Advantages and disadvantages of the boiler Baxi Eco Four 24 f

A dependable boiler is crucial for keeping your house warm and comfortable during the cold months. Among the available options, the Baxi Eco Four 24 f is a widely preferred option among homeowners. The purpose of this article is to examine the benefits and drawbacks of this specific boiler model so that you can choose wisely for your insulation and heating requirements.

With a number of benefits, the Baxi Eco Four 24 f is a very attractive choice for heating your house. Its effectiveness in maintaining a constant temperature while consuming the least amount of energy is one of its main advantages. Having a boiler that can efficiently heat your home without using excessive amounts of energy is a big benefit, especially in light of rising energy costs and a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability.

The Baxi Eco Four 24 f is renowned for its dependability and robustness as well. In order to minimize discomfort and potential damage to your home from freezing temperatures, a dependable boiler is essential for providing continuous heating during the winter months. Because of its long lifespan, the Baxi Eco Four 24 f will give you and your family peace of mind by keeping your house warm for many years to come.

This boiler model is also commended for being simple to install and having a compact design. In many homes, especially those with limited utility space, space can be a valuable resource. Due to its small size, the Baxi Eco Four 24 f" can be installed in smaller spaces, giving you more placement flexibility without sacrificing heating efficiency.

When making a choice, it’s important to take into account the Baxi Eco Four 24 f’s possible disadvantages despite its many benefits. Its initial cost, which could be more than that of some other boiler models on the market, is one of the frequently mentioned drawbacks. It’s imperative to consider the long-term energy cost savings and potential repair costs when comparing this initial investment.

The Baxi Eco Four 24 f’s maintenance needs are an additional factor to take into account. Even though this boiler has a solid reputation for dependability, regular maintenance is still required to guarantee longevity and optimum performance. This could entail planning an annual maintenance schedule and keeping an eye out for any wear or malfunctions that need to be fixed.

To sum up, the Baxi Eco Four 24 f has a lot to offer homeowners looking for dependable and effective heating solutions. It is a well-liked option for insulation and heating because of its dependability, energy efficiency, and compact design. But before choosing, it’s crucial to take things like upfront costs and upkeep needs into account. You can decide whether the Baxi Eco Four 24 f is the best option for your house by weighing these benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages Disadvantages
High efficiency, reducing energy bills Initial installation cost may be high
Compact size, saving space Requires regular maintenance
Quiet operation Potential for breakdowns over time
Reliable performance in providing hot water and heating Dependence on gas supply

Model features

Due to its two independent heat exchangers and closed furnace chamber, the Baxi ECO Four Four 24 F two-circuit boiler prevents the heating system’s load from dropping when the hot water supply is high.

With operating parameters fixed on coolant temperature and pressure as well as other controlled parameters, the unit’s state-of-the-art liquid crystal display visualizes the entire process of controlling heat and power processes.

The unit comes with a full complement of auxiliary equipment, including the heating system’s primary sensors, a circulation pump, a centrifugal fan, and an expansion tank with a 6 liter capacity and 0.8 bar of pressure. Spigots with a diameter of 60-100 mm are available for connecting coaxial chimneys to the Baxi Eco For 24 boiler.

Do you want to improve the heating system in your house? There are benefits and cons to the Baxi Eco Four 24 f boiler that are important to take into account. Numerous households find the Baxi Eco Four 24 f to be a dependable option for heating and hot water due to its small size and effective operation. Its compact design conserves space and its energy efficiency helps to reduce utility bills. Over time, some users do, however, report problems with dependability and maintenance expenses. You can decide if the Baxi Eco Four 24 f is the best option for your home heating needs by being aware of these benefits and drawbacks.

Technical characteristics of the gas boiler

The Russian Federation has standardized the Baxi Main Four 240 f gas boiler, which is fully compatible with local networks and capable of steady operation at a gas main pressure of approximately 5 bar.

The unit has a high efficiency of 92.9% thanks to the precise selection of auxiliary equipment and the verified calculation of the boiler heating surface.

Principal technical specifications of the Baxi ECO Four 24 F:

  1. Rated heat output, 24.0 kW.
  2. Heating area in the house, not more than 220-240 m2.
  3. Geometric dimensions: 730 x 400 x 299 mm.
  4. Electricity consumption for own needs,10.6 kW.
  5. Hourly consumption of natural gas, 2.73 m3/h.
  6. Temperature range in the heating circuit from 30 to 80 C.
  7. Temperature range in the DHW circuit from 35 to 55 C.
  8. Maximum allowable pressure of gas fuel, 20 bar.
  9. Range of permissible diameter of coaxial gas outlet from 60 to 100 mm.
  10. Electrical network parameters: 230 V/50 Hz.

Device Baxi Eco Four 24

A primary heat exchanger made of copper alloy powers the heating circuit of the Baxi Eco 4s 24 model. Its heating surface efficiently transfers the heat energy produced by the combustion of gas to the heating medium.

The stainless steel plate-type heat exchanger for the domestic hot water circuit heats water up to 55 degrees Celsius nearly instantly.

An electric circulation pump from the renowned Danish brand Grundfos forces coolant through the heating circuit and appliances.

An air vent on the Grunlfos pump allows air to escape when the heating network first turns on. It is utilized with DHW for various fuel types and with single-circuit boilers.

The boiler has a closed expansion tank to prevent system ruptures caused by the liquid’s thermal expansion during heating.

In accordance with the ratios listed in the boiler’s operating instructions, the manufacturer permits the use of treated, purified water or antifreeze as a heating medium. The pump has the capacity to circulate up to 670 m3 of liquid daily.

The Baxi Eco Four 24f unit can be connected to the indirect boiler on the DHW circuit with hot water accumulation if the boiler owner needs to increase the load in the hot water system.

Functions and control

The Baxi ECO Four 24 f heating unit has an advanced electronic self-diagnostics program that can recall the most recent malfunctions in the device’s operational systems.

The boiler can be controlled in four ways:

  1. "Summer" – mode is designed for warm season for heating hot water, in case of using the boiler in the fall, the mode has a function "freeze protection", so that the device will not be damaged during accidental frosts.
  2. "Winter" – mode allows you to heat water for two circuits – heating and DHW, with a working function "frost protection".
  3. "Heating only" mode allows you to heat water only for heating, with a working function "frost protection".
  4. "Off" – Boiler does not work.

The LCD panel indicates the temperature in the heating and domestic hot water (DHW) circuits and the burner device’s flame presence icon while the boiler is operating.


The boiler unit is outfitted with primary sensors to ensure safe operation. These sensors track critical boiler operation parameters, alert the control board to potential problems, and help the board decide whether to continue operating the boiler or shut it down in an emergency.

Standard safety gear

  • working LCD display with LED backlighting, push-button control and light indication of the working cycle characteristics;
  • diagnostic system on chip, with signal output on the control board;
  • ionization control of the flame in the furnace;
  • anti-blocking of the electric pump;
  • anti-blocking of the three-way electric valve with servo motor;
  • primary sensor of the heating medium temperature in the heating circuit;
  • primary sensor for the discharge in the furnace chamber;
  • pressostat for gas line pressure;
  • safety relief valve in the heating circuit, protection of pressure over 3 bar;
  • anti-freeze protection in heating and hot water systems.

Accessories for temperature control

The most recent self-diagnostic system enables accurate thermal process adjustment for the boiler, complete with error display on the LCD display.

Using primary sensors, an electronic chip will assess the boiler’s condition to determine whether the predetermined temperature modes are being met, and it will then make necessary operational adjustments.

An electronic system that can recall its most recent failures. The remote control unit allows you to directly adjust the DHW heating level and the house’s temperature mode.

Outdoor temperature sensor

The electronic board of the weather-dependent automation device activates the integrated outdoor temperature sensor when it is connected to it.

The boiler independently modifies the supply pipe’s temperature in accordance with the predetermined regulation schedule. Since the actual atmospheric conditions will be taken into consideration, this variant’s indoor thermal mode will provide the highest level of comfort and economy.

The temperature of the air outside the street is used by the outdoor temperature sensor to adjust the heating system’s supply medium’s temperature mode. The purpose of the unit is to keep the house constantly hygienic.

The equipment can self-adapt when group use is implemented in the electronic control board of the external and internal air temperature sensors. As a result, the temperature relationship’s regulation curve will be computed automatically.

Room programmable thermostat

The purpose of such a thermostat is to ensure that the home’s temperature remains constant. It works on the premise of turning the equipment on when the ambient air temperature falls and off when the necessary temperature is reached. Thus, a straightforward and secure method of controlling the home’s climate is achieved.

As much as 15% less gas fuel can be used for heating with the most basic regulation system. This is achieved by minimizing the number of unit on/off cycles and trying to maintain temperature conditions as closely as possible.

Both national and EU regulations pertaining to the use of gas equipment mandate the use of such devices.

Reviews of owners about the model

The Baxi ECO Four Four 24 F is an effective boiler that has garnered a great deal of praise from both customers. in addition to experts who maintain the boiler machinery. Numerous reviews highlighting the advantages of the Baxi ECO Four 24 F can be found online:

  1. Reliable work on any load. At minus outdoor temperatures behaves smoothly, does not make noise and does not require any additional maintenance.
  2. For 5 years has worked without comments, every year before the heating season we invite a specialist service center for diagnosis and adjustment.
  3. Multifunctional, more than half of the functions are not demanded.
  4. Electronic self-diagnostics is so accurate, for two years not a single failure in operation.
  5. Application of weather-dependent control creates a constant comfortable temperature in the house, despite the change of seasons outside the window.

However, there are also unfavorable reviews, most of which focus on how expensive the device and its replacement parts are. A stabilizer should be used, according to some Baxi ECO Four Four 24 f owners, who have noticed that the appliance is sensitive to low electrical network parameters.

Examining the Baxi Eco Four 24 f boiler reveals that it has a number of noteworthy benefits. Due to its small size, it is appropriate for smaller homes or areas with restricted space. The boiler’s efficiency is impressive; it saves energy costs while delivering dependable hot water and heating. The Eco Four 24 f also has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily operate and customize settings to suit your preferences.

The Baxi Eco Four 24 f’s ability to work with renewable energy sources, like solar panels, is one of its best qualities. Homeowners who want to lessen their environmental impact and carbon footprint may find this eco-friendly feature appealing. In addition, the quiet functioning of the boiler guarantees that household chores are not overly disturbed, resulting in a cozy living space for residents.

But before making a purchase, it’s important to take the Baxi Eco Four 24 f’s disadvantages into account. Reliability problems have been reported by a few users, including sporadic malfunctions or breakdowns. Even though these occurrences are rare, they nevertheless serve as a reminder of how crucial routine upkeep and servicing are to guarantee peak performance.

The initial cost of installation, which can be more than that of other boiler models on the market, is another possible drawback. Although the Baxi Eco Four 24 f provides long-term energy savings, some consumers on a tight budget might be put off by the initial outlay.

To sum up, the Baxi Eco Four 24 f is a strong choice for homeowners looking for an economical and sustainable heating solution. For many households, its energy efficiency, compact design, and compatibility with renewable energy sources make it an appealing option. To ensure that their choice fits their needs and budget, prospective buyers should consider the benefits and drawbacks, such as reliability issues and upfront costs.

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