Bath Gorynych Bath – the principle of work, advantages and model

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of efficient heating and insulation for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Regarding heating systems, the Bath Gorynych Bath is a fascinating choice that has been garnering interest. This cutting-edge system has various benefits over conventional heating techniques and works on special principles. Let’s examine the features, advantages, and workings of the Bath Gorynych Bath as well as some of the models that are available.

The Gorynych Bath works on the tenet of fusing contemporary technology with age-old heating methods. Fundamentally, this system heats the room effectively by combining convection with radiant heat. The Bath Gorynych Bath evenly distributes heat throughout the space, as opposed to traditional heating systems that rely only on forced air or radiators, guaranteeing a comfortable and constant temperature.

The Bath Gorynych Bath’s energy efficiency is one of its best features. This system optimizes energy conservation by minimizing heat loss through the utilization of radiant heat and convection. This results in decreased energy use as well as cheaper utility costs for homeowners. Furthermore, the uniform dispersion of heat reduces the likelihood of cold spots, making the home cozier.

In addition to its energy efficiency, the Bath Gorynych Bath has other noteworthy features. First of all, it runs silently because it doesn’t have the loud fan that forced-air systems are known for. This may be especially appealing to homeowners who want to create a calm and serene ambiance in their homes. Additionally, users can customize heating zones in different parts of the house to suit their preferences in terms of temperature. This is made possible by the design of the system.

Let’s now examine a few of the Bath Gorynych Bath system’s available models. Manufacturers provide a range of choices to accommodate various demands and price ranges. There’s probably a Bath Gorynych Bath system that suits your needs, whether you’re looking for a larger unit to heat a large home or a smaller model for a tiny apartment. Advanced features like remote control operation and programmable thermostats are even included in some models, which enhance user convenience and versatility.

The design of the bath furnace Gorynych-3

As you are aware, using large, heavy stone furnaces in small bath rooms isn’t always the best choice. Convector or infrared heaters are examples of additional heating devices that are frequently installed as part of construction projects. Can he, however, stand up to the heat of an electric heater’s living flame? Naturally, no. For this reason, Gorynych-3 universal bath stoves gained a lot of popularity.

The furnace is a horizontally oriented furnace with an installed water tank and a stone-laying container. Here’s where the differences start to show, making the Gorynych 3 oven both versatile and practical for use in compact baths. The furnace window is at the end due to the way it is designed.

The way the case is presented is the primary distinction between a furnace featuring the fierce character Gorynych 3 and others. The Gorenych 3 bath stove features a shaped metal case instead of straight steel sheets. The top portion has a semicircular form. the reason being that, in contrast to conventional straight sheets, its design is more rigid.

The furnace’s dimensions represent the second distinction. You can heat firewood with a maximum diameter of 40 cm for the Gorynych oven 3 through the large firebox window. However, this only relates to the diameter; you can toss firewood up to 90 cm long in the firebox. This says a lot for a small bathhouse.

The chimney’s design is shown in the third moment. This is just a simple calculation; nothing complicated here. in addition to being familiar with the building principles of long-burning furnaces and heating boilers. The chimney is 180 degrees out of alignment with the furnace when it is installed. You can use the chimney pipe as an additional volume for full fuel combustion because of its position and tilt.


Prior to sale planning

Russian-made tanks with Bani Gorynych stoves. The production of multiple models for an authentic Russian bath has been established in the city of Ufa. It’s critical to realize that a stove like this cannot be purchased for a low price.

Are they materials of superior quality? Although we will go into more detail about the technical aspects later on, it is important to note that the structure weighs 190 kg total. This parameter shows the amount and material thickness (for the furnace, 8 mm of steel). Yes, in addition to early components like extra air conditioning and doors with heat-resistant glass.

Linear dimensions

The furnace’s length, width, and height are typically stated when discussing linear dimensions. The weight and metal thickness of the Gorynych bath stove are the two parameters that should be used to begin the description. The first position’s metal thickness reveals the overall structure’s dependability and strength. Given that 8 mm heat-resistant steel is utilized in this instance.

It’s hard not to believe the manufacturer when it comes to weight. since the structure as a whole weighs more than 300 kg. However, this only represents the metal’s weight. Consequently, it turns out that the Gorynych 3 oven may very well provide a comfortable temperature in the average-sized steam room if you load an additional 100–150 kg of stones.

And speaking of which, how big is the stove compared to Gorynych 3’s fierce personality? The manufacturer provides a product with an upper plane tank size of 65×30 cm, or roughly 100 liters of water capacity, for installation. The stone basket measures 65×40 cm, which is a little bigger. This size works well for holding 100–120 kg of stones.

In order to determine the installation location, the furnace’s manufacturer advises using the following dimensions as a starting point:

  • Height from the floor level – 1000 mm;
  • The width of the case is 775 mm;
  • Length – 920 mm;
  • The diameter of the chimney is 150 mm;
  • The height of the chimney from the foundation – at least 4.5 meters;


Numerous viewpoints regarding these products can be found on the vast expanses of the internet. The majority of customers who bought the Gorynych 3 oven expressed satisfaction with their purchases. The stove completed all of the tasks that were required of it. Cannot help but smile at a lucrative price. Purchasing a completed stove from a Russian manufacturer is significantly more profitable, according to some users, than ordering individual assemblies.

There are also negative reviews available, but they are linked to the model’s shortcomings as mentioned above: large dimensions and weight. Prior to purchase, it is important to consider the minimum bath sizes required.

See the "Gorynych 3" bath furnace review after that.

Device and technical characteristics

The furnace’s extended spherical shape enters a chimney made up of two knees. The Gorynych-3 model’s height, length, and width all fluctuate by about one meter. The product weighs roughly 200 kg, which may be a drawback for transportation but will unquestionably be a plus for stability and dependability.

There is a treatment hatch at the very end of the chimney, and the volumetric deep heater can hold up to 100 kg of large stones. The partition runs the length of the furnace’s surface because the stove is integrated into the wall. The location of the tank and stoves may vary depending on how the bathroom is laid out, either to the right or left.

A double external and internal provar combined with high-strength steel (8 mm) ensures a long service life of at least 15 years. The ideal size for heating water is a 30 x 70 cm (30 l) water tank that occupies minimal space. Enough boiling water for a large company or for the entire family in a tank diluted with cold water.


A technical passport and drawings are included in the package, so you can install a bath stove yourself. The concrete foundation must be laid prior to the stove installation. Avoid using metal and brickwork together as the latter can become distorted and cause fires. Brick will eventually deform due to moisture and severity; the stove will bend. Every room that the furnace will be placed in needs to have its foundation poured in from all sides. Concrete the foundation down to the finishing coating level to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly across the floor.

Install heat-resistant brick for the walls above the stove; refractory is not necessary. Brick facing is not suitable because it lacks the necessary heat resistance. If you don’t have the necessary skills, it’s best to leave chimney installation to the professionals. It could be damaged if the installation guidelines are broken, allowing for improper inclinations.

It is not permitted to use pipes made of asbestos-cement species in any situation where there is a decrease in the diameter or significant amounts of knees. A maximum tilt of 45 degrees is permitted.

Conduct a test furnace after the furnace is installed and assess the following details:

  • how the chimney works, does smoke occur;
  • whether the room warms up well;
  • What is the level of heating.

Ventilating the room is necessary if there is a strong, pungent smell present at the same time. The final solidification of the enamel takes place in a test firebox, making the heat-resistant coating as robust and dependable as feasible. While the room should be ventilated, it is not necessary to heat the stove to an extremely high temperature for the first time.

About the manufacturer

For over four years, the Bashkir thermal brand has been selling its products in the domestic market. The company specializes in the production of solid fuel boilers, heating equipment, bath and fireplace furnaces. The company’s headquarters are in Ufa.

Within the aforementioned brand, the Gorenych bath furnace model is regarded as one of the most well-liked models. It maintains its leadership positions and is in demand right up until the point of production. A longitudinal combustion system powers the stove. The product has a long service life because the company uses materials that are dependable, thick-walled, and long-lasting.

Rules for choosing a bathhouse

With today’s technology, Gorynych-2 and Gorynych-3 are made of the same materials. It is therefore best to consider your needs when choosing which one to purchase for your own bathroom.

Gorynych-3 is ideal if the building is split into three sections—the laundry, the steam room, and the rest room—all of which require qualitative warming.

Based on a plethora of reviews, this furnace is also going to be the best choice if you need to solve the issue of cold floors in various rooms.

Gorynych-2 is less expensive, but it can only heat two spaces: a large steam room and a dressing room.

Review of models

The brand’s metal stove models are all constructed from heat-resistant steel. Both the inner and outer sides of the switch sutures are used. The chimney was bent in an unusual way to raise the utility coefficient. Gas is not required because the line does not contain any combined type furnaces. The "Gorynych" models come in two different versions.


Ideal for large-area steamers, this tiny, dependable steamer has a compact design. Principal attributes:

  • A screw -shaped chimney with an imitation of a brick Russian stove;
  • The firebox is cylindrical, 8-mm;
  • Type of fuel combustion – longitudinal;
  • The design is unusual, complemented by forging elements;
  • Efficiency – the highest;
  • Strengthenes of deep type, you can place about 120 kg of stone;
  • Equipped with a hatch for cleaning soot;
  • The furnace allows you to lay long firewood;
  • It is possible to adjust the combustion level;
  • service life is at least 15 years, the maximum term is 20 years.


Ideal for stall baths; warms the whole building, including the laundry and steam room. doesn’t need any extra heating equipment to be installed. Placed compactly, it can be integrated into the divider and found in the laundry and steam rooms, where they have a heater and a firebox, respectively. The washing department is where you can find the tank. The model’s primary parameters are:

  • water tank 30 by 70 cm;
  • dimensions 1000 by 755 by 920 mm;
  • weight – about 200 kg;
  • Efficiency – up to 90%;
  • maximum weight of stones – up to 100 kg;
  • Topka in the shape of a sphere;
  • There is a hatch for cleaning from soot;
  • equipped with an oxygen supply regulator;
  • fuel combustion system – longitudinal;
  • Suitable for baths with an area of 8 to 18 m 2;
  • guarantee 3 years, service life of at least 15 years.

These two models are constructed from comparable materials with cutting-edge technologies. As a result, the decision is based on individual preferences, tastes, and bath design. The Gorynych-3 model is appropriate for a large bath with three departments that require heating up.

This version is more costly, but it also fixes the problem of cold floors perfectly. Although the "Gorynych-2" variation has a larger budget, it is still sufficient if the bathhouse has no more than two departments.

Disadvantages and advantages

Let’s begin with the good:

  • The tank for heated liquid of the Gorynych oven is located in the washing, which is very convenient for heating.
  • Compact sizes. Very convenient in planning and location. When dividing the premises into steam room and washing, the space perfectly saves the space, when compared with other designs in the Woh.
  • Heating of the rest room due to the outgoing furnace of the Gorynych stove. This is optimal when compared with the firebox, which is located inside the bath itself.

  • Significant structure of the structure up to 200 kg. Do not put it on your own, do not transport, do not install.
  • To install the door to the bathhouse should be at least 67 cm wide.

Types of bath furnaces "Gorynych"

Steel that can withstand heat is used in the design. Both the inside and outside of the seams are welded, creating a double provar. A unique bend in the chimney is included to improve design efficiency. There are two types of Gorynych furnace structures.

Gorynych-2 for large-sized steamed

A sturdy, cost-effective stove that burns firewood longitudinally and has a screw-shaped chimney and a cylindrical firebox (8 mm). Its intriguing design features perfectly forged elements that blend in with the bath’s overall aesthetic.

Photo 1: A schematic drawing showing two possible locations for the remote firebox Gorynych-2 stove.

Incredibly easy to use and maintain. Its deep henchief, when open, can hold up to 120 kg of stones. To remove soot from the chimney, there is a special hatch. Because of the firebox’s great length, you can lay firewood for a considerable distance and independently modify the intensity of the combustion. The laundry room or the dressing room are good places to submerge the stove. The structure can last for up to 20 years in service.

Gorynych-3 for baths separated by partitions. Drawing

This particular model enables you to heat an entire bath structure, with the washing area and steam room situated apart by a partition. In this instance, adding a second boiler or installing heating radiators is not necessary.

Picture 2: Two installation options for the Gorenych-3 bathhouse, with drawings showing the front and top views.

Gorynych-3 is a very small location. The steam room’s heater is situated along the wall, and a portion of the furnace is housed in the laundry room. Additionally, there is a 30-by-70-cm water tank mounted on the laundry room wall. Conveniently, slumbering from the restroom.

Crucial! However, an air heating system needs to be installed on the furnace in order to fully heat this room. The winter heating process will then take 30 to 35 minutes instead of 40.

Two -headed fire -breathing monster: Gorynych 2 and 3, Bath Bath Features

Bashkir has been active in the Russian market for over 4 years. Her headquarters are in Ufa, and the unit is in the Moscow Region city of Reutov. The company specializes in manufacturing doors for solid fuel boilers, heating systems, and bath tub heaters. It is possible to extend the service life of any product by utilizing novel technologies and unique thick-walled materials.

The Gorynych model, with its longitudinal burning system, is one of the best furnaces for the bathhouse from the "thermalmosphere."


The tanks on the left and right of the images depict the Gorynych 3 model’s structure in two different configurations.

The design of the bath furnace Gorynych-3

The Gorynych 3 stove model is not the only bath furnace available from Ufa Masters. There’s also a Gorynych oven 2 in the assortment. These models differ from one another in the following ways. The Gorenych 3 oven is intended for installation in structures that have three distinct rooms: a laundry room, a steam room, and a rest area.

The family of models for heating three locations allows for the positioning of a hotel tank and a stone basket in accordance with the preferences of the client. It is a right- or left-sided tank placement, to start. There isn’t one for the Gorynych oven 2. However, a model with a steam generator installed can be ordered here. Unfortunately, models from the three series do not have this feature.

Every model is displayed in three different facade wall designs. The simplest option is the furnace’s metal door; while sturdy and dependable, this type of stove lacks the beauty of other models.

The top insert door design features more intriguing models made of heat-resistant glass. The typical, low-cost option includes a tiny glass insert in the door. Despite its tiny size, the glass lets you see what’s going on inside the firebox.

The most intriguing option for decoration is facades with the largest glass doors. In these models, nearly the whole door is made of glass. The most effective way to decorate the furnace facade is to use glass that allows you to see everything that happens inside the furnace while burning firewood.

When it comes to natural fuel bath furnace installation options, the Gorynych 3 oven consistently ranks highly. Firstly, it should be mentioned that this fierce two-headed fire-breathing monster is not as voracious as its cast-iron and steel siblings.

The fact is that because of the chimney’s angular position, its efficiency reaches 80–90%. Greater heat transfer and combustion duration are achieved with full fuel combustion, resulting in reduced firewood consumption. It is also important to use 90 cm long logs for the firebox. which lengthens the time the logs burn while also making the process of gathering firewood easier.

First use

An overpowering odor forms as a result of the polymerization process. The heat-resistant coating will reach its peak strength and dependability after it is finished. When drowning the oven for the first time, it is best to do so in a room with good ventilation and avoid overheating it. With each subsequent use, the temperature can be raised. An extensive examination of the chimney, surrounding buildings, and furnaces is required. Examine the state of the other products and the wooden cladding.

Whether the equipment was installed correctly will be evident from the first use.


Dried firewood is used for the pruning process. It is preferable to use deciduous trees for this. Coniferous raw materials should not be used because the resin that evaporates from them will quickly score a chimney.

Raking must leave at least a few millimeters of ash behind; this will act as a thermal lamp between the burning firewood and the concrete base.

Because of the chimney’s large diameter, cleaning should only be necessary once every three years when operating it properly.

The furnace’s rear is where the treatment hatch is situated. In the event that the stove will be completely covered in brick, you must arrange for treatment access.

Water must be added to the tank before trapping. It is imperative to completely empty the tank of water after using the bath during the winter months because the metal can be broken by the hardening water at low temperatures.


The chimney should only be installed by highly skilled professionals with the necessary training and expertise. It is strictly forbidden to change the diameter of this structural component or to arrange the horizontal sections. Additionally, asbestos-cement pipes cannot be used. If required, the pipe tilt should be used to move the chimney shift by 45 degrees, but no more than one meter.

See also: restroom plastic panels

Technical characteristics of the model

The furnace’s measurements and the compartments shown in the diagrams

Bake without a tank 900x775x950 mm
Weight 190 kg
Pair (its volume) 8-18 cubic meters
Washing department (volume) 8-18 cubic meters
A mass of stones Up to 100 kilograms
Chimney (diameter) 15 cm
Painting Black enamel
The thickness of the walls of the furnace 8 mm steel
Cost without tank and delivery 30 thousand rubles
The cost of the tank 6 thousand rubles
Heat -resistant door (small) 5 thousand rubles
Equipping an additional air heating system of a separate room (for relaxation), as well as a washing with an installed glass door 33 thousand rubles

The pipe that the burning gases travel through allows all of the bathrooms to be heated. Kamenka is the location of the pipe. The lower levels of the furnace and the tank will heat the floor where the laundry is located.

The metal furnace plane will cause the firewood to heat up when it is reserved from the restroom. When the bathhouse’s portion is used exactly as intended, air heating (dock) is the more appropriate choice. This is how it operates: heated air from a large room is drawn into the installation’s air channels. After that, the air is striving backward, having already heated.

The benefit of this addition is that, in a cold bath, even the worst frost will melt in half an hour. She will be at home in the locker room (which doubles as a rest area) while the water is heated.

Gorynych Bath Bath provides a cutting-edge method of insulation and heating for your house. You can decide whether to use it in your own space by being aware of its benefits, working principle, and models that are available.

A key component of Bath Gorynych Bath’s operations is effective heat retention and distribution. By utilizing cutting-edge insulation materials and heating technology, this system makes sure that heat is dispersed uniformly throughout the house, reducing heat loss and increasing comfort.

The energy efficiency of Bath Gorynych Bath is one of its main benefits. Effectively retaining heat inside the home lowers the demand for continuous heating, which in turn lowers energy use and utility costs. By lowering your carbon footprint, this helps the environment and your pocketbook at the same time.

In addition, Bath Gorynych Bath’s models are versatile, accommodating a range of housing needs and tastes. There is a model that will work in your space, no matter how big or small your apartment is. Its adaptable features also let you customize the system to meet your unique needs, guaranteeing optimal performance and satisfaction.

To sum up, Bath Gorynych For any home’s insulation and heating needs, a bathtub makes a strong argument. Because of its creative methodology, energy economy, and adaptability, it is a wise purchase for homeowners trying to save energy expenses and improve comfort. To find the best fit for your home, think about looking into your options.

At the heart of the Bath Gorynych system lies a revolutionary principle that combines heating and insulation to create an energy-efficient and comfortable environment for your home. Unlike traditional heating methods, this system utilizes advanced technology to regulate temperature while minimizing energy consumption. By insulating your house effectively, it not only keeps warmth in during colder months but also prevents heat from escaping, resulting in significant cost savings on energy bills. The Bath Gorynych system boasts several advantages, including improved thermal comfort, reduced environmental impact, and long-term savings on heating expenses. With various models available to suit different household needs, it offers versatility and adaptability to diverse living spaces. Whether you"re looking to upgrade your existing heating system or embark on a new construction project, Bath Gorynych provides an innovative solution that prioritizes efficiency, sustainability, and comfort.

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