BAXI ECO Four 24 F: Instructions, malfunctions, technical specifications, errors

Having a dependable heating system is crucial for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the cold months. The BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler is one well-liked product on the market. This small but mighty unit heats your house effectively and gives you hot water whenever you need it.

To guarantee the best possible performance out of your BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler, you must know how to properly operate and maintain it. We’ll give you detailed instructions on how to operate this boiler in this post, along with pointers on programming and customizing settings to your liking.

Like any mechanical device, the BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler is not infallible and may occasionally experience malfunctions or errors. You can avoid wasting time and frustration by being able to recognize and resolve these problems. We’ll go over typical issues that this boiler might have and offer detailed instructions on how to fix them.

We’ll also go into the BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler’s technical specs, providing you with more information about its features and performance indicators. Making educated decisions regarding the installation, upkeep, and possible upgrades of your heating system can be facilitated by having a thorough understanding of its technical aspects.

This post will be a helpful tool for homeowners who already own a BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler or are thinking about getting one in order to maximize the longevity and efficiency of your heating system. Through familiarizing yourself with the technical specifications, troubleshooting methods, and instructions described here, you’ll be better prepared to maintain a warm and cozy home all year long.

Characteristics of the hydraulic and gas system

The gas boiler has a hydraulic and gas system as a result of its features. Flame modulation is a feature of the gas system, and the branching is made of stainless steel. If a special kit is present, equipment can be made to operate on liquefied gas. A gas boiler is capable of running at pressures higher than 5 MBAR.

There are two heat exchangers in the hydraulic system. The first is made of stainless steel and is used to heat water. The second heat exchanger, which is composed of copper, is utilized for the heating circuit. There is a three-way brass valve installed inside.

The circulation pump operates quickly. The filter is installed at the hot water supply circuit’s output. Should the need arise, a solar collector can be linked to both the hydraulic system and the cumulative boiler. A manometer, which is regarded as post-cycling of the pump and automatic bypass, is also included in the apparatus.

The BAXI ECO Four 24 F stands out as a dependable option for home insulation and heating because it combines ease of use and efficiency. This article goes into great detail regarding how to use it to the fullest, covering technical specifications, common errors users may run into, and possible malfunctions. Our goal is to enable homeowners to efficiently understand and troubleshoot their heating systems by demystifying complicated technical jargon. This guide aims to provide users with the knowledge necessary to ensure that their BAXI ECO Four 24 F operates smoothly and keeps their homes warm and cozy throughout the seasons, whether it’s understanding the ins and outs of installation or quickly addressing errors.


Table. Comparison with competitors and analogues

Technical characteristics Baxi Eco Four 24 F

The maximum power output of the Baxi Eco Four 24 F is 24 kW, with a minimum power output of 9.3 kW. The device has a 91.2% efficiency level.

The cost of using natural gas is 2.78 m3V per hour. Utilizing liquefied gas will result in an hourly consumption of 2.04 kg.

The chimney’s diameter is 12 cm, and the expansion tank holds 6 liters of liquid. The equipment uses eighty watts of power. The only network that the boiler can operate on is 220 V. It is important to highlight the device’s benefit: silent operation. It is 29 decibels loud.

The main malfunctions and methods of elimination

Any malfunctions are immediately shown on the unit display upon the corresponding sensor’s signal.

  • E01. The refusal of the burner. Check the presence of gas, clean the nozzle.
  • E02. Overheat. Check the presence of water, rinse the heat exchanger from the scale.
  • E03. Fan failure. Check his condition, if necessary, replace.
  • E05. Refusal or short circuit sensor of the temperature.
  • E06. Refusal or short circuit sensor.
  • E10. The coolant pressure fell. The appearance of leaks, the destruction of the heat exchanger.
  • E25-26. Blocking the circulation pump or reference sensor.
  • E35. False flame. Occurs in the absence of grounding control or incorrect position of the sensor.
  • E96. Low power voltage.

REMEMBER: The user guide contains additional codes that you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with.

Technical characteristics of the gas boiler

The Russian Federation has standardized the Baxi Main Four 240 F gas boiler, which can operate steadily at a gas line pressure of roughly 5 bar and is completely suited to operate with domestic networks.

The unit’s high efficiency of 92.9% is provided by a narrow selection of auxiliary equipment and a verified calculation of the boiler’s heating surface.

The primary technical specs of the Baxi Eco Four 24 F are as follows:

  1. Nominal thermal power, 24.0 kW.
  2. The heating area in the house is not higher than 220-240 m2.
  3. Geometric dimensions: 730 x 400 x 299 mm.
  4. Electricity consumption for its own needs, 10.6 kW.
  5. The hourly consumption of natural gas consumption, 2.73 m3/h.
  6. Temperature range in the heating circuit from 30 to 80 s.
  7. Temperature range in the DHW circuit from 35 to 55 s.
  8. The maximum allowable pressure of gas fuel, 20 bar.
  9. The range of permissible diameter of the coaxial gas outlet is from 60 to 100 mm.
  10. Electric network parameters: 230 V/50 Hz.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are turbocharged versions designed for residential use in chimneys and apartments.

The Italian apparatus has advantages and disadvantages that stem from the design and detail quality. Benefits

  • BAXI ECO Four 24 F Boxing boiler – can heat the house and heat water for the bathroom and kitchen.
  • The unit is automated. It is not difficult to set it up, the operating mode to ensure a comfortable temperature.
  • Adapted to work with very low pressure indicators and at low temperatures.
  • Well worked out the security unit, literally all situations are provided. Moreover, the boiler performs some actions to prevent them itself.
  • Has been working without interruptions for more than 30 years.
  • The system is equipped with pumps, but the boiler works almost silently.
  • The boiler is energy -dependent – when turning off, work is impossible;
  • high price;
  • The volume of the tank is small;
  • expensive spare parts, but repairs are carried out quickly.

For which rooms it is best suited?

Gas boilers with double circuits are best suited for heating and DOS of individual homes in the surrounding area. Because of the inconsistent working conditions and inadequate service, these units should not be used in public or industrial buildings.

These boilers are frequently purchased with the future in mind and are currently run as single-circuit installations (just for heating the building). This strategy is completely justified because, should the opportunity present itself, only the relevant pipelines will be connected, and the cost difference will not be appreciable.

In order to obtain a large margin of safety, users frequently purchase Baxi Eco Four 24F boilers to organize heating apartments that are significantly smaller than planned.

As work in an abnormal mode is just as damaging to the unit nodes as overload, expectations are not always warranted.

Baxi Eco Four 24

The main copper alloy heat exchanger in the heating circuit is fitted with the BAXI ECO 4S 24 model. Its heating surface efficiently transmits the heat from the heat generator to the heat carrier produced when the gas burns.

The stainless steel heat-intensive plate type for the DHW contour heats water for domestic use to a temperature of up to 55 degrees Celsius nearly instantly.

The Grundfos electric pump, a well-known Danish brand, is used to forcefully move the coolant along the heating circuit and devices.

An air tower on the Grunlfos pump is used to lower air when the heating network is turned on. It is utilized with DHW and a single-circuit boiler for various fuel kinds.

A closed expansion tank is fitted in the boiler to guard against system ruptures brought on by the fluid’s temperature expansion during warming up.

The manufacturer permits the use of processed, purified water or antifreeze as a heating medium in the ratios indicated in the boiler’s operating instructions. 670 m3 of liquid can flow through the pump in its entirety each day.

The Baxi Eco Four 24F unit can connect an indirect heating boiler with hot water accumulation to the hot water boiler in case the boiler owner needs to increase the volume of load in the hot water supply system.

What functions has

The following options are included in the boiler’s functionality:

  • Heating and organization of the coolant circulation (OV) in the heating system of the house.
  • Heating and serving to the points of analysis of hot household water.
  • Ensuring control over the activities of the main nodes using a self -diagnosis system.
  • Setting the operating modes, adjusting heating parameters and downside.
  • The heating circuit can be used both for the open system and for the warm floor with a limitation of the temperature of.
  • There is a possibility of connecting external temperature sensors (weather -dependent automation) and room temperature (thermostat).

NOTE: A daily pump is launched to pump water through the valve and move the structure in order to keep a three-way valve in operational condition and eliminate the chance of jamming and blocking it.

Temperature control characteristics

Two levels of temperature adjustment are possible with a wall gas boiler:

  1. In the "warm floor" system – from 30 to 45 degrees.
  2. In the heating system – from 30 to 85 degrees.

In addition to the weather-dependent automation that is already built into the equipment, an external temperature sensor can be attached. The temperature regime in automatic mode is controllable within the hot water and heating circuit. You can learn about the temperature of the hot water and heating system thanks to control. The equipment can be connected to an indoor thermostat and programmable timer.

Launch instructions

Once the boiler is delivered and unpacked, it is installed in the designated location and the relevant pipelines are connected. Both the service center’s personnel and independent contractors are capable of carrying out these tasks.

After that, the following procedures are followed:

  • Open all the taps of the heating system (input and output), the boiler is disconnected from the power.
  • The pressure in the expansion tank should be 0.5 at.
  • Open the crane and fill the heating system to a value of 1.5 AT (green sector on the pressure gauge).
  • Block the crane and lower the air in heating devices (radiators, convectors, etc.P.). Because of this, the pressure will drop. Repeat the procedure until all the air is removed, and the pressure will not be a little higher than 1.
  • Remove the lid and unscrew the plastic panel screw, opening access to the circulation pump. It has its own screw with which air is removed.
  • If the air comes out, the pressure in the system drops, so it must be checked and, if necessary, raise it to 1.
  • Without dressing the lid, turn on the boiler in heating mode for 1 minute at temperatures up to 50 °. The circulation pump will turn on. Perhaps various errors will be displayed on the display. This is normal, since the system has the remains of air that prevent the sensors from correctly displaying the situation.
  • After a minute, turn off the boiler and open the pump screw again. Air will exit in noticeable quantities.
  • Repeat the start procedure in the same mode for 1 minute and again shake the air. Repeat until the air is completely removed.
  • After that, leave the pump screw unscrewed by a quarter or half turnover for self -removal of air.
  • Put the boiler into the "Summer" mode, check if hot water is coming from the crane. If this did not happen, and the burner started for a few seconds and turned off, you should turn off the boiler and turn the power plug in the outlet. Phase -dependent boiler and will not work correctly if the fork is not so turned in the outlet.

Following the proper connection, the location of the vlok in the outlet should be marked with a marker so that the installation can be turned on right away.

Gas boiler operation instructions

Boilers do not require any basic requirements to operate. The manufacturers have thought of every scenario and have included the appropriate error codes to represent them.

The user only needs to promptly address their appearance in order to resolve any issues that may have emerged on their own or with the assistance of an invited specialist.

Additionally, once a year maintenance on installation, scale and soot removal from the boiler, and other necessary work must be done. It is not advised for individuals to participate in such activities independently; instead, the service organization’s forces handle this.

Functions and management

The BAXI ECO Four 24 F heating unit has an advanced electronic self-diagnosis program that can recall the most recent malfunctions in its operational systems.

The boiler can be controlled in four ways:

  1. “Summer” – the regime is intended for the warm season for heating hot water, when using the boiler in the autumn period, the mode has the “freezing protection” function so that the device is not damaged during random frosts.
  2. “Winter” – the mode allows you to heat water for two contours – heating and DHW, with the working function “Protection from freezing”.
  3. “Only heating” mode allows you to heat water only for heating, with the working function “protection against freezing”.
  4. "Turned off" – the boiler does not work.

The temperature value in the shapes of the heating and hydraulic devices, along with an icon indicating the presence of a torch on a burning device, are displayed on the LCD panel while the boiler is operating.

Dimensions and methods for connecting the boiler Baxi Eco Four 24 F

The dimensions of the gas boiler are 730 x 400 x 299 mm. The hot and cold water input and output have a diameter of 1.5 cm. Limited to 0.5 inch inputs for system connection. Twenty millimeters, or ¾ inch, of pipe is used to connect the supply circuit. The connection is the same for the reverse outline. The equipment weighs 29 kg.

Technical hapquills

Examine the boiler specifications, which are shown in the following table for your convenience:

Hapquillistics Meaning
Power 24 kW
Heated area 240 m2
Dimensions 730: 400: 299 mm
Weight 33 kg
Taled power 10.6 kW
Efficiency 92.9 %
Gas consumption 2.73 m3/h
The temperature of the s 30-80 °
DHW temperature 35-60 °
Permissible pressure 19.1 bar
Chimney Coaxial 60/100 mm
Power 230 V, 50 Hz

The advantages and disadvantages of the model

The following are typical benefits of Baxi Eco Four 24 F boilers:

  • High quality manufacturing and assembly.
  • Compliance with all certification requirements and norms.
  • Boilers have passed adaptation to Russian conditions, are able to work at the weak pressure of gas and water, with power changes.
  • There is a own security system.
  • The ability to connect an external temperature sensor and indoor thermostat.
  • The design contains two heat exchangers.
  • To solve emerging problems, there is a network of service organizations.
  • Relative high cost of units, components.
  • The volume of expansion tanks is only 6 liters.
  • The control board is sensitive to differences (in particular – to the races) of the network voltage.

Crucial!There are benefits and drawbacks to all these kinds of devices, not just this particular model.


The lowest price of the Baxi Eco Four 24 F starts at 46,330 rubles, depending on the season.

Topic BAXI ECO Four 24 F
Instructions Learn how to operate and maintain your BAXI ECO Four 24 F efficiently.
Malfunctions Identify common issues and troubleshooting steps for your BAXI ECO Four 24 F.
Technical Specifications Explore the technical details and specifications of the BAXI ECO Four 24 F model.
Errors Understand error codes and messages displayed by your BAXI ECO Four 24 F and how to resolve them.

Maintaining warmth and energy efficiency in your house requires adequate insulation and heating. Many homeowners choose the BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler because it provides dependable hot water and heating solutions. You may optimize your boiler’s performance and lower the likelihood of problems by closely adhering to the supplied instructions.

The technical specifications provide an overview of the features and constraints of the BAXI ECO Four 24 F, facilitating your comprehension of its functionality and suitability for your house’s heating system. These specifications give you the information you need to make educated decisions about your heating setup, including information on heating output, flow rates, and energy efficiency ratings.

Even though the BAXI ECO Four 24 F is a reliable appliance, it is not immune to occasional errors or malfunctions like any other. You can solve issues quickly and reduce downtime by being aware of common problems and troubleshooting techniques. Whether the problem is a pressure drop, ignition failure, or sensor fault, knowing how to spot and fix problems will guarantee that your house stays warm and cozy.

Maintaining the best possible condition for your BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler requires routine maintenance. Your heating system’s lifespan can be increased by performing basic maintenance like filter cleaning, leak detection, and professional inspections. Over time, you can experience dependable performance and reduced energy costs by devoting time and energy to maintenance.

In summary, the BAXI ECO Four 24 F boiler provides a dependable and effective way to meet your home’s hot water and heating needs. You can extend its life and optimize its performance by being aware of its technical specs, operating manual, and possible problems. You can make sure your home stays warm and cozy all year long with the right upkeep and timely troubleshooting.

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Setting up the ECO4S boiler parameters

BOVIL BAXI ECO 4S boiler adjustment control.

Errors in the operation of the boiler Baxi Eco Four 24 in DHW mode.

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