks. On their list are possible options for:

  • Wall-mounted two-circuit "Buderus" are sold in stores quite rarely. At the top today are other brands.
  • Many users pay attention to the frequent occurrence of burner malfunctions.

There are no more notable drawbacks to gas boilers from a well-known brand.

Buderus boiler faults

Similar to other wall-mounted boilers, Buderus has a protection system.Should an abnormal circumstance arise, the boiler will halt operation and the user will be notified with an error message that identifies the malfunctioning system.

When a device has an LCD display, the error code will be visible to the user. Temperature indicators that flash will indicate a fault if the boiler is not equipped with a display. For instance, a boiler that is similar to this one with a display would show error 3C if the temperature indicator was flashing 80.

The following figure shows the complete list of error codes that are indicated by blinking of the indicators. We’ll also talk about the most common mistakes and suggestions for fixing them later.

Buderus boiler error 6a

The boiler will display error code 6a (the second indicator is blinking) if it cannot detect flame on the burner. One of the safety system’s most crucial features is flame control. A unique electrode on the burner allows a small current to pass through it during combustion in order to control the flame. This current is continuously fixed by the control board. Error 6a arises if the ionization electrode’s current is lost for any reason. This is what will typically happen, for instance, if you try to light the boiler multiple times without success.

The causes are the same for every boiler:

  • incorrect gas valve adjustment (insufficient mains gas pressure)
  • poor contact or lack of signal from the flame ionization sensor
  • faulty flame control sensor (contamination, breakage)
  • control board failure (required )
  • Incorrect electrical connection of the boiler (no earthing)
  • lack of air for proper combustion (lack of draught, clogged inlet pipe)

Since error buderus 6a falls under the critical category, it needs to be reset because the boiler won’t start on its own after it occurs.

There are two ways to reset the error:

  • keep the OK button pressed until the fault signs disappear, the boiler will start working again and the display will show the temperature of the supply line.
  • The boiler power supply can be switched on and off

Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN 6000-24 C

  • type – wall-mounted, two-circuit;
  • The boiler is equipped with a closed combustion chamber;
  • there is an expansion tank with a volume of 8 liters;
  • hot water capacity – 13.7 l/min;
  • useful power range – 7.2-24 kW;
  • heating system temperature – from 40 to 82 °C;
  • Boiler dimensions (H/W/H) 700/400/299 mm;
  • the unit weighs 34 kg;
  • natural gas flow rate – 2.1 m³/h and liquefied gas flow rate – 1.5 kg/h;
  • maximum allowable inlet pressure – 10.5-16 mbar;
  • two heat exchangers: copper and steel;
  • efficiency is 93.2%.

Model Description

The boiler is small and compact, but it does a lot of important and practical work. It has a push-button control and an LCD display with a sizable illuminated screen. Data about system operation is shown on the screen. The gadget has the ability to automatically set parameters, diagnose itself, and sound an emergency alarm.

To ensure operational safety, the boiler is equipped with sensors for water temperature, pressure, and flow, as well as a coarse filter.

It has an automatic air vent, safety valve, three-speed circulation pump, overheating protection system, and pressure gauge installed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Compact design, noiseless operation, high efficiency, stability during pressure drops, and good heat output make it easy to operate.

One of the drawbacks is that the heat exchanger is sensitive to hard water (deposits and scale).

Installation and instructions

Only closed DHW and heating systems are connected to the boiler; all other installations are regarded as non-purpose use.

To keep the warranty valid, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • installation of equipment is carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the project and the manufacturer;
  • installation, adjustment and start-up of the boiler must be performed by the employees of the service center with a license to provide such services;
  • Repair, alteration of equipment is entrusted only to a specialized organization;
  • all replaced and installed spare parts must be original;
  • The inscriptions on the boiler body are kept intact throughout the entire period of operation.

Prices for boilers Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN 6000-24 C

There is no significant difference in the price of heaters of this model in specialty stores. The cost of them ranges from 28900 to 30200 rubles.

Homes hoping to upgrade their insulation and heating systems may find it wise to invest in a Buderus two-circuit gas boiler. These boilers are well known for their dependability and efficiency, offering steady warmth and hot water all year round.

The dual-circuit design of a Buderus two-circuit gas boiler, which enables independent control of heating and hot water, is one of its main benefits. This implies that you can adjust the heating and hot water schedules to fit your needs and preferences, maximizing energy efficiency and possibly lowering your utility costs.

Buderus boilers are renowned for their longevity and robustness as well. These boilers are made with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, and they are meant to last for many years without losing efficiency. Homeowners can feel more at ease knowing that their heating system is long-lasting thanks to this.

Additionally, energy efficiency is a key consideration in the design of Buderus boilers. These boilers can contribute to the reduction of energy waste and carbon emissions by making the most of the heat produced during the gas combustion process. In the long run, this can save homeowners money in addition to helping the environment.

In summary, a two-circuit gas boiler from Buderus provides a dependable, effective, and adaptable way to meet your hot water and heating needs. It’s a sensible option for homeowners wishing to increase the comfort and sustainability of their homes because of its dual-circuit design, robustness, and energy efficiency.

Video on the topic

Setting the parameters of the 2nd and 3rd service levels of the Buderus Logamax U072 gas boiler

Buderus U072-24 K gas boiler internal arrangement

Gas boilers Buderus Logamax U072

Wall-mounted gas boiler Buderus U072-12K

Wall mounted gas boiler Buderus U072-18K

Wall-mounted gas boiler Buderus U072-24

Wall mounted gas boiler Buderus Logamax U072-24K

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