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Few things are more crucial to keeping our homes warm and comfortable than a boiler and heating system that are operating correctly. A knowledgeable expert is in charge of making sure these systems operate dependably and efficiently behind the scenes. This boiler and plant fitter is an unsung hero. They are the professionals who install, service, and fix the complex equipment that keeps our houses toasty during the cold months.

In order to maintain year-round comfort in homes and buildings, boiler and plant fitters are essential. Boilers, radiators, pipes, and other heating components must all be installed by them. These experts combine the technical details of heating systems to produce a smooth functioning, from choosing the appropriate equipment to setting it up for maximum efficiency.

However, their job doesn’t end with installation. Fitters for boilers and plants are also skilled at performing regular maintenance to keep everything operating as it should. To maintain heating systems working at their best, they conduct system inspections, troubleshoot problems, and make the required repairs. In the long run, this proactive approach saves homeowners time and money by preventing breakdowns and extending the equipment’s lifespan.

Furthermore, in the heating industry, boiler and plant fitters are leading the way in adopting new technologies and environmentally friendly procedures. These experts play a crucial role in putting eco-friendly heating options like heat pumps, biomass boilers, and solar thermal systems into practice as the world shifts to greener solutions. Thanks to their knowledge, homeowners can maintain cozy, warm living areas while lowering their carbon footprint.

Types of work that a locksmith performs

As part of his job responsibilities, the boiler fitter is responsible for maintaining and repairing thermal power units in the designated area.

The following is a basic list of boiler house maintenance tasks:

  1. Routine and major repairs on main and auxiliary heat and power equipment: boiler units, smoke pumps, blast fans, headsets and fittings, piping systems, water heaters and pumps, as well as chemical water treatment and fuel management units.
  2. Hydrotesting and adjustment of heat and power equipment.
  3. Locksmithing of assemblies not exceeding the third accuracy class during current and overhaul repair of boiler heating surfaces, draft blowers and burner devices.
  4. Defecting of the equipment units taken out for repair and elimination of malfunctions.
  5. Production of lifting and transportation work on the transfer of large-sized units and mechanisms.

Duties of a boiler room fitter

The boiler fitter needs to familiarize himself with the job description according to the qualification category that has been assigned to him before being hired.

Job descriptions for maintenance and operational staff must be created at businesses that have boiler plants for each specialty administration on hand.

According to Ministry of Labor Regulation N 1042/n, a fitter’s responsibilities should include the following tasks:

  1. Receipt of a work order authorizing to carry out repair works on heat-mechanical equipment.
  2. Equipped with personal protective equipment and material and technical means, in amounts sufficient for safe performance of works.
  3. Assembly of ladders and platforms for working at height.
  4. Maintenance and technical inspection of the operating heat-mechanical installations according to the schedule established by the regime cards with defect inspection and elimination of failures in operation.
  5. Inspection of the external condition of the boiler: metal structures, garnish, fittings, lining and lining.
  6. Tightening of bolted joints on fixed equipment, elimination of noise and vibration during operation of rotating mechanisms.
  7. Informing the shift supervisor about the results of rounds.
  8. Fixation of inspection results in operational logs.

What should know

The steam-power section is equipped with costly and sophisticated auxiliary equipment, the list of which numbers in the several dozen, to ensure the safe operation of boiler units. As a result, the boiler room fitter needs to possess both broad knowledge and practical skills in order to carry out their duties in a high-quality manner.

Essential skills for a boiler equipment fitter:

  1. Fundamentals of technical operation.
  2. Safety requirements.
  3. Basic provisions of fire safety.
  4. Methods of personal protection and first aid.
  5. Instructions on repair and adjustment of boiler equipment.
  6. Regime maps of heat and power plants.
  7. Welding technology in the machine room.
  8. Technology of locksmith work in boiler rooms.
  9. Personnel actions in case of emergency and fire hazardous situations in the heat and power shop premises.

Requirements to the educational level

The second through seventh categories of certification are held by boiler equipment repair mechanics. Upon being assigned to the third qualifying category, secondary vocational education is a prerequisite. Furthermore, before beginning work, the candidate needs to complete a boiler fitter training program.

A repairman must complete a full year of practical work to advance to the fourth category. Higher qualifications in thermal engineering will be necessary for senior shifts, which have qualification grades of 6 and 7, respectively.

An examination for health is required of candidates before they are hired as boiler equipment repair mechanics.

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The size of the average salary by region in 2024

At the start of April 2020, there were over 11,000 job openings nationwide for boiler equipment repairmen.

There are slight variations in the average salary across the country’s regional centers. It was 27,300 rubles for March 2020, and 35,000 rubles for a 5th grade boiler equipment mechanic.

The largest sizes are found in the Magadan region, which has a size of 61 000 rubles, and the regions of Sakha and Tyva.

The Leningrad region has the most open positions, followed by the Saratov and Chelyabinsk regions.

Responsibilities Tasks
Install, repair, and maintain boilers and heating systems Fit pipes, valves, and controls; conduct tests and inspections

Boiler and plant fitters play a vital role in guaranteeing the effectiveness and security of heating systems in both residential and commercial buildings. When it comes to installing, maintaining, and fixing boilers, furnaces, and other heating equipment, these qualified experts are indispensable.

Boiler and plant fitters have a special set of abilities that blend practical experience with technical understanding. They are skilled in operating complicated industrial facilities and a variety of heating systems, such as electric, gas, and oil boilers. They can solve a variety of problems in their field, from reading blueprints to diagnosing mechanical problems.

Boiler and plant fitters play an increasingly important role as environmental sustainability and energy efficiency gain more attention. They play a key role in putting into practice environmentally friendly heating options, like solar thermal systems and biomass boilers, which lower carbon emissions and promote a greener future.

Furthermore, due to factors like population growth, urbanization, and the need for infrastructure upgrades, it is anticipated that there will be a strong demand for boiler and plant fitters in the upcoming years. In order to guarantee that heating systems function effectively and adhere to safety regulations, skilled professionals will always be required as buildings become more complex and regulations change.

In conclusion, those who have a love of mechanics and a desire to have a positive influence on their communities may find fulfilling career opportunities as boiler and plant fitters. Boiler and plant fitters are essential to the creation of cozy, energy-efficient living and working spaces for people worldwide because they understand the nuances of heating technology and keep up with industry advancements.

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